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This trade allowed them to restock overnight. At one point, the trade looked like an even bigger bonanza for Texas, but Feliz flamed out after trying to move from the bullpen to the rotation, Harrison got hurt and Andrus mostly settled into being a very solid supplemental everyday player with little offensive pop. Adrian Beltre signing : Beltre has been that rarest of baseball creatures -- the long-term free agent signing who lived up to every penny of his contract.

It's a commonly accepted practice in free-agent negotiations to pony up an extra year of security to get a deal done.

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It is also commonly accepted that the signing team makes the investment based on past performance, not future projections. You are, in effect, accepting that you aren't going to get the premium performance for the duration of the contract. This is Daniels' best free agent signing.

At the end of with his equity as GM perhaps already waning, Daniels traded his best pitching prospect from an organization that was thin on pitching for an outfielder who had been suspended four times for substance abuse. Edinson Volquez went to Cincinnati, went on to win 17 games in , and has four times in his career had inning seasons.

And the Rangers still won the deal. They got Hamilton, who won an MVP and became the offensive centerpiece for teams that averaged 92 wins a year from , went to the postseason three times and to the World Series twice. Jae S.

The Cole Hamels trade : The ramifications of this deal won't be truly felt until several years down the line when, and if, guys like Jorge Alfaro and Nick Williams and Jake Thompson reach the big leagues. Hamels gave the Rangers a true No. Diekman, along with Sam Dyson also acquired at that deadline , helped overhaul the bullpen. The Cliff Lee trade : This was a fairly simply rental deal, but it was a rental of the best pitcher on the market who happened to have a hefty salary and was being pursued by the New York Yankees, as well.

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Oh, and the Rangers were technically in bankruptcy, meaning the club's finances were severely limited. The price the Rangers ended up paying proved to be ridiculously low: right-hander Blake Beavan, first baseman Justin Smoak, reliever Josh Leuke and infielder Matt Lawson. Beavan, a sinkerballer from Irving, never displayed the same velocity in the Rangers organization that he did in high school.

He pitched innings for the Mariners in , but has just three major league starts since. That's about as much as you can do with a rental. Texas starter Adam Eaton leaves the mound as he is pulled by manager Buck Showalter.

Conditions were perfect, Long said, sitting in the clubhouse

File photo. Adrian Gonzalez and Chris Young for Adam Eaton and Akinori Otsuka : The second major trade of his tenure the first was sending free agent-to-be Alfonso Soriano to Washington for Brad Wilkerson , Daniels bet that Eaton would eat more innings and had stuff to be a higher-end starter than Young. And with Mark Teixeira entrenched at first, he viewed the still unproven Gonzalez as expendable. The Rangers were right on this: Young has never had a inning season, but is still pitching in the majors 10 years later. Gonzalez has become one of the league's best hitters with a career rivaling Teixeira's.

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What did the Rangers get out of the deal? A serviceable season by Otsuka, but just as they were about to trade him during the selloff, Otsuka got injured and never returned. Eaton tore tendon sheath on his right middle finger during spring training, pitched 65 mediocre innings and went to Philadelphia as a free agent. Chris Davis and Tommy Hunter for Koji Uehara : Daniels tried to beef up an already dominant team by giving manager Ron Washington multiple setup relief options. Uehara had great numbers, but had a hard time adapting to the Texas heat.

Four years later at the Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia, he served as the captain of the U.

The built world has a major workforce dilemma.

At the Olympics, he won silver medals swimming for the second-place U. He again competed in the meter freestyle , finishing in fourth place in the final with a time of In February four of Davis' Olympic medals—three gold medals and one silver medal—were stolen from his car after he returned from a swim clinic in St. The medals were returned to Davis at a news conference later that night. Blossom Athletic Center the district where Davis attended school in San Antonio was named in his honor.

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On June 1, , Davis was named as the first coach of Oklahoma Christian University 's swimming programs, charged with building men's and women's teams for competition that will begin with the season. It is Davis' first collegiate coaching job. Davis and wife Shantel live in Edmond, Oklahoma, and have six children. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Josh Davis Davis signing autographs, c.

Medal record. Biography portal Olympics portal. Retrieved August 16, Pan American Champions in Men's m Freestyle.