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At last! A detailed dictionary compiled by Emma on coffee etiquette and what the the hell one is drinking.


Hello everybody, my name is Rodrigo. I am Portuguese and to this day I have no clue how to order a coffee in Portugal. I can anywhere on earth except Portugal. Portuguese are a quirky and difficult bunch when it comes to muddied waters. Fantastic idea, which fits perfectly with breakfast. Did you have a lovely time, the day you went to Lisboa! Shall take this as notes for my trip at the weekend. Just love the mirrors in there. Now, some corrections. All this said, beautifull production. Can you sleep now???? Bica com cheiro bica with a smell or drop of aguardente or brandy my choice after dinner ….

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Hi emma. I really love coffee, but i think most of the times, coffee is just an excuse to go out and do something. Is a small cup with a lemon peel, hot water. Maybe in some real old fashioned places you can still have them with chicory instead of real coffee. Oh now that is cool — a hot cup or cold cup! I forgot to include the cha thanks for the real name I think lemon peel tea is unique to portugal. I love it. But what a bout the bica with a drop of lemon? I was given it once as a cure for migraine … I drank it, entirely skeptical of course… and it worked.

But, I just loved this posting!

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Love it, love it — it sounds like the Portuguese are even crazier about coffee than I am. I must come visit at some point — it sounds like Heaven! And the modern history of portugal was decided in a cafe… all the stories of people meeting, and thinking, and writing, and doing… thank you lorie. A lot of foreigners, at least, are taken aback by the speed and how often in the day the Portuguese gulp down a cup of coffee standing at the counter, at least in cities. What I think is very specifically Portuguese is the habit of ordering PRECISELY what one wishes, in the most excruciating detail, and coffee is just the acme of that idiosyncrasy… that nobody else understands!

Real coffee culture has no brand, and it is certainly more about social anthropology than gastronomy. Hi Emma,I just love your blog. I was also born in Love the photos of the pastelarias,coffee looks great. So does the Bola de Berlim. Emma, I bet I know where! Delightfully refreshing in the summer! Ahhh the coffee production relaes passed me by! It was a rather decadent day, if a little wet!

And where are my fingers?! I still love a meia de leite, though I largely drink a good old British cuppa at home now. Beautiful pictures Emma. My first experience re professional photography. The added bonus being the scoffing of the props! Hello, I live in Portugal and I am preparing a video presentation of Portugal. Thank you. Bica is feminine, so it would be uma bica, not um bica.

Why is Dark Street called that way?

Great fun your blog! This is amazing, I love your attention to detail, which makes you a connaisseur of Portuguese coffee. Which does not go too far from being espresso and close relatives… :-]. Mind you that not everyone is the same and most of all people in different regions act and react differently. There are millions of coffees! Hello Emma, Lovelly blog. I came across your blog because I was looking for the definition of abatanado, to explain to my friends on facebook… Very good post!

Best regards, Ana. But I would mention plain brewed coffee on boiling water. Nothing beats the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the mornings. Sical and Delta still sell copious amounts of coffee to this market. Loved the post, I am Portuguese. I think people give you funny looks because if you drink it before this hours they will assume that you just awake up and are taking breakfast. I really loved the way you described how to order a coffee here in Portugal.

One of the best part was how you wrote the portuguese words in english hahahahaha it was so funny! Funny article. We call a meia de leite a Flat White here. I just found this post and loved it! Google Rating. Catavino Tours. Anna Gunn. This team is first class, they are knowledgeable of all areas of wine, and the Douro. If you are looking for something to do when in Porto I cant recommend their tours enough - first class. Many places here say they offer the authentic version of Porto, but rarely do - these tours go into places that others don't, they bust the myths of wine, Port and give you the real insights, show you the faces behind the wine.

The Ultimate Guide to Ordering Coffee in Portugal

The tours offered here give you something that is unique, filled with passion and love for this wonderful city and surrounding areas. Anita Breland. Looking to enjoy a great excursion through some of the world's most beautiful vineyards? Our group's tour off the beaten path with Catavino was a carefree day of discovery in fine company, and with memorable food and wine. A big plus was an opportunity to spend time with a winemaker happy to share his family story, expertise and excellent wine. I cannot think of a better way to experience the authentic Douro!

Cornell Anderson. We just completed a Fall Harvest tour that was organized and led by Catavino Tours. The entire experience was wonderful and met all of our expectations. The tour included several days in and near Lisbon, and then five days in Porto and the wineries and vineyards along the Douro River.

All aspects of the tour were planned to provide an exceptional experience for our group of eleven friends. Our tour guide, Ryan Opaz, was extremely knowledgeable about the wines, the Quintas, the history of Port and Portuguese table wine and the country of Portugal. Finally, the food was amazing and included several dinners and lunches with wine makers who were personally know by Ryan.

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The tour and experience could not have been better! Julie Dawn Fox.

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Just spent a wonderful day in the Douro wine region with the Catavino team and a local winemaker. We had breathtaking views of a side of the Douro that most visitors don't get to see, knowledgeable explanations of the grapes, wines and processes and of course, delicious table and port wines, some poured straight from the barrel. The highlight of the day was the chance to join the Purple Foot Club by treading grapes in stone tanks. Flavio Bastos Amiel. Yesterday we had the chance to visit a few places in the Douro with Catavino. We had the chance to meet one very young producer Oscar Quevedo: thanks!

The highlight was a great food experience in the winery while staring at the amazing Douro landscape, while sipping whites, red and port wine from the same house. Tom Fakler. Outstanding day trip from Porto with Catavino! We spent a day off the beaten path in the Douro wine region and its spectacular scenery. We visited a winery where the vintner gave us the most authentic and informative tour of the vineyards and wine cellar we have had. We had a gourmet lunch with wines perfectly paired.

Our tour was in the harvest season and we were able to participate in the traditional stomping of grapes in a granite lagar.

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It was a fun time for all! Catavino and team know the area and vintners well, and this made our day truly special. David Waldschmidt.