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God has promised He will turn no-one that seeks him with an honest and sincere heart. Thank you dee. I keep reading that Bethel believes in a different Jesus… different then what? And at what point are you going to explain which Jesus they believe in — using source text? Are you sure your position against these groups is not rooted in jealous because the LORD has chosen to awaken them to his spirit?

The bible does say that in the last days he will pour out his spirit on all flesh. Speak peace brothers and if you feel as if your brother is in error, speak directly to them and if they do not listen and you are still sure they are in error, pray. Speak truth and stop wasting time being friends with the enemy who hates the church and seeks to destroy it.

Open your eyes and see who the real enemy is. It is not of flesh and blood.

You will know them by their fruit. Slander is not a fruit of the spirit. Hi Lauralei, I am happy to send you our book for free. It has footnotes, quotes from Bill Johnson and other Bethel leaders, and everything you need to know.

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There is power in the name of Jesus no matter who sings it. When I was a rank sinner, I sang praises to God, and there was nothing sinister or blasphemous behind my praise. Most of the beautiful hymns we sing today came from men who espoused heretical views about black people. One such heresy was that blacks were cursed by Noah and did not have souls I am black. Just a cursory examination Genesis 9 lets us know that only Canaan and his progeny were cursed.

Yet, this heretical teaching has persisted to this day. The timeless hymns that we know and love today have also persisted and blessed multitudes of people. White Christians attended segregated churches and countenanced slavery and the brutal Jim Crow system of the south. In fact, the horrors of both slavery and Jim Crow could not have existed without the imprimatur of the so called church.

Are we to jettison the praise songs that came out those times because the leaders were in error? No, brothers — a thousand times no! Let everything that has breath praise the Lord, Psalms The mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, the trees of the field shall clap their hands, Isaiah Hi Aubrey I think you raised some interesting and valid points.

Bill Johnson and various pastors at Bethel preach a Jesus that is very different to what Scripture reveals. And thats the issue. Would I classify Bethel as a cult? Not sure, as there would be believers among them. On the surface, all seems ok, but as you look further into the books and teachings and activities, a different picture emerges.

Should Your Church Sing Jesus Culture & Bethel Music? - For the Gospel

I think we got side tracked by this, instead of discussing Bethel and their influence over Christians and the Body of Christ as a whole. Greetings in the name of Jesus, Hagen Junger, I have not really examined the teachings of Bethel, I do, however, share your concern about false doctrine. Paul, in Hebrews , echoes the same sentiments of Jesus. We should not be carried about with strange doctrines.

The letter killeth but the Spirit giveth life, 2 Corinthians You lose me when you bring out the song police and start censoring songs. Who determines what songs we should accept and those we should ban. And, on what criteria do we accept or ban a song. Quite frankly, it is a wonderful song evoking a spirit of worship, praise and victory in my heart. Avoid false teachers at all cost, but if a song glorifies God, embrace it.

Just to be clear Good Good Father is not written by any of the churches mentioned in this article, it was written by HouseFires, which I do not know much about and made popular by Chris Tomlin. I do agree about the stance on Bethel and Hillsong. I am surrounded by people I love who love these songs, but usually they are young people who really do not have much years under their belts. I think that needs to stand alone. So it would make sense that he would attack it. One of the Hindu entities does this.

The worship is real, and so is the enemies hocus-pocus. Chose worship, and reject sensationalism. Aubrey, thank you for your well thought out response. I see truth and wisdom in your words.

Disciples of Christ (hip hop group)

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Bless you and bless you and bless you sister, in the name of Jesus. And at what point are you going to explain which Jesus they believe in — using source text. After reading a couple articles you linked to, it became clear to me that the Jesus that Bill Johnson believes in does miracles and the Jesus that you and Mr Woods believes in does not..

Do you really believe as Mr. It may come as a shock to cessationist, but the apostles did not do miracles by their own power — Mark , Acts The name of Jesus, the word of God and the Holy Spirit were the source of miracles in the book of Acts. Let me offer you another example. In Acts 14, Paul is preaching at Lystra. Among those listening was a man crippled from birth. Paul steadfastly beheld him and perceived that he had faith to be healed. My question to you is, where did the impotent man get faith to be healed??

Since faith comes by hearing the living Word of God, he obviously got faith from hearing the Word that Paul preached. Another question: Can anyone get faith to be healed from hearing the drivel you guys are preaching? Acts So, a better question to ask would be, if the same word of God that Paul preached was preached today would it generate faith in those who hear? If you have scriptures instructing me not to desire spiritual gifts, please share them? Third, in Philippians Although Jesus existed as God, He stripped Himself of all privileges and dignity so as to assume the guise of a slave.

I would love to hear your exegesis of this passage. John MacArthur along with most other neo-reformers are acolytes of John Calvin, the unrepentant murderer of Michael Servetus.

The Wedding Song by STREET DISCIPLES

Calvinism is a doctrine born out of the heart of a murderer. Finally, when John MacArthur was asked how old he was when he sensed the need for Jesus.

In other words, he was born saved. No need for the born again experience. Jesus came to set us free. Always keep that first. Confess with your mouth believe in your heart thats it. Remember the Pharisees tried to weight believers down with doctrine. Jesus rebuked them for it.

Or Not by power or by might but by my Spirit says the lord, Keep them close pray for them without ceasing God will answer your prayers if your so holy right? I also forgot to capitalize lord you think he loves me less? God will show them who Jesus is, He makes everything perfect in His timing. Jesus divided the church: He said eat my body drink my blood and poof the church divided! Tolerance is not loving. What an absurd mis-characterization! Good correction John. They DO teach another doctrine, that according to Paul in Galatians rebuked sharply and even went to the extent of saying that they should be accursed, even an angel or himself, if he or they bring another gospel if there is any such thing.

It is important to be a watchman on the wall, as Christians, and as leaders within the church, and especially for a pastor. Truth is love… not tolerance of false doctrine nor looking the other way when you know. Great article Costi. Thank you. I agree with all your points, but particularly that the tolerance narrative has taken and continues to take a huge toll in the church. Bless you. This is the penultimate one and mentions Bethel music specifically. Read Acts and Corinthians. Pray to understand the prophetic gifts.

Jesus said we would see greater miracles than He did. Bethel is a Church walking in the fullness of thr gifts of thr Holy Spirit promised by Jesus. No Sharon you misunderstood the Word. In context He was talking about spreading the Gospel because He had already did every miracle. There is no greater miracle than raising the dead and seeing a dead heart come alive to Christ.

No Jordan…You are limiting the context and limiting the works of the Holy Spirit. Proverbs It is not God we put inside of a box, for that would be impossible for us to do and arrogant to think we can. What we actually do is put ourselves inside a box and limit our trust in what the Holy Spirit can do through us. Jesus was limited to Galilee and Judea during His ministry on earth, but His disciples continued to spread His Gospel widely. Today, we can do greater works globally as the larger Body of Christ and witness daily the miracle of salvation.

Does anyone happen to have any secondary sources of evidence that Jesus Culture royalties directly fund the Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry? Any links would be appreciated. If their faith formula worked, Beni would be healed of her cancer already, and their son would no longer be hearing impaired.

False miracles, and capitalizing on teaching people to be healers and prophets is forbidden in the Bible. This verse asserts that Jesus was man and God at the same time. That while on earth in the form of a man, he was also fully divine, and also able to all things by the word of his power. He is God. So how can we apply this knowledge to test the spirit of a prophet? These are direct quotes from his teachings. Here are the quotes from Bill Johnson:.

Jesus set aside His divinity, choosing instead to live as a man completely dependent on God. We see in the above bullet points that although 1 John 4 and Matthew 7 seem to contradict one another, they in fact do not. What we can learn from this lesson is that the antiChrist is not merely the imposter who is yet to come. How easy it would be to discern if the antiChrist were just a person pretending to be Jesus, or an individual who opposed him in overt action and deed. This however, will be the case in the future.

We see in our studies, that the antiChrist by definition means anyone who opposes the real Christ, and we also see that the spirit of the antiChrist is already here. So in 1 John, he speaks of the false doctrine of the Docetism, which is a doctrine which conforms to the spirit of the antiChrist. Now we know that the spirit of a counterfeit Christ is already here, and already engaged in doing the work of the antiChrist, to lead the world and more specifically the body of believers astray.

The bible makes very clear that the goal of the spirit of antiChrist is to lead the flock belonging to Jesus astray. Jesus said:. Acts I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock; and from among your own selves will arise men speaking twisted things, to draw away the disciples after them. Hi, I would like to learn and research more on having a discerning spirit.

Please, pray for me!! That I stand boldy for truth.

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And, I study to show myself approved. Only pride would make one think they where. Hi Tony. The problem is the Jesus that Bill Johnson preaches. Study carefully what he says about Christ, and compare that to Scripture. Paul wrote several times in his new testament letters against false teachings such as Gnosticism and legalism in very harsh ways.

And he called these teachers by name at times. And that we can only do by studying the Scriptures. What groups like Bethel and others do is declare that people who rely on Scripture as the final test of faith are pharisees and legalistic. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus said that we shall know the truth and it will set us free. The Word of God given life by The Spirit is what sets us free. Bethel etc, keep a stranglehold on people by the proclamations of apostleship and prophets.

Remember, the best way for a wolf to catch the sheep is to pretend to be one. We all are…. It seems your theology suggest greater things and gifts of the holy spirit are all based on human standards. If God says not one is good, and He says He has good things in store for you, does that standard of good come from you or from God? Would you like to endure half of the suffering he did? Could you even? So sad! He said he came so that we may have Life and to the full, overflowing. I believe that means in every area of life. To me you are the one teaching heretical Christianism, Not true Christianity.

My God is a Good Good Father. Every good thing comes from God. False miracles, and capitalizing on teaching people to be fake healers and false prophets at BSSM is forbidden in the Bible. Come on now, the Body of Christ is better than this. No they dont. They are standing for the Word and rightly dividing it. You probably need some discernment because Costi and this site are spot on according to the Word of God. Not everything in the Bible is black and white Jordan. It seems that when an opposing view on theology is heard about from this site they are quick to shoot it down without real debate.

It will not matter in comparison to eternity. I only see one-sidedness, single-mindedness, and the fruit of division. Interestingly, division leads to unity. Look at what happened with the Protestant Reformation. Your response reminded me of 1 Corinthians Although I believe there is partial truth to your statement. The division between Judah and Israel is another example of this. Solomon rebelled and the Catholic Church turned to man-glorifying legalism.

But because our God is rich in mercy and grace, He can make what is intended for evil and use it for good. And I do see history repeating itself. I see the returning of legalism and modern day Pharisees in the church since the Protestant Reformstion. I see places, such as this site, telling people what is and what is not, do this and not this, act this way and not this way, and so on. When I look at this site I only see bad fruit.

I see nothing here but legalism, control, and division. The greater things that the Bible is referring to is actually the spread of the Gospel Through the Ages not necessarily additional Miracles or signs and wonders. It is not that God cannot miraculously heal absolutely can. What that scripture is taken completely out of context. All things are possible for You; remove this cup from Me; yet not what I will, but what You will.

I completely agree with you. Thanks for pointing that out. Gifts done in ones own will is only self-glorying. Jesus was limited to Galilee and Judea, but His disciples spread the Gospel even further. Today, as the larger Body of Christ, we can do greater works globally and witness the miracle of salvation — the healing of the greatest illness sin.

This is a joke right? Well, the Bible does tell us that Chriatians will be persecuted, so here it is. God will continue to bless both bethel and Jesus culture regardless! Have you read the Bible? The religious leaders in Jesus day thought He was off…. Read the Bible… miracles still happen… I am one. Hi Jean! I completely agree, miracles still happen. This post has nothing to do with miracles though. It has everything to do with the Christological heresies that Bethel teaches.

Acts Not every church has perfect theological teaching and doctrine. If we searched the authors church or denomination we would find unbiblical teachings or interpretation. Last time I read my bible Jesus and the earlier apostles preached and walked a gospel of power and any gospel void of that power is a form of godliness and is heretical.

Just because it goes against your experience or interpretation of of Scripture does not make it false. Joshua, thanks for sharing your thoughts here. One thing to note: this article has nothing to do with Jesus doing miracles or teaching such things. Power is in the truth, no matter how much someone believes a lie. I think you have overlooked the subject here.

It could be a lot worse. I love bethel music and hillsong as well and im 48 years old and a music producer and songwriter, and they reach a lot of our youth which is great!!! You should waste your time and energy on something else besides what kind of Christian music people should sing… why dont you try and write a song about God and see how it comes out.

Jim, thanks for your comment. Encourage you to do some research. Not speaking here as a stone-throwing outsider, but rather, as someone who came out of the inner circles of this movement. What kind of research did you do?? Where can I access your sources to study. Please, also be in prayer for me in having a discerning spirit. Thank you!! Be Blessed. Often imitated, West now has actual disciples.

Listen to these three together and a striking trend emerges: Some of the most prominent and critically acclaimed artists in rap are finding religion. At first glance, this could be mistaken for a conservative shift, a retreat into otherworldly rectitude within an art form known for its realism and insolence. But these artists are also at the forefront of the ongoing revival of explicitly political hip hop—and in the context of Black Lives Matter, the religious themes in West, Chance, and Lamar take on a radical edge.

Though Chance the Rapper routinely defers to Kanye West as an aesthetic and spiritual forebear, the Gospel teaches that the Son and the Father are one. The similarities between their new records are remarkable. Like Pablo, Coloring Book wears a sacred heart on its sleeve. Not all of Coloring Book— a title suggestive of the Good Book, but also of juvenilia and nonwhiteness—is religiously themed. All the same, the tone is pensive and redemptive throughout. The mixtape commits itself to the smaller spaces of family and personal faith, and sometimes lapses into spiritual and sonic complacency, inadvertently equating monogamy and monotheism with monotony.

Vexed and clamorous, Kanye West does not merely speak with God; he goes so far as to claim on his prior album Yeezus that he is a god. Chance, on the other hand, is humbled by the holy presence. He believes in God exactly as he believes in Kanye West—with grateful servitude. I still get nervous and starstruck. Meanwhile, far from Chicago, Kendrick Lamar shares the humility of Chance and the unimaginable ambition of Kanye West. In the past four years, the year-old rapper from Compton, California has established himself as both the most accomplished and most pious rapper of the present moment.

The meaning of Christianity on the album comes into focus: It is the only way to break open an otherwise endless cycle of vice and violent retribution. Though a supremely gifted entertainer, Lamar is willing to sacrifice pleasure on the altar of moral conviction.