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Therefore, we propose ourselves to understand burnout syndrome in physicians and nurses who work in Portuguese palliative care units, structuring a bioethical perspective for this syndrome.

In an inherent relation with this aim, arises the need to develop a research which allows us to identify burnout levels, risk and protective factors, preventive strategies and also the physical and emotional impact of working in palliative care units, enouncing its implications. To carry out this study, we decide to develop a grounded theory, which allowed us to use different techniques for data collection — questionnaires, observation, and interviews.

Nine palliative care teams participated in this study, including nearly one hundred and sixty health care professionals physicians and nurses. Williams J, Sem A.

O MAIOR RISCO da sua vida!

Transcribing in triage: the Wrexham experience. Lipley N. Updated Manchester Triage System published this month [news]. Triage rapid initial assessment by doctor TRIAD improves waiting time and processing time of the emergency department. Emerg Med J. Leaman AM. See and Treat: a management driven method of achieving targets or a tool for better patient care?

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One size does not fit all [debate]. Effect of emergency department fast track on emergency department length of stay: a case control study Emerg Med J. Mackway-Jones K, Windle J. Don't throw triage out with the bathwater [debate].

Fernando Pessoa

Cooke MW, Jinks S. Does the Manchester triage system detect the critically ill?

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J Accid Emerg Med. Validation of physiological scoring systems in the accident and emergency department. Detecting high-risk patients with chest pain. Identifying Pleuristic Chest Pain. Rev Port Cardiol. The Manchester Triage System in acute coronary syndromes. Is Manchester MTS more than a triage system? A study of its association with mortality and admission to a large Portuguese hospital. O wheels, O gears, eternal r-r-r-r-r-r-r!


Bridled convulsiveness of raging mechanisms! Raging in me and outside me, Through all my dissected nerves, Through all the papillae of everything I feel with!

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  4. So oder auch anders... - Fiktionalität und mögliche Welten in Gottfrieds Tristan (German Edition).
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  8. My lips are parched, O great modern noises, From hearing you at too close a range, And my head burns with the desire to proclaim you In an explosive song telling my every sensation, An explosiveness contemporaneous with you, O machines! Sou um guardador de rebanhos.

    I'm a keeper of sheep. The sheep are my thoughts And each thought a sensation.

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    I think with my eyes and my ears And with my hands and feet And with my nose and mouth. That is why on a hot day When I enjoy it so much I feel sad, And I lie down in the grass And close my warm eyes, Then I feel my whole body lying down in reality, I know the truth, and I'm happy. Death is a bend in the road, To die is to slip out of view. If I listen, I hear your steps Existing as I exist.

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    The earth is made of heaven. Error has no nest. No one has ever been lost. All is truth and way. Introduction: "Message" "Mensagem" is Pessoa 's best known book. It is a small book, with 44 poems describing the Portuguese coat of arms symbolically, and the only published in his life, excepting for two self-published books of poems in English under the youth pseudonym of Alexander Search.