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Invited Review Articles [Details]. Baileganghaire - Theatre Review. Galar na bhFocal Veering from gloomy to hilarious and from keenly plotty to discursive, this novel is a scathing picture of homosexual life in Ireland.

It is a whirlwind account of the journey of a Connemara student, young, gay and determined in If you're not strong then you'd better be clever, so says the proverb, and in these stories, retellings of tales from folklore the underdog always wins the day. Re-telling of folk tales from the Far-East, from lands far far away, full of kings and queens, princes and princesses, good people and bad people, lazybones, simpletons, drunks, beggars, soldiers, spirits, angels and even the devil himself.

Readers young and old will enjoy this rollicking Five Connemara short stories by five men from Connemara.

But this is not the Connemara of the John Hinde postcards, of lofty mountains, sandy beaches, deep-blue lakes, of red-haired children on bogs. This is a place of grinding poverty, of relentless hardship, of tragic personal loss, of dreams Twisted Truths is an exciting anthology which brings together some of the finest and most innovative writing in the Irish language published in the past three decades.