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School of Pharmacy Kochi. College of Nursing Kochi. School of Medicine Kochi. Centre for International Programs Amritapuri. This subject deals with classification and nomenclature of simple organic compounds, structural isomerism, intermediates forming in reactions, important physical properties, reactions and methods of preparation of these compounds. The syllabus also emphasizes on mechanisms and orientation of reactions.

Classification of Organic Compounds Common and IUPAC systems of nomenclature of organic compounds up to 10 Carbons open chain and carbocyclic compounds Structural isomerisms in organic compounds. SP3 hybridization in alkanes, Halogenation of alkanes, uses of paraffins. March , April , May , June , Role of Chemistry in Pharmaceuticals Conference Speakers. Natural Medicines - Natural Medicine Japan Ethnopharmacology - Natural Medicine Japan Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry - Natural Medicine Japan Natural Products - Natural Medicine Japan 3.

Medicinal Plants - Natural Medicine Japan 4.

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Ayurvedic Medicines - Natural Medicine Japan 8. Asymmetric Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling of 1-bromonaphthoates using the helically chiral polymer ligand PQXphos. Chemical Commun. Bhimireddy, E. Method for highly enantioselective ligation of two chiral C sp 3 stereocenters.

Asymmetric Suzuki-Miyaura coupling of heterocycles via rhodium-catalysed allylic arylation of racemates. Handa, S. Sustainable Fe—ppm Pd nanoparticle catalysis of Suzuki—Miyaura cross-couplings in water. Isley, N. Transforming Suzuki—Miyaura cross-couplings of mida boronates into a green technology: no organic solvents. Bhonde, V. An improved system for the aqueous Lipshutz—Negishi cross-coupling of alkyl halides with aryl electrophiles. Lee, N. SNAr reactions in aqueous nanomicelles: from milligrams to grams with no dipolar aprotic solvents needed.

Sheldon, I. Magano, J. Development of an air-stable, broadly applicable nickel source for nickel-catalyzed cross-coupling. Egorova, K. Which metals are green for catalysis? Quasdorf, K. Qin, T. Nickel-catalyzed barton decarboxylation and giese reactions: a practical take on classic transforms. Johnston, C. Metallaphotoredox-catalysed sp 3 — sp 3 cross-coupling of carboxylic acids with alkyl halides. Lou, S. Lu, Z.

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Alkyl—alkyl Suzuki cross-coupling of unactivated secondary alkyl chlorides. Owston, N. Stereoconvergent amine-directed alkyl—alkyl Suzuki reactions of unactivated secondary alkyl chlorides. Zultanski, S. Oelke, A. Nickel-catalyzed enantioselective cross-couplings of racemic secondary electrophiles that bear an oxygen leaving group.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Chemical Naming of Compounds)

Binder, J. Catalytic enantioselective cross-couplings of secondary alkyl electrophiles with secondary alkylmetal nucleophiles: Negishi reactions of racemic benzylic bromides with achiral alkylzinc reagents. Nickel-catalyzed carbon—carbon bond-forming reactions of unactivated tertiary alkyl halides: Suzuki arylations. Cordier, C. Liang, Y. Nickel-catalyzed alkyl—alkyl cross-couplings of fluorinated secondary electrophiles: a general approach to the synthesis of compounds having a perfluoroalkyl substituent. Stereoconvergent Negishi arylations of racemic secondary alkyl electrophiles: differentiating between a CF 3 and an alkyl group.

Molander, G. Stereospecific Ni-catalyzed cross-coupling of potassium alkenyltrifluoroborates with alkyl halides. Tellis, J. Primer, D. Single-electron transmetalation: an enabling technology for secondary alkylboron cross-coupling. Gutierrez, O. Nickel-catalyzed cross-coupling of photoredox-generated radicals: uncovering a general manifold for stereoconvergence in nickel-catalyzed cross-couplings.

Engaging nonaromatic, heterocyclic tosylates in reductive cross-coupling with aryl and heteroaryl bromides. Karimi-Nami, R. El Khatib, M. Heitz, D. Photochemical nickel-catalyzed C—H arylation: synthetic scope and mechanistic investigations. Vara, B. Choi, J. Transition metal—catalyzed alkyl-alkyl bond formation: another dimension in cross-coupling chemistry. Science , aaf Zhang, P. Silyl radical activation of alkyl halides in metallaphotoredox catalysis: a unique pathway for cross-electrophile coupling.

Jin, J. Huihui, K. Decarboxylative cross-electrophile coupling of N-hydroxyphthalimide esters with aryl iodides. Cornella, J. Practical Ni-catalyzed aryl—alkyl cross-coupling of secondary redox-active esters. Wang, J. Nickel-catalyzed cross-coupling of redox-active esters with boronic acids. Sandfort, F. Reductive cross-coupling of nonaromatic, heterocyclic bromides with aryl and heteroaryl bromides.

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Anka-Lufford, L. Nickel-catalyzed cross-electrophile coupling with organic reductants in non-amide solvents. Weix, D. Methods and mechanisms for cross-electrophile coupling of C sp 2 halides with alkyl electrophiles.

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Perkins, R. Electrochemical nickel catalysis for sp 2 — sp 3 cross-electrophile coupling reactions of unactivated alkyl jalides. Yan, M. Synthetic organic electrochemistry: calling all engineers. Liu, Y. Site-selective C—H arylation of primary aliphatic amines enabled by a catalytic transient directing group. Shavnya, A.

Palladium-catalyzed sulfination of aryl and heteroaryl halides: direct access to sulfones and sulfonamides. Leonard, J. A survey of the borrowing hydrogen approach to the synthesis of some pharmaceutically relevant intermediates. Mutti, F. Conversion of alcohols to enantiopure amines through dual-enzyme hydrogen-borrowing cascades. Roda, N. Cyclopropanation using flow-generated diazo compounds. Newman, D. Natural products as sources of new drugs from to Harvey, A. The re-emergence of natural products for drug discovery in the genomics era.

Shen, B.

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A new golden age of natural products drug discovery. Cell , — Ross, S. Reactions of hexadehydro-Diels-Alder benzynes with structurally complex multifunctional natural products. Seiple, I. A platform for the discovery of new macrolide antibiotics. Baumann, M.

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A modular flow reactor for performing Curtius rearrangements as a continuous flow process. Luk, K. Franzini, R. Chemical space of DNA-encoded libraries. Medicinal Chem. Zhou, Q. Bioconjugation by native chemical tagging of C—H bonds. Vinogradova, E.

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Organometallic palladium reagents for cysteine bioconjugation. Fitzpatrick, D. Enabling technologies for the future of chemical synthesis. ACS Central Sci.