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How much damage to the country will occur by the time enough millennials dominate? So he should not be considered regarding the future of the Democratic Party. Just FYI. William stated that Mayor Hudnut had decimated the IPS budget to build our reputations as a sports center.

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Women, Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, an Asian or two and a few Democrats were brought into City government to get the work done. Illegal immigrants were aided to become documented and to study for American citizenship. I was on the other end of that period having served in the Peterson Administration where we were tasked with picking up the pieces and rebuilding the government. It was a daunting task for sure. Every time the Republicans get their greedy hands on government there is a march backward into taking from the citizens and handing more, more, more to the already too wealthy, most of whom live outside the county.

They have sold their souls to the devil himself, and it is too late for redemption. They were young millennials and Gen Z men.

G.O.P. R.I.P.?

The seeds of hate are passed to following generations too easily waiting for the moment when they spout into so many noxious weeds. Those young, mostly men, will grow old and have families who will grow up with the rhetoric of hate in their homes and social circles.

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We can never forget what that means for us as individuals and as a society. Be always on alert for the institutionalization of hate. It is still with us in Indiana after more than years since the KKK ran the state. It had no gone away, just underground, to slink out from their holes filled with venom. The republican policies, tax breaks for the rich, big military, privatization of everything, is so far out of the mainstream needs and desires of the American people they have to rely on the lunatic fringe for votes. Either the American citizens will restore sense to our government or we will become another Russian style dictatorship.

As Noam Chomsky has noted many times, the entire country has moved to the right.

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We have to look beyond the actors on the political stage and peek behind the curtains at Mercer, Koch, Murdoch, etc. Capitalism has two political parties which control the disbursement of power. Truth is, the DNC is an obstructive force meant to block true democratic movements in this country. At one point a few members had a rump session to appeal to state legislative leaders to intervene.

Same response. IPS budget and governance integrity was respected and reinforced.

Ilana Mercer, November 14, 2008

Obama, it was dream,but wall streets useful president. And whats next? The Republicans talked and voted for years to repeal ACA.

Trump had his repeal and replace. Just what Trump was going to replace ACA with was blank piece of paper.

N.R.A., G.O.P., R.I.P.

The Republicans were totally unprepared they had no plan. This will be easier said than done. I see the GOP hanging on to the 50 plus crowd who are self righteous evangelicals that want to live back in the s. Those days are gone and thankfully, Fox Spews is getting rid of their filth and Hannity is next. Fox is the RT of the White House. Below are the chances of continued Republican control as implied by recent betting on the bookmaking Web site www.

Any majority would be hard to roll back given the safety of so many gerrymandered seats and the financial advantages of most incumbents. But this is the first time in ten years that the Republicans have been stuck playing defense. If you believe the odds for the House are correct, you have to wonder about these: since the election of senators by popular vote began in the early twentieth century, the House has never changed hands without the Senate also flipping. But swinging six seats, with just thirty-three in play, is a tall order.


Talk of a Democratic wave began more than a year ago. YetRepublicans made little effort to move to higher ground. AfterHurricane Katrina, they slammed through a budget that slashedbenefits for the needy then eked out another big tax cut for therich, all the while defending one tarnished incumbent after anotheras scandals began to pile up. But, while the machine they built was capable of withstanding aCategory Three storm, what hit Republicans this year was more likea Category Five-- mainly thanks to Iraq.

And, now that they havelost their majority, Republicans are in even bigger trouble thanthey may realize. That's because many of the gambits they used toobscure how far right they had moved depended on majority control. Savvy use of their narrow House and Senate majorities was how, in a 50 nation, Republicans governed as if they had an overwhelmingadvantage--as if they were the American center rather than itsright-most flank. Now that its congressional majority is gone, theGOP's "off-center" positions will be more exposed than ever.

And,if Democrats play their cards right, voters will be reminded ofthis every day until election night Political pundits fixate on what candidates say and do, butRepublican backlash insurance was mostly about organization. TheRepublican machine--and the tight network of elites who ran it--wasa formidable asset in the GOP's intense competition with the muchless coordinated Democrats. Republican leaders used thisorganizational edge to tightly control political access,constructing a "pay to play" system that mobilized powerfulinterests behind their initiatives while building unprecedented warchests.

The leadership's control over the meetings where laws weredrafted and pork was distributed often with lobbyists sitting in allowed it to shut out Democrats and gave rank-and-file Republicansstrong incentives to follow marching orders. Just as important, but much less recognized, tight organizationallowed the GOP to manipulate the legislative process. Billsinimical to Republican interests were kept off the agenda.

Anythingallowed a hearing was steered sharply right.

The Republicanleadership became adept at using moderate packaging to obscure theradicalism of specific measures. In battles over the Bush taxcuts--overwhelmingly tilted toward the rich--Republicans didn'tjust twist the facts; they wrote the bills so that all the goodiesfor the middle class came up front, while the real budget effectsand big benefits for the rich only came later or were hidden withbudgetary sleight of hand.

Meanwhile, procedural tricks ensured not just that crucial billssqueaked through, but also that GOP "moderates" would have ampleopportunities to posture as mavericks. For example, moderates wouldvote for bipartisan bills that would get rewritten alongultra-conservative lines by a handpicked group of Republicans inHouse-Senate conference committees. Bills crafted by conferencecommittees can't be amended. Thus, a reasonable prescription-drugbill backed by Ted Kennedy in the Senate became a give-away to drugand insurance companies larded with money for Health SavingsAccounts in a Republican-controlled conference.

VulnerableRepublicans came to specialize in highly publicized displays offaux independence--displays carefully orchestrated to pose no realobstacle to an aggressively conservative agenda.