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It's okay to show what a character is thinking sometimes, and it can even be helpful when used judiciously, but when that takes up at least half the text of the book, you've got a problem. Another quibble about the writing. A fancier word is not always better. When people talk, it's okay to just say "said" or "asked.

When Anya wonders aloud if she made the right decision by telling Gavin something, that's not something "she stated. To state is to declare something to be a fact. She's not declaring, she's musing, and it's not a fact, it's a possibility. In flipping back through the book to find more examples, I see that there were indeed plenty of "said" and "asked.

People don't always have to "smirk," it's okay for them to just smile.

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It's okay for one or two characters to say "likely" instead of "probably" but not every character should talk like that. Most normal people at least, in my experience use probably and not likely in their conversation, so to have characters in a book come across as normal, they should too. Oh, and don't get me started on the ludicrous romance. Every time a main character said anything about love, I wanted to shout!

I do not think it means what you think it means. I'm glad I've learned through happy experience how silly it was to call this romance! Yup, nothing like a walk down Memory Lane. View 1 comment.

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Jun 17, Valerie rated it it was amazing. I love this book; the setting, the time period, the suspense and the twists in the plot. I was glued to it when I first read it and I have loved re-reading it since then. Sep 20, Bonnie rated it really liked it. This would have to be one of my favorite LDS romances because its talks about healing, forgiveness and that no matter your circumstance that we are all God's children who loves us and wants us to find true happiness.

Dec 13, Rachel rated it did not like it. Not even worth reading. I couldn't believe this was an Anita Stansfield book. I wonder if it might not be one of her first, before she began writing well? Jan 15, Melissa rated it really liked it Shelves: clean-romances. Adult Romance. Probably one of the only Stansfield I really liked. Oct 12, Patty rated it liked it.

A sweet book. The twist at the end really helped make it exciting. A clean Scottish historical romance, how nice! May 14, 06madisonj rated it it was amazing. The Towers of Brierley was a great book and I may just have to read it again. Anya is a young woman who is a scullery maid at Brierly.

One day after a long stressful night she walks around the towers to the one with door that is always locked. She knows it'll be locked but just to see she pushes and amazingly it opens. Inside is all dusty and it makes her wonder. She starts to think about the night before and she ends up in tears. In this tower is where she meats Gavin for the first time.

At firs The Towers of Brierley was a great book and I may just have to read it again. At first she thinks that it is Cedric, the current Earl of Brierly, but it is Gavin. They have a brief conversation and then Anya leaves. Gavin wonders about this girl and why she was in the tower that he grew up in but he quickly reminds himself that he has another task he needs to get to.

As the story goes on Gavin is injured as he is leaving Brierly. He amazingly has enough strength to get back to the stables where his close friend Robbie works. Anya is also good friends with Robbie so in the mornings she will often go and talk to him. Well the night after the accident Anya goes into the stables and sees Robbie with Gavin.

Anya jumps at the chance to take care of Gavin because it means that she can leave Brierley and not have to come back. Continuing on in the story Anya takes care of Gavin who is close to death and she knows it. While Anya is doing what she needs to do to take care of him she notices that he has a distinctive birth mark on his shoulder that her great uncle, the earl before Cedric, had. It makes her wonder and she questions who he really is. After Gavin finally wakes up he starts to talk to Anya and they get to know each other but he notices that there is something about her that he can't quite put his finger on.

He notices that she has such sad eye. But when he asks her questions she avoids them. Moving way on into the book Gavin and Anya begin to get very close and enjoy each others company. Anya is finally trusting Gavin and giving him answers with out avoiding it.

Anya and Gavin decided to get married but more there are some complications that they have to work out. I would tell you but that would ruin the book. Any way in the end they work to resolve the complications and things mostly work out. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was one of the ones that you are so in to it that when your mom tells you to put it down you don't even hear her. I think this book is intended for anyone who is interested in a good love story. Plus there is also some mystery that goes along with it.

I think that this book could be put in present day but somethings wouldn't be the same like the maids and the nannies. If we were to place it in modern time it would be kind of like another cinderella but with different twists and turns. My favorite part of this book is that even thought things don't go as planned Gavin and Anya still manage to work it out. I think one of the themes in this book is that if you truly love someone you will find a way to make everything right. If I were to recommend this book to anyone it would be girls my age because its a good book with a good love story. Mar 11, Rachel rated it liked it.

The best word I can think of to describe this book would be "interesting. When certain events bring them together, they both not only learn to come to terms with their pasts, but that only they have the power to shape their future. Fortunately nothing too The best word I can think of to describe this book would be "interesting.

Fortunately nothing too graphic; I have pretty high standards, but I was comfortable enough to finish it. The plot was also not very predictable, which I appreciated. I kind of had some idea about how things would turn out, but I didn't know how. Characters: these characters are really well formed and very believable. It was easy to understand their pain, but a little hard to relate to them as I've never been in many of these circumstances. I loved watching the characters grow and develop, more so than in other "fairy tales" I've read.

It was very easy to love characters like Gavin and Effie a friend of Anya's , and hate characters such as Cedric and Una. My one complaint with Gavin and Anya is that the beginning of the relationship happened very fast and was quite passionate.

Towers of Brierley by Anita Stansfield

One moment they are timid strangers and the next they are madly in love. That was a little fast for me to believe, but as the story unfolded I really got a sense for how strong and true their love was- which was much stronger than mere infatuation. I was very impressed by her writing abilities. One thing I liked was her ability to jump between characters without confusing me. Instead of sticking to one character's perspective throughout the book or chapter, she creatively yet naturally moves through the minds of her characters.

One moment you know "her" thoughts and feelings, and the next moment you know "his" thoughts and feelings about the same issue, without having to wait until the next chapter. Is this book historically accurate? I have no idea, and I don't really care. Was it still intriguing and fun to read? Would I recommend it? Again, I have no idea. I'd have to know you really well to be able to say yes or no, so if you decide to read it: happy reading! Sep 06, Kimi rated it liked it. This was the first Sansfield book I have ever read. It was interesting to get the entire backstory of the characters.

I am a little undecided if I really like knowing both sides of the story so in depth. Overall the story was fun. Apr 02, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: eng Audio book, romance. I am not someone who likes to listen to audio books as a general rule. There are obviously a few exceptions and this was one of them. The female narrator was neither annoying nor too over the top, and handled the scotland accent well. Anya is a scullery maid at the huge house of Brierley-- even though she is a second cousin to the late master of the house.

But, after his death, villain Una and her daughter take over the estate, and the master's one son is both cowardly, cruel, Audio book, romance.

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But, after his death, villain Una and her daughter take over the estate, and the master's one son is both cowardly, cruel, and wasteful. To escape his advances, Anya flees into the woods, and meets Gavin, a handsome stranger who has a mysterious past that is tied up through the secrecy and intrigue of those who now control Brierley. Gavin is badly wounded in the woods by an hired assassin of Brierley, and as Anya nurses him back to health, they embark on a journey to unravel the layers of lies that cover their pasts.

Typical romance, well researched, will appeal to girls ages Mar 29, Karin rated it liked it. The summer that Dave and I lived at Oakridge at USU and just started dating, he used to tease me about my Anita Stansfield books, saying he found them under my pillow with tear drops on each page.

It cracked me up. Ahhh, the Logan memories! I miss those days : I've only read a couple of hers since we got married, but I always like them. I enjoyed this one, especially after finishing the Hunger Games series--I needed something light and romantic after that world of drudgery, ha ha. This was a fun The summer that Dave and I lived at Oakridge at USU and just started dating, he used to tease me about my Anita Stansfield books, saying he found them under my pillow with tear drops on each page.

This was a fun, quick read. Thanks to Shawn for letting me borrow it! Make fun of me for reading her books, if you like, but I always find them satisfying : I know her books aren't priceless works of genius in the world of literature, but lets face it--she knows how to write a good little romance story and I love that they're always clean.

I read the First Love and Forever series in high school, and I'm tempted to pick them back up again View 2 comments. Aug 30, Paige Anthony rated it it was amazing. I couldn't put it down. The time period was wonderfully set, the story bloomed again and again. I was so hooked finished it in one day! More romance than I usually like but it was sandwiched with such intriguing plot.

The descriptions were perfect, enough to let me fill in the details but not overwhelming. Feb 17, Chatharina rated it liked it Shelves: bookshelf. Anita Stansfield was recommended to me by a friend and I enjoyed this book enough that I would recommend it to others if their tastes for books are consistent with the genre Covenant publishes. There were good things and less than good things about this book.

Starting with the less than good: the dialogue between the main characters and the common folk nearly drove me up the wall. Accents are best done in movies. There were too many social issues that needed to be addressed, I think the story cou Anita Stansfield was recommended to me by a friend and I enjoyed this book enough that I would recommend it to others if their tastes for books are consistent with the genre Covenant publishes.

There were too many social issues that needed to be addressed, I think the story could have done without worrying about befriending a former prostitute or even the pregnancy after the incident of rape. I liked the way the perspective changed smoothly from Anya to Gavin throughout the chapter.

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  • Overall this story felt over complicated and was resolved too simply. Jul 08, Tosha rated it it was ok. This isn't THAT. More secrets came out and the story wrapped all loose ends up, but the dialog between the characters just dragged on, and was super wordy. It was a clean read. I just purchased Anita Stansfield's newest release for my 15 year old. She got to the 3rd chapter and couldn't go on. She said it was just do descriptive. She gave it to her 16 year old friend who made it to the 5th chapter and put it down as well. It just has a lot of words and doesn't move forward very well.

    Aug 01, Cristine rated it did not like it Shelves: historical-romance. Second time reading this. Because I had completely forgotten what it was about, but knew it was clean, and suggested it for book club. I ended up crazy skimming and if some dialogue seemed important I stopped that rarely happened.

    The writing is so wordy and cheesy and painful and the setting so unrealistic and inconsistent that nothing but skimming was an option. In fact, most of the "good stuff" didn't happen until page I feel embarrassed about suggesting this Second time reading this. I feel embarrassed about suggesting this for book club. Forgive me! Jul 06, Kristen Nelson rated it it was amazing Shelves: bbbc. A book of love and intrigue. Anya and Gavin have had their lives oppressed by the towers of Brierley - their home in early's Scotland. Gavin has been given a chance at freedom and has tried to put his past behind him, but when he returned to Brierley after a ten-year absence, he finds his life in grave danger.

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