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Flints Park Camp is nestled into the base of massive Flints Peak. Open vistas and starry nights highlight this beautiful camp. The last camp is aptly called Mystic, with its stands of big, old pine and spruce trees covered with hanging moss, and open, grassy slides; this camp is set in a truly mystical location. All the camps are of a similar set up. Simple luxuries abound: wash stands and hot water, a fire pit for evening socializing, tales and song, a large kitchen tent where meals are cooked and served, plenty of "A" frame canvas tents which make for cozy accommodations, and rustic rail corrals for the horses.

Rivers flow nearby for the fishermen or brave swimmers. Each camp is also set up with an electric wildlife fence around the campsite, so there is no worrying about curious critters in the middle of the night!

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The 5 day trip departs Saturdays and stays one night in Stoney Creek camp, two nights in Flints Park camp and one night in Mystic camp. The 6 day trip departs on Wednesdays, stays two nights in Stoney Creek, two nights in Flints Park and one night in Mystic. The riders meet at our office at a. There they are met by their guides and horses, and mount up for the eleven mile ride over Elk Lake Summit between Brewster Mountain and Cascade Mountain, and down into Stoney Creek Camp. A ride is taken toward the headwaters of Stoney Creek, returning to camp for the night.

This area is a favorite haunt of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, who are often grazing in the high eadows, providing ample opportunity for pictures. The riders roll up their duffel, mount up, and ride the ten miles to Flint's Park Camp. This camp, located in the center of open, grassy ridges topped with high peaks, has become a favorite of many of our riders. Wildlife is commonly seen and photographed in this area. A day ride is conducted from camp to Block Mountain, or perhaps to Cuthead Viewpoint - just two of the many points of interest accessible from Flint's Park.

This area has much to offer the rider, photographer, hiker and fisherman alike. Once again the riders roll up their duffel in preparation for the ride to the Mystic Valley Camp. At this time the guests have the opportunity to observe the historic art of horse packing, using the famous diamond hitch. When everything is securely in place, the riders mount up and ride into Mystic Valley for the final night.

It is traditional with our guides to have a real western dinner for the last night. By this time everyone has become friends, and all are ready for a wind-up get-together. Unfortunately, every trip has a last day, but what better way to end the trip than with the scenic nine mile ride from Mystic Valley to the Mount Norquay Corral.

The "Full Circle" has been completed and the riders return to Banff at approximately p. This area is a favorite haunt of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, who are often grazing in the high meadows, providing ample opportunity for pictures. Once again, you will take a day ride to one of the many scenic points of interest in the area. Unfortunately, every trip has a last day. Once again the riders roll up their bedroll in preparation for the scenic ride back to the Mount Norquay Corral. The 3 Day Stoney Creek Pack Trip is perfect for people who don't have a lot of time, but would still like to enjoy the memorable mountain experience offered by this taste of the back country.

The Stoney Creek Camp is located 10 miles - remove north of Mt. Once in camp, guests can relax in the kitchen tent, take a short hike, or try their luck at fishing in the creek. After a hearty ranch style breakfast, mount up for a stunning day ride to Dormer Pass. You will spend another full day on the trail with a lunch break at one of the many spectacular vistas, and then return back - remove to Stoney Creek camp for the second night of your stay.

Roll up your bedroll and mount up once again for the leisurely ride along 40 Mile Creek - remove back to the Minniwanka Corral. Approximate arrival time in Banff is 5pm. Experience the wonder of Kananaskis Country - square kilometres of towering peaks, high mountain lakes and alpine meadows located in the heart of the Alberta Rockies.

These back country pack trips are operated in a truly unique area, riding into remote locations in the high country with virtually no other users. Each day riders will enjoy a picnic lunch and have lots of time to take pictures of the spectacular scenery. All of the staff are very personable and have an abundance of experience. In the traditional manner, all gear and food supplies are packed in with the horses. Everything, except sleeping bags and personal gear, is supplied for your trip.

The camps offer comfortable accommodation, in weatherproof tents or painted tepees, with foam mattresses on camp cots. And, for those mountain air appetites, hearty, home-cooked meals are prepared on a wood-burning stoves in the large kitchen tents. Every day is a once in a lifetime experience, with unique destinations including high passes and high alpine lakes. Fishing is good in these parts and the views and photography opportunities are extraordinary. To round out each day, what could be better than a sing-song around a blazing campfire before turning in for the night.

Plan to arrive at the ranch promptly at a. Along the way enjoy a picnic lunch with plenty of time to take pictures of the spectacular scenery. After settling in at the camp, and taking time to explore the surrounding meadow, listen for the dinner bell. All of the hearty meals are prepared in large kitchen tents on a wood burning stove. At the end of the day, what could be better than gathering around a blazing camp fire before turning in for the night.

The comfortable camp provides cozy accommodation in large, canvas wall sleeping tents or painted tepees with foam mattresses on camp cots. Today begins with a hearty camp breakfast.

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Then the horses are saddled, and the group heads out to a wonderful degree panoramic view point looking back down the valley you rode up yesterday and forward to two passes. Accommodation at this location is in painted Indian Tepees and tents beside the north fork of the Little Elbow River. On the remaining days of the Five and Six day pack trips, you will ride to unique destinations including high passes and high alpine lakes.

On the final day, you continue riding south, enjoy lunch by a beautiful alpine lake and then travel onward to your rendezvous point in the Highwood Pass. From here you will be transferred by road back to your starting point at the ranch. Please e-mail info homeontherange. Prices include transfer to and from Calgary, all meals, all accommodations incl. All Prices quoted in Canadian Dollars.

Dates shown include the arrival and departure day. During this special Tour we will ride through some of the best country Southern Alberta has to offer. We will spend 3 days in the Rocky Mountains showing you some of the best riding trails in this area. The mountains are typically still snow capped at that time of the year, but Spring has arrived in the lower elevations with the bright green aspen trees coming into leaf. Then we change scenery and ride kms in 5 days across the open plains of Southern Alberta, km south of our home base.

Explore the magical coulees and badlands of the Milk River, and ride along routes that were once used by Indians, whiskey traders, fugitive outlaws, and the North-West Mounted Police. Much of this country has not changed since the time of the buffalo. The Prairies are excellent riding country, with unlimited opportunity for experienced riders to move at a faster pace.

Riding through the Prairies is an unforgettable experience. Once we deploy to the Southern Prairies day , we will be camping, except for one night in the small town of Manyberries, where we stay in a small, prairie-style hotel with a real saloon. It's not a luxurious place, but a dry one with a warm shower. The last night is spent again in the guest house at the Ranch. Dietary: We cater to all types of dietary restrictions, including vegetarian, lactose free and gluten free.

Pace and Terrain: walk over moderate to difficult terrain, many trots and canters for several miles, river crossings, grassy slopes. Accommodation: 5 nights at the surcharge for single room applies ranch, 3 nights in camp, 1 night in hotel. This Trip will wake the Canadian in you! Using the ultimate transportation modes of the explorers and the Native Indians, you will spend 3 days of canoeing on the beautiful Milk River followed by 4.

The Milk River meanders through the Southern Prairies, often carving deep trenches into the sandstone hills. The water runs with a steady current, punctuated by the occasional short rapid. It is relatively warm, narrow and suitable for novice paddlers with a guide. The camp locations change daily. During the canoeing part, we carry our gear with us in the canoes, stowed away into waterproof containers.

We sleep in person tents near the river. After we meet up with the horse party, our gear is transported by truck from camp to camp. We will have one or two larger canvas wall tents with cots and also smaller tents to allow for best sleeping separation given the demographics of each group.

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Pace and Terrain: many trots and canters for several miles, river crossings, grassy slopes. This short weekend getaway gets you right into the mountain scenery of Kananaskis Country. Prices include: 3 days of guided riding, all camping gear, wrangler guides and all meals. Level of Experience: enjoyable for all riders that are physically fit and healthy, should have ridden on at least a couple of 1-hour trail rides previously. It is the perfect combination for all those who can't decide whether to enjoy the quiet wilderness of the Canadian Rockies or gallop across the Prairies and through the badlands of Southern Alberta.

Level of Experience: intermediate to advanced, NOT suitable for novices, reasonable physical fitness is required. Pace and Terrain: walk, trot, canter in the mountains; fast canters on the prairies. Accommodation: 3 nights in shared rooms double or multiple occupancy in Ranch guesthouse and 6 nights in camp. Most people around here will tell you that their favourite time of year is when the aspen trees turn golden yellow and the mountains get their first dusting of snow. We call it Indian Summer, when warm and clear days with blue skies generate crisp, vibrant colours.

The air smells fresh, the play of light and shadow is dramatic and foreshadows the change of season. This is statistically the driest time of the year. Night time temperatures are often below zero, but the day time highs are typically in the high teens and can reach the mids. During this week long vacation we aim to ride trails that let us appreciate the fall colours the most. The foothills are an ideal setting.

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At the beginning of the week we will pair you with a horse partner to match your skill set to be your companion for the week. You may however enjoy trying a variety of different horses through out your stay, and that is possible. Each day starts with a freshly prepared breakfast in our guest lodge. With either full breakfast of bacon and eggs, pancakes or waffles and fruit, you will head out on the trail fully charged.

Lunch will be taken in a scenic spot along the trail and dinner is served as a family style meal in our guest lodge. We take great pride in using fresh and local ingredients and prepare all meals from scratch using proven recipes. It is about a 1 hour drive to ranch, welcome and check-in. After grooming and tacking you can get comfortable in our arena first before we head on our first ride to Whiskey Ridge.

A four hour ride is planned in the foothills west of Bragg Creek, followed by some time to tour and shop in the hamlet of Bragg Creek before returning home for supper. North Fork is a 23 km loop southwest of the ranch offering some stunning views of the Rockies. This one takes us through the aspen forest, which should be stunning in late September. There are more evergreens in this area where you will pass beneath m mountains and splash through the icy waters of the Elbow.

Our route will depend on how hard everyone wants to ride, but there are many trails to choose from. From the m high summit you will enjoy sweeping views of over a hundred kilometres to the east, and almost as far to the north and south. An unforgettable adventure awaits you during this week-long excursion. Over 5 days of riding all day we explore the Foothills and ride through forests and meadows until we reach higher elevations and the front range of the Rocky Mountains.

These five days give you lots of time to develop an affection and appreciation for both your horse and the Canadian wilderness, though almost everyone agrees that the time flies quickly and they are left with the urge to return and explore other untracked valleys and ridgelines.

This trip runs Sunday through Saturday. Arrival day is Sunday, departure day is Saturday. You will spend the nights before and after the trip in the Ranch. We pick you up from the Calgary around in the afternoon. After grooming and tacking you can get comfortable in our arena first before we head out for the day. We take it easy the first day and ride through the forests and meadows of the Foothills until we reach camp.

Typically, we ride between 4 and 5 hours on the first day. If the weather for the day is favourable we will break camp after breakfast and depart for our longest day of the week. A breathtaking ride through the foothills and across a mountain range will take the better part of 7 hours to get top our next camp. After a long day yesterday, we will take a little break and explore the valley where we are camped. A short ride will take us to scenic views, there is a waterfall that can be explored as well. We expect to ride for about 4 hours. We are not moving camp today. Today we take a longer ride around a mountain range.

While the ride may be a little long 7 hour , it is very scenic and will stay in your memories for a long time. After breakfast, we will break camp and depart the valley that we have grown to love. Today's riding may range from 3 hour to 5 hours depending on the specific route. No matter the route, the day will be filled with phenomenal views. In the afternoon, we reach the trailhead, where we will be picked up by the trailer.

After a short drive back to the Ranch you will relax, shower and let the memories settle before we all get together for a final dinner in the lodge. Prices include: 5 days of guided riding in Kananaskis Country, pick up from Calgary and return transfer to Calgary, 2 nights at the Ranch, all meals from Sunday night to Saturday morning. Level of Experience: low intermediate to experienced Pace and Terrain: mostly walk on easy to rugged trails; trots and canters.

Accommodation: 2 nights at the Ranch surcharge for single room applies , 4 nights in camp. The Kananaskis Longrider is designed for keen riders who are up to the challenge of covering between and km of rugged mountain trails in Kananaskis Country. Over the duration of the trek you will learn the basics of horse packing, wilderness horsemanship, low impact horse camping and a myriad of other skills to fully enjoy horse trekking.

Starting from the foothills, we move progressively westward and deeper into the mountains. Trails vary from difficult game tracks that require a knowledgeable guide to find, through to some that are suitable for cantering. We normally move camp 3 times , which allows us to remain for 2 days in two of the prettiest valleys in the Rockies, and do some horseback exploring unencumbered with pack horses and unconcerned about breaking and resetting camp.

This also allows us the opportunity to do more or less difficult rides depending on the interests and ability of the group. Elevations range between ' at the Ranch, to over ' at Paradise Pass. Routes may vary due to a variety of natural conditions. On some sections of trail the riders are required to dismount and walk their horses for safety.

There are other destinations that require the horses be tied and people hike the last mile or so to reach an alpine lake, so a reasonable level of personal fitness is required.

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  7. Explore beautiful lakes that invite for a refreshing swim, snowcapped mountains passes and lush meadows with clear streams running through. We resist to publish a detailed itinerary for the 10 day trip since weather, experience level of the group, group size and other conditions like water level of rivers and snowpack vary and lead us to make the decision on the spot which trail is the best to take. The trip runs Sunday through Tuesday. Your arrival day is Sunday. We meet at the ranch and have a reception BBQ which gives us the opportunity to answer questions, map out the route for the coming week and match you with a horse according to your abilities.

    Journal of Extension, Equine Risks Camp equine program risks are unique and various depending upon the type and extent of instruction. Maintaining a controlled risk environment when campers bring their own horses to camp can be challenging and complicated. If the idea of campers using their own horses in your program appeals to you, take some to time consider the following risk management issues as part of your planning process:.

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    September Project Context Nationwide participation in 4-H horse projects is growing each year. Background In , the Oregon 4-H horse members' camp began. What's the Point? With this in mind, the objectives of having horses at camp are: Allow youth to partner with their equine in a noncompetitive natural atmosphere. Instill environmental awareness and low-impact ethics in young riders.

    Develop confidence and competency in dealing with equine medical emergency first aid. Program Contents People love to share their passion and expertise about equines. Project Outcomes: Survey Results In , a general evaluation of twenty-six youth was done at camp and then again five months later. For example: Understanding low-impact camping Feeling confident to take a horse's three vital signs temperature, pulse, and respiration Conditioning the horse before hard rides Being comfortable teaching trail riding to others Six months later a follow-up survey was completed.

    Benefits of Horses at Camp Camps and campers both benefit by allowing campers to bring their own horses to camp for educational, structured events. Reference Garst, B. Liability created by a third party veterinarian acting on your behalf to treat the horse while in your care.

    Discussion Consider how the horse might be injured. That Winning Feeling! The Complete Training of Horse and Rider. Luck The Eventing Series Book 4. Linda Tellington-Jones. Pride The Eventing Series Book 2. My Life Defined by Horses. Evidence-Based Horsemanship. The Frog with Self-Cleaning Feet:. Horses For Dummies. Collection or Contortion?