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By Michael J. Dolpies DMCA. You'll be able to quit your job for good. This book helps me see where I was going wrong. When she contacts him to ask for his help in finding her cousin who has been kidnapped by a sex slave ring he jumps at the chance to help her. As to why duckpinning and all other forms of bowling are dying, Mr. Next is 15 essays on various aspects of self-defense, where the rubber meets the road. ISBN Pdf. I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys hiking.

Adventure 18 is one of the few specialist retailers in Indian cities, with two stores in Delhi and Mumbai. The leading specialist so far is Wildcraft, an Indian brand and retailer that is becoming well-known among Indias youth. Another retailer that has caught the trend. Ravdeep Singh, the chief executive of Planet Sports, admits that awareness remains low and that the outdoor market is hindered by heavy import duties.

Watch the awakening of an outdoor market which offers widescreen panoramas to consumers and a few business opportunities for retailers. For all the exposure of the Indian market certain issues remain a huge hindrance for business in the country. Although import duties have have significantly reduced within the last few years they are still high for many outdoor apparel products, and it remains tough to find manufacturers who may supply technical outdoor products.

Counterfeit products are easy to find, mostly smuggled into the country from Nepal. Not to mention all sorts of other hurdles, such as the appalling state of transport infrastructure and products getting stuck in customs for months without any valid reason until one suggests a solution involving a contribution to the personal welfare of customs officers.

Partly due to such inertia, the Indian outdoor market remains vastly under-developed in relation to the size of its population and the fabulous attractions of its landscapes. The ongoing conflict with Pakistan over the Kashmir border stunts the growth of tourism in that stupendous region. And it still takes long and uncomfortable travels to reach resorts like Leh, often used to start exploring Ladakh.

Regional airports have been planned which will open up entire new parts of the country for outdoor activities in Uttarakhand and Sikkim. Unknown Indian outdoor arena: Few people realise that a large part of the Himalayas is in India. They therefore decided to make their own and ended up launching their own brand, Wildcraft, which has turned into a fastgrowing specialist brand.

Based in a bustling street in Bangalore, Wildcraft is the only Indian outdoor brand recognised by urban consumers. Starting with backpacks seven years ago, it has widened its range to include tents and apparel, and is preparing to launch footwear — all with the right mix of functional products at relatively cheap prices. The company has a large production unit in Bangalore, but it had to open another manufacturing plant in Himachal Pradesh in April last year.

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Wildcraft had about 30 stores at the beginning of this year and intends to open. Wildcraft has been buoyed by the appeal of adventure travels among Indian youth. For all these ranges, Wildcraft has managed to establish itself as a reliable and affordable brand. Once it has built up capacity at its plant in Himachal Pradesh it could even start exporting to other countries with climates comparable to India, like Singapore and the Middle East.

The Indian outdoor market is amply covered in a detailed report published by the Federation of Sports and Play Associations FSPA about the Indian sporting goods market, detailing aspects from sports participation to supply chain, distribution strategies, consumer behaviour and retail structure. This unprecedented research report of more than pages was compiled by EDM Publications, the company behind The Outdoor Industry Compass, the business newsletter for the European outdoor industry. Check it out at the Compass stand in Foyer West.

For La Sportiva the best Batura ever. Not far from the Himmelbjerget, one of the highest points in Denmark, with the tower in the background. Danes who enjoy hiking in their flat country are most likely to head for forests and dunes. Danes like to quip that you could survey their entire country by just standing on a chair: Desperately flat, it has little to offer for mountain and rock climbing enthusiasts. Yet Danes have become avid consumers of outdoor apparel and camping equipment, turning their country into a small, but interesting market.

Zealous Danish geographers have been arguing for years about the highest point of their country. There are three contenders, all of them near Skanderborg on the Jutland peninsula. This landscape is hardly propitious for hiking. Most Danes who practise outdoor activities go for walks and camping in the forest. Those who want to climb travel to Sweden and Norway, if not further afield. The largest groups of active outdoor people in Denmark consist of the scouts, with about 70, boys and girls, and the orienteering federation.

In the last years, the outdoor interests of. Danish consumption of outdoor products per capita ranks way behind Sweden and Norway. Yet still,. Denmark has become a juicy market for at least a few outdoor brands, particularly with regards to apparel, footwear, tents and daypacks. His remit includes distribution in Greenland, a territory with 55, people that is often covered by Danish distributors and where reliable winter jackets are not a matter of fashion.

There are three integrated chains of outdoor retailers in Denmark, and a dozen more independent stores. Then again, outdoor brands operating in Denmark are using other ways to reach the consumers, from sports stores to hunting and fishing stores. Its expansion in the last few years has been boosted by widespread enthusiasm for outdoor apparel as winter urban wear.

Most popular in Denmark: outdoor camping in a tent by Outwell, one of the three brands of the Oase Outdoors group, the only large-scale Danish supplier of outdoor equipment. Only a few Danish consumers are highly discerning in terms of technical features — other than those in the hunting and fishing markets. Vertical integration Then again, only a few brands have managed to break through due to the very particular structure of the Danish market: The largest outdoor retailers in the country have exclusive relationships with a flurry of outdoor brands — either as straightforward distributors, or as exclusive retailers.

Scarpa develops technical footwear collections that are capable of satisfying the most sophisticated requirements. This enables them to make up for the small size of the market with double margins, but prevents almost any other brand from moving into Denmark on a large scale. Among these players is Friluftland, which has five stores in Denmark, with another to be opened in Lyngby in the second half of this year.

This includes sales of Scarpa, for which Friluftsland has an exclusive retail deal. Exactly the same applies for Spejder Sport. Along with its fourteen stores, it has distribution deals with several brands, from Mammut to Bergans, Warmpeace and Eureka, the supplier of tents, as well as a private label, Asivik — leaving little space for other brands. Eventyr Sport is the only Danish outdoor retail chain that is not formally involved in wholesaling, but it still has a very tight relationship with a few brands that are displayed prominently in its nine stores, focusing on apparel.

At the same time, due to the small size of the market and the influence of the weightiest retailers, there is little scope for independent distributors in the country. Alternative retailing To move beyond the small and tight specialist market, many outdoor brands have been exploring alternative retail customers in Denmark. The same pattern applies for some of the leading outdoor footwear brands, like Mer-.

Such brands appealing to wide groups of consumers should continue to prevail in the Danish outdoor market in the coming years, even though the country has come up with a way to make its landscape more. Eventyr Sport, the third and youngest outdoor retailer in Denmark, smartly focuses on the appeal of outdoor brands as fashion apparel. The world of cycling is already gearing up for the 20th edition of Eurobike, the international bicycle trade show, from August 31 to September 3, , on the shores of Lake Constance. Both are confident that the cycling exhibition on Lake Constance is the hub for the global industry.

OCC Outdoor is by some measure the leading industry publication. Distributed to suppliers and retailers, each month it offers a unique perspective on the outdoor trade in Britain. Bike fun on the lake side: Eurobike offers a wide variety of product demonstrations, like here high above the demo lake outside the venue of the show.

Exhibition space in also achieved new dimensions, with , square metres across 14 exhibition halls, plus the eastern and western open-air grounds. Electric vibrations: E-bikes are currently the driving force behind the fast growing twowheel business whose latest innovations are highlighted at Lake Constance. Eurobike starts on Wednesday, August 31 and ends on Saturday, September 3, , when the show will be open to the public.

More than international exhibitors will be present at the fifth Demo Day to show off their newest products to trade attendees and offer test rides. The global show not only covers the entire spectrum of sport and city bicycles, but also features a prominent showing of e-bikes, as well as opportunities for test rides. Along with the Demo Day, the Eurobike Award will once again highlight the most innovative products. And the island of Cyprus will present itself for the second time as a cycling destination.

For further information, please visit www. Minim Liberate Short are extremely comfortable shorts that are breathable, light in weight and offer optimal freedom of movement. Perfect for a dynamic, fast mountain tour but are so comfortable that you will want to wear them on a daily basis.

It also guarantees freedom of movement — exactly what you need on a mountain tour. Speed needs security and that is why Salomon developed Synapse, the shoe for a fast paced hiking tour. The shoe is the contact point between feet and terrain that makes sure the right, safe movements are chosen, the same as a Synapse connects nerve cells with each other within the human body.

In this case the flexible midsole, OS Muscle and the outersole play an important role, having to provide enough support to avoid sliding during the descent and maximum grip during the ascent for an optimal rate of advance. This is possible due to a softer rubber compound in conjunction with a reverse cut stud in the middle of the shoe. A harder and more robust rubber has been applied on the sole rim of the sole. OS Tendons enable the best transfer of energy for the optimal Energy-Return-Effect, saving energy that is set free when contacting the ground and releasing it when pushing off the ground.

The Synapse is not just dynamic it is also gentle on the joints and supports the natural movement of the feet whilst strengthening the muscles. It keeps you dry despite the weather and protects from cooling out. A highly breathable membrane allows dampness to be wicked away from the body, therefore preventing overheating — a must have for any athlete.

Scientists have proven that thanks to this particular technology muscles tire slower but recuperate quicker, training sessions can therefore be intensified and new goals set. The compressive fit provides postural control and muscle support to the upper body thus minimising vibration and risk of injury, especially in difficult terrain. The compressive fit in the abdominal and thigh area stabilises and supports muscles in all types of terrain, be it gravel or a steep mountain trail, whilst improving the oxygen supply.

The muscles do not tire as quick and acidity is therefore prevented. Available in two sizes and comes with an integrated 1. The new S-LAB XT 4 Softground gives you a perfect grip no matter how difficult the terrain is, especially in softer, weather conditions. The new model for sporting events on soft trails offers the optimum combination of grip, traction, lightweight, cushioning and balance.

Maximum grip is achieved through the Contragrip outersole and aggressive profile. A midsole allows a perfect transfer of energy, and consists of three components, a stable chassis, an EVA cushioning midsole and — as is with all of the models from the S-LAB XT Wings range — it is light in weight. The detailing is comprehensive: four pockets, all positioned above the waist belt level for easy access, venting pit zips, special Acrobat Cut for better freedom of movement, water resistant zips and a Helmet Summit Hood, a special hood design with more volume to accommodate a climbing helmet, which can be zip-attached to the collar of the jacket at two different heights.

In addition, it is air permeable, an attribute which significantly enhances the already exceptional moisture vapour transmission rate MVTR. Air exchange convection occurs over the entire surface of the fabric, a process that accelerates with increased physical activity. In other words, the more active you are, the better the breathability of the jacket.

This shell fabric is not only extremely waterproof and exceptionally breathable; it is also very robust, light and has a significantly softer texture than comparable 3-layer fabrics. The detailing itself barely affects the total weight of the jacket, e. Additional features include venting pit zips and a fixed hood with a reinforced visor. The front zip is slightly offset, which prevents multiple zips in the layering system bunching uncomfortably at the neck.

Wherever possible, the designers have saved on weight, but not on functionality. Narrower straps, lighter buckles and integrated weather protection no need for a rain cover help shave valuable grams off the weight of this minimalist pack. The V-Transition carry system ensures optimised direct load transfer for heavier loads.

Its ergonomically V-shaped rods are directly anchored to the padded waist belt, which distributes the load onto the hips and relieves the shoulders. The fabric is very light, waterproof, air permeable and dynamically breathable, which means that the breathability performance increases with the level of intensity of the activity. In other words, the more you move, the better the breathability. The 2. The jacket stows neatly and compactly in its own chest pocket, thus saving valuable space in your pack. Zephir Altitude The Zephir Altitude is an extremely light, tight-packing alpine harness for high-altitude touring with or without skis.

It only takes a few movements to put on or take off this harness, and there is no need to remove crampons or skis when doing so. Its ultra-light weight and minimal pack size makes the Zephir Altitude a musttake item of equipment for the Mammut Pro team. Dani Arnold, for instance, used one on his record-breaking speed soloing ascent of the North Face of the Eiger.

Safety can be fashionable. The El Cap is taking a break from traditional mountain sports helmets. The completely new and modern design, combined with the innovative Conehead technology, leaves no excuse not to wear a helmet when sports climbing.

"إلى استراليا في الميلاد"

Numerous ventilation openings help the climber to keep a cool head, even on key sections. Realization Short Have you ever panicked at the foot of a wall as you suddenly remember that your climbing harness is still at home? With the Realization Short from Mammut, this is now a thing of the past. The Realization Short features a fully integrated climbing harness structure, a world first. Simply rope up and off you go. Gentlemen, take care! Focus on belaying your rope partners. The climbing world has never seen anything like the Mammut Refine Skort. Presenting a world first: a short skirt for women climbers.

This stylish climbing skirt finds Mammut launching a fabulously feminine look for both rock and climbing gym. Alpine Backpacks In the summer of , Mammut will be launching new and improved versions of popular backpacks such as the Trion and Trea models as part of the revised alpine line. The new features are mainly functional details requested by the Mammut Pro Team. The range also features a new addition, the extremely robust Trion Alpinist. An integrated Holospot provides counterfeit protection and even helps the wearer find rope partners. This crampon-compatible, lightweight mountain and trekking boot offers a high level of comfort and now incorporates exclusive new features from Gore-Tex and Vibram.

And with its asymmetrical Peaks colorway, it fits perfectly with other items in the collection.

Camping in Polen und Deutschland im Preisvergleich - Umschau - MDR

A rope like no other. The 9. This means that every metre of rope has a unique design. By using these yarns, Mammut is making another contribution to the environment. Thanks to the SuperDRY coating, the 9. Key features of the three rolling bags from the collection include rugged outboard wheels, telescopic locking pull handle, multiple carry handles and removable interior zippered toiletry pocket.

The two duffels feature a separate compartment for shoes, boots, soiled wet clothing, an interior accessory pocket and adjustable strap. Ueli Steck Special Edition Swiss Army Knife Multi-functional tool built for climbers, hikers, backcountry skiers and any outdoor activity, this innovative Wenger knife was developed with and used by professional mountaineer and speed climber Ueli Steck. The new Wenger Sports Bottles feature a unique design in four attractive colors.

Their ergonomic shape with GripDip guarantees a secure grip at all times. Wenger X-Kross Sports Glasses have been developed for all active people who require special protection for their eyes while ensuring optimum clarity when enjoying various types of outdoor and sports activities. Wenger Sports Glasses are a vital piece of equipment - not an accessory and no matter what the sport or activity, they will help to improve performance. While running, biking, on water or snow, the revolutionary ACM system Air Circulation Management provides a perspiration, humidity and fog-free view allowing the athlete to focus clearly on the finish line.

This watch is available in two technical executions, Chronograph and GMT, which are fitted with unidirectional rotating bezels. Each Squadron features a sapphire crystal, L stainless steel case, silicon strap or stainless steel bracelet. Technical, lightweight, robust and with a lean and clean style: The Speed Light Jacket is a minimalist jacket designed to appeal to the no-compromise, performance-seeking alpine enthusiast who likes to keep weight to a minimum. Made from Gore-Tex Pro fabric, it is waterproof, windproof and breathable. The storm hood with reinforced brim, cuffs and the hem are all easily adjustable.

Plasma 40 Taking its place alongside the Plasma 30 and Plasma 15, the brand new Plasma 40, with fill power goose down, rounds off our range of high-end sleeping bags. Ground breaking new developments include the use of directional down flow gates, vertically aligned baffles and wrap around foot box construction. The Plasma series is encased with ultra light, highly durable 10 denier Pertex Quantum fabric.

These combined features make the Plasma sleeping bags the lightest, warmest and most functional bag possible. The ultra-light offering in Gore-Tex Paclite is an evolved solution for long treks in sporty weather. Pack pockets feature laser-drilled pocket backing that enhances breathability. The latest highlight in our hybrid construction product category, the Fusion Jacket is a musthave for anyone looking for a jacket with optimum warmth-to-weight performance for challenging outdoor activities that is technical, functional and has a cool, contemporary style.

The sides and back of the Fusion are made from durable Stretch Nylon. The jacket is fully loaded with enhanced features, such as a longer back, zipped pockets on the front and sleeves and thumb loops. The Fusion Jacket is also available for kids, for whom speed and performance are of paramount importance! Nordisk Nordisk — a choice of trust The Nordisk brand has become well-known for its strong dedication to high quality and design, as well as targeting the serious and quality conscious outdoor customer ever since it was founded more than 40 years ago.

The new range of sleeping bags underlines this mission and at the same time the new design marks the beginning of a new era for Nordisk. Celsius Anders Celsius was a Swedish astronomer who in proposed the Celsius temperature scale. Mummy shaped with wide shoulder area, iso-collar and water repellant base makes Celsius a very functional bag under most conditions. Bering is one of the most technical sleeping bags you can get, perfectly shaped, designed with the new off-set layer construction without thermal bridges, and filled with the ultimate Thermo Dry Soft in a shell made of the revolutionary new Black Yarn fabric.

Extremely lightweight and compact due to the 2-in-1 compressor stuff sack. If you need a handy, light and spacious shelter with extreme stability then Pasch is the one to choose.

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There is plenty of room for all your gear inside the sleeping compartment thanks to the pole configuration, plus extra space for footwear in the porch. Philosophy We believe access to famous brands at reduced prices is a privilege. With this in mind, we encourage rarity and spark the desire to buy by limiting the duration of the sale.

Each tailor-made event takes place in an exclusive member-only environment.

April 19, 2007

Building long-lasting relationships with top quality brands is vente-privee. In , we developed new services to provide a more complete offer. We have created Rosedeal by vente-privee-rosedeal. The appealing vouchers sold on our site encourage members to discover the latest collections in stores, allowing brands to reach more new customers. Brands can also benefit from our 10 years e-commerce expertise to help set up and manage their retail website. These full-contact hiking packs have already won over many fans, due to their optimum weight bearing ability and load control.

The flexible Delrin Aircontact back system construction fits any shape of back comfortably — and the clean, modern design and new colours will surely make heads turn. Aircontact Line The solid crew for journeys of discovery is now even smarter: the excellent back comfort and top spec features make them comfortable, yet sturdy transporters with a new easy access front opening. With their mobile Vari Flex hip fins, Vari Quick System and X-Frames, one carry system suits all moderate to heavy loads whilst remaining stable, flexible and transferring the load efficiently.

The Aircontact System with its revised, clever back padding arrangement fits the back extremely comfortably whilst providing excellent all-round ventilation. The SL models are designed specifically for women. Crowded airports, cobble stones, steep stairs, the multifunctional Helion ensures effortless manoeuvring wherever your travels take you. A zipped cover hides the smart carrying system on the back.

You can get the shoulder straps out and still roll the bag. This ensures an easy handling when for passages where you have to switch between rolling and carrying. For added comfort, bring out the ergonomic hip wings that also cover the wheels. Altai is designed for use in rough environments and.

The generous use of rubbers makes sure the foot is safe, even on harsh soils,. Drifter Mid GTX Lightweight and climate comfort are the features of the Drifter Mid, a very compact shoe with all the qualities of traditional craftsmanship. A special attribute, which is quite unusual in this category of outdoor footwear, is the fact that the outsole can be exchanged without any problem. The Vibram Planet sole ensures the perfect grip. The upper consists of robust Sportvelours and breathable Air-Mesh. In combination with water-proof Gore-.

New to the Xtra Lite series from Robens is the Typhon. Ultra-light 20 denier fabric, DAC Featherlite NSL poles and the sophisticated design make for a wind-stable two-person tent weighing just 1. With its two short poles and external arch frame with clip fastener, the tent is quick to set up, offers plenty of room for storing gear under the flysheet, and excellent ventilation — large protected vents that can be adjusted from inside the tent can be found at each end of the tent.

Thanks to its high-quality materials and workmanship, its well-conceived and extremely stable structure, along with the comfortable space it has to offer, this tent has won a host of international awards. Grip is exceptional in wet or dry conditions. Two overlapping plates slide forward, back and to the side depending on ground conditions and the angle of contact.

This reduces heel-to-toe velocity on fast descents, equalizes bumps and minimises impact on the joints. It is a minimalistic jacket which is extremely lightweight and has a small packing size. The brand-new three-layer material with proven Gore-Tex weather protection offers almost Soft Shell breathability and a perfect next-to-skin comfort. The Grindstone Jacket, a technical softshell with plenty of clever features, is the perfect choice to take with you when heading out on your next trekking adventure.

Vaude naturally uses environmentally friendly Bluesign certified materials, plus fabrics that are functional and technically sophisticated. WindProof at the front combined with highly breathable stretch inserts under the arms produce a perfect combination for those heading off outdoors. This professionally outfitted prodigy with Anatomic Alpin suspension system, front crampon compartment and ice tool garage is truly convincing when it comes to alpine climbing, high elevation tours and ski tours the whole year round as well as being ecologically sustainable. These high altitude touring pants, made from high-stretch, fast-drying Schoeller 3xDry fabric, offer limitless freedom of movement and are specifically designed to allow a lightweight Edelrid Loopo Light g climbing harness to be worn underneath.

This provides a great deal more comfort on high altitude tours by enhancing air circulation and allowing full access to pant pockets. Additionally the Edelrid Slide Rail System lets you easily clip on gear loops for karabiners, and ice screws to your pants. Dibona shoes were designed for approaches and easy climbing, but they are just as comfortable for trekking tours and everyday use. The specialised Approach Vibram sole features a climbing zone at the forefoot, and a softer rubber blend to guarantee optimal traction.

A lacing system that extends farther down the shoe and the Vaude heel collar provide a secure hold in rocky terrain. With their youthful, athletic good looks, these shoes are definitely eye-catching, whether on hot rocks or on your approach to the local ice cream parlor. Ultra-light hiking rucksack with an innovative carrying system: Systematic material reduction in the X Vent Zero carrying system offers maximum ventilation with a minimum of back contact. Tensioning of the system is infinitely variable. Two openly-secured fibreglass rods in an X shape — which can be removed to allow force-fitting — form the load bearing connection to the pack.

The rucksack weighs grams thanks to a reduction of materials and the use of a light fabric. Barrel EXP Travel bag with an innovative compression and fixing system: This robust travel bag is made of high quality, durable materials. It can be compressed to reduce its size by way of an aluminium rod system inserted into a hypalon retainer. All the compression and shoulder straps can be repositioned or removed, while the aluminium rods can also be used for fixing gear. Two rubber grips and concealed rucksack shoulder straps offer additional carrying options.

The Drainage channels in the forefoot allow water to escape. A collapsible heel lets you slip in and out easily. The Churn is a multi-sport shoe that specializes in getting wet. Its mesh upper is extremely breathable and quick-drying, The Spider Original rubber is made to grip like crazy in wet environments, and a thin nylon shank keeps your foot stable and in control.

Mesh materials drain water and dry quickly, drainage channels in the forefoot allow water to escape. A fold down heel with a Shoc Pad gives you convenience and cushioning, the molded EVA foam in the midsole is light and durable. Bergans Gaustatoppen Jacket The summer premiere of an award-winning membrane: The new Dermizax NX membrane has also been introduced for the summer with the Gaustatoppen jacket.

Having won the European Ski Award, the membrane had already been an innovation for winter skiwear, now Bergans have proved that its benefits can also be fully taken advantage of in the summer as part of a classic 3-layer lightweight jacket. The pore-free workings of the Dermizax membrane ensures that the material is outstandingly stretchy, which in turn ensures freedom of movement, even for this figure-hugging cut. Sandefjord Jacket Refining high-quality technical materials through fashion is one of the special features of the Bergans brand. The Sandefjord jacket is a new addition to the Bergans Balanced range and is also the fashionable part of the collection.

It does still however fulfil the same functions as that of classic outdoor clothing thanks to the technical materials that are used. This jacket does not just shine literally speaking it also shines figuratively thanks to its weatherproof Element membrane, its breathability and wearing comfort — an outdoor jacket in the truest sense of the word.

Skarstind Backpack Bergans upgraded its backpack range and has invented several new backpack models, amongst others the Skarstind. Named after the 2. What characterises the Skarstind backpack is the carrying system, this incorporates a newly developed hip belt with even stiffer inside winglets to transfer the weight on to the hips. It also has netting Tensioned Mesh on the back that provides distance between the pack and the body for better ventilation. Skarstind is equipped with lots of attachment points and expandable outer pockets.

It provides the necessary weatherproofing even below the premium segment, including outstanding climate comfort for moderate activities. The Sky jacket, with its low packing volume fits into any rucksack and will pay off in sudden weather changes making it the perfect light just-in-case emergency jacket. Lightweight g , sturdy, reliable, versatile, and fully expedition-suitable! Based on the technology of the legendary, award-winning OmniFuel stove, Primus adapted the OmniLite Ti for use with fuel-efficient pots with a heat exchanger like the EtaPower Pots.

Compared to the old Omnifuel the new Titanium-made stove consumes less fuel for the same quantity of boiling water thanks to smaller nozzles and a reduced heat output. New: the upper part of the burner can be removed for easy cleaning or changing the combustion nozzle. Using the OmniLite Ti solely, it classifies in efficiency category C. Together with a pot with a heat exchanger, it reaches A-level.

The TechnoTrail gas stove embodies grams grams for the Duo-Version of packability, usability and reliability. This stove does a great job for price-conscious backpackers whilst being a trustworthy and affordable companion. The revised TechnoTrail features three retractable pot supports to ensure a secure stand. This guarantees a tiny pack size and neat storage in the box provided. You can also use the box as a cup or measuring pot 0. US outdoor gear specialist Brunton has completely revised his award-winning SolarRoll panels.

The new generation of the rollable panels rolls much tighter than its predecessors: although the SolarRoll2 measures This results from the 12V outlet, which was completely integrated into the short edge of the new panels. With the cell type Brunton still trusts the proven amorphous silicium technology that also was the choice in the first generation. These thin-film cells provide a relatively constant power output, both in direct and indirect sunlight. Footbalance Cushion Blue sorption, comfort and support for every mountain adventure.

Custommoulded in minutes, the Cushion insole series provides the ultimate fit for any arch type. Features a patented, energy return baseplate for dynamic stability and healthy, active feet. Come and visit us at the OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen More than years of gathered knowledge. In the bar you get a real Scandinavian treat. We serve Scandinavian snack-food with good drinks, great outdoor business, friendly people and lots of laughter!

FO 4-Seasons. A Achievetex Co. Fabrics of special finishes, waterproof, breathable coating,lamination Rua S. A Asia Summit Innovation Corp. French production. A Bach - Transbach Ltd. Borsigstrasse 62 D Heinsberg Tel. S Bahariye Cad. Can Sok. Ltd No. Sewfree Adhesive Films for bonded apparel. Keltenring 17 D Oberhaching Tel. Gallen Tel.

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KG Wittekindstr. Exhibited products: The BungyPump walking pole is unique with a 20cm built-in suspension system and resistance of 4 and 6 kilos respectively that exercise the body's muscles in a gentle yet effective way. RC Taipei Tel. Emmelhofen 15 D Kisslegg Tel. RC- Taichung Tel. Cork Tel. Hoferweg 13 A Vomp Tel. Herbertz GmbH Mangenberger Str. B Crosslink Internation Trade Co. RC Taipei City Tel. Ltd Construction Bldg No. FW Deutscher Alpenverein e. RC Kaohsiung Tel. A Direct Alpine s. B Ducksan Enterprise Co. Thalbachgasse 2a A Bregenz Tel. Falkenried 74a D Hamburg Tel.

Flughofstrasse 52 CH Glattbrugg Tel. A A B Eureka! Quirze de Besora Tel. A Formosa Taffeta Co. B Fortune Enterprise Inc. Exhibition Design Corporation N. Pushang Industrial Zone, No. Box STel. Wildischachen CH Brugg Tel. B Grand Textile Co. You are very welcome to visit our booth to see some of the latest technologies in this industry.

B Grangers International Ltd. B Guangzhou Light Holdings Ltd. B Hangzhou Delicacy Textile Co. Industrigatan 18 S 27 Avesta Tel. PB 25 N Melhus Tel. Road RC Taipei Tel. A Ho Yu Textile Co. Exhibited products: Suppliers and manufacturers of socks. A Hypergrip Inc. Stanta Eulalia Pol. A Icebreaker Ltd. AUS Melbourne Tel. A Intersocks d. Bringing true product sustainability into the children market by offering products with premium quality and function as well as with a clear environmental friendly approach.

B Isun Sports Industrial Corp. No 80, Dongsi 7th Road Da-an Dist. RC Taichung City Tel. Via Roma, I Taio Tel. Algonquin Rd. Van Kerckhovenstraat B Bornem Tel. Cancienes Nave 6 E Cancienes Tel. Birkenweg 4 CH Wallisellen Tel. Hofstrasse 68 CH Zug Tel. B King Snaps Ind. B Kovea Co. A Lafuma S. This is the firstcellulose fiber to use this nano technology. Lifesystems - Travel healthcare and mountain survival products.

Via G. A Long Advance Int'l Co. F 11, No. Via A. Birren 5 CH Seon Tel. Cella I Reggio Emilia Tel. For , it is taking barefoot beyond running and fitness, to offer a choice of Merrell Barefoot styles shoes based on individual needs and end use. USA Bend Tel. RC- Tao-Yuan Tel. Lin mitex. Our main meals are in 2 portion sizes to suit different appetites. A Mundoimport S. B Nantong Haoyi Trade Co. Exhibited products: Our company is the manufacturer and exporter of camping tents, beach shelter and covers boat,car,chair and table,etc.

There are employees in our factory. Hope to establish the business relationship with you. Exhibited products: Poly, poly strech, nylon, nylon 66, Light weight and yarn dye - coating, noncoating, lamination. Knit: Single jersey, pk, and fleece. VRC- Ningbo Tel. Lt No. Via Pasteur 6 I Verona Tel. As well as the a cashual line for everyday life. A Original Doggear Gl. Praestovej 21 DK Mern Tel. Am Wolfsberg 9 D Lilienthal Tel.

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Today, we deliver superior food and beverage gear for rugged, active lifestyles and remain dedicated to this simple promise: quality gear built for life. Kofler Strasse 1 A Fulpmes Tel. We produce award winning thermal base layer underwear, thermal mid layer underwear, fleece jackets, down jackets, soft shell jackets and thermal hats and balaclavas. Nylon, Poly. B Sunny Way Fashion Co. USA Ferndale Tel. Formosa Plastic Rear Bld. Pierre Semard F Avignon Tel. B Ticket to the moon PT. A Tilley Endurables Ltd. Dajia Youth Ind. Pierce Ave. Special Boulder collection. Self-inflating Mats.

RC Kaohsiung City Tel. No 63, Wugong 5th Rd, Wugu Dist. No , Chiung Lin S. Road Shilin Dist. Carabiners, snaphooks, rings, buckles, pulleys, swivels, ascenders, descenders and belay devices. KG Vaude Str. Longhi, 10 I Milano Tel. Room , 10 F, No. Plchovice 13 CZ Chocen Tel. Exhibited products: Traditional Czech manufacture focused on down sleeping bags and down and travel garment.

Exhibited products: Apparel for active outdoor women. B WildZeit Sportswear e. Georgenberg A Kuchl Tel. Chengdong Industrial Zone, No. A,0 Xiamen Sunson Trading Co. RM , No. Xieqiao Cangji Ind. VRC- Zhangjiagang Tel. B Yongkang Cowin Machinery Co. B Zhangjiagang Luckywool Fashion Inc. Suian Ind. B Yu Yuang Textile Co. Room D, 7 Fl. Rd RC Taipei Tel. Achievetex Co. Modlinska A Polen Warszawa Tel. Rosenheim Tel. Singtex Industrial Co. A Eco-friendly fabrics Achievetex Co. Gabel S. A Functional fabrics Achievetex Co. Italbastoni S. Via Roma, Italien Taio Tel. Lafuma S. Blanc Frankreich Annemasse Tel.

Universal Trim Supply Co. A millet Millet S. A Mititech Thermal M. Via Pasteur 6 Italien Verona Tel. B N-rit Naschem Co. A Packtowl Cascade Designs Ltd. Snugpak Ltd. B Silverpoint Progress Importers Ltd. KG Eberg 16 Marienheide Tel. Therm-ic Products GmbH Nfg. B Warmpeace s. Warmpeace s. Plchovice 13 Tschechische Republik Chocen Tel. Join the 1st asia bike trade show! Life rescue equipment Rescue blankets Shovels, spades Signalling devices whistles, flares, ect. Surival equipment. Photographic bags Rucksacks accessories Travel rucksacks Travelling bags, grips Trekking rucksacks.

Sleeping bags Bivouac bags Feather down sleeping bags Sleeping bag inlets Synthetic fibre sleeping bags. Transport containers Cooler bags and insulated containers Pack sacks, bags Plastic containers Water canister. Produkte, Erste Hilfe, Wasserentkeimer etc. Guanti Maglieria Moda mare Proteggi orecchie Sciarpe Teli multi funzione Tecniche di salvataggio Attrezzi da segnalazione fischietti, razzi, ecc.

Coperte di salvataggio Equipaggiamento di sopravvivenza Pale, vanghe. Attrezzatura da campeggio Accessori per tende Amache Combustibile Formelletti, stoviglie, sistemi per cottura Grill accessori Mobili da campeggio Prodotti per riparazioni Sedia ripegabili Stoie Tende Verande per tende Zanzariere, protezioni da insetti.

Strumenti di navigatione e ottici Altimetri Apparecchi da misurazione Appercchio di misurazione carta Binocoli infrarossi Binocoli, cannocchiali Bussole GPS - Strumenti di navigatione Stazioni meteorologiche Telemetri. Prodotti da manutenzione Cura del corpo, Articoli igienci Detersivi, pulizia Impermeabilizzanti Prodotti per la cura del cuoio. Sacchi a pelo Federa per sacchi a pelo Sacchi a pelo fibre sintetiche Sacchi a pelo Piumini Sacchi da bivacco.