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Part of the Fair Youth sequence, it is the first of the cycle after the opening sequence now described as the Procreation sonnets. In the sonnet, the speaker compares his beloved to the summer season, and argues that his beloved is better. He also states that his beloved will live on forever through the words of the…. These women surround coaches on the streets soon to be forgotten due to the fact that no poet has ever written about them in a sense that gives a person….

Shakespearean sonnets appear to be arranged in three parts; the first third of the sonnets appear to be directing the recipient of the poems to reproduce to endure his legacy, the second third highlight the ability of the immortalizing abilities of the sonnets and with the latter third there is the appearance of a dark haired lady - possibly a tongue-and-cheek humor of the Petrarchan sonnet.

Sonnet , as one of the latter third sonnets, appears to be directed to the dark haired lady; as a anti-love…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays.

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Show More. The greater flexibility in rhyming of the English sonnet is not the main difference between it and its predecessor. What is more important is the storyline and treatment of subject-matter because of the specific line arrangement. Also, the English sonnet uses more logical development by contrast between the first and second quatrains and by example between the second and third.

The Petrarchan sonnet on the other hand, struggles to use its second quatrain for constructive development. The English sonnet set itself apart from the Italian sonnet not only in rhyme scheme and line arrangement, but also by developing more genuine expression of emotions through distinctive aspects. One aspect of the English sonnet is the musical capacity and connection the sonnet has. The word sonnet is very close to the musical term sonota. Many scholars believe that "the sonnet was originally written to be sounded, or sung with an accompaniment on a musical instrument" Lanier, The Petrarchan sonnet was also designed with music in mind.

English Sonnet: Definition, Rhyme Scheme, Structure & Examples

The ability to connect the reader to the sonnet is another distinctive aspect of the English sonnet which perpetuated its popularity even more. No poet created a better connection than William Shakespeare. He, too, avoided reaching the couplet form because his themes too lacked sublimity and cruciality. He dealt with emotional topics avoiding controversial or universal ones, but he is remembered for being the first to modify a sonnet form and thus contributing to the progression of sonnets.

Now we can say that the highest point of evolution of sonnets was reached by Sir William Shakespeare. He introduced a totally different tract for dealing with and comprehending the sonnets. Now the themes have become in their utmost seriousness.

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New issues emerge, new analogies have to be dealt with. To him, the old themes were superficial, this is why he introduced new ones. The old rhyme schemes can no more comply to his themes. He was in need of a more developed pattern that is ductile. His themes, unlike the formers, should have then a conclusion at the end because he always reached at the end a situation totally different from that at the beginning of the sonnet, something happens to him and then his situation changes and becomes happy.

The melancholy is introduced in the first stanza; the thing that changes his situation is introduced in the second and third stanza, and then his final situation is introduced in the last 13th and 14th lines, that are the concluding lines.

Petrarchan Sonnet

This is why he was in need of modifying the former pattern to apply to him. Therefore, what is better for a conclusion than a couplet. Furthermore, the above pattern should totally be modified to be abab cdcd efef gg.

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This form was the best applicable to Shakespeare and the resulting sonnets still gather our attention till now. No doubt that this man did much to English literature and more precise to English sonnets.

He was the most famous sonneteer of his time Elizabethan Age and the later ages. His sonnet had universal themes that could not be attributed to one specific time or place. The rhyme scheme of a Shakespearean soneet is abab, cdcd, efef, gg which is different form the previous sonnet rhyme.

This rhyme was very suitable for English sonneteers as it allowed seven different rhymes. The themes of Shakespearean sonnet are very different. Some of his sonnets are addressed not to a woman but to a young man, and they are in the terms of warmest affection. Others are written not with adoration but with an air of disillusioned passion to a dark lady.

But they can be enjoyed without the tantalizing attempt to identify the personages, or to explain the dedication and circumstances of the actual publication. The sonnet outlived the Elizabethan period. Milton, the greatest seventeenth century poet, used the sonnet, not however for amorous purposes, but to define moments of autobiography, and for brief, powerful comments on public events.

To the sonnet Wordsworth returned to awaken England from lethargy, to condemn Nepoleon, and to record many of his own moods.

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