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Kuini, who is an excellent artist, learns to read with the help of Coyotl. When Kuini finds himself in Coyotl's noble world, he finds danger at every corner, especially when Kuini meets and falls in love with Coyotl's sister, Iztac. Customs demand that the two lovers may never see each other again after the girl is married to a husband she does not want, just so her father can appease the leader of another tribe.

This novel is extremely well written as only Zoe Saadia can do. Her research is very apparent as you go from pyramids, to temples, to palaces. This novel is rich in historical detail. You will become involved in what all the characters can and will do page after page. There are plenty of conflicts interfering with the lives of all the main and secondary characters.

It is a novel about Pre-Columbia South America that will keep you interested til the very last page. Shelves: octoberreads. It is no coincidence, perhaps, that these two will prove to play pivotal roles in the changes to come for their societies and the empire across the lake. Suffused with thrills and adventure and romance as well as character development, this novel paints a vivid illustration of a society long lost to us, but yet in many ways so like our own, with characters who could be us or our friends or neighbors.

The human condition does not change much despite technology and the Industrial Revolution. My recommendation: read and enjoy! I reviewed an e-book copy received from the author in return for my fair and impartial review. Jun 13, Mirella rated it it was amazing. The Highlander is a novel set in the ancient Aztec world. It is about two young men from opposing tribes, Kuini and Coyotl, who accidentally meet and become friends.

Coming from different backgrounds and social statuses, the two learn and share with each other. From pyramids, to temp The Highlander is a novel set in the ancient Aztec world. From pyramids, to temples, to palaces, this novel is rich in historical detail. Excellent, easy to read prose and an intriguing storyline kept me hooked to the very end.

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There were plenty of conflicts hampering the lives of all the well-drawn characters. It is a rich novel about Pre-Columbia South America that is sure to please. Aug 27, Elias Zapple rated it it was amazing. Immerse yourself into the culture and the times of the Aztecs, a most incredible, enthralling and engrossing civilisation. In The Highlander we're transported back to this ancient period where two young men from opposing tribes form an unlikely friendship. Full of twists and turns, an elaborate and magical story full of depth that you'll come away wanting to know more about the Aztecs.

A wonderful read that my slugs just adored. Nov 05, Brandt rated it it was amazing. I was excited to discover this series and hoping it would be as good as the reviews said it would be. Adventure and history merge in a brilliantly written story expertly woven. This novel sweeps you away.

Starting the next book tomorrow. Dec 25, K. Cox rated it it was amazing. Saadia makes history interesting. I looked up the historical facts of the Valley of Mexico and found the dry paragraphs attempting to dissolve my eyeballs. I dropped that activity and picked up The Highlander again. It, of course, is a story and the characters are, well, characters, but you could believe they actually existed. A recommended read for those interested in historical fiction. Aug 23, Don rated it it was amazing. A Great Story Historical fiction has always amazed me. Throw in a couple of fictional characters and a lot of actual history and one will always be amazed at humankind's ability to adapt.

This one has a great storyline and action aplenty. Enjoy, for I sure did. Sep 12, Jody rated it really liked it. Previous to this series, I had read almost next to nothing about this period in time nor about the Aztecs. The historical research seems adequate, but the characters are well drawn and the plot exciting. Any time I read the whole series, it's good! Nov 07, Judemurdeaux rated it it was amazing Shelves: read What a pleasure it was starting this series.

The highlander is a great read and I devoured this book in no time at all. Couldn't put it down. I have downloaded the next in series and am starting the next adventure. Aug 29, C. Mandara rated it it was amazing. An exiting romp through ancient history and Aztec culture. Emotionally gripping, well developed plot and pretty stunning imagery. Would certainly read more from this author! Dec 29, Brian Benson rated it it was amazing.

This is going to be an amazing series. I can't wait for the next one Aug 22, D. Taylor rated it it was amazing. If you want a novel set in the ancient Aztec world look no further than Zoe Saadia. An entertaining read that captures the essence of the period well, without sacrificing the story to do so. Apr 15, Charlene Stephens Robinson rated it it was amazing.

It's great. Wonderful pre history. Loved this book. Great pre history explained.

THE VILLAGE OF HOMMLET T1 MONOCHROME TSR 9026 AD&D nzznlv3084-Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Could have happened. Just might have to get the second in the series. Aug 21, gaverne Bennett rated it really liked it. Great read.. Apr 09, Ernesto Yaaron rated it it was amazing. For any one interested of Ancient Mexico cultures, these series are a must read!

Spanish Conquest of the Aztecs - 3 Minute History

From the beginning to the very end, the story will catch your attention by the hand of great characters, both historical and fiction, written so well they'll become part of the very history of ancient Texcoco and Tenochtitlan, and their struggle against their powerful enemies. Mar 11, Jessie Stevens rated it liked it. Can you say… Tenochtitlan, Tepanecs, Tlaxcala and Nezahualcoyotl three times fast? Yeah, me neither. But at least now I know what they are!

An Aztec capital, a mesoamerican tribe, a town, and an heir to Texcoco, in case you were wondering. The Highlander jumps right to the story, immerses it in history and never pauses to lecture on the subject. If given the choice between initial co Can you say… Tenochtitlan, Tepanecs, Tlaxcala and Nezahualcoyotl three times fast? Saadia is also great at writing adolescent boys. The trouble is adolescent boys are not my favorite. And, no, I will not speculate on what I might have thought of him then. The two main characters in this story are boys brimming with adolescent, angst-ey, angry, hormonal, warrior energy.

All their boy shenanigans are a great way to tell the story, immerse the reader in history and keep it exciting. Just think! Would I recommend it? Sep 09, Martha Sockel rated it it was amazing. The title of this book intrigued me. The "Rise of the Aztecs" seemed to be a strange title, as the Aztecs are usually associated with falling empires, not the rising ones.

Yet, to fall or to be 'discovered' they had to rise at some point, so I decided to give this read a chance. Well, disappointed I was not! This novel started with a splash, presenting us with two youths from enemy nations, curious with each other to the point of overcoming their initial animosity. As the events unfold and the wa The title of this book intrigued me.

As the events unfold and the war against the regional superpower turning into a real threat, one of the youths, the Lowlander, the emperor's heir, is excited and hopeful, while the other, the Highlander, is facing his personal misgivings and frustrations, fascinated by he Lowlanders' politics and wars and frustrated with their ways at the same time. This story is very fast moving, with the action never slacking, never giving you time to take a break and put the book down. Curiously, there are almost no Aztecs in this first book of the series titled - The Rise of the Aztecs.

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Aside from one prominent man and one of the main characters, the Aztec Warlord, the rest of the protagonists, nations, politics have almost nothing to do with the Aztecs. It seems that the rise of the empire as we know it began earlier and elsewhere, between one superpower that controlled the whole region and the rebellious province that thought it might do better without paying a tribute to anyone.

The Aztecs are mentioned many times, usually unfavorably, with the main characters complaining of their neutrality and the cautiousness, not to say a doubtful fence-sitting tendency, of their policies in the brewing conflict. A fascinating read! Aug 18, John Dizon rated it it was amazing. The Highlander by Zoe Saadia is a coming-of-age novel detailing the relationship between two young men whose friendly rivalry develops into a competition reflecting that of their own nations. Kuini and Nezahuacoyotl meet each other in the wilderness and are fascinated in the ensuing exchange in culture.

The Highlands are an alien world to the Lowlanders, and both communities have engaged in warfare against each other throughout their recorded history. The two young warriors unite in a common goal that may affect the future of both nations entire. Once again the author draws from her rich knowledge of Azteca history and folklore in providing an authentic and compelling backdrop to the narrative.

Iztac represents hundreds of millions of women to the present day forced into arrangements of convenience. We see both her half-brother and her soulmate joined in a common goal to change her fate regardless of the impact upon their society and its mores. Readers also enjoyed. About Zoe Saadia. Zoe Saadia. Zoe Saadia is the author of several novels of pre-Columbian Americas. From the architects of the Aztec Empire to the founders of the Iroquois Great League, from the towering pyramids of the Mexican Valley to the longhouses of the Great Lakes, her novels bring long-forgotten history, cultures and people to life, tracing pivotal events that brought about the greatness of North and Mesoamerica.

Having Zoe Saadia is the author of several novels of pre-Columbian Americas. Having researched various pre-contact cultures of this continent for more than a decade, she is convinced that it's a shame that such a large part of history was completely overlooked, by historical fiction most of all. Both Americas had an extremely rich, diverse, fascinating history long before this continent came in contact with the rest of the world. So her professional motto is set. Border Reiver Show Photo's 1st and 25th Divisions will engage the forces along Axes Bow and secure the city of Dickinson and then proceed east through New Salem to establish the new border at the Missouri River.

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    forging a nation the story of mexico from the aztecs to the present Manual

    Maybe it was for the best. This girl, while being exciting and fun, had brought him nothing but trouble. He was really better off without her wild, pretty, untamed presence. There are a couple of quibbles, one minor, one not-so-minor. The minor one concerns the dialogue style. Several reviewers at Amazon and Goodreads felt there was too much English vernacular used. Yes way! After all, they didn't speak English back then either. The more serious quibble concerns the ending. Beyond the personal adventures of our trio of protagonists, the overarching storyline concerns an impending invasion by the Tepanecs.

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