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If you still want a retractable leash, just be mindful of where you walk your dog. The A. Patrick Lucas Austin. Share This Story. Recommended Stories. Portable Power Showdown: Battery Packs vs.

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Looking forward to round 3! Mar 16, Marta Moran Bishop rated it it was amazing. I found myself at times laughing out loud and at others squirming over the latest escapade Sarah would find herself in. I guarantee this book will make you recognize some of your own growing Ms. I guarantee this book will make you recognize some of your own growing pangs as a youth and learn to laugh at life.

Cook has rapidly become a favorite author of mine. While I have in the past seldom ventured into such lighthearted and subtly messaged books as are a Claire Cook trademark, I have found her books to be both wonderfully written and a joy to read. Highly Recommended. I really like Claire Cook's books and this one was very good also. Sarah's relationships with her family, her boyfriend, her co-workers are all very life-like, very plausible.

The story of Sarah and her boyfriend trying to work things through against the odds, in this case against Horatio's intense dislike of Sarah, is a good example of the work that a real relationship takes to last a long time. The family relationships have a lot to do with who we are and Sarah's family is a major part of who I really like Claire Cook's books and this one was very good also. The family relationships have a lot to do with who we are and Sarah's family is a major part of who she is.

This was a very good story and I can't wait to read more of Claire Cook's books! Feb 15, Amy rated it really liked it. Quite enjoyable. I do wish Cook would have featured more of Sarah's pre-school classmates and their dialogue which was so funny in the first book. Love Sarah's family and this book focused mostly on the family. The dynamics and witty comebacks are great. Very much looking forward to next one in the book. Light and fun.

My gripe - why is there what looks to be a Bernese Mountain dog on the cover??!! How hard is it to get a Saint to represent "Mother Theresa" or a mix to represent Horatio. I can Quite enjoyable. I can't stand when cover artists are not true to the text of the book. Feb 19, Christi rated it it was ok Shelves: reads. I did not like this book as much as the first one. It was lacking the fun and chaos of the Hurlihy family. It all just felt forced. It was weird picking up an imaginary 6 months later and having 12 years of technological advances in the world.

This was going to be my trilogy series for the PopSugar Reading Challenge. But I can't find the third book at the library in either book or ebook format. So I'm switching to another series. Jan 07, Holly Gilliatt rated it really liked it. Claire Cook is one of my favorite women's fiction authors, and this latest release didn't disappoint. I love the quirky characters she creates, and it was fun to revisit the Hurlihy clan.

My husband kept asking me what was so funny while I was reading this book because I kept laughing out loud. If you enjoy romantic comedies, stories with heart I even cried in one part , and an always unique take on life--look no further. You'll thoroughly enjoy this book! Feb 01, Pamela Kramer rated it it was amazing Shelves: family , adult , women-s-literature.

Claire Cook tops my list of authors whose books I never tire of. If you haven't started reading any of Claire's books, don't wait! Feb 13, Lea rated it liked it Shelves: romance , dogs.

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I really loved Must Love Dogs - the book and the movie. It's hard to have a second book deal with the romance from the first book not going so well. That's not what I'm looking for in a romance. But as a contemporary women's fiction, I can see the attraction - things do not always work out as smoothly as we'd like. I felt like things were kind of rushed and there's definitely a bit of a cliffhanger.

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Luckily I have book 3 on my shelf. Mar 21, Helen Gaye Brewster rated it really liked it Shelves: chick-lit.

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  • An entertaining sequel to "Must Love Dogs"! The adventures of Sarah and the rest of the Hurlihy clan continue with more hilarity and romance, including a trip to Savannah to try to repair a broken marriage, more comical senior citizen girlfriends for Mr. Hurlihy, and the challenges of a dog that doesn't like Sarah. Fun for a summer read or curling under a blanky on a rainy day. Jan 12, Shari rated it it was amazing. It was great to revisit with this family, I love all of the characters and their quirks.

    I was laughing out loud with the many situations that they get them selves into. As an avid dog lover I just loved Horatio and John. Jan 05, Laurie rated it it was amazing. It is so easy to see ourselves and our family in her book.

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    Sarah's internal dialogue feels like it comes straight from my own head. This book made me laugh out loud. I hope you will enjoy reading this book as much as I did. Mar 01, Anita rated it liked it. I enjoyed the follow-up to Must Love Dogs, especially since I re-read the first original book just before this one. It was a little short, though, and left me wanting more.

    I suppose that is not a bad thing, is just made it a very fast read quicker than I'd hoped! Mar 12, Anne rated it really liked it Shelves: in-ireland. Another great book by Claire Cook! I love these characters and hope there is a sequel to the first movie, with all of the same actors and actresses.

    A great choice when you want to read something that will leave you smiling! Great sequel to Must Love Dogs - Sarah Hurlily continues to let her family turn her life upside down, and initially she is filled with self doubt. The book has a great combination of funny and heart-felt moments -- in addition to a very satisfying ending! Jun 28, Susan rated it liked it Shelves: women-s-fiction.

    Love The Dogs.

    Cute sequel to Cook's debut novel. Maybe a little bit too much large Catholic family hijinks and not enough relationship building for Sarah and her boyfriend John. There are apparently several more books in the series. I'd buy them for 99 cents but probably not at full price.

    There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Claire Cook. We'll post it here! We enjoy every one of your stories We Love Your Pets! Send us any story you want - we especially love pet rescue stories. I was recently out of town for a few days with a neighbor watching my dog. When I got home on Friday afternoon, all my dogs except Abby came running to greet me.

    I looked everywhere for her, no luck. I immediately went to the internet and posted a lost dog ad that I placed all over my neighborhood. This was at about p. At approx. Abby does not like strangers. She had her collar with her pet i. All of my dogs and cats have tags, and I just ordered a tag for my grandsons dog. A year ago I adopted a chihuahua from the animal shelter.

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    I named him taco and boy, how I loved that little dude. One day I had a doctor appt so I left him in the backyard with our other dogs. When I came back my niece told me that taco had gotten out and some guys took him. I went every single day for a year to the animal shelter to look for him and post posters but I didn't find him. A month ago a friend of my mother's asked me if I wanted a 3 month old chihuahua.

    I decided to take her in. At first I felt like I was replacing Taco and I didn't want to get attached to her but I fell for her too. I don't know what I would do without her. So I got her a dog tag from you guys! I feel at ease letting her out now. Never again will I take the collar off.

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    I rescued a Boxer on March 16, He was severely malnourished, abused, sick, and scared. After nursing the sweet giant back to health, I realized I wanted to give him everything he had never had. Soon the toys, treats, collars, harnesses, leashes, and much more come pouring in. I realized that if Rocky ever ran away, no one would know how to get in contact with me to return him, and my heart would shatter since I had saved him and nursed him for so long.

    We regularly go camping with our four dogs. We spend over nights each year in the RV. They are always with us. Recently the resort we were staying at was hit with thunderstorms and nearby tornadoes. We were safe, but it made us think that the tags with our home address and phone number on them was not sufficient. They now have "camping tags" with their names, our names and our cell phone numbers in case of a loss while away from home. Baxter is a new addition to our family, he is 10 weeks old and tiny he slides out of his harness when taking him out.

    He is simply precious,we love him very much, so we want to make sure he is always safe. Tags are a great way to do this. So glad I found your site! Mello and I are newly adopted two weeks ago. I wanted a read Dog Tag, with lots of info on it. So Mello decides to cruise down to the park, and remains at large for a couple of maddening hours of 'hunting curious Mello' Back at the 'ranch,' right up the little hill from the park, I'm just back from another cruise around the lakeside, foresty neighborhood - I get a call on the cell Glory be!

    Mello's at the park entrance just down the road sitting in a Good Samaritan's car, because he had, among all of the other 'jewelry' on a Respectable Dog's Collar, his new LoveYourPets info-tag. Tag everything, I say. Hopefully, Mello won't need another Rescue, but just in case? It's priceless, for a few pennies invested.

    My home is the home off 3cats and 2 dogs. After all of them got fixed and microchipped I decided to get there tags. When I got the package in the mail it was so funny to watch them look confused by the clinging noise that the tags do when they walk. I have to say it was priceless and I hope everyone enjoys them too :. What a Gift! We were out of town and while in a Big Box store engaged in conversation with one of the corporate vendors.

    The vendor' s half-Toyger cat had recently delivered a litter of kittens which could each be sold for a substantial price. TOYGERS are a newly developed breed with the beauty and grace of a 'toy tiger' Because she recognized that we provide extensive care to our cats,,she offered one to us free of cost. We would have to drive from California to Seattle to pick him up, but anyone knowing the characteristics of this new breed would not turn-down such an offer.

    Nothing can compare to a sleek, muscular, baby tiger Kevin has developed into. Sweet little tigers! All my pets have tags and I also order more as info has changed. I have all indoor pets but you never know if one day one might escape!