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We're not sure why whoever designed this building built it with a railing that a child could so easily fall through, but they did. Luckily, this mom was able to save her kid at the last possible second and keep a hold of her phone :. Digg is what the internet is talking about, right now. It's also the website you are currently on. Jun 20 , PM. What is this? Hey, we're Digg. The Premier Lacrosse League — founded by star player Paul Rabil and his brother, Mike — wants to make the club-dominated sport into a moneymaking phenomenon.

Viggo Mortensen talks directing debut 'Falling'; first look at family drama (exclusive)

Through long hours we dragged slowly on in the deep snow, often falling over the edge of the rocks. We had hardly got our breath when Snyman dashed into the tent, falling over us and almost pulling it down. If ever there be an excuse for falling asleep out of bed, surely it is when stretched at full length upon heather in bloom. Falling star is from s; falling out "disagreement" is from s. Falling evil "epilepsy" is from early 13c. Armenian p'ul "downfall," Lithuanian puola "to fall," Old Prussian aupallai "finds," literally "falls upon".

Most of the figurative senses had developed in Middle English. Meaning "to be reduced" as temperature is from s. To fall in love is attested from s; to fall asleep is late 14c. Fall through "come to naught" is from To fall for something is from Old English noun form, fealle , meant "snare, trap. That of "cascade, waterfall" is from s. Wrestling sense is from s. Of a city under siege, etc. Oh wow, the writing is so sharp and emotional. The emotions will leave you needing tissues , and will leave you being able to understand both sides to the story.

What a truly heartfelt and brilliant read. I cannot wait to read more with Cole and Brooke. My Rating: 4. Sep 29, Coco. This book does not contain the conclusion of the story. The story ends in Book 2, Rising. So good! Oh my goodness!

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Talk about cliffhanger? Brooke and Cole story had it all. Heartache, love, laughs and more. I can't wait to see how this story will unfold.

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I'm really looking forward to it. Entertaining book with cliff hanger ending.

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Luckily the second book is out. Mar 13, Julie Jacobus rated it did not like it. Piece of shit leaves his wife to go make a life for himself and leave her holding the new born, literally! To find his wife and kid. Then he wants his family back. Then the author Over exaggeration. Read something else.

Mar 04, Chrissy Brown rated it really liked it. A lot of reviews I read really put this book down, but I enjoyed it. Jan 27, Kirsten Bass rated it it was ok. It was an Ok read.. Feb 24, Buffyanna rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This is a second chance romance about a young man who walked out on his wife and baby. They had been forced to marry after an unplanned teenaged pregnancy and the stress was fracturing their relationship. He made the decision to leave in order to pursue his career without mutual discussion, literally leaving her in tears.

Although he made arrangements to care for his wife, he let her down when he misplaced his trust in that surrogate care. Years later she is working two jobs to raise their daught This is a second chance romance about a young man who walked out on his wife and baby.

Years later she is working two jobs to raise their daughter and barely keeps her head above water. He wants to get back together. He wants her to trust him again.

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I found this story to be tedious and unrewarding. Feb 24, Meche rated it it was ok Shelves: dissapointing. Brooke and Cole had a child when they were younger and he suddenly decided that he needed to leave so he could do more with his life. He was a dick and honestly I would have liked for him to suffer more.

Four years later for some reason he is super rich and has his life together while she works 2 jobs. He thinks he is paying child support but he doesn't realize his father, from a rich family, kicked Brooke out and left her alone and witho SPOILER: it's an entertaining book, but not exactly good.

He thinks he is paying child support but he doesn't realize his father, from a rich family, kicked Brooke out and left her alone and without th money he was sending. Apparently he wants them back, so he contracts a PI, and gets to explain his side, and eventually she forgives him, they live happily, although she still works two jobs, and very conveniently she almost gets raped and killed on the last day of her job at a bar. They speak to each other like 3 times, in which he tells her he wants them back, and he didn't know what his father did and blablabla.

She tells him she doesn't believe him but will think about it. This happens 3 times, the exact dialogue and then she just decides to think with her pussy and forgives him because Damn he gave Her an orgasm. They were bffs before having the baby, but is never proven, they just He didn't think in her opinion as a friend, as a wife or as The mother of his child.

She was his bff, even if they were bad spouses I think it would have been nice for him to talk to her about it, and convince her in a nice way that he should try to go to college, instead of imposing her that she must leave her dreams and be a mother while he goes and be successful.

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He really isn't a bad character, but I hate him and I hate he didn't really make an effort to have a family again, he just talks but never acts. Maybe the end of the book might give him some work to do in the next book, but I already predict the moment in which she will remember everything and then apologize for something that isn't her fault.

And This happens twice. Also, can we talk about him having sex while being married? She is excused since he literally abandoned her, but all this time he thinks she is still his wife, and has been looking for her Overall, I don't think I need to read the second book, I think I already know were it is going, and while this one was decent in some parts like when he was trying, I didn't feel the plot of book enough to make me to be obsessed.

I was glued to this book from the very first page and I was already crying in the prologue. Typical for Wendy's books. Wendy Smith is my new favorite Author her books touch something deep inside me that warms my heart but breaks it at the same time. Her characters grab w ahold of you and never let go until the very end. I love every minute of it. At times I could almost feel the characters emotions coming off the pages.

Brooke and Cole were two young adults who get pregnant right before their lives are about to start. Even though they're from different sides of town their mothers make them get married unfortunately Cole's father isn't happy about any of it and thinks Brooke is lying about who the father is just to trap Cole. After Kaia is born, when she's three months old Cole decides he's not cut out for fatherhood so he leaves to go to college but promises to come visit when he can and trusts his father to take care of Brooke and Kaia by making sure they get support from his trust fund but as soon as Cole leaves his father turns into an even bigger ass and gives Brooke no choice but to take Kaia go.

I could not put this book down. Just when you think things are looking up something happens that had me saying WTF?! I have to admit even though Cole seems to have grown into a good man if I were Brooke I would not have let him back into my life. He really has no right to even see Kaia since unbeknownst to him he never paid any kind of child support or bothered to come back for her and Kaia over the last four years.

Brooke has had to work two jobs and alot of struggling to take care of her daughter. As things began to be revealed I was feeling such a plethora of emotions that I realized I was holding my breath. I laughed and I cried and little Kaia is about as adorable as they come. What a sweetheart. Oct 06, Gayle rated it really liked it.

This is a first for me by this author and I must say guys what a read. We meet Brooke and Cole. Best friends since they were five, they were inseparable. School together.

Trevor Daniel - Falling [ LEGENDADO/ TRADUÇÃO]

Hang out together. They were never apart. Prom night. Cole is there. But she was supposed to be. So Cole does the only thing he knows. He has to find Brooke. Brooke and Cole on prom night. I am sure you can gues This is a first for me by this author and I must say guys what a read. I am sure you can guess what happens. It did mine. An unplanned pregnancy. A marriage. A house and instant family. Something has to give…… And it does. Cole leaves. Feeling like a failure Cole walks away from not only his wife but his beautiful little girl to make a better life for them all.

But Cole knows that Brooke will be okay in his absence. But is she? What happened to Brooke? Where did she go? Where is Brooke their daughter Kaia?