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Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale. A genre classic that defies any formulas, with a tortured hero who suffers from a stroke, and a Quaker heroine that helps him heal more than just his body. As the title suggests, it follows the antics of the infamous Bow Street Runners, and the women who capture their hearts.

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The Princes Trilogy by Elizabeth Hoyt. A deliciously steamy series revolving around a rather unlikely group of gentlemen who share a passion for agriculture. Series Favorite: The Leopard Prince. Series Favorite: A Daring Arrangement. Any Old Diamonds by K. Charles Lilywhite Boys Book 1. An Indecent Proposition by Emma Wildes. A brilliantly atmospheric series that takes place in London during one of the worst fogs in recorded history.

Series Favorite: An Unnatural Vice. Think of England by KJ Charles. Edwardian era gem in which a stuffy English ex-soldier finds himself enamored with an unapologetically effeminate Jewish poet. Also: house parties, blackmail, murder, and the works. Enlightenment Trilogy by Joanna Chambers.

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Epic romantic trilogy set against the backdrop of the Scottish Enlightenment. Features a deliciously angsty and sizzling romance between a principled lawyer and an unapologetically hedonistic lord. The Ruin of a Rake by Cat Sebastian. In which an upstanding gentleman must help an infamous Byronic rake redeem his reputation following the publication of a salacious novel that allegedly details his exploits. Rules of Scoundrels Series by Sarah Maclean. Victorian Rebels Series by Kerrigan Byrne.

A deliciously dark Victorian romance series that pushes the boundaries of convention with tortured and ruthless heroes that will make you questions your morals I know they made me question mine. A spinoff of the London Steampunk series that is just as brilliant and intricately plotted. Series Favorite: Dukes are Forever. Well, wonder no more!

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  • Series Favorite: A Scot in the Dark. Entwined Darkest London Series 3. Series Favorite: Soulbound. A uniquely atmospheric gothic romance that begins with a matrimonial advertisement placed by a scarred ex-soldier in North Devon.

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    Sinful Brides Series by Christi Caldwell. A lovely story about a scarred, visually impaired duke, a spunky heroine, and their dispute over a castle yes, a CASTLE in disrepair. A series set in Gilded Age New York that revolves around the four outrageously wealthy men who make up the Knickerbocker Club, and the spunky women who drive them to distraction. Series Favorite: Baron. My American Duchess by Eloisa James. She turns the marriage-of-convenience trope on its head with a couple that through mutual agreement has not seen one another for two years.

    I think I found the new Earl of Glenmor the perfect heroine. The more I got to know them, the more curious I became and, well, needless to say the series has expanded to twice its original size, perhaps even a bit more than that. This is a novella length story that is part of the Christmas Anthology, Dreaming of a Western Christmas.

    Hope you all are having a wonderful summer! Today has proven to be a pretty good day all around. For starters, it is part of a long weekend, and I do love my long weekends. I am currently overlooking the fact that it is gray and somewhat rainy. But I digress. And the second part of the happy day is, that my editor from Harlequin sent me an email today with the title and release date for my second western historical. So how am I going to celebrate all this good news?

    Wild party? Copious amounts of wine? Running through the streets shouting at the top of my lungs? Something even better. Followed by wine and the requisite running through the streets. What Nicholas should have been drinking was brandy. But to do so would have required a fast trip forward in time to another continent and somehow that seems like a bit of a nuisance when one could simply pour oneself a brandy and be done with it. Gender-flipped Cyrano romance?

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    Consider it my thanks to you. You might find a few of my other books discounted this month, too. The anthology will still be available! My fellow authors and I just want to give a few more options to readers. My newsletter subscribers got the first peek! I hope you have the chance this weekend to read something really fun! Like maybe…a Matchmaker romance? Congratulations to all my fellow finalists. She gave me a big hug and told me congratulations—then asked me to finish m aking her a chicken leg out of Play-Doh.

    Priorities, people. I…have no idea where June went? Each story in the Holiday Pleasures series can stand completely on its own. Jane and Edmund move quickly from marriage of convenience to marriage in trouble to scandal—and eventually, of course, to HEA. And in an altogether different kind of sale…well, scroll down to my name on this page.

    Did you?? The Matchmaker trilogy will be published in France! Why unspecified? Hundreds of romance authors, thousands of readers, tens of thousands of signed books—all for a good cause, to benefit literacy organizations in the area.

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    I am fangirling already. Go forth and enjoy. Readers, thanks for visiting! This is part 1 of 2 of the conversation. In True Pretenses , a philanthropist heiress who needs to get her hands on her dowry agrees to a marriage of convenience with a con artist from the London slums. You can read the first chapter here: bit. And in Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress , a wild heroine creates a false identity for herself in Bath, where she meets her match in an Anglo-Indian hero with secrets of his own. Rose Lerner: I was really amazed at how many themes our books turned out to have in common!

    My Scandalous Duke by Theresa Romain

    Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress is not about con artists and yet it was all about lying and how it frees and constrains you, and the ways sneaky people use lying to trick themselves into being honest. Your hero was going under a false name, while my heroine was. Now I am sort of wanting a fic for Ash and Augusta. I feel like Joss and Lydia would probably also like each other!

    I actually was thinking as I read of how much our heroes had in common socially. I wonder if that goes well with an heiress heroine? Sort of leveling the power differential between men and women of the time. Rose: I was thinking about that too. Meanwhile the hero is a man, but poor…Right off the bat it creates an interesting power balance.

    The Danger of Dukes: A Historical Novella Series

    Rose: Yes! That is so true.

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    Only one way to find out! Tell me everything! Theresa: Yes! It all started with the sandalwood. Rose: Yes, of course! Also man. Theresa: And in True Pretenses , Lydia was such a domestic goddess. Not in the Martha Stewart way, but in the way she developed such a clear sense of the way she wanted to live. I guess it comes from becoming, essentially, parents at a very young age. Lydia, because she comes from a much more stable and influential place, is able to expand that out to encompass an entire community.

    Theresa: I loved that parallel between Ash and Lydia, that their sibling relationships were so important. It was something they could immediately understand about each other despite their other differences. Rose: It was just so fun to write two people who are caretakers…caretaking each other.