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In addition, dads used more analytic words, such as "more" and "better," with their daughters than dads with sons did. Such words can facilitate more complex language development, Mascaro said. On the other hand, fathers with sons used more achievement-oriented words — such as "win," "proud" and "top" — and they engaged in more rough-and-tumble play, such as tickling or tossing around their sons, the findings revealed.

When it came to being attentive, the fathers with daughters were more responsive to their children's needs than fathers with sons, according to the findings. And when the fathers were shown pictures of their children with different facial expressions, brain scans showed that the fathers had a stronger neural response in areas of the brain important for reward and emotional regulation to happy faces on their daughters than they did when the girls made other expressions. The brains of dads of sons, by contrast, had a more robust response to the boys' neutral expressions than to other expressions.

Forty Sons and Daughters Finding Father Within

It was surprising that the fathers responded more to a neutral expression on their sons, Mascaro said. Fathers may be more attentive to their sons' neutral expressions because it is less clear what the son is feeling, and so they may need to read between the lines more to understand it, Mascaro told Live Science. One possible explanation for why fathers had different emotional and behavioral responses to their young children is biologically based, meaning that men could be hardwired to respond differently to sons and daughters, Mascaro said. But another possibility is that there are societal, cultural and gender norms about how dads should interact with girls and boys, she said.

The study looked at fathers from just one area. It could also be that the differences in behavior stem from both biological and cultural explanations. In other words, there could be small differences in the way young boys and girls actually behave, which then cause fathers to encourage more of this behavior in their children, thus enhancing these behaviors in kids, Mascaro suggested.

The researchers said they could not tie the findings to any long-term outcomes in children, such as youngsters' social, emotional or intellectual development. However, the fact that these differences in fathers' behavior toward their sons and daughters show up so early is important in helping researchers understand how gender roles are developed and reinforced, Mascaro said. Originally published on Live Science.

Gender differences The study found that the fathers with daughters sang more to their little girls than the fathers with sons sang to the boys.

LOVED : 2. Khalkinia, princess of Sikyonia. Epopeus, king of Sikyonia; 2.

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Peratos, king of Sikyonia. Ephoceus [i. Epopeus king of Sikyonia] by Alcyone, daughter of Atlas. Leukippos had no male issue, only a daughter Kalkhinia. There is a story that this Kalkhinia mated with Poseidon; her child was reared by Leukippos, who at his death handed over to him the kingdom. His name was Peratos. Pero or Kelousa, Argive nymph; 2. Amymone, princess of Argos; 3. Kelaino, princess of Argos; 4 - 6. Larissa, princess of Argos; 7. Leis, princess of Troizenos; Aithra, princess of Troizenos; Hippothoe, princess of Mykenai.

Nauplios, lord of Nauplia; 3. Kelainos, Argive lord; 4 - 6. Althepos, king of Troizenos; 8 - 9. Theseus, prince of Troizenos; Periphetes, bandit Epidauros; Eirene, Kalaureian lady. Pausanias, Description of Greece 2, 12, 4 trans. Strabo, Geography Jones Greek geographer C1st B.

These they assert to be sons of Poseidon and of Alkyone, daughter of Atlas, adding that they founded in the country the cities of Hyperea and Anthea; Aetios, however, the son of Anthas, on inheriting the kingdoms of his father and of his uncle, named one of the cities Poseidonias [after his grandfather]. He slew Corynetes [Periphetes], son of Neptunus [Poseidon], by force of arms. LOVED : 3. Arene, queen of Messenia; 4.

Lena, princess of Messenia. Neleus, king of Pylos; 2. Periklymenos, prince of Pylos; 3. Idas, prince of Messenia; 4. Euadne, princess of Messenia. Eurykyda, princess of Elis; 3 - 4. Molione, princess of Olenos; 5. Agamede, princess of Elis; 6. Astydameia, princess of Olenos; 7.

Melantheia, Naiad nymph. Eleios king of Elis; 2. Augeias, king of Elis; 3 - 4.

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Diktys, Eleian lord; 6. Kaukon, prince of Olenos; 7. Eirene, nymph. Pausanias, Description of Greece 5. It was Eleios who gave the inhabitants their present name of Eleians.

Diktys means "of the nets. Aelian, Historical Miscellany 1. Wilson Greek rhetorician C2nd to 3rd A. Demeter, goddess of agriculture. Areion, immortal horse; 2. Despoine, mystery goddess; 3. Pelasgos, king of Arkadia; 4. Euadne, princess of Arkadia. Arethousa, Nereid nymph; 2 - 3. Kelaino, lady of Dirphe in Euboia. Abas, king of the Abantes; 2 - 3. Lyktos and Nykteos were famed as co-regents of Thebes, see Boeotia below. Kelaino, Euboian lady or Pleiad nymph; 3 - 6.

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Alkyone, Pleiad nymph; 8. Europa or Mekionike, lady of Hyria; 9. Askre, nymph; Mideia, nymph; Oinope, lady of Onkhestos; Themisto, lady of Athamantia. Hyrieus, lord of Hyria; 4. Anthas, lord of Anthedon; 5. Lykos, lord of Thebes; 6. Aithousa, lady of Eleutherai; 7. Orion, giant prince of Hyria; 8. Euphemos, lord of Hyria; 9. Oioklos, lord of Asktra; Aspledon, lord of Aspledon; Onkhestos, lord of Onkhestos; Megareus, lord of Onkhestos; Amphimaros, lord of Helikon; Leukon, prince of Athamantia.

Pseudo-Hyginus, Fabulae 31 trans. Lycus, son of Neptunus [Poseidon], thought he had perished, he planned to kill his wife Megara. Hercules prevented him and killed Lycus. Pseudo-Hyginus, Fabulae 76 : "Kings of the Thebans. Pseudo-Hyginus, Astronomica 2. Pausanias, Description of Greece 9. Pindar, Pythian Ode 4. The assembly of nobles consisted of the following. Euphemos, son of Poseidon. The poets declare that the last was a son of Poseidon and a companion of Jason on his voyage to Kolkhis.

Pseudo-Hyginus, Fabulae 14 trans. It was said he could run over water with dry feet. Euphemus by Europa, daughter of Tityus. They say that here dwelt Onkhestos, a son of Poseidon. In my day there remained a temple and image of Onkhestian Poseidon, and the grove which Homer too praised. Suidas s. Linos trans. Amphimaros and Ourania. Khrysogeneia, princess of Orkhomenos. Minyas, king of Orkhomenos; 2. Khryses, king of Orkhomenos. Kleodora, nymph; 2. Melantho, princess of Phokis; 4. Koroneis, princess of Phokis. Parnassos, lord of Parnassos; 2. Delphos, lord of Delphoi; 3.

Phokos, lord of Tithorea. Pausanias, Description of Greece Like the other heroes, as they are called, he had two fathers; one they say was the god Poseidon, the human father being Kleopompos. This name was given to the land, at the time when Phokos, son of Ornytion, came to it a generation previously. In the time, then, of this Phokos only the district about Tithorea and Parnassos was called Phokis.

Althaia's son was Ankaios was frequently confounded with the Samian prince of the same name, see Samos below. Antoninus Liberalis, Metamorphoses 22 trans. Celoria Greek mythographer C2nd A. Kanake, Thessalian princess; 5 - 6. Iphimedeia, Thessalian princess; 7 - 8Tyro, queen of Iolkos; 9 - Arne or Antiope, princess of Itonos; Kainis, Lapith lady; Mestra, princess.

Khione, nymph; 2. Theophane, princess of the Bisaltes; 3. Helle, sea-goddess. Eumolphos, Thrakian prince; 2. Khrysomallos, golden ram; 3 - 4. Phineus, king of Salmydessos; 6 - 8. As he was leaving he shot with his arrow and killed an hybristic man named Sarpedon, Poltys' brother and a son of Poseidon, on the shore at Ainos. Some say that his father was Agenor, others say Poseidon. Many have said that Helle fell into the Hellespont, was embraced by Neptunus [Poseidon], and bore Paeon, or, as some say, Edonus.

Taphios, king of the Taphian Islands. Frazer Greek mythographer C2nd A. Thasos founded the polis of Thasos in Thrake and settled there. Khian nymph; 2 - 3. Khian nymph. Khios, king of Khios; 2. Pausanias, Description of Greece 7. Ion [the tragic poet] also says that Poseidon had intercourse with another Nymphe, by whom he had Agelos and Melas. A second Ancaeus, son of Neptunus [Poseidon] and Althaea, daughter of Thestius, from the island of Imbrasus, which was called Parthenia but is now called Samos.

Pseudo-Hyginus, Fabulae 18 : "Tiphys died. Amphitrite, sea goddess; 2. Halia, sea nymph.

The same applies to humans, and could explain why women live much longer than men

Rhode, goddess of Rhodes; 2. Daimones Proseoous, evil daimones of Rhodes. Orion was usually said to have been born from the urine of the three gods Poseidon, Hermes and Zeus, to produce a child for King Hyrieus of Hyria. See Boeotia above. Kalyke, princess of Kolonai. Kyknos, king of Kolonai; 2.

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Ourea, nymph. Akhilleus then kills Kyknos, the son of Poseidon, and drives the Trojans back. Ovid, Metamorphoses Melville Roman epic C1st B. Iliad trans. Ourea daughter of Poseidon] complaisant and was joined with her in sweet love, on that day when Poseidon and Apollon raised high the wall of the well-built city [of Troy].

Ilius by Urea, daughter of Neptunus [Poseidon]. Erginos, son of Poseidon. Erginus, son of Neptunus [Poseidon], from Miletus; some say [however, that the Argonauts Erginus was a] son of Periclymenus, from Orchomenus. A powerful fellow, he would force arriving strangers to box with him, and in this manner destroy them. Pseudo-Hyginus, Fabulae 17 trans. Astypalaia, princess of Phoinikia; 3.

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Beroe, goddess of Beruit. Agenor, king of Phoinikia. Africa] is named. Libya and Poseidon had twin sons Agenor and Belos.

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  5. Agenor left for Phoinikia where he became king; he was the founder of a great line. Libya, princess of Aigyptos; 3. Lysianassa, princess of Aigyptos; 3. Anippe, nymph. Belos, king of Aigyptos; 2. Agenor king of Phoinikia; 3. Bousiris, king of Aigyptos. Belos remained to become king of Aigyptos Egypt. He obeyed a certain oracle by sacrificing strangers on an altar of Zeus [but was himself slain by Herakles]. Babbitt Greek historian C2nd A. So says Agathon of Samos. Egypt the land of Busiris, son of Neptunus [Poseidon]. Gaia, earth goddess; 3.

    Tritonis, lake goddess; 3. Polyphe, nymph. Antaios, king of Libya; 2. Lamia, queen of Libya; 3. Athena Hippios, Libyan goddess. Pindar, Isthmian Ode 4. Some said he was a son of Ge Earth. The former Sibylla I find was as ancient as any; the Greeks say that she was a daughter of Zeus by Lamia, daughter of Poseidon, that she was the first woman to chant oracles, and that the name Sibylla was given her by the Libyans.