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By the s, New Orleans contained the largest slave market in the United States Rothman, , 73, 79, ; Johnson, , Institution-building, including benevolent associations, schools, religious orders, and literary societies, was one response to these restrictions Bell, , , The development of free black organizations was accompanied by a greater identification with and reliance on one another. Louis Cathedral Marriages of Persons of Color , , Couvent was not only familiar with Fletcher but found him trustworthy, similar to her former executor Maurau.

She likely considered giving Sylvain to Fletcher a better fate for that child. Although it may have been a mistake to have left Jules out of her list of properties, this slip marked his position in the household as distinct from that of the other slaves. While she did not liberate Jules outright, Couvent did the next best thing by leaving him to his brother and godfather.

It is clear from her first testament that Couvent treated Seraphine differently from her other slaves. In fact, at least one of the siblings was quite literally family. With Celestin only a memory by , Marie Justine chose to pass on her property to her next of kin—the surviving members of the family she created with Bernard, Seraphine, and their children.

ταξιδεψε με καδη στιχοι Ανακοινώσεις

Traversing the lives of both free and enslaved blacks, these relationships expose how kinship and property ownership complicated one another. In slavery, family could also be property. Couvent reinforced her family ties to the children with her bequests to Noel, Sanon, and Ezaline. Successful in buying and selling property, yet illiterate, Couvent certainly understood the importance of being able to read, write, and make calculations.

Beyond the practical advantages of an education, there were psychological benefits as well. Both whites and blacks recognized the potential liberating effects of knowledge from the subordination blacks experienced on a daily basis. It is likely she believed the Catholic Church could provide the support and protection the school would need to endure.

These men created an incorporated society to administer the school, which opened the following year. Connected to the Catholic Church, the school was staffed and managed by educated free men and women of color Bell, , As the debates over slavery intensified, a growing fear of a free black population led to a rash of repressive legislation Mitchell, , 16; Sterkx, , ; Logsdon and Bell, , The lessons learned at the Catholic Institution continued after the Civil War when several of its teachers, board members, and former students became involved in Reconstruction politics.

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These activists helped pass a new state constitution that included integrated public schools. For an eighty-year-old woman who was born in Africa, enslaved as a child, lived through a revolution, and died free and wealthy in New Orleans, Couvent made a powerful statement with her bequest for the school.

Tous mes vœux de bonheur ! Bonne Année ! Nouvel An

Thinking beyond her own death, Couvent endowed future generations in the Faubourg Marigny with an education. As I continue to reconstruct her life, pursuing the silences will be as important as investigating the information disclosed in her testaments. My larger project on the life and legacy of Marie Couvent takes this act of her last will and testament as clue, inspiration, and metaphor.

Not only does her bequest signify the power wills gave former slaves as an act of self-making, it also illustrates the enduring legacies of the documents as valuable resources to recover their voices and reconstruct their lives, fragment by fragment. Edgar, trans.

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Louis Cathedral Marriages of Persons of Color. Johns and Co. Research in New Orleans has produced no plausible source for the name so it seems likely that she brought it with her from Saint-Domingue.


In her study of free women of color in Saint-Domingue notary records, Susan Socolow found numerous examples of former masters changing the names of freed slaves in the emancipation documents. Hall, 23, , quote on Elizabeth C. American Studies Journal. Histoires d'esclaves. Une boule-aux-Rats? Retrouvez une partie de cet article sur notre site en anglais. Vous retrouverez un article encore plus complet avec davantage de photos sur notre site [en anglais]. Le Saviez-Vous? En revanche, la Saint-Nicolas dans la ville voisine de Metz est maintenue.

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Le lundi matin, le monument a rouvert ses portes aux visiteurs. Les gens prenaient des photos et des selfies en famille ou entre amis. Vive Paris! Les ossements des Catacombes de Paris. Ambiance frisson garantie!

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