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They were once mounted by riders representing Jaimal and Patta, two heroic Rajput chiefs who defended the fortress of Chitor against the Mughal emperor Akbar r. At some point they were moved from the Delhi Gate but were later reinstated by Lord Curzon, Viceroy of India between and Print from the same collection is a view of the sculptures of the two riders, made of red sandstone, which had become separated from their mounts.

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The highest point of the trail is very early on in the hike, the top of Bald Bluff. The ridge running to the southwest curving slightly back north in the distance is the terminal moraine bulldozed up by the glaciers southern advance. At least it looks nearly flat from where you are standing. The hill is about feet above the road you came in on and the parking lot.

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The Stone Elephant is only about 1. Or explore further.

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It maybe takes a little creativity to see an elephant in the rock. As the glaciers melted they left behind the debris they were carrying with them. There is a nice gravel parking lot and a historical brochure about the area around the Bald Bluff.

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