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What is an Object Poem?

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The poems in the collection were identified by opus numbers rather than titles, and mostly take on a silly tone. Spectra was intended solely as a joke. Initially, even the publisher was fooled by the book, but he was let in on the joke before going to press.

The authors assumed the ridiculousness of the work would shine through, but it was actually accepted as a legitimate poetic movement for two years. In , Brynner admitted in a public speech that he had co-authored the book and explained the hoax.

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Both Bynner and Ficke were accomplished poets of their time, but the Spectra poems are probably the most widely remembered of their work. Nonetheless, Ficke stated that he learned a good deal about composition while writing as Knish, adding that it actually influenced his later work. A pamphlet, Harp Duet , appeared from Eyewear Publishing in The relationship between sound and silence is one of the many types of duet which shape and animate this pamphlet. I became absorbed in the process of juxtaposing different kinds of related fragments — image, story and voice — which is how the project grew into a body of interconnected pieces.

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The other man came, and he wanted to take her to England and marry her, and Christl had nowhere else to bring the child, and she would not leave it by the river, so she crossed the sea. Beside the sequences we have single pieces, each enigmatic in its isolation, and what it leaves unsaid. The said and unsaid is at the heart of this book which gathers together a great variety of voices. Power has a real knack for speech, not only in the poems in the reported, often ungrammatical and characterful English of an Austrian grandmother, but in less obviously vocalised lyrics, too.

There is a political dimension to the insistence on bilingualism, in refusing to shed either language or identity.

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Many of the poems in the book speak with the voices of the displaced, of those living in different countries and tongues than they were born in; this is a collection that is concerned with our changing world and the global and individual consequences. These poems conjure a physical presence from their qualities as words on the page, sounds in the air, sense and sensory evocations — they are full of texture and touch. ShortMessageService is so 2two0thousand0and7seven. I prefer ….

What is an Object Poem?

Verenigd Koninkrijk. Phoebe Power. Nederlands Letterenfonds.

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