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Issue one focuses on the Joes, issue two on Cobra, and issue three on vehicles and tech gear. Full of information on each character, including updated ranks and bios. This Issue: Atten-hut! It's everything you ever wanted to know about America's elite fighting force as the first issue of Battle Files kicks off with a focus on the Joes themselves.

From your old favorites to the new blood, this is an invaluable resource for any G. Joe fan.

G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files #2 | IDW Publishing

Prestige format. This item is not in stock. If you use the "Add to want list" tab to add this issue to your want list, we will email you when it becomes available. Dynamic Forces Signed Edition. Signed by David Michael Beck. Limited to 99 copies. Includes numbered Dynamic Forces Certificate of Authenticity.

FC 48pp 1 of 3. Beck In stores the week of June 19th. The Concept: G. Joe Battle Files contains everything you ever wanted to know about the characters and vehicles of the Joe universe. Want to know what's been going on with the Joes and Cobras during their seven-year absence? It's all here. Joe: Origins , G.

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Joe: Cobra II , two mini-series G. Joe: Cobra and G. Joe: Hearts And Minds and a small series of one-shots G. Joe: Special. An issue 0, was released in October , containing three stand-alone stories which acted as previews for the main G.

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Joe series, G. Joe: Origins , and G. Joe: Cobra. A new mini-series, G. Joe: Infestation was released in March In the 12th issue of G. This ended all three original ongoing series and resulted in a stand-alone G. Joe: Cobra Civil War 0.

G.I. Joe Cobra Files

This issue spawned two new G. Joe and G. Joe: Cobra ongoing series, and a G. Joe: Snake Eyes ongoing series which took the storyline into a new direction. IDW's approach to G. Joe is similar to their launch of The Transformers , where the history is rebooted and the creators have access to characters from any era of the G. Joe: A Real American Hero line. Devil's Due Publishing lost the G. Joe comics license in January , and published their last G. Joe comic in July with G. Joe: America's Elite Joe series is a complete reboot of the property, ignoring the continuity from the Marvel and Devil's Due incarnations of the comic.

Issue 0 was released in October , containing three stand-alone stories which acted as previews for the main G. Joe: Origins and G. Joe: A New Beginning 0.

G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files #2

Joe is the main series of the new IDW continuity of G. It chronicles the new conflict between the G. Contrary to what was initially believed, original G. Joe comic writer Larry Hama is not the writer for this series. Instead, veteran comic book writer Chuck Dixon is penning this series. In addition, a G. Joe: Special was published that was to be an ongoing series of one-shot issues. Each comic was to serve to focus on a particular character in the continuity established by IDW. The series was to be done with rotating creative teams. However, the series had only seen one issue - a Helix issue August It seems now that many of the stories intended to take place in Special issues were transferred over to the Origins series.

Joe: Origins is a mini-series that later became an ongoing series.

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The series was penned by original G. Joe writer Larry Hama , who was initially thought to be the scribe for the main series. The series explores the formation of G. Joe and the personalities that make up the team. Joe: Cobra is a four-issue mini-series that details the status quo of Cobra for the continuity by IDW as Joe member Chuckles spies on the threat.

The covers are illustrated by Howard Chaykin. Joe: Cobra: Special series.

G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files #1

Joe: Cobra II was originally a four-issue mini-series, which was a direct continuation from the previous Cobra mini-series and one-shot special. It was then continued as an ongoing series titled G. Joe: Cobra without the II , starting with 5. In addition, during this time, a second G.

Joe: Cobra: Special was published with the focus being on Chameleon. Joe: Infestation is a two-issue mini-series. The two-issue IDW mini-series Infestation , which started in January , is in essence a two-part bookend story, with the first issue showing the origins of the event in G. Joe: Infestation and the second finishing up the story after the G. Joe series. Joe: Cobra Civil War was released in April It was released as an issue 0, which was the starting point for two new ongoing series, G.

Joe: Cobra , and a G. Joe: Snake Eyes ongoing series, all launched the next month. Joe started in May It was the second regular G. Joe ongoing series and starts from the G.

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  • Joe: Cobra Civil War 0, with the previous G. Joe series ending after the death of Cobra commander. Joe: Cobra started in May It was the third Cobra series and the second ongoing that starts from the G. IDW considers this series to be volume two. In addition, a one-shot issue was published, titled Cobra Annual The Origin of Cobra Commander , that explores the origins of the new Cobra Commander.

    Joe: Snake Eyes started in May It starts from the G. Starting with issue 13, the title of the series was changed to G. Infestation 2: G. Joe is a two-issue mini-series which was released in March The two-issue IDW mini-series Infestation 2 , which started in January , is in essence a two-part bookend story, with the first issue showing the origins of the event that continues within Infestation 2: G.

    By doing this, it shows a commitment from the creators to handle characters at a greater depth than is possible if you stick to the biographical information on those cardboard cut-outs that were on the back of the GI Joe action figures. He reminds me of Littlefinger and Varys from Game of Thrones…. There are so many characters with murky backgrounds and unclear motives. This is the adult, more-mature version of GI Joe.