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Esther Lombardi is a veteran journalist who has written about literature, education, and technology. Updated September 08, What is important about the title?

Why do you think Orwell chose to represent political figures as animals? Why did he choose a farm as the novel's setting?

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Is it important to know the world history of the mid- and late s to fully understand what Orwell is trying to portray? What are some other examples of fictional works with dystopian settings? Which symbols are featured in "Animal Farm? Can you discern an authorial voice a character who speaks the author's point of view in "Animal Farm?

Could the story have taken place anywhere else? Does the story end the way you expected? Lab 5 Question. Mental Health and Our Legal System. The Japanese Steakhouse Experience. Year Published. Perspective and Narrator. In Animal Farm, the primary intention of George Orwell was to satirize equality. Orwell has a created a barnyard where all animals, young and old, live freely without the overbearing hand of their master interfering with them. Major, an old boar in Mr.

Jones's farm, stirs revolution among the other animals when he suggests to them to resort to Animalism as a way of agitating and obtaining justice and progress which is elusive in the barnyard. Napoleon, a power-thirsty pig, has seized control of the yard and has resorted to dictatorship in leading the other animals.

About the Title. This study guide offers a comprehensive perspective on and analysis into Orwell's classic work, Animal Farm.

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Discover Studypool's infographics, in-depth chapter summaries, literary analyses, thematic overviews, and commentary which allows students and educators quick and thorough accessibility into the different aspects of this influential work. The Old Major. Mr Jones. Mr Frederick. Mr Pilkington. Mr Whymper.

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