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Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. The hat. The gun. And the will to protect. Showing up to investigate a double homicide, Sheriff Phoenix Cade almost comes out of his boots when he sees the blonde--the only witness to the crime--covered in blood.

He'd danced with her a few nights before and had every intention of getting her number until she threw up all over his shoes. Hell, his shoes would wash… Ria Port The hat. Hell, his shoes would wash… Ria Portman has spent the better part of six years convincing her family and friends that she could take care of herself.

They said they could handle her disability, but truth was, they lied. When her assistant and client are murdered in her studio she will have to rely on one man—the one man who makes her want to trust again. Yet, Ria is different. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages.

More Details Lawmen of Wyoming 1. Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Protected by the Lawman , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Protected by the Lawman. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Apr 15, Coco. V marked it as to-read Shelves: freebies.

Jan 23, Victoria rated it liked it Shelves: damsel-in-distress , blind-deaf-mute-disabled , romantic-suspense , kindle-unlimited-read. Overall, it was an okay read. Nothing very memorable or exciting. I'm not sure that I've read anything from this author before but for some reason was expecting this to be a little more steamy than it was. Jan 14, Ginny Pearson rated it it was amazing.

Phoenix is the sheriff. He decides to stop at the bar his buddy owns. He is teasing Phoenix about getting out more. Tate tells him if he dances with a woman, he will back off. Ria is blind. This happened by being in a car accident. Her sister tells her she needs to find someone. She can't believe when she is asked to dance.

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Now Phoenix is taking her to his cabin to protect her from the men who will be coming after her. While she is held up there, they realize they are falling for each other. Now Phoenix is the sheriff. Now Phoenix just has to catch the bad guys so they can see if they can take this to the next level.

Jan 16, CarolKat rated it it was amazing. I requested and received and ARC of this book. I am reviewing of my own volition. One of my favorite things about this book is the heroine. She's smart, tough, feisty and blind. She left the big city with her sister, to start over in her old family home. When she meet Phoenix Cade, she doesn't know he's the sheriff every woman wants.

All she knows is she attracted to him and she hopes never to run into him again after she embarrasse I requested and received and ARC of this book. All she knows is she attracted to him and she hopes never to run into him again after she embarrasses herself. None of that seems important after two goons kill her assistant and a client at her home office. Saving herself by hiding on the shelf under her massage table, it was pure luck she wasn't discovered and killed. One of the things the bad guys don't take into consideration is the acute senses of a blind person. Everything is more enhanced to make up for the lack of sight, so while she is unable to visually identify them she can give some definite insight into them.

The heat ratchets up a notch as Phoenix takes her into protective custody. His family cabin becomes the scene of their budding romance. As the layers are pealed off this mystery, betrayal and heartbreak ensue. Very well written with edge of your seat suspense, extremely hot make-out scenes and so much more. Jan 28, Melissa Morr rated it it was amazing.

Ria Portman never thought she would hear from Phoenix Cade after the night they shared a couple of dances and embarrassed herself after but after witnessing a double homicide of her assistant and a client who would show up to investigate but none other than Sheriff Phoenix Cade. Phoenix Cade thought he would never see the woman who intrigued him that night at his friends bar until he walked into her house and found her the witness to a double homicide from that moment he promised himself he woul Ria Portman never thought she would hear from Phoenix Cade after the night they shared a couple of dances and embarrassed herself after but after witnessing a double homicide of her assistant and a client who would show up to investigate but none other than Sheriff Phoenix Cade.

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Phoenix Cade thought he would never see the woman who intrigued him that night at his friends bar until he walked into her house and found her the witness to a double homicide from that moment he promised himself he would protect her from the killer. Protected by the Lawman was fast paced, romantic suspense that kept me turning the page. Phoenix was a protector but also understood Ria wanted to be self reliant. An oh Phoenix stole my heart in one scene I know it took a lot from him to do it but he was a gentleman.

If you are looking for a awesome an old fashion romance with some suspense I recommend you pick up a copy of Protected by the Lawman, your favorite beverage and a nice comfy chair because you will not be able to put it down. I received a free copy for my honest review! Jan 12, Stacy Jordet rated it it was amazing. What an emotional and satisfying read this was. This is the first book in a new series and this book hit it out of the park. I loved the characters, story line, the mystery and the sexy times.

Ria was a wonderful leading lady. Ria is blind but yet she doesn't let this stop her from doing anything. She is a little tired of her sister and parents babying her because she is a strong, capable and independent person. She runs a successful business, has some wonderful friends and is just an all around a What an emotional and satisfying read this was. She runs a successful business, has some wonderful friends and is just an all around amazing person.

An incident happens at her place of work and it puts her in path of the hot man she recently danced with. I loved everything about Sheriff Phoenix Cade. I loved his dedication to family, friends and his job. I loved that there were references to him being a hard nosed man throughout the book yet you saw his softer side. I especially liked his interactions with Ria.

Even from the beginning he never saw her blindness as a disability more so as a strength to the type of woman she is. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read more. Jan 16, Gladys rated it it was amazing. Protected by the Lawman is an entertaining and well written read. This romantic suspense offers a gripping storyline and engaging characters. Ria and Phoenix have great chemistry and I just loved them together. I love a book that is created to showcase what I consider "reality based characters". Ria is smart, sexy, sweet, feisty and blind.

Phoenix, is strong, tough and a hero to his core. I loved the steam and heat these two created and enjoyed the softness Ria brought out in Phoenix. A very ple Protected by the Lawman is an entertaining and well written read. A very pleasurable read that I highly recommend. I'm posting a voluntary review after reading an advance copy of this book.

Jan 16, Elaine Swinney rated it it was amazing. The things one can do with a remote. Do they make a remote for husbands? Seven of our grandchildren are at, or close to, driving age. I have endured driving with teenage drivers, but driving with grandchildren is an entirely different reality check. As passengers, young grandchildren have the heightened security of car seats, belts to buckle, and no one under twelve in the front seat.

And of course, there are multiple childhood requests and teenage driving instructions. But the lessons are by no means limited to technology. We never tire of watching them hone their sports skills, develop their artistic and musical talents, or excel in their academics. They have the versatility, confidence, determination, and persistence that I never knew as a child.

Best of all, they are master teachers through total acceptance and pure love. Yep, all I really need to know I can learn from my grandchildren. In every community there are people who need help, issues that need attention and money that must be raised for things to happen. For many years in Lander, Nancy Sniffin has been doing just that. Nancy was one of 41 nominees from Wyoming. Nancy presents a Judges in the state trophy at chose four finalists, Relay for Life and then a panel of judges at the naChristmas Baskets tional Jefferson program.

When I see projnewspaper and She was ects coming together or I go to an event, what a joy it is. But Nancy has been Bill makes eggs for breakfast. When ilies and individuals. Beat th gether. Pour over th e mushroom soup e eggs, to bring a Relay for the first layer in , the remaining the pan. R m ef ilk ri gerate overnight.

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  8. Life event to Lander and salt. Pour th ther at over the top of In the morning, degree oven the caslet the casserole and chaired it from for 90 minutes. Bake in a The event involves teams raising money and then walking all night. After a busy day of yard work and volunteering, Nancy often gets the treat of spending time with her three grandsons who live in Lander. While her children and husband are encouraging her to enjoy retirement and rest, Nancy has an idea for a new community project in mind.

    She lives in Casper with her husband Jason and enjoys reading, watching superhero movies and visting her family in Torrington and Cheyenne. Wyoming women know what it means to serve. In fact, service is a way of life. ServeWyoming, a statewide nonprofit based in Casper, works to create opportunities for Wyoming citizens to meet these critical needs through service and volunteering. Beth applied for the position with the encouragement of a roommate who was already in AmeriCorps.

    She described the experience as completely humiliating, seeing people stare at her while she waited in line for almost an hour in order to receive food stamps and child care. That day at DFS and what she saw at the Safehouse shook her up. Now a field representative for Wyoming Senator John Barrasso, Denise said her service laid the foundation for her current position. She became part of AmeriCorps, while looking for a way to move back to Wyoming from Spokane, Washington where she attended graduate school.

    She believes that everyone has time, talent and treasure to share. ServeWyoming strives to enhance community and empower citizens through service and volunteerism. For more information about how you can get involved, visit www. Hunting Widow? Take our quiz to find out! Your husband suddenly takes an interest in the grocery list, adding chili, instant coffee, and dehydrated meals.

    During October, the main decoration on your fridge is a topographical map of Wyoming, not Jack-O-Lanterns. The highlight of your social calendar according to your husband is the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Banquet. You know firsthand that the smell of campfire smoke, blood, elk scent and sweat is NOT an aphrodisiac.

    A Strict Husband (Wyoming Heat, #2) by Sue Lyndon

    Your children know their way around the local Sporting Goods store better than the Grocery Store. When the men go missing at your block party you know they can be found gathered in front of your gun safe, drooling. You begin to grow a little weary of the of the cow call concertos e. Your freezer has no recognizable packages of meat; all are white with a date stamped on them. Your husband is a Hobby Hunter. Expect to spend no more than two weekends this fall alone. Warning: Too much encouragement of the Hobby Hunter can lead to an eventual upgrade in your status to Hunting Widow. Our condolences, you are a Hunting Widow!

    Expect to take care of your family alone from Oct 15th through Thanksgiving. Support groups may be available through your church. She has lived in Wyoming for 12 years and loves all that it has to offer her family. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and napping. Cook beef and onion in Dutch oven over medium heat until meat is no longer pink, about 5 minutes. Stir in garlic, chili powder, cumin, and sugar and cook until fragrant, about 1 minute. Stir in pureed bean-tomato mixture and remaining beans and tomatoes. Bring chili to boil, reduce heat to low and simmer, covered and stirring occasionally until thickened, about 15 minutes.

    Remove from heat, stir in cilantro and Cholula to taste. What is menopause? In an effort to rectify the decrease in function, the brain sends stronger signals to encourage the ovaries to work, which creates the common symptoms of menopause — hot flashes and mood swings. Once a woman no longer has menstrual periods for at least a year, she is considered to be in menopause. Should I take hormones during menopause?

    There is no definitive answer for this commonly asked question. It is a personal decision based on symptoms, risk factors, general health, and personal beliefs. Hormone replacement therapy HRT , which utilizes both estrogen and progestin, has been proven effective in managing and mitigating symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, and irritability. Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Q. How old is too old to have a pe- HRT safe? Just as every young girl starts menstruating at a different age, the same is true for women entering menopause.

    While it was very effective in treating those symptoms, it was found that women on estrogen were at a higher risk for endometrial cancer. It was later discovered that creating a cocktail of progestin and estrogen cut that risk, making it an acceptable treatment for many years. Newer studies. The Buzz: Bio Identical Hormones You may have heard Oprah sing the glory of bioidentical hormones, and how good she felt taking them to alleviate symptoms of menopause.

    Because of attention from celebrities like Oprah, bioidentical hormones have become popular in recent years. In fact, they are — but so are the hormones used in many FDAapproved hormone replacement products. Bioidenticals are often synthetically produced and can also be plant based. There is no evidence to suggest they are safer or more effective than traditional hormone replacement therapy. Hormone therapy should be used at the lowest dose for the shortest duration needed to achieve treatment goals.

    There are risks and benefits to HRT options and they should be weighed carefully with the advice of a doctor. What are some hormone alternatives that I can try to alleviate symptoms during menopause? For hot flashes, some botanicals, such as soy and black cohosh, can act like estrogens in soothing the severity of this symptom. There is limited research on botanicals in the treatment of menopausal symptoms. Although not approved for this use, some antidepressants have been used for relief of hot flashes.

    Lifestyle changes can offer some relief from hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms, especially those that are mild to moderately bad. For instance: dress to avoid being too warm; reduce stress; avoid spicy foods, alcohol, and caffeine; get enough sleep; and be physically active. Staying healthy is an important first step in combating menopausal symptoms and the effects of hormonal changes. Follow a heart healthy lifestyle: stop smoking, eat a variety of foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol and moderate in total fat, limit salt and alcohol intake, maintain a healthy weight, and exercise.

    The risk of osteoporosis increases as women get older and the levels of estrogen in their bodies diminish. To help prevent osteoporosis, follow an eating plan that is rich in calcium and vitamin D. To keep bones strong, engage in regular weight-bearing exercises and strength training. Commonly prescribed drugs include bisphosphonates, such as alendronate Fosamax or risedronate Actonel , and selective estrogen receptor modulators such as raloxifene Evista. As always talk with your doctor if you have concerns about any health conditions.

    Susan Sheridan is a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist practicing in Casper. This article should not replace the advice of your own personal physician. The items represented in this article are general guidelines and statements.

    Hold Me Tight

    Ads will be posted online and in the magazine. Anything any size that we can imagine. Also custom paintings in oil, pastel and water color. Call Visit www. Need a change? Let me help!! Buy online or sell AVON in your spare time. Looking to get off yo-yo diets? Contact your independent DynaMaxx International consultant for help with any or all three.

    You can guess or join the latest fad for anti-aging or weight loss. Find out what your body really needs through blood and hormone testing. Customized plans. Buy 3 months Ultra Cinch, 4th month free. No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives. Give them the most selfless gift of all, a more secure future. If so, please watch our online videos for One We are experiencing tremendous growth. Health Specialist. Wildflower Health Clinic S. Enjoy our monthly Crop-A-Thon and scrapbook with others who share the same hobby.

    Earn scrapbooking supplies, workshops, and free products by hosting a gathering.

    Protected by the Lawman

    Call for more information. Preserve your photos in storybooks and canvases with predesigned templates and 50, pieces of artwork! For more info: email Sylvia at gotdoterra gmail. Dead Sea Bath Salts. Also available for other time-saving errands for you. On location photographer, specializing in a creative, more candid style session.

    Reward Yourself

    Close To My Heart offers beautiful, exclusive scrapbooking and stamping products for preserving and celebrating your precious memories. When you hire the cowboys, you help your community! Policy manuals, pay plans, investigations, mediation and audits. Has had experience accompanying choirs. Repertoire includes approximately hours of classical music. Price negotiable. Are you looking for a bachelorette party, bridal shower or other ladies night? Passion parties are the ultimate — tastefully done and lots of fun.

    By Katie Chambers I awoke to my alarm, realizing that I needed to start the day running. In years past, I had gone to great lengths in hopes of winning this hotly competitive event. But today, with presents and cake for two birthdays to prepare, three class parties to send in treats for, and five Halloween costumes to create, the chili was low on my to-do list. I decided to make a recipe that required scarcely more effort than opening a can of chili.

    LegalZoom Satisfaction Guarantee Details:

    After a busy morning of special birthday breakfasts, present wrapping, and costume making, my two littlest girls were finally playing quietly with a friend. I had just enough time to throw the chili together before I had to pick kids up from school. Soon I noticed that the beans seemed to be gumming up the blade.

    The blender came to a screeching halt, bogged down in a cement of beans and tomatoes. Without taking the time to unplug it, I reached my finger near the blade to dislodge the beans. A whizzing sound buzzed in my ears and the next thing I knew, blood was spraying in a bright red arc across my kitchen floor. A trip to the ER, ten stitches, and one generously mummified finger later, I was back in my kitchen, woozy from pain medication and staring at my gory bowl of chili.

    With the chili bubbling away on the stove, I worked feverishly to button and snap all five kids into their costumes with only nine functional fingers. Once at the church, I hastily added my chili offering to the table of other contenders and set about tailing my young charges through the corn maze of carnival games and Halloween activities. In years past, I had been the first to my seat for the announcement of the chili cook-off winners, hoping to hear my name over the microphone.

    This year, instead of waiting with baited breath, I was racing up and down the halls, maimed finger held aloft to minimize the throbbing, looking for a missing toddler. Once found, we wandered into the gym together, just in time for the final announcement. Do you have a Motherhood Moment to share?

    Send your story less than words to nettie thewyomingwoman. If you are interested in representing The Wyoming Woman Magazine in your corner of Wyoming, please contact: Peg Novotny peg thewyomingwoman. One of them dead-end doozy fights we does. Are we going to fight it out? Both feel bad then. Do we need to do it? Or can we just start over? My Christmas was saved by a compliment and a pat. But now, all these years later, I see their interaction in another less self-centered way. In a moment of conflict and disconnection, Uncle Sid and Aunt Doris were able to recognize a negative pattern, declare a ceasefire and re-establish a warmer connection.

    It was probably pretty easy for Doris and Sid to cut short their fight and change direction because, on most days, their relationship was a safe haven of loving responsiveness. We know that people who feel secure with their partner find it easier to do this. They can stand back and reflect on the process between them and they can also own their part in that process. For distressed lovers, this is much harder to do.

    They are caught up in the emotional chaos at the surface of the relationship, in seeing each other as threats, as the enemy. To reconnect, lovers have to be able to de-escalate the conflict and actively create a basic emotional safety. They need to be able to work in concert to curtail their negative dialogues and to defuse their fundamental insecurities. They can have their differences and not careen helplessly into Demon Dialogues. They can deal better with the disorienting ambiguity that their loved one, who is the solution to fear, can also suddenly became a source of fear. In short, they can hold onto their emotional balance a lot more often and a lot more easily.

    This creates a platform for repairing rifts in their relationship and creating a truly loving connection. To learn how to do this, I have couples revisit rocky moments in their relationship and, applying what they have learned in Conversations 1 and 2 about the way they communicate and their attachment fears, figure out how to smooth the ground. In my practice, we replay turbulent big-bang arguments as well as quieter continual disconnections. They qualify for the Oscar in marital spats.

    This time it starts with Claire pointing out that Peter could have done more to help her during her bout with hepatitis. You make sure I suffer for every little error. I am just one big disappointment to you! You make that perfectly clear. Is that what you mean? A creep is what you are. Here are the steps that can set them on the path to greater harmony:.

    In their argument, Claire and Peter were totally ensnared in attack and defend, who is right, who is wrong; who is victim, who is villain. She changes her perspective and her tone. We get trapped here. We both want to prove our point so we do that till we end up totally exhausted. They name their moves together. Then you threatened, remember? The bit about how you could do without me? Claire smiles. Together they come up with a short summary of their moves: Claire loses it while Peter plays impervious; Claire gets louder and threatens, Peter sees her as impossible and tries to escape.

    What a conversation. Well, I can see that talking to a rock must be frustrating. They both agree that it is hard to be honest. Do you know what I mean? But I guess part of me is shaky, too. We need to recognize how our usual ways of dealing with our emotions, pull our partner off balance and turn on deeper attachment fears. If we are connected, my feelings naturally will affect yours.

    But seeing the impact we have on our loved ones can be very difficult in the moment when we are caught up in our own emotions, especially if fear is narrowing the lens. In fact, she states that his behavior is all just about his personal flaws. He is a creep! To really take control of Demon Dialogues and soothe raw spots, both partners have to own how they pull the other into negative spirals and actively create their own distress.

    Now Peter can do it. You start to feel like I am not here with you. I do shut down. I just want to stop hearing about how you are so angry with me. But in these situations, you are not just mad are you? I get that now. I know your sensitive spot is about being left and abandoned. I guess, I used to just see you as the righteous principal busy proving how useless I was as a spouse.

    And that feels so bad, you just want to give up and run. Of course, it really helps here if partners have been able to be really open about their raw spots in previous conversations, but assuming you have a big impact on your partner and being actively curious about his or her vulnerabilities helps too. Voicing your deepest emotions, sometimes sadness and shame, but most often attachment fears, may be the most difficult step for you, but it is also the most rewarding. So often we miss the attachment needs and fears that lie hidden in recurring battles about everyday issues.

    Unpacking moments of disconnection like this helps Claire explore her own feelings and risk sharing them with Peter. I have this sense of dread. I can feel it like a lump in my throat. If I stopped coming to you, trying to get your attention, you might just watch us drift off into more and more separateness. You might just watch our relationship fade out, go off the screen. And that is scary. I feel like I know you in a different way when you say things like that.

    Then you are more like me somehow. And it makes me want to reassure you. Taking the above steps forges a renewed and true partnership between lovers. Now a couple has common ground and common cause. They no longer see each other as adversaries, but as allies.

    Benjamin v. State

    They can take control of escalating negative conversations that feed their insecurities and face those insecurities together. I like it when we both agreed that this conversation was too hard, that it was out of hand, and scaring both of us. It feels very powerful for us to agree that we were not going to just get stuck the way we usually do. Even if we are not quite sure where we go next, this is a lot better.

    But it does mean that they know how to stop a rift before it widens into an unbridgeable abyss. It takes practice, going over an unsettling past encounter again and again until it makes coherent sense and, unlike the original event, can draw a possible supportive response from the other partner.