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Synonyms and related words. The podcast I speak of is that of the same name, All in the Mind, a programme which explores the limits - and potential - of the human mind. Working within the mental health and wellness industry myself, I would agree.

ALL IS MIND! By Ernest Holmes (Law Of Attraction)

Compare, the very lovely claudiahammond , and got a pic with the lovely judges - our Marion, the fab mandystevens22 and the glorious damekellyholmes. Who won?

All in the Mind

Listen in tomorrow! You'll be glad you did.

These awards are remarkable and so needed. There are many obstacles we will face throughout our lives, but when these obstacles seem too big or impossible to overcome, it is often the support of the people around us who help us carry on.

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There are three categories for the awards: the group or project, the professional, and the individual. For each category there are three finalists, accompanied by the person who nominated them - yes, it was quite the emotional evening. A group or project the person took part in which made a significant difference to their recovery, or the way they coped.

A mental health professional psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, nurse, volunteer or other whose dedicated help and support made a significant difference to an individual. Jens Foell and nurse Tanya Lord.

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An individual friend, family member, colleague or manager who offered significant support. The individuals nominated this year was friend and actor, Madeleine Smith, shop manager Ian Cardy and pastoral lead and parent support advisor, Fiona Sadler. Having worked in mental health and experienced their own battles, all three judges expressed how vital having a support network around you can be.

With more than 1, applicants for the awards this year, understandably, picking a winner proved difficult. As they took to the stage to present their categories, Kelly, Marion and Fiona spoke of wanting all of the applicants to win, and how inspiring it was to hear their stories.

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Now for the winners! As each recording was played and the winner was announced, you could feel the pride they felt as they heard their name read aloud.