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For a time, he effected a seeming reformation of the city, and became for a short time the virtual political and religious ruler of the city of Florence. But his political policy made him bitter enemies, among them the. Refusing to keep his silence, Savonarola was soon excommunicated, seized, and imprisoned. After a prejudicial trial, he was hanged, then burned, and his ashes were thrown into the Arno River. This was to be accomplished within the pale of the Roman Church. And we may note that, to a great extent, this was the case also with Wycliffe and Huss.

All three had been reared Catholics in faith, practice, and outlook. With the possible exception of Wycliffe, all died as Catholics in actual fact—even though they sought a reformation within that body. Thus it is evident that no ordinary man, be he ever so able and zealous, would have been able to bring about a purification of the spiritual depravity of the Roman Catholic Church as a whole. As a result of the progress of papal power, the pope and his immediate court were the only ones who could do this. Obstacles to a True Reformation But the involvements of the iniquitous system were so great, the selling of ecclesiastical posts so rampant, the temptations to capitalize on the sale of indulgences and other church revenue so abundant, that even a sincere reformer within the papal court would have found his lot a hopeless one.

And there was no money with which to make compensation. When Leo X died, the papacy was not only in debt, but bankrupt. A reforming Pope had no chance of success. Yet throughout the nations of Europe, there were many political, social, and economic abuses that cried out for reform—not to speak of the overwhelming religious abuses.

One way or another, as we shall soon see, some sort of universal upheaval was inescapably destined to rock the outward complacency of that time. But, as we have seen, the very men who tried to reform this corrupt system were so thoroughly indoctrinated with the teachings of Rome that it was most difficult to break completely away. We need to bear in mind that these men—and Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, and their associates—had all been reared from childhood in Roman Catholic doctrine and practice.

They had been taught nothing else, and since there were practically no religious books or Bibles available in the common tongues, they knew of little else than the Roman Catholic faith, ceremonies, rituals, and traditions. Therefore, it was well-nigh impossible for them to objectively compare the religious system they had been reared in with the beliefs and practices of Jesus Christ and the inspired New Testament Church. A return to the true gospel, the faith and practice of Christ and the Apostolic Church would have ushered in a new era of righteousness and worship, of peace and of joy.

Was such a true reformation forthcoming? This is the question that should burn itself into the minds and hearts of all thinking men, because the final answer to this question will determine—to a great extent—the real meaning of the religious division and confusion of our time. The answers to these vital questions, the unraveling of this fascinating mystery, will appear next in this series of articles.

What Is a True Christian? Though many claim to follow Jesus Christ, what makes someone a true Christian? PDF, ePub and Kindle are also available. Protestants begin dividing among themselves as their leaders disagree on doctrines in this case, transubstantiation. Despite earlier supporting the papacy, Henry creates the Church of England to facilitate his desire to divorce his wife and marries Anne Boleyn.

The Inquisition keeps these dissident views from taking root in Spain or its territories. Tensions between Catholics and Protestants in Germany cause one of the worst wars in European history, as some 8,, people are killed. Having been believed for centuries by many, the Catholic doctrine of papal infallibility is formally announced, confirming papal authority as dogma.

Many Protestant members once again look to the Pope as a religious authority. Jesus said that the meek will inherit the earth, but millions believe that they will live in heaven forever after they die. What does your Bible really say? This belief is shared not only by most who call themselves Christians, but also by members of many other religions around the world.

Christians believe in the words of Jesus Christ. How did He begin His teaching? Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Notice carefully. Did Jesus say that the poor in spirit would go to heaven, while the meek would inherit the earth? He said that the poor in spirit would be blessed with the Kingdom of heaven.

The Kingdom of heaven will come to earth when Christ. That is when the saved will be resurrected, and will inherit the Kingdom. Was He asking us to pray for something to come that is already here? If the Kingdom is here, then why has the world experienced such horrors as the two great World Wars of the last century, as well as the terrible genocides carried out against Armenians, Jews, Cambodians and many others? Even today, peace continues to evade us. Christ taught that there would be a Great Tribulation before His Kingdom would come. How severe would this tribulation be? If you are watching world events carefully, you realize that unless God.

Ever since the first atomic bomb was exploded over Hiroshima in , human beings have had the power to destroy themselves with an ease never before known in history. And technology has become more powerful since then! Left to themselves, warring nations would eventually destroy themselves. Clearly, the Kingdom of God is not already here! Jesus Christ is not yet exercising His rule over all the earth, or there would not be the chaos and devastation we now see.

Christ must return to save all nations—spiritually and physically. Thankfully, He is coming soon to save the world physically. And He has a plan for the spiritual salvation of humanity. He reveals that plan through the. Jesus never kept Christmas and Easter, nor did the Apostles or the Christians whom they taught.

From the beginning, Christians have kept the biblical festivals, following the example of Jesus Himself. Where Is the Kingdom? What will be their destiny? Will they go to heaven for eternity?

God did not offer to save us so that we could rest idly in bliss in heaven. He calls us to become kings and priests, who will assist Jesus Christ—the King of kings—in establishing lasting peace on earth. This is why Jesus said that the meek—those who humbly follow Jesus rather than their own self-will—will inherit the earth. Over the years, some have taught that the church, on earth, is the Kingdom. Others believe that the Kingdom is in your heart. What, exactly, is a kingdom? Every kingdom has four basic elements: a ruler, a territory, laws and subjects.

But how does this apply to the Kingdom of God? And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. Jesus Christ,.

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Holy Days, which Jesus and the Apostles observed— and which they taught the first Christians to observe. Most professing Christians know that the very first step in this plan to save humanity is the redemption God gives to repentant sinners, through the blood of Jesus Christ. But many do not realize that Jesus and the Apostles commemorated His sacrifice and His redemption of humanity by observing the New Testament Passover, with unleavened bread and wine. Christ and the Apostles kept this annual memorial, and instructed Christians to do the same.

You may find these terms unusual, but for those who want to follow Jesus Christ, they are vital—and full of hope. And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses. Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.

The Apostle John certainly was. When Jesus Christ comes, His territory will be the whole earth! And His subjects will be all of humanity. Scripture describes that the whole world will learn the way to peace. People will come to worship their King, every year, in Jerusalem. The whole earth will learn to observe the same biblical Holy Days that Jesus and the Apostles observed. Every nation on earth will worship the King—and will keep the Feast of Tabernacles.

Many do not realize that the Holy Days are still filled with meaning for Christians today. In the book of Acts, we read that throngs of people were gathered together to observe the Feast of Pentecost when the Apostles preached to them and converted thousands. The people were gathered together to observe the day because it was commanded in the Bible! Jesus Christ, the Messiah, came preaching a message that many may think they know, but that surprisingly few actually understand. What did Jesus preach?

Jesus taught that it was time to stop sinning, believe His message and prepare for the soon-coming Kingdom of God. Have you repented? It means not only to express sorrow, and repugnance at your sin, but to hate that sin so much that you turn from it, and begin to live a new life without that sin. What is sin?

You cannot believe the gospel unless you understand it! Many who say that they believe in Jesus Christ do not, in fact, believe—or act on—what He preached. If you are truly a Christian, you will do what Jesus. True Christianity is a way of life. Once you repent, believe the gospel and commit your life to Jesus Christ through baptism, He can live in you through the Holy Spirit. Then, you can grow as a Christian, and transform your life from a life of selfishness into one of service and love toward God and your fellow human beings.

Those whom God is calling today are not being called merely for their own salvation; He is calling them to prepare to serve in His coming Kingdom as kings and priests, as we saw earlier. Their first opportunity to rule will come in the Millennium—the thousand-year period described in your Bible, when. Christ will teach the nations the way of life that produces peace.

You could be one of those teachers.

Kazakhstan: today’s data, tomorrow’s harvest

And what will the glorified saints—the kings and priests—teach? The prophet Isaiah gives us an inspiring foretaste of what will come. And the Ten Commandments are the foundation of those laws. He made them more comprehensive, and more binding, because Christians need to observe the Ten Commandments in the spirit, not just in the letter! From Where Will Christ Reign? From where will Jesus reign on the earth? He will reign from Jerusalem. In fact, when He reigns, Jerusalem will have another name.

In Hebrew, that name is Yahweh Shama. When Christ comes back to rule the earth, He and the glorified saints will rule over the nations—. The sovereignty of the Falklands, known to the Argentinians as the Islas Malvinas, has long been a source of dispute. On April 2, , Argentine forces invaded the islands under orders from their new military leader, General Galtieri, who mistakenly believed that the British government would not respond militarily to this action. What followed was a day occupation, before a United Kingdom task force, waging at times a tenuous, hard-fought campaign, forcibly recaptured the islands on behalf of the 1, British citizens living there.

On April 3, two days after the U. Ultimately, the enormous logistical operation would involve over ships carrying 25, men. Their three-week journey to the Falklands would provide time to seek a diplomatic solution whilst demonstrating military strength from 8, miles away. The U. Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, and the U. Foreign Secretary, Francis Pym, led complex negoti-. But the military junta in Argentina seldom responded consistently to negotiations. She also highlighted that many territories, belonging to different nations, were in similar circumstances around the world, and warned that setting the precedent of apparently rewarding Argentine aggression was dangerous for the U.

Britain Retakes the Falklands The U. This was extended to a Total Exclusion Zone ships and aircraft by the end of the month. On May 1, RAF Vulcan bombers flew 6, nautical miles from Ascension Island on the equator, refuelling in mid-air five times, to successfully attack the runway at Port Stanley, the Falklands capital. This prevented the stationing of Argentine jets on the island. The next day, the cruiser General Belgrano was sunk by the U. Between May 21 and 25, British amphibious landing forces on East Falkland were attacked by Argentine aircraft with Exocet missiles and suffered heavy losses.

Several navy vessels were sunk or sustained damage— including, critically, the supply ship HMS Conveyor, which was sunk while loaded with helicopters and vital supplies. All these objectives were successfully taken with close-quarters assaults under the cover of darkness. Argentine troops, demoralised and weary, quickly surrendered on June Forever British? On July 3, , Mrs. Britain found herself again in the South Atlantic and will not look back from the victory she has won.

The commitment of the Falkland Islanders has certainly not diminished; A garrison of about 1, men is deployed on the islands, but the Royal Navy has no active aircraft carrier in service or due to be operational until , and no aircraft to complement it until In , Britain and Argentina resumed normal diplomatic relations. Large oil deposits almost certainly exist. Should oil production start, the Argentines could gain economically by co-operating, as the nearest suppliers of men and material.

So, a repeat of the invasion is probably unlikely given the present political landscape, but Argentine rhetoric about its claims to the islands has not stopped. Ancient Promises to Israel Thousands of years ago, God swore to deliver on His promises to the descendants of Abraham Genesis — They would inherit the Promised Land from the pagan Canaanites, and possess their lands and strategic locations. As long-time readers of this magazine understand, we believe these promises were passed down by birthright to the English-speaking peoples of today. Does a breaking of its pride await Britain in the years ahead?

History is replete with examples of how Britain gained a remarkable God-given supremacy around the world over other colonial powers. And, in , God granted Britain victory in the South Atlantic. But does Britain have the same capability or willpower for a similar fight for the Falklands today? Would God grant such a victory in the face of our declining national moral standards and abandonment of His laws? The sad truth is that if we continue as a nation to recklessly reject the laws of God and basic Christian principles, there will come a day when our enemies will prevail against us.

When Christ returns, He will re-educate the whole world to the way of peace. For the Lord your God is bringing you into a good land, a land of brooks of water, of fountains and springs, that flow out of valleys and hills; a land of wheat and barley, of vines and fig trees and pomegranates, a land of olive oil and honey; a land in which you will eat bread without scarcity, in which you will lack nothing; a land whose stones are iron and out of whose hills you can dig copper.

God Himself will be with them and be their God. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away. You can have a part in that awesome future. As heirs of God, faithful Christians will not only inherit the earth—they will inherit the universe. Yes, faithful Christians will eventually inherit the whole universe!

Today, many of us dream of traveling to the far reaches of the galaxy, and marvel at the beauty of the stars, nebulae and other awe-inspiring and beautiful features of our universe. Yes, God wants you to inherit the earth—and more! May God help us all to seek Him, and His Kingdom, that we may soon inherit the earth, the universe and all things! Our planet, even today, stands out like a jewel in the vastness of space. But a time is coming when God will.

What am I overlooking? Answer: You should be commended for your careful reading of Scripture! The Bible does reveal what Jesus Christ was doing on the Friday before His resurrection—but the truth is not what most professing Christians today believe! We know from Scripture that Christ spent three full days and nights—72 hours—in the grave. He had to do this in order to fulfill the biblical sign of Jonah, as He proclaimed to the scribes and Pharisees. But when does Scripture say Christ was resurrected?

So, counting back 72 hours, there is no way Jesus could have been crucified on Friday at all! Scripture reveals that Jesus died at about p. Matthew — The Gospel of John gives us another vital detail about what happened immediately. Is cannot be correct, since this an apparent contradiction in Scripture? So, we know from Scripture until Monday that Jesus Christ was buried afternoon. We know that 72 hours later, before the first day of the week had begun, He had risen. Churches that hold to the Good Friday and Easter Sunday traditions are denying not only the plain words of Scripture, but also the very sign Jesus gave of His Messiahship.

If you worship a Messiah who rose on Sunday after 36 hours in the grave, you are not worshiping the true Jesus Christ of the Bible, but rather a counterfeit invented by men who want to draw attention away from God and His Truth. To learn more about false teachings that have been attached to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, please request your free copy of our booklet, Easter: The Untold Story. Social critics claim that parents and teachers have pandered to them to build their feeling of self-esteem, showering Millennials with meaningless participation awards.

From all appearances, they are doomed to failure, dealt a bad hand, a generation without hope. And the frightening thing is that you or someone you know may be a Millennial! But among all these, are young Millennials somehow uniquely evil? Is there any hope for them? But there was a time when the Gen-Xers were. They would rather hike in the Himalayas than climb the corporate ladder. But in their youth, the Baby Boomers alarmed their parents, as well.

Juvenile delinquency was considered a real and growing danger, with a subcommittee of the United States Senate conducting a highly publicized investigation into the connection between movies and juvenile crime. In , a gathering of more than , young people at Woodstock, Vermont became the symbol of a young generation of Boomers, high on sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Every modern generation, upon closer inspection, has a thread of youthful rebellion, selfishness and immaturity.

From an even earlier time, fragments of a 4,year old tablet from the Sumerian city of Nippur have been found that describe the repeated punishment required for the lack of student discipline. The simple truth is that, as we age, we recognize the youthful faults in younger people. Whether we are a Gen-Xer, sagely dissecting the problems of Millennials, or a teacher at an ancient Sumerian school for scribes, we see the careless errors of youth. But the solution.

There is hope for every generation! As in so many cases, if we look at the Word of God, we can understand the problem and learn the solutions. Characteristics of Youth According to the Bible, we are combinations of our heredity and environment. We are born with a human nature, that spirit unique to man, differentiating us from animals. And, although we are not born as sinners, we are born with a natural capacity for human selfishness. If our parents do not work with us to curb our selfish, immature demands, that selfishness can become increasingly dangerous to others. Another characteristic we all share in our youth is a desire to experience life on our own.

That is natural. But we also learn from the Bible that we lack wisdom and judgment in our youth. Our parents can help us avoid pitfalls that can scar us and hurt others, if we will be receptive to them.

The rise of intelligent machines

These verses are just a sampling of the guidance that God gives to young people in His Word. And the older generation is commanded to take responsibility to teach, instruct and guide the following generation Deuteronomy ; Proverbs A Change in Perspective Every generation in history has had challenges unique to them.

And every human being has had challenges that are unique to him or her. As each generation ages, much of the youthful selfishness and misdirected energy ebbs into a more-seasoned maturity. That is the natural progression of the generations. And that can actually begin as a young person.

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By taking heed according to Your word. The concept of gratitude has a long lifespan in the overall history of ideas and has been broadly recognized as a positive force in human life. In most of the major religions of the world, gratitude is a highly prized human disposition. To broaden this concept further, the consensus throughout the world is that people are morally obligated to feel and express gratitude in response to received benefits. It is the measure of gain coupled with the recognition that someone else is responsible for that gain.

So gratitude is the ability to notice, appreciate and savor the elements of life vital to well-being. This statement should further. Based on his research, he reported that focusing on our blessings is associated with more positive and optimistic appraisal of life, more time exercising, and fewer physical symptoms. King David in his focus on their Psalms was inspired to write of giving thanks in dozens of verses.

The Apostle Paul admonproblem ishes all of us to give thanks or offer always for all things Ephesians , and highlights an attitude emotional of gratitude as a central part of support. Gratitude is felt in response to received benefits and unmerited rewards. If God has opened your mind to His truth, then you too are obligated and commanded to feel and express gratitude. Paul understood gratitude. The articles are very enlightening, encouraging and informative. I have learned so much and look forward to learning more.

Reader in the Philippines I just wanted to share with you how much I enjoy your free booklets. They are very enlightening. I do want you to know that I appreciate not having to purchase them, for money is very tight. I would not be able to purchase them. I love to study the word of God and to read with extra understanding, and I want only the truth. For Jesus says the truth shall set you free, and he who is set free is free indeed. Just wanted to say thank you, and I wish I could have all of your booklets.

I love reading them and learning from them. Of course, I read the word of God first, and you do line up with the truth. One reading is not enough. This book should be studied thoroughly. Brief, irrefutable and to the point. Williams Asst. Image s used under license from Shutterstock. Printed in the U.

All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Unsolicited manuscripts will not be returned. We publish several commentaries there every week, and you can also subscribe to receive notice of new commentaries directly in your e-mail inbox. You will find details at our website.

I saw your show the other night about [abortion], and I really enjoyed it. I would like to encourage you to have more shows about pro-life topics. Thank you. Viewer in Canada I came in contact with your website while I was studying the Bible at a different site, and your ad was on the side of the page I was reading. I found a Living Church of God congregation that was close enough for me to attend, and on Labor Day this past year I was baptized.

I watch the webcasts, do the Bible studies, and get the magazines and booklets. I have learned so very much from your teachings, and, as Dr. Meredith says, I am always checking it out for the Truth. I thank God that He has led me to you and am trying daily to present myself as pleasing to our Lord. God bless all of you and your ministry. If you are interested in speaking to a representative in your area, you can visit LCG.

You can also write to one of our regional offices, listed at the bottom of page 4 in this magazine. Box , Charlotte, NC Trademark registration pending in other countries. Letters may be edited for space and clarity. And we saw how His intervention paved the way for the social and religious influences that have shaped our world to this very day. At critical turning points that determined the future direction of world history, the Persians, the Muslims and the Mongols were each prevented from conquering and spreading their religious cultures over the continent of Europe. However, few today understand why the peoples of Europe were protected from these foreign conquerors.

Yet Europe truly has, indeed, been an important stage where God has been working out His plan on earth. However, many today do not realize that the Jews represent primarily two of the tribes of Israel: Judah from which they take their name and Benjamin. The Bible reveals that ten other tribes also descended from the biblical patriarch Jacob see Genesis After a period of captivity in Assyria, many Israelite tribes migrated into Northwest Europe—where they multiplied and fulfilled the promises that God made earlier to Abraham and his descendants.

The descendants of these European Israelites later scattered around the globe and carried their religious ideas and cultural values with them see our booklet The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy. Together, these Israelite peoples have dominated the history of the world for the last five hundred years, but few understand why this has occurred.

The Bible records that God gave His laws to His chosen people so that they could be lights and examples to the world and the blessings of a biblically based culture could be shared with all mankind Deuteronomy —8. These divinely inspired laws, however imperfectly they have been observed by the modern descendants of Israel, have played a unique role in setting Western Civilization apart from the rest of the world and have played a role in why God has preserved Europe from total and permanent foreign conquest in previous historical eras.

Isaiah — We will explore this fascinating subject in future articles in this series. However, the Israelite nations have not always fulfilled their God-given mission—and that will result in future consequences. Jesus said. While true Christianity virtually disappeared from the lands of its birth in the Middle East and North Africa due to the violent spread of Islam and other forces, geographical and political factors in Europe combined to allow the survival of the faithful followers of Jesus and the preservation of the teachings of true Christianity.

Both the Bible and secular history record that Jesus and His followers were persecuted by Jewish religious leaders and Roman civil authorities—deadly oppression that lasted long after His death and resurrection. During the terrible persecutions unleashed by pagan Roman emperors, Christians were imprisoned, tortured and thrown to wild animals to amuse cheering crowds. In this environment, many Christians were forced to worship in secret in underground catacombs of Rome or in secluded places in the countryside. However, even as an adulterated and apostate version of Christianity was adopted by the Roman Empire, a few determined to truly follow the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles—observing the seventh-day Sabbath and the biblical Holy Days, baptizing adults and not children, and other doctrines—and were targeted for persecution by the Catholic bishops of Rome.

Waldensians in northern Italy retreated to inaccessible Alpine valleys and sometimes worshipped in caves to preserve their faith. From the vantage point of history, the evidence indicates that God preserved Europe from being overrun by foreign invaders as a cradle in which He could incubate the scattered Israelite people and enable them to develop an approach to civilization that would influence the world.

Bible prophecies reveal that when Jesus Christ returns, the saints who have been faithful to His teachings will join the King of kings to establish the Kingdom of God on this earth Revelation —18 in what will become the ultimate turning point in the history of the world. All of the planets and moons we have explored so far with our spacecrafts and rovers seem quite inhospitable.

Every planet but one, that is: this beautiful world we call Earth. But a brief tour around our solar system and the other planets that whirl in their orbits around the sun can help us appreciate it more fully by presenting us quite a contrast. Further from the sun, but still closer than Earth, is the planet Venus. Covered in clouds and roughly the same size as Earth, you might be tempted to think that Venus could be earth-like. But you would be wrong!

Covered in an oppressively thick atmosphere of carbon dioxide, the air pressure at the surface is strong enough to crush a nuclear submarine. This planet man hopes to colonize one day is a wasteland. Majestic Saturn and its astonishing rings may make for a wondrous sight in a telescope, but it would not be so wondrous to live there! Yes, in our solar system it seems as though there is no hospitable place for mankind to live, at all, save for one: our beautiful Earth. A Rare Cosmic Gem And it is, indeed, a beautiful place!

Our blue and green planet, teeming with life, stands out from all other known places in the universe as a perfect home for humanity. And this is only true due to some very fine-tuned conditions that point to a God who loves us and cares for us. Ward and astrobiologist Donald Brownlee highlight the many, many factors that make Earth such an incredibly rare place in the universe. For instance, our distance from the sun is just right to make liquid water—so essential to life—possible on the surface.

Combined with our special distance from the sun, the percentage mix of ocean waters and land surface helps to moderate the temperatures, keeping them from extreme swings hostile to life. Such a short list is only the start! Earth possesses an abundance of chemicals beneficial to life—not just water and oxygen, but various metals and other substances. In seemingly endless ways, our planet seems to have been designed with lifeforms like ours in mind.

And no wonder, for Earth was designed with us in mind! Famous scientist Carl Sagan once reflected on a photograph taken by the space probe Voyager 1 when. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. The thought is a humbling one, but fundamentally flawed, as well. Indeed, there is no place like home. Some feelings can leave us high and almost euphoric, while others can bring us down into darkness and depression.

Some of our feelings come from happy, joyous thoughts, while others come from sorrowful, angry or fearful thoughts. Situations, circumstances and events can shape our moods and feelings. How far can such feelings be trusted? Should we make decisions based on what we feel? It is easy to let our feelings affect how we interpret the things we see and hear.

Was that a funny look she gave me? Were they talking about me?

  1. The Last Suitor: A Short Romance Story.
  2. POW Resistance, FM 21-78.
  3. The Spirituality of Money?

Are they avoiding me? Are they out to get me? These and countless other fears and suspicions may feed our feelings. At the other extreme, feelings of emotional uplift may lead us to think we have found a friend, or even a future husband or wife, based on a brief time of emotional excitement. At either extreme, emotions can distort reality and obscure our ability to see clearly what is happening—they can even convince us to dismiss plain evidence that may be contrary to our feelings. Some people believe very strongly in their powers of intuition. I can sense things.

Yet we should always be careful not to take our hunches as if they were facts. Thankfully, God promises to write His laws in the hearts of those who have received the Holy Spirit. One sign of Christian maturity is that our feelings more and more are in harmony with what God has so clearly laid out in Scripture.

GA Augusta SU a. Macon SU p. IA Des Moines. ID Boise WE p. Idaho Falls TH a. Chicago Chicago MO a. Springfield WE a. Springfield Springfield FR p. Salina WE p. Salina TH a. Salina Impact Ch. North Adams SA p. SU a. Westminster SU a. Brunswick SU a. Presque Isle SU p. MI Alpena SA p. Imperial Ambitions. Optimism Over Despair. Climate Change in Africa. Camilla Toulmin. State of the World The Worldwatch Institute. Global Discontents. Collective Action in Organizations. Bruce Bimber. A World to Live In.

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