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The prosecution must prove that she was aged between 10 and 16 when the alleged act of carnal knowledge took place. In this case, there is no dispute that NOC was aged between 10 and 16 at that time.

Carnal Knowldege

The main issue in this case is [ insert relevant issue ]. The fourth element that the prosecution must prove is that the complainant and accused were not married at the time the act of sexual penetration took place. To summarise , before you can find NOA guilty of unlawful carnal knowledge a girl aged between 10 and 16, the prosecution must prove to you beyond reasonable doubt :.

Two - that NOA intended to engage in that act of sexual penetration; and. Three - that NOC was aged between 10 and 16 at the time that the act of sexual penetration took place; and. If you find that any of these elements have not been proved beyond reasonable doubt, then you must find NOA not guilty of carnal knowledge of a girl aged between 10 and Mental state issues related to the intention to penetrate e.

The awkward case of 'his or her'. Test your knowledge of words related to the season of longer days and vacations. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Listen to the words and spell through all three levels. Learn More about carnal knowledge. Share carnal knowledge Post the Definition of carnal knowledge to Facebook Share the Definition of carnal knowledge on Twitter.

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Resources for carnal knowledge Time Traveler: Explore other words from the year carnal knowledge first appeared Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. Dictionary Entries near carnal knowledge career offender careless carjacking carnal knowledge carrier carrier's lien carryback. A man tells his friend he sleeps with a dozen new girls per year.

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A woman wears a low-cut dress revealing huge cleavage. She is later seen naked in her bra, prone on a bed. She walks into a shower to have sex with her waiting boyfriend. A man and woman have sex after their first date and move in together two weeks later. A man regularly pays a woman to recite a script written to help him achieve an erection. Adults drink and smoke cigarettes and cigars.

A deliberate prescription drug overdose is suggested but not shown, and the character recovers. Parents need to know that Carnal Knowledge is a Mike Nichols drama that explores adult themes and changing attitudes about virginity, sex, marriage, loyalty, friendship, betrayal, adulthood, male chauvinism, despair, sexual dysfunction, gender stereotyping, and suicide.

Carnal Knowledge

Naked breasts are seen briefly or obscured in the dark. Sounds of moaning and thrusting are heard.

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A sex act is viewed from above, showing only the face of the woman below and the back of the clothed man with her. Adults drink alcohol. Two friends discuss swapping their partners for sex.

What does carnal knowledge mean?

There is lots of profanity, including "f--k," "c--t," and "s--t. Add your rating.

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At a time when pregnancy would ruin an unmarried woman's life, two s Ivy League male college friends share their thoughts and experiences regarding women, sex, and love. They both claim they want life partners with high morals who can see into their souls. One adds that he'd also like big breasts. As the action progresses over many decades, breasts and other female body parts become the prevailing preoccupation, ignoring the human needs of the women they have objectified. None of the changes achieved by the women's movement are specifically cited, but their impact on men's sex lives and men's expectations of women are unavoidable.

As the women in their lives demand respect, beat them at tennis, and tell them how they want to be treated in bed, Sandy Art Garfunkel goes with the flow, marrying, having a family, and trying to be less selfish. Jonathan Jack Nicholson flails emotionally, sleeping with one woman after another, finding fault in them all, and ultimately blaming "ball busters" and "castrators" for his erectile dysfunction.

Carnal Knowledge

Ironically he finds himself unable to perform the act that has compelled his lifelong obsession with women. Men of the s faced the dilemma of wanting sex but disdaining the "loose" "tramps" who were willing to give it to them. Many women from the s onward rejected those social and sexual paradigms, leaving men to decide if they would fight the girls or join them.

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The men in this movie struggle with that dilemma. Older teens may view this '70s classic as a treatise on ancient history, but this sharply observed piece is as relevant as ever. The Jules Feiffer script doesn't need to specifically cite today's continuing unequal pay and underrepresented political power for women, as those inequalities come to mind immediately in reaction to Mike Nichols' unvarnished look at relationships and the lies people tell themselves in the pursuit and maintenance of the same.

The double standard and its repercussions sums up the movie -- although independent, late-marrying women who are comfortable with their sexuality are increasingly accepted in "decent" society in much of the United States, it says a lot that the words "tramp" and "slut" still have no male equivalent in the English language. Ann-Margret received a supporting actress Academy Award nomination for her searing performance, and Nicholson, Garfunkel, and Bergen are all spot-on as well.

Families can talk about the movie's depiction of the s view of sex as a scarce commodity that men can achieve by pushing unwilling women to succumb. Compare this to more recent decades' reports of teen sex, teen pregnancy, and a culture of hooking up. What do you think the double standard is with regard to socially approved male and female sexual behavior? The movie suggests that Jonathan and Sandy cling to views of women that don't reflect who women actually are or what they want and believe. The men believe that all women want to get married and have children and be financially supported.

Do you think this is true? It's suggested that the well-educated Susan wants to be a lawyer when she is young but that she gives up that goal to marry and raise children instead. Jonathan tells Bobbi to quit her job and then chides her for being idle. How do you think those two plot points are related to each other?