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Filanda Motta di Campocroce Tv. Festival FrameDuo flute and guitar o November. Pollini in Padua, concert for flute and electronics — flauti Michela Caser o May. Mahler, Sala G. Futura Orchestra - S. Masterclass on contemporary music techniques for flute and guitar.

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Masterclass on classical music. Pollini" of Padua. Related Papers. By Elisenda Fabregas. Pocci Catalog February By Vincenzo Pocci. Pocci Catalog July The main extant source on ancient pantomime is the dialogue On the Dance written in Greek by the Syrian rhetorician Lucian of Samosata around the middle of the second century AD.

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Additional information about ancient pantomime is found in the ancient writers at large and in several inscriptions and epigrams contained in the Anthologia Palatina and Latina. The cultural and historical importance of ancient pantomime is not confined to the ancient world, since this theatrical medium had a pivotal role in the rise of ballet as an autonomous art form in the age of Enlightenment.

Dance reforms developed in the eighteenth century took ancient Greco-Roman pantomime as the model to set against the contemporary practice of dance as an ornamental divertissement devoid of any meaning and emotional content and consisting of a sheer display of technical virtuosity.

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It was most probably the English ballet-master John Weaver who first attempted to revive ancient pantomime with his staging of The Love of Mars and Venus in at Drury Lane and Orpheus and Eurydice the following year. Later in the century, the two most important eighteenth-century dance reformists, Gasparo Angiolini and Jean-Georges Noverre , repeatedly expressed in their writings the intentions to follow in the steps of ancient pantomime and their adoption of Lucian's auctoritas as the guiding principle in their productions.

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Roman Theatre History. Edit a Copy. Study these flashcards. Jayme B. Comedy and tragedy must never be combined a play must have 5 acts, 3 actors, 1 chorus- only 3 speaking at one time limited use of gods deus ex machina drama should entertain and instruct. Background: The republic and the Empire. Roman Roots: Etruria.

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The Etruscan Influence. Latin word: Histrione taken from the etruscan word for professional perfumers: Ister. Other Roman Influences. Atellan Farce Phyla's The Greeks. Atellan Farce.