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I looked and said I thought so, though from two thousand feet all the waves and all the beaches looked alike. In an airplane, with seat, seat belt, backrest, floor, walls, and windows I can study the coastline. I hated to bring up a tired subject. How conversation changes when the roles are reversed!

I looked and it was true. The cliffs now loomed above us. Daring to glance below, I saw that houses, trees, cars, the beach had taken on near life-size proportions, and I felt better, as if I were once more part of the world.

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The feeling was joy, a wild, carefree kind of joy, and it burst forth like a living dream. I wanted to shout, Hey, everybody! Look up! We moved into a large, graceful turn. Abruptly the kite stopped flying about four feet up and we hung momentarily, suspended as if by a giant hand. Then we dropped on our bottoms in the sand. From my sprawled position on the beach I looked at him and smiled.

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We were too high? We unbuckled our seat belts, and I picked myself off the sand and brushed at my clothes. Then, without knowing I was going to do it, I threw my arms around Bobby and hugged him, and words poured out, a whole flood of them. You were right to talk me into it. He stared at me, incredulous. All this coming from someone who moments before had been speechless with fear, begging to come down.

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Absently he patted my shoulder. The odd thing was, I meant every word. The definitive pilot.

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A master. The experience had been a highlight of my life. It was an experience few people like me would ever have, and I was insanely grateful to be one of the few. But now I never had to do it again! Publications include 14 books in a variety of genres. Memoir, Higher Than Eagles gathered 5 movie options, including from Disney , while two memoirs earned national awards.

Please check out her books on her site: Maralys.

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You are a true inspiration and still going strong today. Sonia Marsh recently posted.. Its a awesome story. I liked it so much.

In this competitive world Maralys Show her brave. Every woman Should follow her.

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    You can also subscribe without commenting. Jenny Winfield, a free spirit, and Scott McCabe, airline pilot—an untimely death throws the two polar opposites together. They become unlikely partners in a failing hang-gliding business. Set in , during the turbulent take off for the new sport the business woes threatens their blossoming romance, and possibly threatens their lives. Words: 74, Published: November 29, What can possibly go wrong in a household led by a mother who is educated, rich, and beautiful?

    As Maralys and her brother, Allan, learn, the answer is everything. Thanks to a mother who marries seven times, the children are dragged from city to city and husband to husband. Yet this memoir proves that youthful willpower can prevail over powerful adversity. Words: 78, Published: May 17, The family that once took to the skies and soared on butterfly hang gliders, now rollicks across the landscape in other conveyances-from a broken-down van to the QE2, from a media-hyped "Love Train" to the Orient Express.

    Older now, but probably no wiser, Maralys Wills and her troupe find adventure lurking where no one else would think to look. Words: , Published: November 30, He was the first in a family of six children, with parents who initially balked at his fantasies. Prevailing against all the people who called him impractical, a dreamer, Bobby Wills became a legend in the fledgling sport of hang gliding. A family saga written by a mother and one of her six children. Words: 73, Published: August 15, A treasure trove of sage advice for the new writer packaged in easy to digest and fun to read anecdotes.

    Damn the Rejections, Full Speed Ahead offers real world suggestions for writing novels, or non-fiction and turning them into saleable works. Maralys Wills, creative writing teacher and author of 12 books in many genres, a shares from her own experience the dos and don'ts of getting published.

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