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The land of the midnight sun and of the darkend days. For sure— Greatest snow on Earth, not to mention the gorgeous deserts with Canyonlands, Zion, Arches, Bryce as well as Moab and the rest of Southern Utah… plus all of the mountains for hiking, biking and camping. Colorado……we have the great powder skiing…. Biking; our share of National Parks and Monuments; world class ice-climbing and summer climbing;…….. Desert, mountains, whitewater rafting, salmon fishing AND sun valley where smith optics was founded!!!

Colorado all the way! The answer is obviously Montana. Colorado is amazing…. We have water, caves, mountains, forests, big cities, small town living, hot springs and so so so much more! Washington wins hands down. We have everything here. Mountains prairie Rivers lakes puget sound water and snow skiing hiking beaches deserts unpopulated areas big cities. After living most of my life in the Northwest now in Tennessee , and traveling extensively in nearly all the western states, Idaho has to take the adventure cake. The sheer amount of opportunities for world-class skiing, rock climbing, mt.

All of which come before Idaho. By a long shot. Colorado is where it is at! All types of terrain from desert to the mountains.

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Hot Springs, alpine skiing, nordic skiing, snowshoeing, boating, kite skiing, hiking, jeeping, ice skating,rafting, sailing, hot air ballooning, camping and all climate changes. Take your pick…. It will take a lifetime to experience adventure in Colorado at its best! I feel the same way about Colorado in third place.

Send them to Idaho and Washington….. Colorado does great marketing and after 23 years of teaching skiing and 20 years of rafting…. When it comes to the combination of rivers, mountains, and downright remoteness Idaho is tough to beat. Well, my grandpa lives in Idaho. Idaho wins. Wyoming for sure. We are Cowboy State. We rodeo! We geyers, mud points, skiing down hill and cross country, worold class mountiain climbing, hiking, We dessert, plains, and mountians. An you can even climb the core of an exinct Volcano! Not mention fishing including the Miracle Mile!

Clear choice in Idaho. I have lived in both PA and ID for several years. Sorry dude. Can even begin to describe the diversity and majestic nature of Idaho. You just have to experience it. Colorado for sure! You got skiing, hiking, mountain biking, rafting, hunting, camping, fishing, and dirt biking. Colorado should totally win, well because its beautiful here and I believe we are the fittest state in the country…. Alaska hands down. Nowhere else with this many mountains and adventure oppurtunities. In the middle of june you can go climb a multi-pitch climb, then go ski some summer couloirs.

Never a lack of fun in Alaska. Truly, I have had bears in my yard, but never a grizzly……. Think on that. Oregon, like Washington, has desert, ocean, lakes, rivers, mountains and everything between… except with less rain. Surprise Surprise, a Smith Optics sponsored poll has Idaho in the lead.

If you truly want adventure vote Alaska…might be too adventures for some though. And no favoritism here, I live in Washington. In addition to all the previously mentioned white water rivers, mountains, mountain biking etc, Craters of the Moon. Michigan, hands down, you have a little bit of everything. Hike, fish, golf, rock climb, kayak, wildlife galore the list is only limited by your imagination. Raised in Idaho but live in utah…both great adventure states but I love the utah red rock, slot canyons, and such! Utah rocks! There is no comparison to Colorado. The outdoor opportunities abound and are available with sunshine days a year.

The only thing lacking is big water…. Alaska has more coastline then the rest of the US combined- that alone is an abundant opportunity for adventure. Not to mention the vast dynamic and diverse ecosystems and variety of terrain. Rainforests, tundra, sand dunes, mountains, ocean. Poplulation density: 1. I jumped out of airplanes and managed wildfires for ten years. I did this in every state West of the Rockies, including Alaska. I have also sailed the inside passage past desolation sound of the greater Puget sound, attempted Rainier twice in the winter, climbed all over the Olympics, and Cascades, frolicked in the rainforests, and on the coastlines of Or.

That said…. IDAHO is my winner. START: The beautiful, and large glacial lakes and big rivers coming into and out of them , dense, moist forests, and impressive Selkirk mtns. The insanely rugged and vast wilderness rivers of Central Idaho. The Frank Church, and Bitterroot Wilderness connected , and the primitive roadless areas attached to them is a vast as it gets aside from Alaska, and Canada, which does blow it away in vastness scale.

However the rugged, steep, and unique dryish, often blue sky atmosphere, is surrounded by year round, alpine lakes, creeks, and springs which offers rife plant diversity in these river canyons and mountains, and is simply breathtaking. So many other rivers…. SO much snow and water. Southern Idaho and the vast, and amazing bouldering and rock climbing deserts, nudging up to the Teton mtns, the Owyhee mtns, and others. The mighty Snake river, and the crazy wilderness Hells Canyon North Americas deepest river gorge it flows into before it intersects with the Columbia.

More identified, improved and unimproved, hotsprings then B. All the unique flora and fauna. Wow, idahobatholith. You must be the greatest adventurer of all time. Sounds like a self proclaimed domestic Indiana Jones. Please regale me with more of your tales of adventure and intrigue. Jumping out of actual real life airplanes?!!!!!!!!!!!! For 10 whole years?!!!!!!!!! Get out of town! Everyone, keep flocking to Colorado and we will keep enjoying amazing wilderness without a ton of people. Idaho,all types of outdoorsy stuff, plus great wineries and craft beer makers for the after sports cooldown.

North Carolina come on and raise up! But for real… mountains, cycling, kayaking, the AT, the Smokies, whitewater rafting, freestyle kayaking World Championships… and the list goes on. Wherever you go, there you are. And, since I currently find myself in Idaho that is where I have to vote for. Almost every climate in the world can be found in the state of Oregon! How great of an adventure state can you be if you have to drive 2 hours before you can start doing it? Utah, without a doubt. Best snow, plus endless mountains, lakes, rivers and desert with plenty of state and national parks.

Without question. Definitely Colorado. Also, who picked Ohio? As a native Ohioan, I can easily say that it sucks here. Least populated state in the US. Enough land for everyone adventitious person to find their dream. I mean, Sasquatch roams around in our forests…need more adventure than that? Idaho- world class white water and a new kayak playground.

Mountain biking , hiking, camping, backpacking, skiing, snowshoeing, rock climbing. What else could you want? Gotta get out of here for the real fun! World class snow-sports destinations Mammoth, Tahoe, etc. World class climbing destinations Yosemite, Bishop, Joshua Tree, etc. NO Oregon! NO Washington! The city, the beach, the mountains, and the desert.. Hands down. Ocean, Mountains, Temperate Rainforest, Desert. Highest peak in the 48 and lowest point as well. Oldest living trees, Great coastal cities, awesome agriculture and produce.

Awesome Rock Climbing! The list is way to long. Ive been a lot of places and none have the wonderful range that California provides. I will never leave. Washington has the best all around package. I think Utah is the most beautiful state and has so much to offer, I love Utah but not sure I could live so far from the ocean and would miss the rain forest.

We also have some of the best reefs to dive, great trail riding, wind surfing, wakeboarding, and dont forget skydiving. Longest free fall in the US. Gator, boar, and deer hunting, some of the best game fishing. Have you ever driven on the highways in South Florida…thats an adventure in itself. Should i go on? Georgia gets underrated many times.

But Georgia has the gateway to the Appalachian Trail via southern terminus It has excellent mountain biking, class five class white water, some of the best Bouldering in the country with its iron rutted sandstone. It has the tybee island for the people who love sea kayaking and white sand beaches. The Okeefenokee Swamp which is the largest swamp in the lower 48 and a destined canoe area for the brave of course. North Georgia is located right near all sorts of different climbing. More adventure then you think. New Mexico has high dessert beauty and mountains! Great for hiking, fishing, camping, skiing, and bike touring!

Love it! Nicolet National Forest, need I say more?! I love the high mountains but there is just something about the desert that keeps me coming back. No one from Colorado is being arrogant or bashing! No poll is needed. Overall Colorado does suck! They are much better! Tough one, as Upper Michigan is a hidden gem, but Oregon has everything you could ever need. Upper Michigan is a hidden gem…but Oregon has all you could ever need. Idaho all the way!! I love, love, love living in Boise where I have all the amenities of city living but can drive 5 minutes from downtown and have miles and miles of trails through the foothills to hike and bike and run with my dog.

Or travel 45 minutes north for amazing whitewater adventures! Ski, mountain bike, boat, raft, run, climb, ski, backpack, ice climb, mountaineer, drink beer, road bike, and of course; ski. IMHO Idaho has the best fresh water period. Rivers beyond compare,lakes that match up to anywhere,Mountains that are wild. Skiing is plenty good and btw you can swim in most of the rivers and lakes, try that in CO or MT.

It is hard to list them all. The scenery and fishing is great around Stanley, Idaho. Sunbeam, Idaho is a beautiful place and there are so many more in Idaho I can not list them all. Lava Hot Springs for a hot soak-there are natural hot springs in Idaho. Forgot horseback riding. What about not having neighbors so close you can practically touch their house.

We do not have near the crime where I live than they do in the bigger cities, etc. A great state to raise a family in. East to west Oregon has: deep hot canyons, wild rivers, sage brush plains, high desert, rolling grasslands, wild horses, volcanic mountains, high snowy glaciated peaks, fertile farm valleys, lush coastal rain forests, and the rugged Oregon coast. California also has some of the best skiing in the world, and some of the best weather. I think all and all many people skip over California as the best adventure state because few actually take the time to explore it!

A ton of beautiful mountain scenes, trees, wild animals. Mountains and lakes and a taste of every season allow for any type of outdoor activity year round. Oregon is great because it has most of the adventure destinations within the state. Forest, beach, mountains good snow sports and climbing , lakes, rivers, the ocean, waterfalls, you name it. California has to be among the top states. Being in Los Angeles — I enjoy beaches, snow-capped mountains, desert, canyons and incredible weather for all adventures.

Idaho is just perfect. Not much populated and left alone. You stare at the milky way in the night and hear the deer rustle by. How is this even a competition. We have more national and state park area than the total area of Texas and California combined. Born and raised Idaho, lived in Utah for the last year. Grew up a ski bum and have been competitevly climbing for the last 3 years.

Traveled all over the US for skiing, climbing, kayaking and running and there is no beating Idaho in the end. Its an underrated beauty with endless adventures to be had. From sunvalley for some world class shredding, to stanley for some kick ass backpacking or up to mccall for a down to earth weekend boating on the payette. If you dont agree then we dont want you here anyways, leave it here for those who enjoy fun. Beat that Iowa…. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, right on the border of Oregon and Idaho, in Wallowa County, which is hands down the most beautiful county on earth but now living in Southwest Colorado….

I have to give my vote to Colorado, however this is such a difficult choice! There are so many amazing parts of our country, and I feel privileged to live here!!! Mountains, deserts, canyons, foothills, rivers, lakes, caves, hot springs, snow, sun, wind, rain, cold, hot, warm, and not too many people to get in your way! Seems like a great state. However, CO has a trail running scene which is amazing, the climbing may be the best in the US, and a lot of the state is very focused on healthy living.

Idaho for the win. Between the Sawtooths, the Salmon river, the Payettes, and all the other places why would you rather go anywhere else. Born and raised in Idaho and love it.

Between fishing, camping, hiking, biking, snowboarding, etc.. This place is awesome! Not only is it beautiful and you are free to do whatever you want here, but there is a major factor that places us above the rest: population! You can climb, hunt, fish, ski, snowboard etc here and be able to do it without a crowd in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Flat deserts to rugged mountain tops, hot springs to ice cold rivers, class V whitewater to best in class fishing.

And that, my friend, is JUST the first day. I like how this poll gets us to reflect positively on our surroundings for a second though. Utah, no question! Wilderness within minutes of major cities, the best snow on earth, red rock country, etc. I could go on for hours. For me, it was definitely California — outdoor adventures is what its all about.

Lived there for 20 yrs. Outdoor swimming year round, ocean kyaking, back country skiing, rock climbing, hiking in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains, cycling…. Like the poll shows, Idaho is clearly the most adventurous. VA all the way. It has everything whitewater, climbing, mtn biking, road biking, hiking, skiing. Time to put this to bed. This was shot a few miles up from my house outside Boise. Case closed — Idaho FTW. I invite you to visit us in Washington State and specifically Olympia-the state Capitol. We have many adventures for you to have. Washington State has every adventure possibility available…come and see for yourself…we even have rain forests.

Maine offers a plethora of activities that will provide a lifetime of memories. People return year after year to take in the sights and sounds of this beautiful national park. Acadia National Park is a paradise for anyone seeking to see beautiful scenery first-hand, whether it be by hiking or taking a leisurely ride in a car on the Park Loop Road. One of my favorite things about Acadia National Park has to be the view from atop Cadillac Mountain, which is simply spectacular. Sebago Lake is a picturesque destination spot for anyone interested in having a vacation on the water.

Sebago Lake is the second largest lake in Maine, and is also the deepest. This beautiful lake features some of the best swimming waters of the state, and is also great for waterskiing, boating, or simply soaking up the sun. Freeport is home to world-renowned outfitter store L. You will also find the Desert of Maine, as well as many other historic landmarks that are a signature of this area.

In this area there are also a multitude of charming inns and lodges that will suit any travelers needs. This destination will be sure to provide many lasting memories. Mount Katahdin is the highest peak in Maine and is majestically beautiful. There are no roads leading to the top of Katahdin, so the view from on top can only be taken in by hiking.

However, Mount Katahdin is a view everyone should have a chance to see in their lifetime. Or just take a much-needed break from the day-to-day grind. When it comes down to it, you deserve it. Born and raised in Washington I may be a bit biased. Or, where you can have two totally different states all in one state, Eastern and Western Washington. Having lived in both I see why there is such passion about where folks live depending on the location.

Climate, people, geography are all so different. A beautiful, diverse and the number one adventure state in the union! You can live in a city with the most amazing food and beer adventures. Someone said Oregon has no desert…ya we do! Oregon has it all!! We have hot and dry areas with great national parks, fossil beds, and The stunning Crater Lake. We have mountains and skiing, cities that are bicycle friendly with plentiful bike paths. Not to mention the Columbia River with some of the best wind surfing and kite boarding in the world! Oregon has such a variety of people, activities, and climates that there is truly something for everybody!

We have it all!!! Come see us and discover it…. Montana of course! But we are talking adventure here! Lets start with Hiking. Two Major thru-hiker trails start and end in Montana. In WA. Not a thru-hiker? Speaking of National Forests, what about renting a forest Cabin for a weekend in Lewis and Clark National Forest or rent a fire lookout on the top of a mountain in Lolo national forest? A 3 day canoe adventure by Missouri river outfitters in central Montana or just Kayak on Seely or Flathead lakes. Montana is for Bad-asses, because you better have a whole lot of that adventure spirit to take on such a bad-ass place!

I lived in Idaho for 35 years, Montana for 6 and Idaho has nothing on this place! Montana is awesome. Still wanna explore Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado more. But can always fall back on Montana. We have everything from mountains to plains…lakes and rivers…. Big, open, and more mountains than you can shake a stick at. Montana is just the most fantastic place to be… it has dinosaurs and ghost towns and ski resorts and lots of wilderness untouched and unspoiled by humans… Gotta love it! Its beautiful and you can find amazing adventures everywhere!

Also there are fewer people and more nature! Montana hands down…. Montana for sure! Such a wide variety of landscape from badlands in the east to mountains in the west and everything in between. Where else can a person have contact with a grizzly on a college campus and can describe the bear who attacked him? The person is okay, but he and his other students will have a story which has to be a first.

Mountain, two major rivers, the Missouri and Yellowstone. Great undiscovered ski resorts where lines are rare.

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Of course, it is to degrees, but it is winter. Drive the highways in eastern Monday and prepare to be waved at by almost everyone you meet.

The Alaska Hunting Adventure Begins

Montana — endless opportunities abound! Hunt for your own sapphires, pan for gold, float rivers free of dams-Yellowstone River, blue ribbon trout fishing, hiking in the wilderness amongst the grizzlies, elk and moose. Quad riding in the mountains at the same time see the wild horses and the ice caves or the ringing rocks only five places in the world and Montana has one. The most scenic road in the nation is located in southern Montana, Beartooth Pass,according to Charles Kuralt.

Glacier National Park has stunning views right from the road and great scenery if you chose to hike, Yellowstone National Park borders Montana and who has not heard of it! Shakespeare in the Park and symphonies outdoors under the summer sun. What more could one ask for?

Great place to be from. SOooo much to do — from the plains to the amazing mountains… to Yellowstone! Absolutely beautiful, amazing and unforgettable!!!!!!! Okay, Obviously Idaho is in the top place because Smith Optics is sponsoring. I live in Montana, and, love love it. While many states have many things to offer, I feel California has the most to offer.

Surfing, hiking, shopping, rodeo, hunting, clubbing, sailing, biking, Broadway, opera, antiquing, bird watching, political rallies both liberal and conservative and lots lots more. It seams like there is something for every one. Like pretty much anywhere in the central valley. I suggest Woodlake and Exeter. Two cute and historic towns. Montana, twice! It is the biggest least developed in the lower 48… This state is crazy empty, of people.

Idaho wins by miles! I am from Wyoming…. Sincerely, Jean Rehmeier. Montana for certain! Best winter and summer adventures. Both are great places. I live in Montana and regularly visit Idaho. The cliff walk in newport is breath taking. The camping is wonderful. Block island is a good trip and easy to take a day trip to.

Much entertainment. So much history around the state as well.

The 16 Best Places to Live in the U.S.: 2016

And its all fifteen minutes away from each other. We have the best mountains and great fishing. There are too many things to brag about in Wonderful Wyoming. Like no place on earth! Naw, its Wisconsin. State parks we got it nailed, mountain climbing off the cliffs in Interstate Park. History we got that too, want a wild crossing? Go to Washington Island. Wanna see 3 states and one country from one vantage point, well go out on Lake Superior by the Apostle Islands and check out Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Canada. Want wild? Get your self in the middle of a gang chase on in Milwaukee.

Wild life, we got bears, wolves, Illinois tourists, whopping big raccoons and Sandhill Cranes. Speaking of which if you like Cranes, check out Horiccon Marsh. House on the rock is your place. Hunting we even have Elk, some moose, plenty of white tailed deer, turkeys, pheasant, ducks, geese.

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History, well we did produce the greatest flying ace of WW2. I grew up in Wyoming… dirt, grit and cactus spines really are a pain, mountains, endless sagebrush, not much water, history, and not much for people, horses, cows, sheep, grizzly bears…urg. I can snow ski, water ski, hike, atv, mountain bike, horseback ride, whitewater and flat water kayak, camp, hunt deer, elk, moose, ducks and geese, and never be more than an hour from my house. The clean sweet smelling air on NW MT. My vote will have to go for Arkansas — The Natural State. The state is covered by a large diversity of landscapes to discover with the Delta, River Valley, Ozark Mountains, and Ouachita Mountain regions.

There is something for bikers, runners, trail riders, mountain climbers, and those who enjoy touring historic landmarks. WY has a lot to offer, but no ocean. Come and sit a spell. From Yellowstone to Glacier National Park and all places in-between, it is hard to match the natural beauty and splendor of Montana. Come see for yourself and be convinced.

Grew up in Idaho on the selway river, absolutely incredible. Now I live in New Mexico, where we have the oldest wilderness, ruins beyond count, the most remote trails in the lower 48, and awesome weather. Good ski resorts too…. I go with Idaho, my home state due to the fact that all the adventures are right in your own back-yard. My adopted state of Wyoming would be my 2nd choice in adventure diversities. Kentucky might actually surprise a few people. The Red Rover Gorge is one of the worlds premier rock climbing destinations.

Idaho for sure! This vast yet intimate novel of the Texas Revolution depicts that legendary conflict in all its tragic dimension. It takes us beyond the Alamo and San Jacinto to the other places where. Wild Ran the Rivers. Five Star Publishing. A Quilt for Christmas. Eliza and Will Spooner, a young homesteading couple from Ohio, are raising crops and their two children on their small Kansas farm.

Silent Angel. The Chapman Legacy. Experience the exhilarating pleasure of life in the great outdoors without leaving the comfort of home. George Rathborne spins a rip-roaring yarn about a group of intrepid youngsters who set out for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure -- and learn some vitally important life lessons along the way.

Robert Michael Ballantyne. Similar Ebooks. Book 2.

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The Lorax. Celebrate Earth Day with Dr. Seuss and the Lorax in this classic picture book about protecting the environment! I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. Printed on recycled paper, this book is the perfect gift for Earth Day and for any child—or child at heart—who is interested in recycling, advocacy and the environment, or just loves nature and playing outside. Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. Book 3. Guardians of Ga'Hoole 1: The Capture. Kathryn Lasky. Ga'Hoole is a classic hero mythology about the fight between good and evil.

This new version of The Capture will feature art from the movie, due out in September ! After Soren, a young owlet, is pushed from his family's nest by his older brother, he's plucked from the forest floor by agents from a mysterious school, the St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls. When Soren arrives at St. Aggie's, he suspects there is more to the school than meets the eye.

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He and his new friend, the clever and scrappy Gylfie, find out that St. Aggie's is actually a training camp where the school's leader can groom young owls to help achieve her goal--to rule the entire owl kingdom. Jennifer Donnelly. Deep in the ocean, in a world not so different from our own, live the merpeople. Their communities are spread throughout the oceans, seas, and freshwaters all over the globe.

When Serafina, a mermaid of the Mediterranean Sea, awakens on the morning of her betrothal, her biggest worry should be winning the love of handsome Prince Mahdi. And yet Sera finds herself haunted by strange dreams that foretell the return of an ancient evil. Her dark premonitions are confirmed when an assassin's arrow poisons Sera's mother.

Now, Serafina must embark on a quest to find the assassin's master and prevent a war between the Mer nations. Led only by her shadowy dreams, Sera searches for five other mermaid heroines who are scattered across the six seas.