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It fails to be science because it has far to many loopholes in it. There are only two fields that use attribution models or statistics and they are medicine and climate science and both instances it is used in the absence of real science by parties who wish to market a product or idea. There are arguments against meat on the grounds of cruelty to animals.

When working in telecomms I had the dubious privelege of surveying a chicken factory for a phone system. That decided me to stop buying chicken. Not all meat eating involves cruelty. The difficulty is in establishing whether the animal was treated cruelly, though. Dairy farming can in some cases be cruel, for example if milk cows spend their lives in cages. And Us meat consumption is at a level much, much higher than the rest of the world… including that here in the UK. Primarily the carbohydrates. Protein actually triggers the full feeling, whereas you can eat an entire packet of crisps an not feel satisfied; bloated, yes, but still needing something.

One of the differences is that the Indian subsistence farmer needs essential amino acids to biologically improve the quality of his vegetable protein. Do the greens want Indians to stop producing such amino acids and so die out? If they were to do so Indian birth rates would fall and the survivors would not grow into healthy adults. So, why are cows useful in India? Second, there is gainful employment of surplus family labour, all the more important for eastern India, where there is a high rate of rural unemployment.

Third, along with earning income from sale of milk, family nutrition is an important reason for the small producer to rear milch animals. The problem is the dogma that animal protein is intrinsically bad. In India and elsewhere, it is an absolute economic and community good. Saying anything else just puts the anti cow dogma into disrepute. Have you ever actually seen a dairy farm?

Hmmm… all Americans are not slim are they? They would be better off if they ate more meat and less processed foods and high fructose corn syrup — the latter is in everything. Griff, perhaps you actually noticed the mention of Ancel Keys? Your notions of a proper diet are based on his models, which were reinforced with what amounts to fraud. Suppressing his own long term study that disproved his pet theory says quite a lot about the person. He should be in the same reputation position as Sir Cyril Burt. The EU bans many things that are not harmful and are in fact beneficial.

Higher meat consumption seems to equal better health. In the is, meat consumption is at a record low historically. The nutritional argument FOR consuming animal source foods is non-existent. There is no nutritional argument here either way. I am a long-time reader and supporter of Wattsupwiththat. Disease-levels of e-coli and other bacteria and the vast quantity of antibiotics sold can be found in the meat-driven food chain.

But your argument FOR eating animals is no less ridiculous. Your belief that people need to eat a certain high level of protein was disproved decades ago by evidence that low-protein diets are no less healthy. This is one of the few highly biased articles that makes WUWT look less rigorous. The problem with that being? Synthetic vitamins are not processed well by the body. Almost all of them are removed from the body quickly in the urine. I used to take vitamin supplements, lots of them.

But I started to feel sick on my stomach every time I took one. This caused me to research.

Which showed me that almost all of those vitamins I was taking left my body. Ever since I stopped taking vitamins, I decided to focus on a balanced diet. I also try to avoid soda or anything with high fructose corn syrup. That can be challenge. I limit my sodas to at most two a week one of them must be a Mountain Dew or Dr Pepper with cane sugar , my beer and wine to at most one per day, and I avoid anything fried. And I feel pretty good. My weight is dropping slowly but assuredly. I have concluded that the best diet is a mixed one, with no extremes any way.

No, seriously. All of them are skinny to the point of concern, and get sick 2 or 3 times as often as everyone else. They also seem to be grouchy. That is more than likely just because I take more notice of what I eat than previously, mind you. Most vegans I know actually seem to be a bit overweight! I drive by fields almost every day populated by grazing cows destined for slaughter. They appear to be happy and whatever joy they get in life, the frolicking young ones bring a smile. All of our lives meet the same end, but I think there are unanswered ethical questions about whether something or someone if better off to live or not.

Given a chance, I would choose life. What are you thoughts on animals that are killed by farming for vegetables etc and the knock on effect on their predators? Does the ethical argument only apply to bigger livestock animals? Our ancestors evolved to eat meat with some plant material, which is why we have meat-eating teeth and a meat-eating gut, not plant-eating teeth and a plant-eating gut. And we were also told for decades that fat is bad and we should all eat lots of carbs. Which resulted in the current obesity and diabetes epidemic. So I see no reason to believe any diet fad without some thorough scientific backing.

In any case, this is pointless. The problem is that people are different. Some people can apparently do well on only plants however that as has been discussed in detail by Chris Masterjohn and others is likely due to inborn differences in how some people recycle nutrients. Some people, as exemplified by those who have had long-standing severe diseases resolved by the carnivore diet see meatheals. They also have access to fairly little animal products in the first place. There is a big nutritional difference in mostly plants vs only plants. Thanks for this. This is what is wrong with the world today,way to many people want to be the know-it-all-know-nothing dictator.

How do vegans get around eating pharmaceuticals to supplement what is missing: B12, etc. Do they also eat burgers that need who knows what to simulate the beef flavor? One of them at 4yrs doesnt speak. Also, is it correct that soya simulates estrogen? Maybe not harmful to girls but boys? Maybe this is a myth? Soy phyto-estrogen are not the only widely consumed food with estrogenic aspects.

Of course we also synthesize estrogen internally. When bloggers decry soy as estero-genic agent fattening humans like soy fed does cattle they do not allow for any difference in enzyme dynamics. Plant derived vitamin K is partially anti-esterogenic, so this also modulates the dynamic. Thus it is uninformed to declare plant estrogen is definitely a problem. We know meat liver has estrogen in the active form for humans. In addition estrogen fosters release of fat stores lipo-lysis. Of course in sedentary populations with excessive foid consumption this estrogen dynamic increases free fatty acids; obese actually have increased free fatty acid circulation contributes to insulin resistance.

There are estrogen receptors in every as I understand it human organ. In the same context a side effect of anti-biotics is increasing liver glucuronid-ation of estrogen , thereby decreasing blood levels of estrogen; this in time reduces the excitatory impact of estrogen. Diets are non-linearly quantifiable. However your diet is still responsible for the deaths of thousands of animals…. The soya fields of Brazil are a delight to see.

In that case your food is filled with natural pesticides which still lead to the deaths of thousands of animals. What ethically is the difference between killing a grasshopper or a cow? While the case has been confused by a plethora of related arguments, and also no doubt by various financial interests, the true platform for veganism is simply an ethical stance regarding our relationship with other animals. The terrible treatment of so many animals in our food system as well as other human systems should be of concern to most of us.

The nutritional argument is pretty settled — people can be healthy on a largely plant-based diet with substantially less meat and dairy than is the case currently in many nations. The reality is that the heavily meat and dairy dominated foodscape of Western nations especially is more due to those same economic interests than any nutritional requirement. Really, reducing meat and dairy in our diets in favour of more plant foods would do much to improve both human and farmed animal welfare.

I eat a whole plant based diet. I have eleviated arthritis pain. Better digestive health. You and all these companies are in bed with the meat industry. Diseases such as diabetes and heart disease will continue to be rampant. Obesity will continue to plague our planet. People are different. Given what a disaster that fad was, why should we believe whatever new fad governments might be pushing?

They have a proven record of pushing fads that destroy the health of tens, maybe hundreds, of millions of people; no sane person should be listening to anything they say. It becomes a self righteous moralistic stance much like any religion because you feel self guilted. PETA is an example of how to get a backlash and it is pretty well hated by large sections.. Have you ever actually toured a traditional dairy farm? I worked on one and only saw excellent treatment of the animals.

In fact helping treat sick animals was part of my job and there are cows there that would have died without human intervention. If I was cow or chicken, I would gladly trade milk and eggs for protection against predators and access to veterinary care. Please stop assuming that all or even most animals are mistreated.

At least I and everyone I worked with did. If you are in the US you know a lot of dairy is now done in large indoor systems. That said though, even traditional dairy has some shortcomings such as killing male calves around , each year here in Australia, out of a herd of just 1. This is a well written piece and touches on a subject the advocates of World Authority would like to keep quiet.

The change in attitude to diet will be made, not by commercials, or scientific facts, it will be driven into children by predominantly left leaning teachers, who seem to fall in line for these schemes designed to advance totalitarianism via propaganda. When Tony Blair declared in his speech to the Labour movement, his prime instrument of change was three pronged… Education, Education and Education.

He was making it clear, to change the world you have to get your views into the children. The education systems have duly rallied to his call. We now have some of the least knowledgeable people coming out of state schools. What they do know, however, is all there is to know, about how to stop open debate and how to advance the ideology pushed into them during their school and university years. No platforming, settled science, heckling, load hailing, victimisation, vilification, etc, these are what they know about. Leave no minority group untapped, is the mantra.

They know how to stop anyone that does not conform with their indoctrinated, preferred paradigm. Tony Blair represents the totalitarian movement, worldwide. He is supported by huge wealth. If we are to return our world to a sensible state of healthy, honest debate without the rancour, it is people like him we must look to, study and defeat. Science must get its methods and message back into Education, that is where the real battle ground is. NB I have removed the gender reference, in case anyone is sensitive….

Particularly when animals are raised on land unsuitable for any sort of arable agriculture. Firstly, I guess because many people who choose to drop animal products still prefer to enjoy foods that approximate the ones they left behind. A helluva lot of meat and dairy is produced from intensive CAFO type systems which require a lot of soy.

Moving Foreword: Real Introductions to Totally Made-Up Books

The more likely future paths are whole food plant based diets but also grown meat from systems that do not require the actual animal. With the right motivation, there are many ways to exclude the majority of animal farming from our food system. And then the out-and-out carping about how delicious it tastes. Omega 6 loading is strongly associated with systemic inflammation, and much heart disease research lays arterial occlusion at the feet of PUFA polyunsaturated vegetable oils being substituted for butter and lard during and after WWII.

These are things that do not exist in nature and may be doing our health great harm. How could polyunsaturated vegetable oils not exist in nature? They are extracted from natural plants. If David Siegel and a few others on here want to be part of the latest trendy fad, veganism, good luck to them. And the science is firmly backed by the history of our species and by common sense. I get tired of reading that the latest silly trendy idea Antivax, Anti GMO, Ruinable Energy, some women sporting male genitalia — and all the rest — is supported by science.

Many other veggies are an embarrassment with their attitude! Animals which taste good and are owned , will never go extinct. It would be truly amazing if this did not have a considerable negative effect on general health. I like your take on the matter. A few of the veggies who weighed in had that smug thing going on, especially the fellow who denigrated human need for protein.

My paternal male line all died before teaching the age At some point s , for harmony at family reunions, I would sometimes eat fish; so I guess am not certifiably vegetarian. I do supplement vitamin B12, for peace of mind about getting enough. Contrary to any suggestion about this being ineffective tactic due to poor absorption a lab test showed B12 my levels were fine.

Anecdotally, I just lost 15 pounds; by adding a bit of grain s back into my diet. What all of the anti-meat folks are ignorant of or deliberately ignore is that most agricultural land is doing what it is best suited for. The western grass lands need grass and undulates for its ecological health. Cattle replace the bison we exterminated from this balanced ecosystem. Turning over prairie to grow grains is unsustainable.

It requires fertilizer from ammonia derived from fossil fuels and massive amounts of water. We are currently tapping the Ogalala aquifer way faster than its refill rate. Modern farmers are an educated and aware bunch. They produce what can be marketed in such a way that the farm will continue to sustain them and itself be sustained.

IMO this will progress further as China expand, the building on disputed islands is the second step very similar to the [snip], China is buying land or exchange for debt all over the world, what do we do? Go to an ordinary restaurant and vegetarians get upset if there is no vegetarian optin,. Go to a vegetarian restaurant and they never offer a meat option. Ditto for vegans. There would be an increase in the number of herbivores who produce methane as a product of their digestive system.

How will you deal with the Inuit, Maasai and Mongolian herders who rely on an animal based diet? Sarcastic mode: ON Methane is an easy to solve problem. Just feed more DDT in our tanks and let the chemtrails take care of termites, the biggest and totally useless to humanity methane producers of the animal world. Free bonus, DDT is the only known means against malaria propagating mosquitoes. This will not be allowed, especially when TPTB want to push people off of the land and into cities.

You diabetic feet and MIs are a small price to pay. Ersatz substitute is a word of German origin. It took full significance in the postulate that elite race is entitled to high quality nutrients while the polluting majority of plebes should feed on ersatz. De facto many nazi leaders were vegetarian by fears of contamination until the era of bio-dynamic culture and proper race separation could guarantee their standards of purity. The real products being obviously requisitioned for the high-energy food of the army.

How much of a coincidence is that campaigners for energy and food poverty are equally supportive of gun control and strong governance practices? Thus I am a vegetarian. I eat lots of cows, pigs, chicken, and fish. They eat lots of plants. Thus they are vegetables.

Therefore, I am a vegetarian. My vegetables are just first processed into beef, pork, and chicken. This was an informative write-up. Thank you, Mr. As a person with a background steeped in Midwestern agriculture, reading this has had a deep impact on me. How about astrology? At least astrology, like climate change, is in so many newspapers. Clairvoyance is not so much. I am the longest living non surgucal no stint conservative survivor of massive heart disease. Given a moment to live.

Regrowing my heart. Most physicians look at me and say robust healthy fellow! Boy how the government, food industry, Trump, insurance etc hate me! Celebs are selling a wrong mix to get wealthier off people in need Plant based is not vegan vegetarian etc. It is a strict plant based veg, fruit, grain, legume lifestyle. Sold suppliments have negative ingredients. No oils nuts dairy meat fish poultry sugars fake food.

Read the first chapter of real food for pregnancy for FREE.

No Western food. Only food that is proven nit to cause cancer diabetes heart disease. While I was clearing out junk in my desk, I came across a magazine from about 20 years ago with an article about the discovery of a , year-old site in Germany that contained javelins double-ended wooden spears for both adults and children, and the remains of prey animals. Those people led a life that was harsh by its nature, requiring enormous amounts of animal protein to simply exist and be healthy.

The vegan stuff is simply another fake religious movement. You can shift over to that if you like, but a mono-culture source of food is unhealthy. Modern humans are omnivorous just like our distant ancestors, whether the veggie-slaughtering crowd likes it or not. If that is not so, then they will have to explain why, as has been frequently observed, other primates like chimpanzees hunt and eat meat.

Does not mean I have given up beef, or that I never use ham or bacon or salt pork or turkey. It is failure to acknowledge that, as primates, humans are omnivorous and require a bad words here variety of food sources to stay healthy. Reality is that many different groups and individuals are pursuing their own interests independently. Sure, the socialists are riding CAGW and creating myths about meat-eating premised on their myths about climate.

The anti-meat movement is predicated on the assumption that raising animals for human consumption is a significant determent to the biosphere on net balance. This ignores the positive contribution that animals make to the total biological cycle. It also ignores the carrying capacity of the pre-human land mass. Great herds of bison used to roam freely throughout what are now the Plains States. Consider this:. The plains and prairies could, on the basis of area, support 15 such herds, or 60 million bison.

At an average of pounds per cow, and with This is well within the margin of improvement in agricultural yield over unmanaged lands that were subjected to large scale fire damage and disease. It turns out that the current environmental burden of raising cattle for human consumption not substantially greater than the burden of the pre-human indigenous bison herds.

In other words, the assertion that we must stop eating meat to save the climate and thus save the planet is totally unfounded. Are you familiar with The China Study by T. Colin Campbell? You might benefit from reading it. There are important reasons apart from global warming to reconsider our meat consumption. You are not being careful in your review of the science when you insist meat and dairy are not harmful to our bodies.

Farming practices have changed and the meat you eat today is not the meat our ancestors ate. I did see The China Study a few years ago. I do not know which is more unreliable. While it is true that meat is different due to farming practices, the same is true about everything else we eat.

4 tips and tricks to help your kids learn to love healthy foods!

Modern wheat is problematic for many people and has a higher correlation to mortality than meat in the China Study data but not reported in the book. I read extensively about nutrition and health. What I have come to realize is that the best diet for one person might not be healthy for someone else. Those who do best on vegetarian diets and some do! Some do very poorly on vegetarian diets after a while, even if they eat one that would be considered healthy. There are problems with high meat consumption and how meat is consumed.

Yes but the argument against red meat, especially for people who have a family history of colon cancer, is very valid. I lost half of my colon to cancer in I still eat meat but mostly poultry and fish since then. There may be unintended consequences. This is a post on mycoproteins derived from fungus , which points out that it is a potential allergen. It is hard to untangle the complexity of diet and health. In a country where the vegetation is poor then goats are the best way of converting it into food for humans. The goat thrives and so do the people.

You cannot grow your posh crops on a Welsh hillside but sheep thrive and convert the poor land into food for humans. IMO … it depends on your individual metabolic profile. The ability to consume milk products is primarily isolated to populations from northern Eurasia. In fact a ketogenic diet beats a low fat every time when compared for weight loss and improved health metrics.

I personally am a meat eater. On a ketogenic diet of mostly meat, my blood pressure normalizes, HDL goes up, cholesterol particle size increases, triglycerides practically go away, … and I gravitate towards my ideal weight.

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  • Hard to argue with Evolutionary Biology Which is why the diet works, you are getting back to how we use to eat prior to the Food Pyramid of pushing grains over meat, before the obesity epidemic. As I covered in this piece here, carbohydrate foods keep people fed, but not nourished. Comparing bio available minerals, essential fatty acids, and digestible protein would be a much more appropriate measure, but this would tip the scales in favour of animal source foods. Best wishes to all ketogenic diet adherents. In fact, from my experience while on a vegetarian diet, it is probably preferable to have the cow, hog, sheep, digest that plant product first to get the needed proteins.

    Have read many nutritional guides explaining how many needed proteins and vitamins are missing from an all vegetarian diet. Further, that it takes much more food to get the missing vitamins and proteins. Since people will want and only eat a much higher quality vegetation it will also cost much more. Many poor rarely eat an apple a week because they can not afford to have more.

    Corn for animals is significantly cheaper than corn for people. Almost certainly humans took better care of their cattle than the lions did of the buffalo. Almost certainly the humans killed their cattle in a less painful manner than the lions did the buffalo. As others have pointed out or alluded to in this thread, this is a crucial point that is not satisfactorily addressed in this otherwise important and thorough article. The rule of profitable mass overproduction is a culprit. Cruelty to animals is not a superfluous topic.

    It must be addressed without facilitating a technocratic conspiracy to place control of the global food supply into the hands of a few, compromising the health and relative dietary freedom of the masses. If meat is so bad, horrible, and gross, why is so much money spent trying to make vegetable matter look and taste just like meat? To me, that is an admission that we evolved to eat meat.

    To do otherwise might upset the balance of nature, right? The basis for much of true.. Rob ostfeld has his plan that has loosened a few restraints from Esselstyn. Like Campbell.. No people on Plant Based are not a cult, stereotyped political beliefs fir diet, unhealthy. I know from experience. My program works. Campbell showed his study directly.

    My SKIN with MS – missanonyms

    A milestone. But adding foods not in plant based.. When you add anything not in true plant based to your diet it is no longer plant based…and is reversing the effects. Search that phrase. Like anything, if someone is pushing plant based while selling a product or gimmick…walk away! There are entire cardiology wings and whole hospitals where patients are given plant based diets. A major reason for the difference in milk productivity between American and Indian cows is not what the cows are capable of producing, but how the cows are used and kept.

    In America, a high percentage of cows are producing milk, or slaughtered when they become less productive, or slaughtered at a young age. There is another factor for the agricultural percentage of greenhouse gases being higher worldwide than for America: Worldwide, a smaller percentage of the population has cars or electricity or can afford air conditioning or industrial products than is the case in the US. Another case of correlation does not mean causation and poor sampling.

    Genetics, life style and actual food classification in many studies are a big problem. Those prone to various health problems due probably to genetics and or life style will have weaknesses regarding certain foods, others not so much. Plus there has been proven falsification of some s studies that are still quoted as gospel.

    Or one showing a mechanism where animals create proteins from non-proteins? I bet not any credible links for either, except possibly for some unusual or obscure exception. At least generally, photosynthetic plants are net creators of protein, and most other life forms including animals, even herbivorous ones, are net destroyers of protein. He does not provide a link and searching on those terms unfortunately produces a lot more results than I can quickly scan, but they do seem to take themselves seriously, i. The author is not imagining his sources, which I sense is what you imply?

    I did read the Protein Digestion, and it mentions UIP which is a kind of protein that requires assistance of bacteria in the ruminant gut to digest, and not all of the usage of that protein is by the ruminant, some is by the bacteria, and the protein in bacteria that die is not all used by the ruminant. Both the ruminant and its bacteria are net destroyers of protein. This does not argue in favor of farming non-ruminant animals for humans to eat, with the exception of oily fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, although farming of non-ruminants produces less GHGs per kilogram of meat protein than farming of ruminants does.

    There is the matter that vegetable matter farmed for humans to eat does not require digestion mechanisms specific to ruminants or any other non-humans in order for humans to make good use of such food. Vitamins A and C and some other vitamins are found mainly in vegetable matter. The essential fatty acids are alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid, which are found mainly in vegetable oils. One thing that I really appreciate in the above article is the reference to a Global Food Security study. It will obviously be worth less than good quality wheat, with its exact value dependent on the extent of the damage.

    Such wheat may be less palatable and have less nutritional value than good quality wheat. Now this fits perfectly with my on farm experience, which says that lots of the grain grown in the world at any given time is going to be graded as too low a quality to ever be fed to humans! What happens, say, if a farmer growing spring wheat has a bad year in the sense that the winter frost comes early, so the harvested wheat is damaged, and graded as 3 in quality instead of the much desired 1 grade? Ebooks and Manuals

    So what do suppose happens to the poor quality grains or other plants that are damaged through the unavoidable risks of farming around the world? As suggested by my Ontario Ag Department quote, the entire value or the entire market for the low grade stuff is to be found in using it in animal feed. Besides feed quality grains, of course, there are also things like grass and straw that cattle eat lots of, but are completely inedible to humans.

    In developed world markets the practical usage of less marketable quality grain as animal feed is true. Grew up on a farm. The corn burnt in the pellet stoves today is of higher quality than we fed our cattle and hogs, bottom of the silo, moldy, damp, larval, Corn the CO-OP refused to take, etc. Some times the stuff was like a chunk of concrete.

    Less I have even eaten field corn, but only very early in the growing season ans the kernels were much smaller than acceptable sweet corn. Can not believe that agriculture could produce as much people quality corn as field corn. In the context of maize there are certainly varieties many people around the world consume the full kernels of without hesitation when properly not raw prepared.

    As a farm boy you know this, so I am not trying to step on your toes here. Polemical original post in some respects. There will be nothing rigorous about the whole exercise. The idea is knowing what one wishes to conclude, and then to carefully parse data and invent corrections to arrive there. Some pointy-headed professor I am allowed to use this pejorative because I am a pointy-headed professor calculated the impact to be 0.

    I wrote the journal stating that 0. It is difficult to even organize a laboratory setting to measure 0. Naturally I received no reply. Thus, one sees so many independent arguments concocted for this purpose: animal welfare, human diet and health, reducing public expenditure, climate change, environmental degradation, economic efficiency, and one will likely see an argument based on creating new, high-paying jobs. It matters not at all that these arguments are filled with falsehoods. A fascinating piece. Thank you Mr.

    On a continent that is virtually energy self-sufficient, this make little sense. Allan Savory. Look up his videos on Youtube, and TER A Rhodesian agronomist who argues that proper livestock herding is the only way to preserve dryland ecosystems. A great and almost thorough article. You did miss a bigee, though. Cattle sheep goats eat grass, weeds, clover, dandelions dairy cows love them … they make their products and waste and methane.

    Lets do a thought experiment together boys and girls and variants. If we were to stop raising beef, pork, chickens, let this farmland go back to the wild, what would happen? The fertile niches would be filled by nature, with its waste, methane…Probably we would hunt them. Proper logistics are crucial to any successful military campaign. The importance of food supply is highlighted in a well-known aphorism.

    Here are four versions: An army marches on its stomach.

    My Top 3 Weight Loss Smoothies + Boyfriend Taste Test - thatgirlshaexo

    An army marches on its belly. An army travels on its stomach. An army goes upon its belly. I have worked in the production animal agriculture industry and they are conservative by a substantial margin. Dietary and political implications aside, the folks who connect eating meat to climate change because cattle fart methane, act as if large herds of grazing animals never existed prior to bovine domestication!

    Reader Interactions

    Psychologists have a word for when the real reason for something is subconscious. All these logical-sounding reasons for avoiding meat—and dairy—are rationalizations. There were large pastures then, and a pleasant field trip for kids. The antibiotics have changed the gut bacteria of the animals, resulting in harmful new strains of E. This upsets the bodies of those who become vegans. I attended college at an agriculture school, and when I told Dad how much milk the cows yielded, he was astonished. It was over thrice what a good cow gave when I was a tot.

    Dairy cows were and are selected almost entirely on pounds or volume of milk. This rewards watery, low-fat milk. American casein milk protein is also different than European dairy. Milk is a natural human food that we have consumed for thousands of years. Meat for millions of years, probably. Believe whatever you like about a Creator, it just makes no difference here— G-d OR Evolution OR both made cattle for grass and spacious pastures. Vegans do NOT escape the consequences of new-fangled factory farms—lettuce, tomatoes, and spinach have had to be recalled when water from manure lagoons contaminated vegetable fields.

    This has occurred. It is estimated that 30 Americans die every year now from antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This is MUCH better than distorting the diet. This is true. So, we begin life as a non-vegan. Oh, the horror! Fantastic article by Mr Talbot, thanks very much for publishing it here. Kiwi farmers can usually be relied upon to cut through the bull, so to speak…. It all ties in with the global corporatist agenda very well, as well as identifying corrupt practices those of us who have studied the AGW agenda in any detail are all too familiar with.

    As often as I can, I am accusing any liberal who is concerned about AGW to demonstrate their belief, show some leadership and make insect protein a significant part of their diet. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. When you get to the end of the book there is a link to the Sane website where you are invited to watch supposedly take part in a webinar???

    A snip at half the price. So then you can access all the secret recipes and get a few phone calls. Of course if you don't take him up on the kind offer you can still use the web site to buy OTT priced sweeteners and cocoa powder at what are probably three times the price of generic versions of the same thing that don't carry the SANE brand.

    The book basically says eat lots of protein and non starchy veg The biggest message is to forget starvation and let adequate amounts of healthy food heal your metabolism. This book goes much further than just busting the myths about the "eat less, exercise more" treadmill that fails us over and over It also opens up the way to a new reality of lasting natural health and fitness, based on the scientific facts about how our bodies actually work. Jonathon Bailor deserves a Nobel Prize for the decade and more he has devoted to sifting through the deep science to bring us the truth, presented here in a clear way that is a joy to read.

    And it is all distilled into a Five Week Plan that anyone can implement. A true labour of love Thank you, Jonathon. This was the longest awaited missing part of a puzzle that just was not making sense. Industries and diet 'gurus ' were the only people benefiting from the ' low fat,high exercise ' diets being thrown at everyone. The physiology and biochemistry is all sound, with eminent professors to support the research findings.

    If we just stood back to think for a moment, of course a calorie is not just a calorie, it depends upon the 'quality'of the calorie. The whole calorie counting myth created was a waste of time and energy. We were never meant to eat all this processed sugary stuff the companies call 'food'. Let's show them how to eat SANEly, and as it used to be until the 'low fat ' diets and all this sugar was introduced. We cannot wait for the government to wake up Thank you Jonathan for a reminder of what we had forgotten: basic science and common sense.

    One person found this helpful. Like just about every other book on nutrition, the calorie myth encourages people to eat more natural foods and to stop eating crap. This book goes a step further though and explains the importance of lowering the metabolic set point for long term weight loss and I think that this is where this book shines.

    By taking an approach based on hormones, weight loss is achieved in a way that is healthy and sustainable. There is enough science to give the advice credibility but not so much that you get bogged down by it. My only criticism of the calorie myth, is that the exercise portion of the book, for me, was overly simplistic. And whilst we are encouraged to eat in a way that is natural, the weights program is far from natural. And I've worked in a gym that had negative machines exclusively! That aside, I would highly recommend this book. Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase. I've gained a lot from this book.

    It's starts to go into a fixed diet idea which I don't think is helpful as it's the wrong mindset for long term healthy eating. The information about hormones and how to balance for health eating for health is very useful. I read the book with great interest as an ex yo-yo dieter. I have recently embarked on a a low carb high fat diet and this is proving to be successful, the information in this book really helped me to understand why, and what I could to sustain this for life.

    Brilliantly informative using science not myth. Thank you! A great read and introduction in to the biology of our body and how we process food, the only downside is that I feel that it repeats itself a lot and goes on for quite some time when I really just want to jump in and find out what I should be eating and how much. Also the recipes seem quite complex. Would rather just a list of all foods on one page where I can easily just pick what to eat.

    A must read if you are a calorie counting prisoner or if you just want to understand how the body works. Some important myths are being explained and debunked, information that will blow your mind. I high recommend reading this book! See all 76 reviews. Would you like to see more reviews about this item?

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