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And surely some men fear losing power to women. But come on guys, what the hell!!??? You have a serious problem if you are contacting a woman running for office and telling her she needs to be at home raising her kids, or trying to give advice on how to dress, or insulting them.

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Check your history. Women have ruled empires and countries.

1. Wants to know my friends.

Women have made significant scientific discoveries. Marie Curie , —, won the Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry and helped develop the first x-ray machine.

Letter To Men Who Think They Are Better Than Women

Dorothy Hodgkin , —, won the Nobel Prize for her work on penicillin and vitamin B12, and also discovered the structure of insulin. Women have demonstrated remarkable bravery in war. Joan of Arc , —, led the French to victory over the English at the battle of Orleans, where she was wounded in battle. Women have accomplished significant artistic achievements. Jane Austen , —, wrote several novels, such as Pride and Prejudice and Emma, that are still popular today.

As previously stated, women won the Nobel Prize over a hundred years ago. Our blog theme this week is "The Secret Lives Of Men," so I'm supposed to tell you something you don't know about men. But you GuySpeak readers are a savvy bunch, so I doubt there's much you don't already know or at least suspect about guys. Instead, I'd like to take things you think you know about us and tell you why you're wrong. I'm the Wise Ass and that's what I do, see. You'll thank me later.

7 Things Men Think Women Care About But Really Don't — Gentleman's Gazette

Or not. Your choice. Whatever, I get paid either way. Not always. Sometimes we think about football or food. If a guy falls off a building, I doubt he's thinking about sex on the way down.

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  5. Unless he's thinking about how he'll never have sex again. Sorry, what?

    Why do females think they can hit men with no consequences

    No, you're right, we don't listen when you try to tell us important things when we're half-asleep or playing XBox or watching a game. Want our attention? Tell us right before sex. Some do, but some don't. Me, I'm well aware that my wife, my sisters and most of my female friends are smarter and hipper than I am.

    And I'm okay with that. We're as insecure as you about our weight, our hair, our bodies. We just don't admit it. Everybody needs affection, male or female. That's one of the reasons we like women so much: you're there to give us a hug and kind words when we need it.

    The Difference Between Men and Women

    It's a classic tale of unrequited love: Boy meets Girl. Boy likes Girl. Girl is not really that into Boy. Totally failing to take the hint, Boy pursues Girl anyway.

    1. Successful Women.
    2. Requiem For The Captain.
    3. We asked more than 1,600 men whether #MeToo changed their thinking on masculinity..
    4. The storyline is common, and not just in Hollywood romance films. A new study found that men tend to overestimate how attractive they are to women, while women most often underestimate how much men want them. While the outcome of these scenarios can go either way, researchers suspect that there may be deeply rooted reasons why signals get crossed when men and women check each other out.

      How Big of an Age Gap Is Too Big in Relationships?

      The findings may offer insight for women who are sick of unwanted advances and advice for men who are repeatedly confused by women's reactions to their solicitations. If our male ancestors erred on the side of going for it, she and colleagues have hypothesized, they would've ended up with more chances to spread their genes, even if it meant that they had to deal with some extra rejections along the way. And that repeated reinforcement of overconfident behavior might have been enough to shape the way men tend to act today.