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Jun 24th - Jun 30th

Mon 24 Jun 19 Before Winter Comes Director: J. Lee Thompson. Mon 24 Jun 19 Prizzi's Honour Directed by John Huston. Life in the Prizzi family is good as long as you honour the wishes of the Godfather. Mon 24 Jun 19 The Gentle Touch Crime Drama. DS Barratt falls for a mugging victim. Directed by Redd Davis. Top British radio stars perform in this musical revue. Mon 24 Jun 19 Go to Blazes Directed by Michael Truman. After another smash-and-grab goes wrong, the crooks use a fire engine to escape.

Jimmy, the owner of a failed music shop, goes to work with his uncle, the owner of a food factory. A deaf and mute witnesses a murder but is unable to tell the police what he knows. In London's swanky hotel the Royal Connaught, if you need anything ask for Mr. Darling Frankie Howerd the ' Mr. Tue 25 Jun 19 Carrington VC Director: Anthony Asquith.

An Army Major is court martialled. Or was it theft. Jim makes a sudden decision to immigrate to Australia after a row with his boss. A radical college professor accused of murder refuses to disclose his alibi Tue 25 Jun 19 Folly To Be Wise Newly arrived Army Chaplin, Captain Paris Alastair Sim attempts to book various acts for the entertainment of a troop of soldiers. A Celtic witch teaches her foster grandson magic. Director: David Lean. B Holmes. With William Devlin and Richard Huson. First production of the new British Transport Film Unit. In the Hull Docks, the steamer S.

Marker is hired after a lady finds a picture of a young woman in her husbands wallet Tue 25 Jun 19 Don't Bother To Knock Director: Cyril Frankel. A flirtatious travel agent gives all his girlfriends keys to his flat which seemingly backfires. Tue 25 Jun 19 Penny Gold Director: Jack Cardiff. Mathew is determined to crack the brutal murder of a young woman whose body is identified by her identical twin. Tue 25 Jun 19 The Gentle Touch The Meat Rack. Maggie and a CID detective go undercover to track down a maniac who has been murdering prostitutes.

Ned attempts to swim every swimming pool in a quiet suburb. Directed by Henry Koster. An aeronautical engineer predicts that a new model of plane will fail catastrophically. Crime drama filmed at Denham Studios. An American test pilot is framed for killing a wartime comrade. Stars June Allyson as the regular hostess and occasional star of this dramatic anthology series. Director: Vernon Sewell. A cockney family inherit a ramshackle farm. Alfie Leslie Dwyer wants to make a go of it.

Starring George Cole and Kathleen Harrison. Directed by Stanley Donen. A devil-may-care gambler and a small-time hood plan to steal an exiled king's crown Wed 26 Jun 19 The Sound Barrier Directed by David Lean. Stars Ralph Richardson, Nigel Patrick. An aircraft manufacturer whose passion for making the ultimate supersonic jet, suffers great personal tragedy in his quest.

Director: Basil Dearden. A concentration-camp escapee assumes the identity of a dead British officer. Stars: George A. Cooper, Brian Wilde, Paul Watson. Old Man Higgs fights a war of dirty tricks with two boys in his neighborhood. Legendary musician Reginald Foort brings us some 'river folk' based tunes on the Compton organ.

Great shots of 40s London. Wed 26 Jun 19 Dangerous Voyage This crime mystery is an intriguing tale of peril in the English Channel. Wed 26 Jun 19 Danger Tomorrow Director: Terry Bishop. A doctor and his wife move to an old house in a village, but his wife begins to experience strange visions.

Wed 26 Jun 19 Public Eye Ward of Court. It appears as though Marker's interests and those of DI Firbanks are the same — but are they? Wed 26 Jun 19 Fear in the Night Director: Jimmy Sangster. A woman recovering from a nervous breakdown moves with her husband but becomes terrified of a mysterious man Wed 26 Jun 19 Night Visitor Salem escapes from an insane asylum where he was confined for being an axe-murderer.

Music by Mancini. Wed 26 Jun 19 The Gentle Touch Maggie investigates when a fellow detective tries to frame an old villain for a jewellery theft. Directed by C. Tom signs up as a 'Hell Driver', but the death-trap roads are the least of his problems. Wed 26 Jun 19 Vengeance Is Mine Director: Alan Cullimore. A dying man hires an assassin to kill so he can frame his death on an enemy. An educational short, see Arsenal play Tottenham at Highbury, learn the art of cycling, cricket, running clubs and male fitness clubs. Crime news hack Mitchell is out to discover the identity of the notorious jewel thief 'Flannelfoot'.

Directed by Lloyd French. Stars Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Director: Guy Hamilton. An ex Colonel catches one of his former men robbing his house and investigates why. Directed by Brock Williams. A girl from an impoverished family seeks revenge after she is jilted by her lover. Thu 27 Jun 19 Bespoke Overcoat Director: Jack Clayton. A man's only desire is to have an overcoat, but dies of hypothermia and so returns as a ghost demanding his friend steal him one Thu 27 Jun 19 Shadows The Silver Apple.

A prince fights an evil wizard for the hand of his daughter and the throne. Director: Peter Graham Scott. A naive, innocent and efficient locksmith is persuaded by a burglar to rob a car and open a safe. Thu 27 Jun 19 Talking Pictures With Tyler Butterworth In this exclusive interview Tyler celebrates the life and career of his parents, Peter Butterworth and Janet Brown, and shares tales of his own career from children's television to film and theatre Thu 27 Jun 19 Public Eye Transatlantic Cousins.

Marker finds a case involving an old reprobate and a young American visiting Britain. Directors: Vic Morrow. In the Old West, a gunfighting outlaw plans his way into prison to steal a large shipment of gold. Director: Richard C. Tim Brett is holidaying in Italy with his aunt. Tough, Mrs. Maggie sets out to confront a gang of teenagers who have been terrorising local pensioners.

Directed and written by Sidney J Furie. A sensitive story of two airmen. One with a terrible injury and one dealing with life. Director: Val Guest. Based on the popular books written by Richmal Compton. Director: Cy Endfield. A young girl is left with her relatives while her mother is in hospital. Her father, a crook, pays her a visit.

Directed by Cy Endfield. A well-meaning social worker takes custody of an eight year-old Timson girl Fri 28 Jun 19 Blind Date Directed by Joseph Losey. The mistress of a struggling artist is killed and inspector Morgan Stanley Baker investigates a complex case. Director: Lewis Gilbert.

A group of down-and-outs are holding up a post office van when things start to go wrong Fri 28 Jun 19 Remembering Sir Stanley Baker In this exclusively interview with Stanley's son, Glyn Baker, we discuss Zulu, Hell Drivers, his father's heritage, and what Stanley was like behind the camera. Interview conducted by Sean Hannam. Fri 28 Jun 19 Public Eye Shades of White. Marker takes on an investigation and finds himself manipulated by several people — including DI Firbank.

Fri 28 Jun 19 Campbell's Kingdom Directed by Ralph Thomas. A Canadian Rockies landowner leads the fight against a dam builder. Fri 28 Jun 19 Yesterday's Enemy Fri 28 Jun 19 The Gentle Touch Private Views. Maggie questions an informant who has information about a gang of thieves. A policeman enters a romance with the sister of an infamous gang leader.

Fri 28 Jun 19 Hangman Waits Director: A. This semi-documentary style featurette is a story of grisly murders by a cinema organist. Directed by Herbert Willcox. A minor British classic. Directed by John Gilling. Filmed at Alliance Studios, Twickenham. Stars Elizabeth Sellars, Kieron Moore. A jeweller's daughter seeks revenge on a gang that robbed and killed her father. Director: William A Wellman. The story of William 'Buffalo Bill' Cody, legendary westerner. The mutual love interest is the lovely Susan Shaw.

Mystery drama. A group of people search for Nazi treasure hidden in the Alps. Sat 29 Jun 19 Deadly Record Director: Laurence Huntingdon. An airline pilot, falsely accused of his wife's murder, sets out to find who really did it. Sat 29 Jun 19 The Key Man Director: Montgomery Tully. To scare up news for his radio program, a reporter solves a murder and finds money missing from a theft. Director: Harold French. The honourable Mark St. Neots meets and never forgets the ever so beautiful Sylvia Sat 29 Jun 19 Quatermass and the Pit A mysterious artefact is found in London and the famous scientist Bernard Quatermass helps investigate it.

Directed by Roy Boulting. Robert is known to have an eye for the ladies but fails to stay with them for long. Directed by Robert Siodmak. Sat 29 Jun 19 The Party's Over Directed by Guy Hamilton. A controversial film of its time. A young American girl is caught up in the wild London scene. Starring Oliver Reed. Stars Edward G. A visiting American engages in a bold business promotion, the likes of which the British have never seen. Directed by Marcel Varnel. A school master is mistaken for a prison governor and assigned the charge of a prison.

Sun 30 Jun 19 Good Morning, Boys The headmaster of a boy's school unwittingly helps an escaped convict. Sun 30 Jun 19 House of Blackmail Directed by Maurice Elvey. An Army officer William Sylvester and Carol Mary Germaine must solve the murder of a blackmailer or be charged themselves.

Directed by Robert Asher. A car park attendant at Scotland Yard dreams of becoming a policeman, but falls short on height! Directed by Basil Dearden. A champion jockey is banned from racing so spends his time helping a young lad to become the next champion. Sun 30 Jun 19 Great Expectations Directed by Joseph Hardy. Tired of saving, Ada and Walter decide that they should elope to Yorkshire and marry there. S2, E06 Sun 30 Jun 19 Melody Directed by Waris Hussein.

Two youngsters declare to their parents they want to get married as soon as possible. Charismatic socialite, Simon Carne, adopts the persona of Klimo to solve crimes. Sun 30 Jun 19 Murder Without Crime In London, a man is blackmailed by his landlord after he accidentally kills a woman he picked up in a nightclub. Sun 30 Jun 19 The Swimmer Directed by Joseph L.

Mrs Muir discovers that her holiday cottage is haunted by a previous owner. Sun 30 Jun 19 Carrington VC Directed by John Schlesinger. Iconic short of a day in the life of a London Railway Station. Colonel J. Proudfoot is looking for a dentist to endorse his new brand of toothpaste. This episode also guest stars Michael David and Rene Kroper Mon 01 Jul 19 Snipshots Early silent animation made in , charming hand drawn cartoon and story.

Mon 01 Jul 19 Dilemma In this critically acclaimed British film, Harry returns home from work to be told by a neighbour that screams came from his house moments earlier. Mon 01 Jul 19 The Adventurers Director: David MacDonald. During the Boer War, several men go into the South African veldt in search of diamonds. Director: Margaret and Richard Hodkin. Part of the Women Amateur Filmmakers Collection. Mon 01 Jul 19 Moulin Rouge Director: John Huston. The story is that of the crippled artist who forgets his worries by drinking and mingling at the Moulin Rouge nightclub in Paris.

Rumpole finds himself in the unusual position of defending a police officer. Mon 01 Jul 19 Millions Like Us War Drama. Celia marries a Pilot before he is deployed into wartime battle. Mon 01 Jul 19 Calling All Cars Comedy documentary, centring on the Dover Harbour car terminal. Directed by Maclean Rogers.

Mon 01 Jul 19 Get Some In! Call Up. A group of lads are called up for national service to the Royal Air Force, where they learn life will never be the same again S1, E01 Mon 01 Jul 19 Bulldog Breed Director: Robert Asher. Norman Puckle joins the Navy under the same Admiral he refused to yield to in the harbour. Mon 01 Jul 19 Public Eye John VII Verse Marker is faced with a head-on collision with DI Firbank. Mon 01 Jul 19 Seven Nights in Japan Directed by Lewis Gilbert. The fictional royal Prince George travels to Japan and falls in love with a local female tour guide named Sumi.

Directed by James MacTaggart. An ambitious man must make his family socially acceptable before gaining a promotion. Mon 01 Jul 19 The Gentle Touch Maggie begins to suffer from severe stress when faced with a bloody multiple murder. Director: Stanley Kubrick. Four soldiers trapped behind enemy lines must confront their fears and desires. Directed by Quentin Lawrence. Mon 01 Jul 19 The Release Directed by Joseph H Lewis. A jailed gunslinger can win his freedom by making a deal with the governor of Texas. Directed by Muriel Box. A military doctor is falsely accused of dealing illegal drugs.

Can he prove his innocence? Stars: June Allyson, Lee J. Cobb, Dick York. An undisciplined group of Union soldiers in the Civil learns their craft thanks to a heroic Captain from Austria is not what he seem Tue 02 Jul 19 The Velvet Touch A police captain Sydney Greenstreet must solve the murder of a producer. Was it his ex or his ex ex?

What is the secret of British plants survival in our harshest of winters? Before you burst with curiosity — let E. Emmett tell you. Director C. M Pennington Richards. Robin de Courtenay, a Norman noble, is framed by his cousin for murder and so he flees to Nottingham Tue 02 Jul 19 Anne of the Indies Directed by Jacques Tourneur.

Rumpole finds himself defending a husband on a charge for murder. Tue 02 Jul 19 Deadly Record Tue 02 Jul 19 Invasion Director: Alan Bridges. An English army unit come up against strange beings from another planet who have landed on earth. Tue 02 Jul 19 Get Some In! Richardson frantically searches the camp when his entire kit disappears.

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Tue 02 Jul 19 Public Eye Mystery Drama. The Bankrupt. Marker is hired to enquire into the activities of a bankrupt shirt manufacture and uncovers a web of deceit. Tue 02 Jul 19 Expresso Bongo A sleazy agent discovers a young singer in a coffee house and starts him on the road to stardom. Tue 02 Jul 19 The Servant Director: Joseph Losey. A British aristocrat, hires the mysterious household servant who causes unrest in the household.

Tue 02 Jul 19 The Gentle Touch Phillips and Barratt investigate a bizarre marriage. Tasked with finding Hannah Cole, Lt. Smith builds up an intriguing portrait of this woman he has never met. Comedy Western. A corset store owner goes broke and becomes a traveling sales lady in Texas An army wife on a military base tries to solve differences between her young, sensitive son and his brutal father.

Wed 03 Jul 19 The Fabulous Dorseys Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey play themselves in this rise and rise story of the fabulous Dorsey brothers. Wed 03 Jul 19 Freedom Radio A German doctor, disillusioned with Nazi propaganda, creates a secret radio-feed condemning the movement. Wed 03 Jul 19 Piccadilly Incident Director: Herbert Wilcox. A missing Wren returns from a desert isle and finds her husband has a new wife and son. Rumpole defends his cousin after an old lady drowns on his estate Wed 03 Jul 19 Helford Oysters A day in the life of an oyster farmer in Helford, Cornwall in the late s.

Wed 03 Jul 19 The Flying Scot Director: Compton Bennett. Smith tries to convince the medical officer that he has a problem as the rest deal with Leckie who talks of shooting himself. Girl In Blue. Marker is hired to discover her whereabouts of a missing Janice Summers, and bring her back home. An alcoholic showgirl is murdered. A man who helped her is the only suspect.

Wed 03 Jul 19 Town on Trial Director: John Guillermin. Who's Afraid of Josie Tate? Maggie reviews evidence when a wife insists on helping her jailed husband get justice. Director: Ida Lupino. Director: Jean Negulesco. A sponge diver on a Greek island discovers a sunken ship filled with artefacts. Directed by Frank Richardson. An old match seller is murdered but it's left to an American gangster to find the killer. At a small Californian college Professor life is great until confronted for stealing another identity. Thu 04 Jul 19 Shadow of A Man Crime drama.

A town drunk is found dead and the police suspect murder. Starring Paul Carpenter. A young mute woman is frightened by a maniac who is killing off people with disabilities Thu 04 Jul 19 After The Ball The biographical telling of the great music hall singer Vesta Tilley, who married into the nobility. Thu 04 Jul 19 Meet Me Tonight Directed by Anthony Pelissier. Director: Gay Ashby. A man offers a young woman a lift, only to discover later that she went missing two years ago.

Thu 04 Jul 19 The Winslow Boy Directed by Anthony Asquith. Pre-WW1 England, a youngster is expelled from a naval academy over a theft. His parents demand a trial. Narrated by Orson Welles himself, we look at a weapon come of age, The Tank. Thu 04 Jul 19 Get Some In! At the Hop. Its the boys first night out since training started, unfortunately there is only one place to go.

Directed by John Paddy Carstairs. Three friends plan a fun weekend, but they have surprise company tagging along. Ebooks and Manuals

Thu 04 Jul 19 Sheffield Anglers in the s — Glimpses Charming documentary made in the s following the exodus of s of men every Sunday from Sheffield to Lincolnshire, Kirkstead for the weekly fishing competition. Thu 04 Jul 19 Public Eye Many a Slip. A routine credit inquiry leads Marker to uncover some strange discoveries concerning an eminent doctor's wife.

Directed by Michael Carreras. An East End lad, Alf Hitchens, dreams of hitting the big time in the music business. Thu 04 Jul 19 Cabaret Finders Keepers. Maggie returns to Seven Dials for the first time since the explosion wrecked her office. S5, E01 Thu 04 Jul 19 Brubaker Director: Stuart Rosenberg.

The new warden of an Arkansas prison farm attempts to clean up the corruption of the staff Thu 04 Jul 19 Scotland Yard The Drayton Case. Directed by Ken Hughes. The aftermath of a wartime air raid reveals the body of a murdered woman. Directed by Leslie S. In debt to gamblers, Rodney Richard Hearne agrees to pass as a butler at a gambling party.

Four of Somerset Maugham's stories brought to the screen. Fri 05 Jul 19 Melody Fri 05 Jul 19 Doublecross Director Anthony Squire. Director: Thomas Hamilton. Fri 05 Jul 19 Scotland Yard The Missing Man. The Dream of a Retired Vicar's wife sets police on the trail of a man who has been missing since Lillys superior attitude gets him, and everybody else, in trouble.

Director: Robert D Webb. At the end of the Civil War, a Confederate team is ordered to rob a Union payroll train. Fri 05 Jul 19 Monte Carlo Rally Feel the excitement build and meet the star drivers of Follow the journey through each country to the finish line and watch the win for B. Fri 05 Jul 19 Public Eye Podmore's Cat. Marker is hired to babysit Mrs Podmore's pet cat, Bertie. But things have a way of turning awkward. Fri 05 Jul 19 Nosferatu The Vampyre Director: Werner Herzog. Directed by Alan Cooke. Director: Sidney Gilliat. Due to boredom, John spends his time daydreaming of affairs with attractive women.

Fri 05 Jul 19 The Gentle Touch Losers Weepers. Maggie and her colleagues are on the trail of forged bank notes that have fallen into the wrong hands S5, E02 Fri 05 Jul 19 Fools Rush In Director: Victor H. A ship with a cargo full of diamonds gets taken over by pirates.

Starring Barbara Stanwyck. Nora attempts to lead a quiet life away from the political chaos of the Easter Rebellion that has engulfed Ireland and her home city. Directed by John Ford. Director: Bernard Miles. The staff of an engineering firm take over after going on strike. Sat 06 Jul 19 The Frightened City British Noir film about extortion rackets and gang warfare in the West End of London.

The Shadows had a hit single with main theme. Sat 06 Jul 19 90 Degrees South Director: Herbert G. Stars: F. Evans, Herbert G. Ponting, Robert Falcon Scott. A record of Captain Scott's South Pole expedition. Sat 06 Jul 19 Crossroads to Crime Sat 06 Jul 19 The Square Peg Norman gets drafted and is mistakenly parachuted into Nazi occupied France. Director: Anthony Pelissier. After receiving a rocking horse, a child is able to pick winning horses at the racetrack Sat 06 Jul 19 Forbidden Directed by George King.

An ex-serviceman plans to escape his faithless wife. Sat 06 Jul 19 Doublecross Directed by Bryan Forbes. Director Robert Wise. Sat 06 Jul 19 The Sand Pebbles Sat 06 Jul 19 Belle Starr Directed by Irvin Cummings. A southern beauty, indignant at her treatment by the Yankees, marries a confederate guerrilla. A small town gets dragged out into space and the populace try to organise a local government based on equal rights for all. Controversy stirs in a village when a Lady is rescued at sea and the men begin vying for her affections Sun 07 Jul 19 Ambush In Leopard Street Crime Thriller.

A retired thief forms a gang for one last job, a diamond shipment. With good locations and a British cast it's an enjoyable British B film. Sun 07 Jul 19 Scotland Yard Director: Richard Fleischer. Sun 07 Jul 19 Boy on A Dolphin Henry is a mild man who writes adventure stories for his girls.

Longarm Longarm and the Pirate's Gold by Tabor Evans | Penguin Random House Canada

All is fine until he meets Miss Honey! Directed by John Guillermin. The big day has finally arrived! Director Ken Annakin. The Huggetts have a telephone installed, along with a niece who causes disruption when she turns up. A ghost detective named Carnacki investigates the haunting of a country house that threatens a wedding Sun 07 Jul 19 Yield to the Night Director: J Lee Thompson.

A condemned murderess relives key events while waiting for the hangman's noose. Director: Ralph Thomas. A British MP faces the choice of his career or the woman he loves. Comedy, Drama. Directed by Jack Lemmon. To avoid settling in a nursing home, a retired salesman, is obliged to leave his son's family. Sun 07 Jul 19 Anne of the Indies Director: Lewis Allen. Three gangsters trap a family in their own house, with the intention of killing the president of the USA.

Lovely footage a of charity celebrity Tea Party with Vera Lynn as the star guest. See who you can spot among the celebrity guests? Reporter Joe Jeff Morrow finds his wife is the prime suspect in a murder investigation. Crime drama directed by Vernon Sewell. A husband plots to kill his rich wife.

Does he have the perfect alibi? Starring Derek Bond and Hugh Latimer. Director: Leslie Arliss. Two school teachers take refuge in an isolated house in the Yorkshire Moors when a storm breaks. Pirates force Jonathon to lead them to his settlement after hearing about hidden treasures. Directed by Henry Cass. A salesman who learns he has months to live cashes in his savings to live in a fancy hotel. Mon 08 Jul 19 90 Degrees South Mon 08 Jul 19 Get Some In! Picket Detail. Director John Baxter. In s Salford, Harry Hardcastle and his sister, Sally, both, in their different ways, fall victim to poverty.

Mon 08 Jul 19 Public Eye The Man Who Said Sorry. An oddly-dressed man visits Marker, insisting he is the only man capable of helping him. After an expose article is published, an MP dies in mysterious circumstances. Mon 08 Jul 19 The Gentle Touch Do It Yourself. Alexander Korda's film for the British war effort shows the world both at peace and on the verge of Nazi domination. Director: James Parrott. Laurel and Hardy deliver a piano, but struggle to carry it up a flight of stairs.

A Merton Park Studios Production. A young artist is almost driven to murder from the pressures of living in the Glasgow slum area. A man believes that his son's death was not just a straightforward boating accident. When Peter Weston returns to England he finds that Daisy, a tame alligator, has been left in his care. Tue 09 Jul 19 Second Woman James V Kern. An architect's fiancee is killed in a mysterious car accident on the night before their wedding… Subtitles Available Tue 09 Jul 19 I'll Be Seeing You Directed by William Dieterle. A British politician's liberal views become more conservative with his steady rise to power Tue 09 Jul 19 s Celebrity Tea Party From the private collection of Richard Hearne.

Released from prison, Pinky Richard Jordan vows to go straight, but after taking a maintenance job, he attracts a lot of attention. A Charming short film made in following London workers on their weekends in the country. Tue 09 Jul 19 Public Eye Horse and Carriage. Marker finds the season of goodwill a little hard to bear when a husband hires Marker to investigate his wife.

Tue 09 Jul 19 Man in the Middle Director: Michael Winner. Four marathon runners from different countries prepare to compete in the Olympics. The Conference. Scientists are looking for the perfect man to send to the moon. Tue 09 Jul 19 Suddenly Subtitles Available Tue 09 Jul 19 River of Steel Made in a beautiful animation directed by Peter Sachs, summarising the manufacture of steel and a humorous glimpse of a world suddenly deprived of its steel. This episode also guest stars Russell Nype and Eileen Ryan. Wed 10 Jul 19 The Gay Dog Director: Maurice Elvey.

A Miner tries to increase his dog's odds at a big greyhound race Wed 10 Jul 19 Encore Three short stories by W. Somerset Maugham. Wed 10 Jul 19 Idol On Parade Newley is a pop singer called up to serve in the British army. Wed 10 Jul 19 Scotland Yard The Candlelight Murder. An inspector unmasks the killer of an elderly hermit. A British foreign correspondent, forced out of Norway, returns to the occupied Scandinavian country. Wed 10 Jul 19 Glimspes of a s Driving Lesson Shot around Wiltshire in the late s, we travel around the streets of the s towns with our instructor in our morris minor.

Incredible shots of a way of life long gone. Wed 10 Jul 19 The Ugly Duckling Directed by Lance Comfort. Henry is an outsider waiting for a purpose in life until he discovers a formula. Wed 10 Jul 19 Get Some In! Christmas at the Camp. When 9-year-old Jennifer's parents get divorced, she is sent to a centre for maladjusted children.

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Wed 10 Jul 19 Public Eye A Family Affair. Marker is hired to find out if a woman put pressure on her deceased employer to leave her his entire wealth. Wed 10 Jul 19 Scream of Fear Directed by Seth Holt. After 10 years, Penny returns to her father's home and is convinced something is amiss. Directed by Edmond T. Paul, a divorcee, marries a French lady but his daughter is determined to spoil the relationship. Wed 10 Jul 19 The Gentle Touch The Good, the Bad and the Rest.

Maggie tries to help when Steve learns of criminal activity at his college. In British India, a prince must be taken to safety across a rebel-held territory.

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Wed 10 Jul 19 Lena Rivers Young Lena, born out of wedlock, goes to live with a rich uncle, but his wife and daughter don't like her one bit. Wed 10 Jul 19 Salmon Fishing Industry Insightful public information film made in the s possibly earlier following salmon fishing from stream to the plate and everything in-between. Starring Jon Pertwee and Sid James.

A cartoonist finds it impossible to concentrate on his next commission Thu 11 Jul 19 Treasure Hunt Director: John Paddy Carstairs. After reading Sir Roderick Lyall's will, the family learn they are short on money. Thu 11 Jul 19 River of Steel Made in a beautiful animation directed by Peter Sachs, summarising the manufacture of steel and a humorous glimpse of a world suddenly deprived of its steel. Thu 11 Jul 19 The Price of Silence Ann Nelson rated it really liked it Nov 24, HornFan2 Mike rated it it was amazing Nov 05, Tiffany Overton rated it liked it Feb 22, Stephen rated it it was amazing Jun 01, Nicole rated it liked it Oct 20, Nijal Patel rated it liked it May 07, Christopher Fields rated it liked it Jan 19, Deborah K Larson rated it liked it Oct 16, Travis rated it liked it Jun 22, Jacqueline Frederick rated it it was amazing May 24, Margaret White marked it as to-read Sep 13, Garth Edmunds added it Apr 05, Jai Rodrigue added it Jun 04, Kevin Trainer marked it as to-read Sep 11, Eddie added it Dec 27, RC added it Sep 14, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Tabor Evans. Tabor Evans. The Longarm books are a series of western novels featuring the character of Custis Long, who is nicknamed Longarm, a U. Deputy Marshal based in Denver, Colorado in the s. The series is written by Tabor Evans , a house pseudonym used by a number of authors.

Lou Cameron helped create the character and wrote a number of the early books in the series. The first book was published in and the The Longarm books are a series of western novels featuring the character of Custis Long, who is nicknamed Longarm, a U. The first book was published in and the final one was published in March In addition there are 29 "Giant" editions published as well. The Longarm series is a mainstay of the "adult western" genre which arose in the s. These books are distinguished from classical westerns by the inclusion of more explicit sex and violence.

Other books in the series. Longarm 1 - 10 of books. Books by Tabor Evans. Trivia About Longarm and the P No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back.