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Light travels faster than sound. He could not explain why he was always late to work. I had ever been to a theme park. For questions , choose tl'1'e answer A, B, Cor D which you think fits best according to the text. The Glastonbury Festival Entering the already crowded festival site, I the night away at the dance village, I awoke to the was a little uneasy.

I'd heard discouraging tales of sounds of thunder and lightning. The downpour muddy fields, shocking toilet facilities and not only lasted a couple of hours, but it was still one being able to find your tent among so many of the worst rainstorms of the past years. I others exactly the same as yours. I had, of course, was one of the lucky ones. Although my tent tried to prepare for every eventuality. In my leaked a bit and my clothing was damper than I rucksack were a brightly coloured flag to raise would have liked, at least I was on high ground.

As it turned out, they could from tents submerged under four feet all of them proved to be very useful. The organisers did an efficient job of The three-day Glastonbury Festival of Con- mopping up most of the water fairly quickly, but temporary Performing Arts, held on Worthy there was no escaping the mud. Festival-goers Farm in Somerset every June, is the largest open- didn't let that dampen their spirits in the least, air music festival in the world. The festival grew though, and thanks to my green wellies, nor did 1. The main organiser of the up of great bands and there were plenty of big festival is the farm's owner, Michael Eavis, who names playing on the Other Stage, too.

In fact, started it all up because he likes music, and he still there are so many stages, with so many different makes the final choice of which big-name bands types of music and things going on, that it can be will appear. Over , tickets were sold this really difficult getting to see and do everything year, which is a lot of organisation for one farmer.

I found myself running from one In fact he does hire a music promotion venue to the next, trying to catch at least part of organisation to help him sort out all the my favourite acts, and still missed a few complications of running such a huge festival, so altogether. Then it was all over, and I had to pack up my But it's not just music at the festival. As I mud-caked belongings and head back to the real wandered about the site, looking for somewhere world again.

It had been a pleasant surprise to to pitch my tent, I realised that this was, indeed, a discover that , people crammed into festival of performing arts. There were theatre muddy fields in basic conditions the stories I'd tents, dance performances, jugglers and mime been told about the toilets were true can still artists all over the site.

You certainly wouldn't manage to have the ' time of their lives. Tickets starve in this place, either. Whether you prefer Thai, proceeds from the festival goes to charity, it Indian and African, to mention just a few, or even would be childish to complain. I left clutching the good old English staples such as jacket potatoes, handcrafted souvenirs bought from various stalls, there was something for everyone. This will help you C was wearing wellington boots. D was shocked by the toilets. B is difficult due to the size of the project. C takes just a few days in the summer.

D is completely controlled by a music company. A There was too much food on sale. B It was a very theatrical festival. C It was easy to get lost on the site. D There was lots to see and do. B what activities people were doing at the festival. C there were a wide variety of p'eople at the festival. D how many people she had met at the dance village. B she had set up her tent on a hill.

C she didn't mind wearing damp clothes. D the organisers were good at their job. What complaint did the writer have about the performances at the festival? A She didn't manage to see some performances. B She became tired from running around the site. C There was too much music on at the festival. D It wasn't possible to see a full performance. What feature of the festival had the writer not expected? A Tickets for the festival were very expensive.

B There were over , people there. C Festival profits are donated to charity. D It was enjoyable despite the lack of comfort. What was the writer's attitude to the festival by the end of it? A She realised the discouraging stories she'd heard were untrue. B She felt that attending the festival had been a special experience. C She thought she had spent too much on tickets and souvenirs. D She was sad that she would have to go back to a normal life again. After the tsunami Paul Green tells us about dedicating his time and skills to helping victims of the Asian tsunami rebuild their homes.

I remember that day very clearly. It was 26 I chose to join a housing charity, rather than a December and as we always did on this day, my medical one, because I had previously trained as a friends and I had a barbecue, then went to the beach carpenter and I believed I could make a difference for a surf. We had a great day, completely unaware of with my talents.

When I was a child, I was always the devastation that was about to be unleashed not so fixing things. When Shelter was looking for. Shelter found a role for me on I returned home later that night, I heard the terrible building sites, teaching construction skills to the locals news that a massive undersea earthquake in the Indian and supervising the production of materials such as Ocean had triggered off a deadly tsunami.

We would bricks and roofing tiles. I particularly saddened by the destruction that occurred frequently experienced high fevers and rashes, and it there, as I had felt a strong affection for the people I was during these times that I most longed for the had met during my travels. At the time, I was a successful florist in the city Most people were happy to help, but a few centre. I had spent years building up my client base said that if I was going to drop out of 'real life' for so and training staff. I really wanted to help, so I donated long I'd have to finance my humanitarian adventures a percentage of the profits from my shop to the worst- myself.

There was also the sheer physical labour. By affected areas in Indonesia. II0 I leased my the end of the day I was both physically and mentally business and flew over to Indonesia. Sometimes my muscles ached so much I joined an organisation of volunteers called that I couldn't imagine continuing the next day. Shelter, committed to rebuilding homes.

Mter the Back home in Brisbane, I continue to support tsunami, over aid organisations and UN agencies Shelter by giving presentations on my year abroad and began operations in Indonesia to provide shelter, spreading the word about their charitable work. Shelter's focus III0 I have also made countless lifelong friends. My friends and I will definitely have somewhere were creating hope for the future. B I hoped that they had all escaped unharmed. F I had to live off my savings, and when they ran out I asked friends and family for loans.

C My story has inspired dozens of new recruits to sign up as volunteers. G However, I soon realised that I wanted to do more than give money. D Many people had lost loved ones and the sorrow of the locals could be felt all around H , Indonesians didn't have a roof over us.

Quickly read the text first to get a general idea of the meaning and sequencing of events. Then read all the sentences before you start filling them in. For questions , choose from the chefs A-D. The chefs may be chosen more than once. Underlining the key words in all questions will help you focus on the kind of information you are looking for.

Which chef says their restaurant isn't as popular as it once was? Too many concerned about th e lack of quality in most pesticides and insecticides are present in our food restaurants today. It seems that people can simply today and I believe they are causing widespread do a short cooking course and then call themselves illness. Apart from that, humane treatment of a chef these days. I was trained in the cordon bleu animals is really important to many of our tradition and am particularly skilled in making customers. To be certified organic, the animals pastries.

Both the food and service are of a very must eat natural food, not be treated with high standard at my r estaurant. For me, antibiotics, or be kept in cages. They must have presentation is the key. When a customer is served space to walk freely. For these reasons, organic his meal, it should be pleasing to the eye.

Fo r me at is fr esher and of better quality, and my dessert at our restaurant , I recommend our customers say they can tast e the difference. It will Organic food should be eaten by everyone who definitely have you wanting to return the next cares about our planet. I always purchase food from local producers. Critics have praised my creations and I have You see, pollution caused by transporting food received 3 Michelin stars. Now my name is long distances is a serious problem.

Just like our associated with excellent cooking. I know that the ancestors, who didn't have refrigeration or modem media have published reports from former staff transport, we should only eat produce that is who claim I threw food and swore at them.

But the grown close to home and in season. My restaurant way I see it, if you can't take the heat, get out of the follows that principle. Everyone who works in a celebr ated restaurant has to expect some pressthe. I have standards to maintain, after all. I have travelled extensively and my places for sourcing : Arpad ingredients are Samoa, New Zealand and Hawaii.

I combine old recipes with innovativt: ways of My 'soup kitchen', as I jokingly call it, only preparing food, and I try to maintain the unique serves soup and drinks, as I prefer to specialise. I know that people who When I first opened my restaurant, there were enjoy fine dining would not normally consider queues lining up outside. People were curious. I want to show how soup can table. Booking is highly recommended. I put hibiscuses in shell vases' which kitchens in our neighbourhood.

In honour of the are handmade by locals. The vases look magnificent volunteers who fed me in tough times, I now in the evenings, when the restaurant is lit up with donate over litres of soup to charities every candles. Many of the customers tell me that the week. It's the least I can do. The success of the flowers trigger memories of their own trips to the business means that nowadays I have nothing to region. To add to the flowers, I have brought do with the daily operations of the restaurant.

Eating at my restaurant should golf. Read Jerry's email and the notes you have made. Then write an email toJerry. Use your Subject: Party! I really miss you at the school. We're coming to the end of the school year and I've just been asked to help organise the school party. I was wondering if you could give me some advice? There will be over fifty students going.

I'm not sure whether to hire a boat and have a party on the river, or to pick a good restaurant. What do you think? You studied here last year, so there may be some familiar faces at the party. It's on 15th June. Hope you can make it. I have one last favour to ask. I have to write a speech, but I don't know what to say. Any ideas? Remember that letters of application are written in a formal style and you need to be consistent - i. You must speak English and have a friendly personality.

Do not write any postal addresses. You recently saw this notice in a magazine called DVD World. We have created a new Readers' Review section in our magazine, and would like to invite readers to write a film review. Include information on elements such as the plot, the acting and the soundtrack. Also, tell us whether or not you would recommend it to others. If your review is one of the best, we will publish it in next month's issue of DVD World.

Your teacher has now asked you to write an essay giving your views on the following statement: earing a school uniform has both advantages and disadvantages. J Many of the missing words are parts of set phrases. It was built by the Incas in about , when the Inca Empire was at its most powerful. What makes this city so unusual is that it is Machu Picchu is so remote that the Incas had to take a long, treacherous path through the Andes to get to it. To this day, historians still The Incas were expert builders, carving the rocks perfectly and Previously, only a few local people were It has now become a popular tourist People walk for up to four days on the Inca Trail through the Andes Mountains to On If they believe you, you have succeeded All Fools' Day.

In some countries, In the previous calendar, New Year was celebrated Some people refused Other people made of them and laughed Now A;rril Fools' Day has become a global tradition, and no one is safe! People play tricks on Remember that all spellings-need to be correct! Facial Expressions Body language is a very If we find something All people smile, and a smile is likely to get a positive It REACf can, however, be obvious when you don't mean it. When you GENUINE smile, muscles around your eyes automatically contract, but these muscles are difficult to control consciously.

Rules of Engagement, Book 2 Choices | Choices: Stories You Play Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

An authentic smile fades quickly, too, while an artificial smile will Despite all the However, you sometimes need to be Certain gestures CARE can vary, even within a single country. For example, This can be very Example: o Terry's car needs repairing. Contractions e. HAS Ann WE Why RUN We I could never have finished the job without your help. IF I could never have finished the job USED Sophia Parking here is free after Spm. PARK It doesn't It would be simple enough to follow him.

Roger was a man of habits, and even when his hours of work were irregular he would still take his mid-day meal, whenever he did take it, at Percy's. Miss Temple found an antique bookshop across the street where, as she was obliged to purchase something for standing so long watching through its window, she on impulse selected a complete four-volume Illustrated Lives of Sea Martyrs. The books were detailed enough for her to spend the time in the window, apparently examining the books, while actually watching Roger first enter and then, after an hour, exit alone, from the heavy doors across the street.

He walked straight back to his office in the Ministry courtyard. Miss Temple arranged for her purchase to be delivered to the Boniface, and walked back into the street, feeling like a fool. She had re-crossed the square before she convinced herself that she was not so much a fool as an inexperienced observer. It was pointless to watch from outside the restaurant because only from inside could she have discovered whether or not Roger dined alone or with others, or with which particular others - all important information.

She had a pretty good feeling that the crime she believed he had committed wasn't to benefit his work, which meant she was likely to learn nothing from observing his working day. It was after work that any real information would be gathered. Abruptly she entered a store whose windows were thick with all shapes of luggage, hampers, oilskins, lanterns, telescopes, and a large assortment of walking sticks. She left wearing a ladies' black travelling cloak, with a deep hood and several well hidden pockets, opera glasses, a leather-bound notebook and an all-weather pencil.

Miss Temple then took her tea. Between cups of tea and two cakes, she made entries in the notebook, summarising her plan and then describing the day's work so far.

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That she now had a kind of uniform and a set of tools made everything that much easier and much less about her particular feelings, for tasks requiring clothes and supporting equipment seemed somehow more objective, even scientific, in nature. In keeping with this, she made a point to write her entries in a kind of code, replacing proper names and places with synonyms or word-play that hopefully would not be understood by anyone but herself. Miss Temple left the tea shop at four o'clock, knowing Roger to leave usually at five, and hired a carriage.

She instructed her driver in a low, direct tone of voice, after assuring him he would be well paid for his time, that they would be following a gentleman, most likely in another carriage, and that she would knock on the roof of the coach to indicate the man when he appeared. The driver line 31 nodded, but said nothing else. She took his silence to mean that this was a usual enough thing, and felt all the more sure of herself.

When Roger appeared, some forty minutes later, she nearly missed him, amusing herself for the moment by peering through the opera glasses into nearby open windows, but a sudden feeling caused her to glance back at the courtyard gates just in time to see Roger, standing in the road with an air of confidence and purpose that took her breath away, flag down a coach of his own.

Miss Temple knocked sharply on the roof of the coach and they were off. The thrill of the chase, complicated by the nervousness of seeing Roger, was qui : lost when, after the first few turns, it became obvious that Roger's destination was nowhere more interesting than his own home. Underline parts of the text where you expect to find the answers to B his work schedule never changed. Write the question C he always ate lunch at a particular location.

D she already knew the schedule of his working day. B she was forced to by the shop owner. C she wanted a way to pass the time. D she needed an excuse to stay there. A She had waited for Roger in the wrong place B She needn't have made a purchase at the bookshop C She should have followed Roger back to the Ministry when she had had the chance D She had re-crossed the square at the wrong place 4 Miss Temple decided to follow Roger after work because A she believed that was the time she could find out what she wanted to know.

B she couldn't see what he was doing inside his office. C she didn't want to risk him seeing her outside his office. D she had other, more important things to do during the working day. A more determined B less personally involved C better prepared D less confused 6 The word 'this' in line 31 refers to A the driver's silence. B banging on the hood of the carriage. C being asked to follow someone. D paying drivers well for their time.

When Roger left his office at about five o'clock, Miss Temple A watched him through her new opera glasses. B saw him just before he got into a carriage. C had a sudden feeling of breathlessness. D pretended to be looking into an open window. Miss Temple's excitement at following Roger A increased each time she caught sight of him. B turned into boredom after a while. C ended when her carriage started following him. D disappeared when she realised where he was going. The Art of Buying How do you find good shops and great deals when bigger discount, the attendant will need to call the shopping for that perfect antique?

Judy Smith, an owner of the stall and ask his or her permission. Judy discovered her markets because there are those rare occasions where interest in collecting antiques several years ago. I bought a requires skill, taste, a keen eye and patience. From that point, I was hooked.

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When travelling, Judy Carry cash or a chequebook, because dealers will recommends always being on the lookout for eye- usually offer you the best price if you're not paying by catching antiques and then asking people where they credit card. Don't try to negotiate a better price by got them. She told me, and I price? II0 As I was shopping at a market or car boot sale, sometimes it can be effective gift shop in Bath, I started talking to the woman at the to take a wad of notes out of your pocket. In a matter of minutes, she provided me with Sellers will think that if you're paying in cash, you're loads of information about antique dealers with shops prepared to close the deal.

It turned out to be one of when antique shopping. The bookseller assured me it was a first edition. Plus space is limited at many careful is important, but sometimes there's no way to market stalls, so you're less likely to find a large avoid this type of. This way, you'll remember when shopping that chances are the stall's never be sorry, even if you end up with a fake. A Usually the person running the stall is E This is because they offer a more personal authorised to give you only a small service, and the owner can usually give you percentage off the price.

B Pointing out that "there's a scratch on the F Booths there sell an endless range of surface" could put off the seller, and your collectable items - anything from old clothing motives will be obvious. C I felt like an expert with enough experience, G Buyers can be observed among the market so I bought it. D That's a sign that you're ready to buy H Another good tip is to chat with the locals whatever it is that you want.

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Pay special attention to the :unctions of connectors in the sentences e. The reason for this is, Another advantage is that, etc. This will help you make a logical connection with the rest of the text. But after I grew up and met researching and writing a book on the subject. I some of her former students, I realised what a then went on to get my diving certificate.

I started difference she had made in people's lives. I started working in England as an instructor, but when I out as a teacher's assistant, but one day I daringly realised there was no real future for me there, I stepped out of my place and tried out some moved to the Caribbean. I started with a diving innovative teaching techniques. The head teacher company in the British Virgin Islands, which was got to hear about it, and was so impressed that I great, but I notice d that the equipment was moved on to teaching my own class.

I really enjoy somewhat outdated. When I pointed it out to my teaching at secondary level, because I find that boss, he was so surprised that he immediately teenagers are very engaging and we have some ordered new gear for all the instructors. I soon fell great discussions about modem issues in class. I enjoy my job, as well as my time off, and now life is perfect. In of supporting myself financially if I did. Then the beginning I was a little nervous about making Mum suggested I try book illustration. She's decisions that would have an impact on the entire pretty wise and she soon convinced me.

I started office, but my boss is a close friend and luckily at a small publishing company that produces had faith in me and my abilities. My friends who children's books. I love working there, but in the are still at university don't appreciate the fact beginning I was hopelessly disorganised - I kept that I have a lot of responsibility right now and ordering the wrong types and amounts of that I supervise a large number of employees. I eventually got the hang of it, though. They're always calling me to go out - to parties or Recently I branched out into drawing a weekly for pizza, but I usually tum down their invitations cartoon for the local newspaper in my spare time, because I have to get up early the next day to go and I hope it will lead to more work of the same to the office.

Kenneth Steward - Jewellery Designer I never imagined I would end up doing this kind of work, and I actually fell into it by accident. I wanted to buy my mother a brooch for her birthday, but I couldn't find one I liked, so I decided to design my own. Some of her friends saw it and liked it so much that I started to get requests on a regular basis for new designs. My mother likes to boast that her son is a designer, but I wonder what her friends would think if they knew that I haven't had any formal training.

My brooch designs became so popular that local jewellery stores began calling me for advice on their own jewellery lines, which is how my new jewellery consulting company was born. That's growing rapidly, and I'm also planning to take on some people to help me so I can expand into mail-order jewellery. Read Elizabeth's email and the notes you have made. Then write an email toElizabeth.

Make sure yon have covered all the points in your answer and email the style is consistent throughout. Can you tell me exactly what time you're arriving on the 7th? Since you're planning to stay for two weeks, I'll organise a trip to London. There'll be lots of people and even a band! If you can stay longer, I was hoping we could visit my cousins in Scotland.

Can you change your plans? Let me know! Elizabeth No, because Write your email. You must use grammatically correct sentences with accurate spe g and punctuation in a style appropriate for the situation. In essays, it is important to use appropriate linking words to connect similar ideas and introduce opposing ideas. They help the reader follow your piece of writing. Your teacher has now asked you to write an essay, giving your opinion on the following statement: Computers are more advanced than the human brain.

Write your essay. You have seen the following notice in an international magazine. Write us an article answering these questions. The best article will be published in the magazine. You have recently read a book which you enjoyed very much. As the human body was not designed for flying, people can In the air, your body is more A long-distance journey often In order to reduce the If you wear loose clothing made from Your skin suffers in other ways too, becoming drier This can be avoided, however, if you Edvard Munch Edvard Munch, In he travelled Paris, where he became familiar He began o develop an unusual artistic style, in which he tried to express his deep inner feelings rather This style later became known Expressionism, and many 20th century artists were influenced An exhibition of his paintings in a Berlin ery caused such strong protests His As Look carefully at the structure of the sentence and the text as a whole before you fill in the gaps.

Computer Skills in the Office To be Apart from the needs of the technology department, it is important that almost all employees have some degree of Thanks to computers, today's businesses are run and managed with far less For example, computers enable the In short, although the average businessperson has no need to be a technology expert, they are unlikely to get very far without at least a basic Example: o A very nice man gave us directions.

Some of the given words could either be verbs or nouns. Try both forms to see which fits the sentence. COST Steve wanted WISH I He gave the impression that he wasn't working. SEEM He You didn't pay attention in class. Jessica was late due to the traffic. TIME Jessica didn't Peter Moon and the Chocolate Factory Journalist Liz Campbell fulfils a childhood dream of visiting a real-life chocolate factory.

From the outside, the building resembles a observed its use and carried back beans to Spain, caramel square dusted with cocoa. As I walk where it rapidly became a drink for the wealthy. This Blogger's Books and Other Items from Real Life. Real News. Real Voices. Let us know what you'd like to see as a HuffPost Member.

Canada U. US News. World News. Social Justice. Donald Trump. Queer Voices. Black Voices. Latino Voices. Asian Voices. HuffPost Personal. Special Projects. Pride Impact: Project Zero. Impact: This New World. This usually reflects a protracted period of waiting in the completion of a project or plan in your waking life. This gestation period suggests you have been developing a plan, which is about to be born into practical reality, and the dream is showing you the need to be patient and to provide adequate resources for the successful birth of the project.

The message from this dream is that you are about to create something wonderful but you need to take it easy and just allow things to progress at a natural pace. The appointment or deadline in the dream is often a timetable that you have set in day-to-day life to achieve a specific ambition, such as starting a family or reaching a professional qualification. You realise that time is running out if you want to accomplish this goal. The timely message from this dream is about committing to meaningful action rather than just involving yourself in busy and meaningless activity. Share this article Share.

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