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Because the soil is porous and aerated, the vineyards at Beaucastel have developed root systems that penetrate deep into the earth in their search for water. Chateau de La Presle Chateau de la Presle is a super little estate in the Touraine that's making classic Sauvignon Blanc together with a fistful of other varietal wines. Run by the Meurgey-Penet family, the vineyards of Chateau de la Presle are tended in as natural a manner as possible which allows them to produce wines of fantastic purity that demonstrate each variety's true charcteristics to perfection.

Frederick Meurgey is Burgundian by birth and he has brought his passion for classic white wine to Chateau de la Presle, a passion born in him, for his father was Henri Meurgey, one of Beaune's best known and most respected wine men. However, these are simple wines, not like the great growths of the Cote d'Or, but nevertheless they are quite sublime and the purity that is demonstrated by the Sauvignon Blanc would allow it grace any table on any occasion.

It was from the families Durand and Valentin taken on that organic viticulture surrounded. Their Cotes de Gascogne white and red wines are light and fresh, very well made and perfect summers day wines. The 5 year old and vintage Armagnacs are all excellent. If you are passing by, Francis will show you his Armagnac cellar and conduct a personal tasting from barrels of older vintages.

There is also a wine shop and Pigeonnier gite at the Chateau. Chateau de Treviac Chateau des Eyssards A beautiful 38 hectare estate to the south-west of the town of Bergerac on the edge of the Dordogne. It is owned by Pascal Cuisset who is one of the most innovative young winemakers in the region. Pascal is passionate about his wines and believes that while technology can be extremely useful in winemaking it is the physical labour and intuitive skills of a winemaker which really count.

Chateau des Tourtes Vignobles Raguenot, a family of independent winegrowers who work and live for one and only passion: the meticulous creation of wines. With the help of the experience and knowledge acquired in the numerous French vineyards which he had managed, one of them the famous Chateau de Chenonceau in the Loire, he imposed a personal style on the management of the vineyard and the vinification of its wines, looking for power and elegance. Chateau Haut Beyzac Vignobles Raguenot, a family of independent winegrowers who work and live for one and only passion: the meticulous creation of wines.

Enjoying an exceptional geology with a clay-limestone soil, the vineyard is composed of Cabernet Sauvignon, the preferred varietal in Medoc, as well as Merlot and Petit Verdot. Three distinct cuvees are imagined and elaborated according to different methods of vinification, maturation and blend of grape varieties. Since then they have gradually expanded the domaine, acquiring the most attractive terroirs of the Alaric mountain, particularly Las Vals, which was acquired in the eighties. Throughout this period the assistance of Marc Dubernet was invaluable in helping develop the family's wines.

In , Richard Marlowe, a fan of the Domaine's wines, organized a meeting with the renowned Tuscan wine consultant Stefano Chioccioli. Since then we have developed a very close relationship with Stefano with a shared aim to showcase the complexity of the terroirs of the Alaric Mountain. Stefano is one of Italy's leading winemakers. He is certainly the most gifted person we've found in the wine world. Chateau La Verriere After the total destruction of the vineyard in the 19th century by phylloxera, it took thirty years to find a vineyard capable of producing high quality wines.

In the 80s, the vineyard extends on 20 Hectares, a cellar allowing to receive stainless steel tanks is built. In , Alain's son, Alain, after having worked in a beautiful property in Bordeaux for more than 10 years, joined his father in order to sustain the quality of his work and bring him his experience. A new underground barrel cellar, a bottling and packaging cellar are built for the vinification and aging of the property's wine. Today, the estate covers 75 hectares and holds all the necessary modern equipment temperature control, pneumatic press, micro-oxygenation to produce a high quality wine.

Later, Joseph de La Pise, Lord of Maucoil and archivist of the House of Orange-Nassau, the Dutch royal family, inherited the estate and the castle which was built in A series of illustrious families successively took over the reins of the estate and helped to establish its reputation. Gabriel Farnet put vineyards, built an own winery and restored Chateau minuty of to brilliant splendor.

Chateau Mont-Redon Chateau Roumieu In medieval times, Roumieu was the name used by the Moors to designate Christians and the place name Roumieu meant a thoroughfare for the pilgrims on their way to St. Jacques de Compostelle. This is where the "coquille St Jacques", or scallop shell on label commes from. Today only a few farm buildings and a well dating back to the eighteenth century remain. The "chai" or wine storehouse was built in by the Bordeaux architect Fargeaudoux and its technical and aesthetic qualities are worthy of interest - indeed it is a rare example of a wine building in the midst of the Sauternes vineyards.

Chateau Ste Michelle Chateau Ste. Michelle has done a real pioneering work in and for Washington State. Founded in , and oldest winery in the region successfully combines traditional winemaking with innovative New World techniques. Chateau Ste. Michelle also one of the few wineries that strictly separate procedures for the vinification of white and red wines is added.

While the reds in the River Ridge Winery, prepares the south of the Columbia Valley are vinified to the white wines in Woodinville, 15 miles northeast of Seattle. With a size of about 35 hectares 87 acres of this winery is home to over , visitors annually who come on tours, wine tastings, dinners and open air concerts. As a "flagship Winery" Woodinville is also the headquarters of the company. Tradition is obviously a basic essential when it comes to managing this family estate. The vines grow on hills overlooking the valley of the River Isle, in soils of clay and limestone that are known for their capacity to produce wines with great aromatic variety and remarkable elegance on the palate.

The different grape varieties in the different parts of the vineyard are harvested only when their ripeness has been closely studied. It is not unusual for harvesting to spread over several weeks, so that the grapes may be picked at optimum richness. Cielo e Terra Since Luca and Pierpaolo Cielo have taken over the reigns the company has been strengthened by the union of the Cielo family tradition and the experience of over wine producers of the Colli Berici, not to mention that fact that the quality of the product has reached even higher levels.

At this point in time Cielo e Terra has achieved its mission and the company has taken its place as leader of the large-scale retail trade in Italy, with an ever-increasing presence on foreign markets. Clos du Serres Created in : 15 land parcels were selected to give birth to the 'Clos du Serres'. The word 'serres' is Occitan for hills. This means the area has strict boundaries and its own production rules aimed at guaranteeing high quality wines which reflect the character of the terroir; these include : use of local grape varieties, yields of less than 45 hectolitres per hectare, minimum age of the vines, grape maturity, hard pruning.

Other factors that make the area special: The strong variations between day and night time temperatures encourage the grapes to ripen slowly but steadily, an important factor in encouraging the wines' aromatic qualities. Collefrisio is inserted in a geographical context has always been prone to culture vineyards and wine production and is able to combine a high quality standard with a large number of bottles of the various varieties such as placing company of small to medium size but with a high flexibility for applications markets seeking quality wines.

It 'structured to work inside the wine in all its production process, it offers the laboratory processing of the first grapes, the wine cellar with barrels and high capacity silos, logistics organized for shipment all over the world, a magnificent hall for tastings and hospitality during the grape harvest and events.

Since its official opening in , chasing an award to the next. Because in addition to delicious wines for every day, "Columbia Crest produces just particularly exquisite premium quality. Conte di Campiano A long time ago, a Count from very distant lands transited on his beautiful steed, in the lands of the Val Tramigna and went up until to the plateau of Mount Crocetta.

Daylight was stroking the hills, at the profile of a castle, the steep roofs of small houses and dark, the white paths and cultivated land, and were scattering in the gentle wind to reach the immobility of the sky. In the region of Puglia, the heel of the boot of Italy, the conditions are ideal for growing grapes.

He focuses on the production of high-quality, dry wines from classic white and red wines. At the same time he is dedicated to the production of high-quality cults after the traditional bottle fermentation process. Craggy Range Craggy Range is a family owned winery established in named by U. Based on the single vineyard philosophy of winemaking, Craggy Range was the first in the Southern Hemisphere to make single vineyard wines from multiple New Zealand regions with grape varieties matched to place.

The winery produces a portfolio of quality wines including the iconic Prestige and Family collections, as well as Limited Editions all reflecting the place and the people. Creation Wines The story of Creation Wines is as old as the hills - dating back to when Mother Nature created South Africa's beautiful Hemel- en-Aarde and bestowed upon it exceptional winegrowing conditions. At the same time, our story is as young as the vibrant team who since has been investing their talents to create a wine range of great distinction.

Darling Cellars heralded a new era for the region of Darling with the establishment of the private cellar: Darling Cellars Pty Limited. With its unique terroir and the demarcation of the area as Wine of Origin Darling in , the focus is on producing wines that are region and varietal true. The cool and temperate West Coast climate lends itself to a variety of different micro- and meso-climates which, along with the different soil types, lead to unique grapes which we guide into even more unique wines.

De Toren De Toren - the private wine cellar that belongs to Emil and Sonette Den Dulk - is an irresistible invitation to indulge in every one of the five sensory delights: sight, sound, touch, aroma and especially the taste of its flagship wine, Fusion V. The estate huddles closely to the ocean - that explains why the five classic cultivars of Bordeaux - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot - thrive in these vineyards.

The first impression of De Toren is of limitless, unfettered light scattered by playful breezes, but closer inspection reveals the strict man-imposed order underlying nature's extravagance. Minute attention to the finest detail is evident, from the immaculate vineyards to the cellar's tower that not only gives De Toren its distinctive silhouette, but also ensures that its wine is made with gentle gravity and never has to experience the torture of harsh mechanical pumps.

This attention to detail and the soft handling of the grapes form the inextricable core of De Toren's philosophy and success. The concept of a gravity fed winery, basket pressing and hand harvesting of the five Bordeaux grape varieties could only be a winning formula. The system of a litre pressure tank in a lift shaft as a pump, hand sorting conveyors and a basket press has since been implemented to perfection on our farm and produces excellent, complex and well balanced wines. It is awarded by the Wine and Spirit Board and will serve as an environmentally friendly stamp of approval.

De Trafford De Trafford Winery is situated on the beautiful Mont Fleur farm set at the top of a dramatic valley above Stellenbosch, m up between the Stellenbosch and Helderberg mountains, right at the end of the Blaauwklip road, between Stellenbosch and Somerset West. The history of wine growing on this mountain farm started with the purchase of the property in by the Trafford family as inaccessible grazing land.

Many of the high altitude slopes were deemed suitable for high quality red grape varieties. Unfortunately, due to the absurd quota restrictions, planting a commercial vineyard had to wait 18 years. In a small vineyard was established to produce experimental wines — consumed by family and friends! These were our learning curve years — , which included lots of help and advice from local winemakers and working experience in France, particularly in the Bordeaux area.

Today, De Wetshof is one of the few third generation wine estates in South Africa. Here Danie de Wet, proprietor and cellarmaster, is assisted by sons Johann viticulture and marketing and Peter winemaker. Danie is a pioneer of noble white wines in South Africa and has also introduced superior red cultivars to the Robertson Wine Valley.

It is family owned by the Spatz-Sperling Family and a producer of a large range of wines with passion, famous all around the world. Di Majo Norante Di Majo Norante presses his wine from own grapes, which bear witness to the ancient cellar beneath the Piazza in Campomarino and the old palace of the family since Devotion to the wine was only Luigi, then Alessio di Majo inherited and is active in conjunction with a passion for research and innovation practices.

Di Majo Norante produces wines from own vineyards, a total 85 hectares of ancient feudal ownership of Marchesi Norante di Santa Cristina cover. In the course of extensive modernization measures, a granary from the year has been heating plants to the page, which now acts as the barrel cellar. This measure shows the wine-making philosophy of Di Majo Norantes: based on the traditional values of the Rebbaus and wine- making while taking into account all specific properties of Mediterranean, independent varieties.

Diemersdal Making wine runs in the family at Diemersdal. Today, Diemersdal is renowned for its award-winning range of red and white wines enjoyed locally and exported to the far corners of the globe. Diemersdal wines are the perfect expression of the distinct terroir of the Durbanville Wine Valley, one of the oldest wine regions in the Cape. The diverse soils and slopes provide the optimum conditions for making premium- quality wines with prominent varietal character. The dry land vineyards develop concentrated flavours, uniformly ripened by the cooling sea-breezes from the Atlantic Ocean.

Diemersfontein Wine Estate Diemersfontein Wine and Country Estate is a third generation working wine farm that keeps tradition and authenticity close to its heart, and where you can taste, stay, marry, learn and live. Framed within spectacular views and mountain ranges, the estate is located in the Cape Winelands in the Wellington valley, with close proximity to all major wine routes and only 50 minutes drive from Cape Town.

Once a year, they arrange a famous festival to welcome the new vintage with a flood of Pinotage lovers: Pinotage on Tap. The owners, David and Sue Sonnenberg, have come to mean to the people of Diemersfontein in Wellington in the 10 years they've lived and worked on the estate. Once you've experienced the spirituality, natural beauty and unparalleled views and vistas around Dieu Donne, you will understand why. Dieu Donne — dating back to - is a delightful haven of peace and tranquility in the most beautiful valley in South Africa: the picturesque and world renowned wine producing enclave of Franschhoek.

Dieu Donne is situated high on the steep southwest facing slopes of the Franschhoek Mountains. Here the sun is tempered, ensuring slow ripening of our grapes. And thanks to cool summer conditions and Dieu Donne's unique soil strata of Hutton and Clovelly from weathered granite with a rocky top soil, found only in this corner of the Valley, the vines do not show excessive vigour, nor do they over-produce.

This exceptional terroir gives Dieu Donne wines their special character. The view from Dieu Donne is well-known among those who wish to identify the famous landmarks of Franschhoek, watch the sun setting over the Simonsberg Mountains, or just love enjoying a glass of wine during a picnic at this scenic spot. The Berthenet property is located in Montagny-les-Buxy, a typical burgundian village surrounded by its amphitheatre of vines.

The Berthenet family has cultivated vines for almost years. In , Jean- Pierre decided to stop selling his grapes to the local cooperative cellar and now makes and bottles all of his own wine. Grapes are pressed using a pneumatic press and the wines vinified in a modern facility with temperature regulated stainless steel vats, all to assure the quality and freshness of the wines.

Together, they work 48 acres of vines, half in red, half in white. For over twenty years, their vines have received only organic fertilizers. They work the soil in winter to keep down weeds and increase micro- bacteriological activity. Where they have replanted, they have chosen strains of vines that are low yielding.

All of these policies are aimed at bringing the harvest to full and perfect maturity as often as possible. Domaine Bousquet Domaine Bousquet produce world-class quality wines applying both French and Argentine know-how in the winemaking process. Our winery is in Tupungato, Mendoza.

This region has an exceptional terroir and ideal weather conditions to produce high quality wines from organic grapes. Domaine de Grachies Domaine de Montlong Domaine des Malandes The Domaine des Malandes is a family estate, which has the privilege to associate the traditional experiences of wine with the best modern equipments.

The result is high quality wines which obtain awards from a lot of competitions. The perfect care brought to the vinification and the various locations of their plots contribute largely to the finesse of our wines. All the Chablis can be perfectly appreciated with any kind of sea food, appetizer, grilled fish or in a delicate sauce or white meat like pork or poultry. Francis Fichet Fichet, who had it by no me means the experience e experiment , knew how to ne nevertheless quickly master th the essential stage of the wi wine making, his talent as asserting itself mainly with th the red vines, of Gamay and Pi Pinot noir.

Cooperative of the village, d during a crisis of wines in 1 By proposing quality wines, Francis Fichet acquired a certain fame with the wine-making wor world. Before his elder son, Pierre making world. Before his elder son, Pierre-Yves, joins with him with him in , Francis Yves, joins with him in , Francis Fichet marketed at th this moment between in in bottles a year. His brother Olivier joining t them in Today, Domaine Houchart still has the 90 hectares of vines, situated at Puyloubier, at the foot of the famed montagne Sainte Victoire, 25 kms east of Aix-en-Provence.

Domaine Le Galantin In the vineyard "Le Galantin", near the sea located on a particularly beautiful part of the world. Download Achille and Liliane Pascal, their wines to be discovered on the dry, sun-baked Terraced vineyards of the "Plan du Castellet" grow. The Pommard terroir is obviously the most represented with no less than 6 appellations, 3 of which are premier cru. The estate is gradually expanding to offer new appellations, always with respect for the terroir and nature. A new building is being built in to make it easier to store tractors and other vineyard materials and thus dedicate a larger area to the reception area.

Olivier's goal is to create authentic and elegant wines. Five years later in he settled as a young winegrower with 8 hectares. At this time he was selling his grapes to the local cooperative. His domain was born in Located in the noble area of the "plateaus", the estate covers 27 hectares including 24 hectares of red grape varietals and 3 hectares of white.

The property produces highly structured red and white wines which reflect the richness of an historic and unique terroir. It was a vast estate of hectares. He married the daughter of a landowner who was guillotined during the Revolution and was made mayor of Chateauneuf in and From this period onwards the beginning of the 19th century the wines from our estate were sold in bottles or casks and marketed to connoisseur clients.

Her son Jean married the descendant of an old winemaking family who owned the land around Vieux Lazaret an old hospital used to quarantine and treat patients during the great epidemics of the 17th and 18th centuries and he settled in Chateauneuf du Pape where he was mayor from to In the entire vineyard was destroyed by phylloxera, a small insect that eats the roots of vines, eventually killing them. Our family was ruined and took up quarrying, the silk trade and farming wheat and cereals.

The vineyard was replanted primarily with Grenache grapes. Neither the war, the economic crisis of nor the Second World War were helpful to the expansion or development of the estate. Domaines Robert Vic Housed in a magnificent ancient castle dating back to Roman times, though most of the current building is Medieval. A fifth generation family producer making wines only from their own vineyards. She loves the roots of the Languedoc.

The region is big and the wines have multiple flavours and profiles. Must they be fresh and tasty? Must they go with Mediterranean cooking? Character and balance, delicacy and harmony, and of course, the wine must express and reveal its origins. The wine must talk and link us to the soil… its juice must release Southern flavours, a fruit concentrate and a garrigue perfume, with crispness, fine flavours and drinkability. Dominio de Tares combines tradition in growing and modernity in elaboration in order to get all the essence from the grape in the best conditions. Bierzo, by looking for the most interesting soils and settlements.

El Bierzo riches translates into quality and flavour in our terroir wines The geographical situation of El Bierzo, together with its morphological features and its microclima with smooth temperaturas and mild humidity, favor the production of great wines from indigenous varieties. The result is a range of white and red wines, elegant and complex which captivate when expressing the quality of the terroir. This is when the first vineyard was acquired.

Flowing gently past hillsides covered with vineyards, the river has always been closely identified with Chablis and its region. Because of its unique location at the heart of their 38 hectare vineyard estate 95 acres , this historical mill is the headquarters of the Drouhin Domaine in ChaJoseph Drouhin, a precursor and pioneer in this great wine region for 40 years, will strengthen the identity of their prestigious Chablis Domaine. With this in mind, and starting with the vintage , the name "Vaudon" will be associated with Joseph Drouhin for all its Chablis wines as a sign of the firm's allegiance to this historical terroir.

Today it has 22 members whose vineyards all lie within a 10 km radius of the cellar. The stony soils of the area are ideally suited to grape growing. Its major white cultivar is Sauvignon blanc, followed by Chardonnay, Chenin blanc and Semillon. Although the Durbanville area is renowned for its Sauvignon Blanc that excels under the cool conditions where it is grown mostly on the cool south facing slopes, the range of red wines also benefit from the warmer valley outskirts and opposing northern slopes.

In the late s seven grape farmers and Distell agreed to build a cellar as part of a joint venture to make their own wine. Since the first vintage in , there are nine member farms, all located near the cellar. The member farms are Klein Roosboom the site of the fresh-water spring that prompted the first farmers to settle in the area , Ongegund, Hillcrest, Maastricht, Morgenster, Bloemendal and Hooggelegen.

Another two producers from the farms Welbeloond and De Grendel recently joined the cellar. Such is the heritage of the region that the youngest of these farms, Klein Roosboom, was established in and the oldest, a mere three years after those established in the Constantia area in Three generations working with land over 24 centuries old. It shelters a unique vineyard where the vines and the wines have been famous for 2, years. Although belonging to the Guigal Estate, Vidal Fleury maintains commercial and technical autonomy. Ecker Eckhof The winery "Ecker - Eckhof" is a family owned business situated in the idyllic village Mitters Mitterstockstall Mitterstockstall.

The name "Eckhof" derives from the the location of the winery, whic which lies at a crossroads, and and the family name "Ecker". The winery is excellently established in the local as well as in the international market. The vineyard area of 18 18 hectares is managed by Bernhard Ecker, who continues the farm of his pa parents Johann and Marianne in in their sense, with the aim to to produce honest and characterful wines.

The wines. The fact that the winery places great value on tradition is reflected also in the winery logo. The grandfather, Johann Ecker, was one of the last guardians of Stockstall. A vineyard keeper, so called "Hiata" in eastern Austria had to guard the grapes. Their distinguishing feature was the "guardian star". This guardian star is an integral part of the "Ecker-logo". Edgebaston Edgebaston wines are made by David Finlayson on the Finlayson family vineyards in Stellenbosch.

The range of wines is made to reflect the personality and winemaking philosophy of the region and the Finlayson family. Quality and a holistic approach to the production of our wines is our ethos. We strive to farm the land, grow the grapes and make the wine in an environmentally friendly manner whilst ensuring that each wine is world class. It is the Finlayson family's firm belief that Stellenbosch has always and will remain South Africa's finest winemaking region, this is where we wish to continue to create wonderful wines for the discerning wine collector.

Koopmanskloof is set in the Bottelary Hills in Stellenbosch, with a wine tradition dating back to We are proud of this heritage, and our wines prove it. Elena Walch Ernie Els Wein As one of South Africa's leading ambassadors and one of the most recognisable faces in the world of sport, it is befitting that Ernie chose South Africa and Stellenbosch to produce his wine. The idea was born from Ernie Els and based on the vision to produce a wine that would capture everything that Ernie stands for: big in stature and gentle in character. Since its launch Ernie Els Wines has established a magnificent portfolio of South African red wines offering quality wines for everyone at various different price-points.

In the summer of two new white wines were also added to the portfolio. Ernie's passion for these wines, combined with winemaker Louis Strydom's considerable talents, has proved a winning combination. Ernie Els Wines has won plaudits and many prestigious awards around the world and the team continues to make a big impact on both the South African and international wine markets.

A total of eight wines is now housed under the Ernie Els Wines portfolio. The Ernie Els Signature is the flagship wine. At Estancia, we control this process from the start—from our experimental vineyard block trials to planting, harvesting, fermenting, and aging the wines. Our Monterey-based winery allows us to devote the same detailed attention that we give our California estate vineyards. Open-top fermenters and small basket presses allow us to create exceptional Pinot Noir, and new red-wine fermentation tanks are individually matched to a myriad of diverse vineyard blocks.

Fairview Fairview is a third generation family- owned farm that values the relationship between those who own and work the vineyards and the very land that provides the raw materials. Fairview is committed to the preservation of the local environment, and has various measures in place to ensure that its farming and production practices are in line with or exceed the standards set by local and international authorities.

Farnese Farnese Vini is a young winery that in a few years, thanks to a policy devoted to the highest quality research and marketing, has become the leading exporting companies in Southern Italy with a production of nearly 13 million bottles. The brand Farnese, known in the most important world markets, will mark the group now has seven leading companies in the south of Italy and commercial outlets in 74 countries on all continents.

The success of Farnese isn't just in numbers, most of the reputation of Farnese also came from national and international awards: for 3 consecutive years Farnese was named company of the year in the industry, 5 times Farnese wines have been awarded as "wines of years" and over 30 international gold medals and trophies in recent years have enhanced the company notice board. To be successful in the market is important having wines of high quality with a competitive price and with great packaging, but it is also important having a company able to provide its customers with a fast and efficient service.

The great success of the production system and sales Farnese was extended in Puglia, Campania, Basilicata and Sicilia keeping as main objective to produce wines of the highest quality that are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. In the future strategies of the Group Farnese, southern Italy will play an increasingly important role because it is able to produce wines with an excellent quality-price ratio Fetzer Vineyards Since founding in in beautiful Mendocino County, Fetzer Vineyards has been a pioneer of California winemaking.

The history is one of ever-evolving quality and innovation and a progressive, hands-on approach to earth-friendly practices. Beginning in , Fetzer undertook perhaps its most important commitment of all: total sustainable growing of all its grapes. One by one, as each vineyard committed to sustainable growing, the results could be tasted in the fruit.

Vines grew healthy, the fruit rich and clean — ideal for the production of premium wines. By , Fetzer had become recognized by wine lovers nationwide for its superb quality and value. Brown- Forman Corporation purchased Fetzer offering the support needed to accelerate its quality goals. The winery continued to grow and innovate, always striving to improve and expand its offerings and strengthen its dedication to the environment, to make its wines — and life — a little better.

Fleur du Cap In , shortly after Die Bergkelder cellar was completed, the first vintages of the much loved Fleur du Cap range were launched. Under the watchful eye of the manager of wine production, Dr Julius Laszlo, Die Bergkelder continued to follow the philosophy of smaller volume, superior wine. In , Die Bergkelder introduced maturation of quality wine in small casks of new French oak and in , it launched the reserve range of Fleur du Cap Unfiltered wines, known for their superior quality.

Francis Ford Coppola Niebaum Franciscan Estate Franciscan Estate was established in and began producing wines of true character from our Oakville estate in Only grapes of the highest quality are deemed worthy to wear the Franciscan Estate crest.

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We strive to create wines of the highest character and excellence in every vintage. This is what devotion to wines of true character is all about. It is in every bottle and embodied in our crest that has been a sign of excellence on our wines for over 40 years.

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Franz Haas Franz Haas has been producing estate wines since , the year in which the present-day winery was established. A family-run estate, it was handed down through the generations to the first-born son Franz Haas. We vinify grapes from 50 hectares of vineyards, of which 28 hectares are estate- grown or rented, while the balance comes from vine growers with plots in particularly vocated microareas. Our goal is to produce quality wines that are the distinct expression of our terroir, with good aging potential and marked personality. The French term terroir is not easily defined, but among winemakers it represents all environmental factors that shape the personalities of wines from a specific vineyard or region.

In our district, nature is unrelenting. It rains an average of only 50mm per year and the Southwesterly wind constantly buffets the coastline, but thanks to a series of fortunate coincidences this region is ideal for winemaking. Established as a joint venture headed by the world-renowned Golan Heights Winery in , Galil Mountain Winery preserves the delicate balance between tradition and technology. Leveraging six area vineyards, a state-of-the-art production plant and proven expertise, Galil Mountain Winery offers an inspired selection of award-winning wines that remains true to its roots.

Quitzow chose the original winery site in Geyserville for its vantage point of the famed Geysers Geothermal area. Today, Geyser Peak pays fond tribute to its past roots in Alexander Valley as it sets forth on a new path into the Dry Creek Valley Appellation where the winery has recently relocated. Although the address is new, the commitment to the highest quality artisan winemaking is not. Giacosa Fratelli Our company dates back hundreds of years: a family history, steeped in values handed down from father to son.

We work the land each day, with passion and will, believing that our wine before everything else must express this essence: directly cultivating the vineyards, we check the origin of our grapes right to their roots. The first Glaetzers settled in the Barossa Valley in after emigrating from Brandenburg, Germany. From here they settled in a country town called Nuriootpa in the Barossa Valley where they started their new life in Australia. The family were some of the earliest recorded viticulturalists in the Barossa Valley and Clare Valley and the current generation is firmly entrenched in the family wine business.

Its origins date back to the seventeenth century. In , the estate passed to Johan Peter de Villiers, and finally in it became the property of a British family, the Garlicks. This estate of hectares formerly devoted to fruit production had, thanks to it terroir, a vocation for wine producing, which has been a speciality of this region since the seventeenth century. An exhaustive study of soil and weather conditions lead to the planting of 60 hectares of red varieties, 6 hectares of white and 5 hectares of olive trees. Central to this impressive circle of mountains, vineyards and olive groves lies the 'Manor House' in the Cape Dutch style, white walls and thatched roof, surrounded by newly renovated farm buildings and beautiful gardens.

Four lakes provide water supplies whilst the flora and fauna add to the beauty of this site. The year saw the inauguration of the winery: 6, m2 anchored in the mountains on 4 floors functioning by gravity flow. This very modern structure was designed as an excellent environmentally friendly working tool consumption of electricity and water reduced, keeping constant temperature etc This French adventure on African soil is based on a young, professional and motivated team of South Africans with very special attention given to social conditions of each and every employee.

Glenwood GlenWood is a very special place. Located in the little- known valley of Robertsvlei, a few kilometres from Franschhoek, close to Cape Town, the farm is surrounded by aspects of outstanding natural beauty. Using only the best materials and sustainable viticultural practices, they have developed the farm over the past twenty seven years, winning numerous awards for our vineyards and our hand- crafted wines.

Their credo, "simple, natural, quality", pervades the thinking across all parts of the business; simple, be it architecture, label design or the way they approach decisions; natural, be it the farming practices they use, the wine making process itself, or the replanting of indigenous fynbos throughout the farm; quality, be it of the grapes they produce, the wines they vinify, or the human relationships they foster on and off the farm. New on the farm is Okamai, a unique Japanese and sushi eatery, and who is undoubtedly the top sushi chef in Franschhoek.

The cuisine is based on Wakon yosai, an idea of adopting and applying Western learning and knowledge in conformity with native Japanese cultural traditions. The pairing of sushi with our white wines is simply outstanding. Both were made from the same grape varieties Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. They carefully avoid malo- lactic fermentation so that the wines keep all their natural fruitiness. Gosset is the oldest House in the Champagne Graham Beck Wines Graham Beck's Vineyards are located on four diverse farms in the Western Cape province of South Africa, enabling the Robertson and Franschhoek Cellars to have access to grape varietals grown in the climatic conditions and soils to which they are best suited.

Marco Ventrella, the viticulturist, oversees the 4 farms. An extensive renewal programme has resulted in premier red and white varietals on all our farms. Great care has been taken to match the obliging micro-climates and rich variety of soils with the most suitable varietal. This ensures Graham Beck's winemakers have access to optimum quality fruit from which to make their specific wines. Groote Post Guardian Peak The Guardian Peak brand is designed to compliment those who enjoy a healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle, and the wines are crafted to be accessible and enjoyed anywhere at any time.

Lifestyle is always a priority in the Cape Winelands and the Guardian Peak range is flexible and dynamic to enhance any lifestyle activity imaginable. Guardian Peak is proud to be in the ranks of the new generation of South African wineries taking our products into the global market with confidence and ambition Guicciardini Strozzi The estate can boast over years of history; in fact the oldest document which bears testimony to the existence of Cusona is dated It was amongst the green hills of Tuscany close to the famous medieval city of San Gimignano with its imposing towers the Medieval Manhattan , that the Villa of Cusona rose from the ground.

Hamilton Russell Vineyards Hamilton Russell Vineyards, one of the most southerly wine Estates in Africa and one of the closest to the sea - is located in the beautiful, cool, maritime Hemel-en-Aarde Valley appellation, just behind the old fishing village of Hermanus. The Estate specialises in producing highly individual, terroir driven Pinot noir and Chardonnay, which are widely regarded as the best in South Africa and among the best in the New World. Founder, Tim Hamilton Russell purchased the undeveloped hectare property in , after an exhaustive search for the most southerly site on which to make South Africa?

His son Anthony Hamilton Russell, who took over in finally buying the property in , narrowed the range to Pinot noir and Chardonnay only and registered Hamilton Russell Vineyards as an Estate, committing to work only with grapes from their terroir. Extensive soil research initiated in identified 52 hectares of stony, clay-rich, shale-derived soil as optimal for the individual, origin expressive style they aim for and all plantings have now been limited to this soil type.

Anthony with winemaker Hannes Storm and viticulturist Johan Montgomery are completely dedicated to expressing the personality of the Hamilton Russell Vineyards terroir in their wines. Tiny yields and intense worldwide demand keep the elegant, highly individual, Estate grown Pinot noir and Chardonnay in very short supply. Located two miles southeast of Soledad and adjacent to the Pinnacles, this acre vineyard is nestled on a bench overlooking the Salinas River and is an ideal Pinot Noir and Chardonnay location.

The bench location aids in creating excellent air flow and the southwestern exposure maximizes available sunlight and allows the fruit to ripen slowly and evenly. The soils are well-drained and comprised of decomposed granite. Specialized in modern modern Spanish wines and well established in the g the global wine industry since , Hammek Hammeken Cellars is dedicated to introducing the world world to the grape varietals that have deep set set roots in the history of Spain; where eac each varietal can tell a very unique story ab about Spain.

Yes, we are dedicated to the t traditional varietals of Spain, but in no way should we be confused with the traditional Spanish wine profile as we represent a whole NEW SPAIN, a youthful Spain, a Spain worth getting youthful Spain, a Spain worth getting to to know! Hartenberg Estate Occupying its own valley, this family estate is situated on the northeast facing slopes of the Bottelary Hills in the Stellenbosch region.

Here nature has provided the perfect soils and climate to grow and produce award- winning wines. This family owned wine estate offers beautifully crafted wines, scrumptiuos lunches, tours of our underground cellar and pristine walking trials through 60 hectares of conserved wetlands. Hartenberg Estate's 99 hectares of vineyard comprise a total of nine different soil types and many different aspects and microclimates. So as to protect the vines in years with significant heat peaks and the resulting drought conditions, all vineyards that are part of the re-planting program have drip irrigation lines.

Their presence means that vine stress can be minimised as a result of judicious application of water. Haute Cabriere Haute Cabriere is a wine farm steeped in history and local lore. Originally granted to a French Huguenot farmer, Pierre Jourdan, on the 22 December , it has been part of the Franschhoek Wine Valley fabric for over years.

Being a pioneer is intrinsic to Haute Cabriere and throughout its development and evolution it has always remained true to this heritage. In , with a pioneering legacy in mind, the vineyards were replanted in the tradition of the Champagne. Brave unconventional decisions made then ensure that today Achim von Arnim, the famed proprietor, and the Haute Cabriere team, continue to add to the farm's spirit, by specialising in an enticing range of champenoise which have been named after the original Haute Cabriere trailblazer and founder, Pierre Jourdan.

Heartland Heartland Wines was created by a small group of leading South Australian wine identities who are all good friends and share a passion for making great wine. There are three ranges under the Heartland Wines label. His father is respected winemaker Colin Glaetzer, and his two brothers are also winemakers. Ben, a Roseworthy graduate, grew up within the wine industry and started his career working as a cellarhand at Barossa Valley Estate and then as Winemaker at Tyrrell's. He has travelled and worked extensively throughout the world's wine regions and is now based in the Barossa Valley where he makes the Glaetzer family wines with his father, Colin.

Henschke The Henschke family has been making wine since Johann Christian Henschke planted a small vineyard on his diverse farming property at Keyneton in He was one of many Silesians who had fled their homeland in search of religious freedom, and he arrived from Kutschlau in The wine was initially intended for consumption by family and friends, but with the first commercial release in , believed to be principally riesling and shiraz, the wheels were set in motion for greater things to come.

Each generation has built upon the foundations of Henschke. In more recent times, fourth-generation Cyril Henschke pioneered varietal and single-vineyard wines at a time when blended wines and fortifieds were in vogue. Today, it is fifth-generation Stephen Henschke and his wife Prue at the helm, passionately upholding the family name and reputation.

This highly regarded team has won a multitude of awards that recognise the complementary nature of their roles - Stephen as winemaker and Prue as viticulturist. One of the most notable things about the couple is their ability to keep devotees fascinated. While they are perhaps most famous for Hill of Grace and Mount Edelstone, they continue to surprise with their new styles and techniques. Henschke boasts a strong portfolio, with a focus on ultra- premium single-vineyard wines.

Stephen and Prue are well recognised for their complete integration of vineyard and winery, and have received many accolades. The sixth generation, Johann, Justine and Andreas, are all actively involved in helping Stephen and Prue explore new and exciting developments. Among these are organic and biodynamic principles that will enrich the land of their forebears and strengthen a future in winemaking for the generations to come. Herdade do Esporao Little more than kilometres southeast of Lisbon, near the historical city of Reguengos de Monsaraz, we find a landscape typical of the Baixo Alentejo region.

Hill-top farms and small, whitewashed villages guard the memory of life that goes back to the Prehistoric times of tapirs and dolmens, then Iberians, Romans, Visigoths and Muslims and the many others who once settled here. The Medieval history of the region began with the Reconquista of Monsaraz and Reguengos in Since then, wine and olive oil have become an indelible aspect of the region.

In , wine began being exported to what is now over 50 international markets. The Pilgrim's way to Santiago, between the "Sierra de Tolono" mountain range and the medieval town of LaGuardia in Paganos, right in the heart of the Rioja Alavesa, built in , the grandson of the founder, Victorino Eguren Ugarte, his new winery: the "Heredad Ugarte". The grapes comes from its own ha vineyards in best clayey calcareous terrain of the Rioja Alavesa. Protected from the cold northern winds by the mountain range of Sierra de Tolono, South facing, very ripe grapes grow.

The wines are still largely produced in craftsmanship, but with the help of modern winemaking technology. Hess Collection Donald Hess is a impressive unique. The Hess Collection vineyards represent the diverse growing conditions seen in the Napa Valley. We grow grapes in both cool climates and hot.

Our sites are gently sloped along the Bay to steep in the mountains. History has taught us what is best for our vines, and we learn how to better tend to our vineyards with each passing vintage. This has allowed us to develop site specific viticulture programs for each of our ranches. At the same time we've instituted a number of environmentally- friendly initiatives that keep us at the forefront of sustainable vineyard practices.

After being informed by a professor of viticulture that the best vineyard soils lie on the slopes of the Helderberg in Stellenbosch, Dave Hidden, winemaker by training, entrepreneur by nature, set his mind to owning and running a wine farm. Thirty years later, in , this dream was realised when Dave bought a farm on the very slopes he always dreamt of. From then Hidden Valley has grown by leaps and bounds into a premium and luxury brand and a boutique destination, with award-winning wines, world class olive oil and olives and a state or the art cellar.

The climate and soils of the Columbia Valley produce grapes with intense fruit flavors and high natural acidity. The wines have a liveliness and ripe, zesty fruit flavors that make them ideal complements to a wide range of food. Hole in the water The Winemaker Jeff Sinnott produces fragrant Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand, which represents the striking variety of this type very well. The vineyards are located approximately 40 hectares in Marlborough, Waihopai Valley. Waihopai, in Maori means "hole in the water.

From careful vineyard management to high quality winemaking techniques, the wines are handcrafted to ensure that individual nuances of the vineyard and variety are maintained. Only the best quality fruit is selected, carefully fermented and aged in fine grained Allier oak, culminating in elegant wines of intense richness and complexity. Iona The wines of Iona come from a dramatically unique site in the Cape Winelands. The vineyards are on a mountain plateau metres above sea level, surrounded by the Kogelberg Nature Reserve, and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

In a country where cool sites are precious, these vineyards are like gold — the grapes ripening up to two months later than other Cape vineyards and in perfect balance. Iona is South Africa's coolest vineyard site. Andrew Gunn and family acquired this beautiful, but run-down apple farm in We Gunns can trace our ancestry to the Vikings that landed in Scotland in the s, hence the Viking longboat emblem on our labels. Since our first release in , the wines of Iona have quickly made a name as being among the finest in the world.

We invite you to visit our mountain vineyards or browse the site for further information, contact details and orders. If you would like to know where to find our wines please check our Agents or call us for restaurant listings in South Africa. Jas D'Esclans As of antiquity, the valley of Esclans was very famous for its grapes which furnished the rich Roman tables. First sheep fields of summer pastures from which its name of JAS; then significant sericulture whose alleys of mulberry trees being used to feeds the silkworms still remain the witnesses; and the viticulture which remains the only activity continuing nowadays.

The external appearance of the winery has undergone few changes, and it maintains the same classical presence it had almost 40 years ago. However, from the time it was built, the inside of the Jean Leon winery has always been home to the latest technological advances for the production of wines of the highest expression. This is why, despite the technical advances incorporated by the winery, many tasks are still performed in a manual and traditional way, thus guaranteeing the perfect monitoring of all processes. Oenologist Jaume Rovira continues to oversee all wine production, contributing the knowledge accumulated over many years working on the estate and in the winery.

The Jean Leon winery boasts a fine team of staff with extensive experience. Especially worthy of mention is our pago team, which performs all tasks manually, allowing us to carefully select the grapes both in the vineyard and on the selection table at harvest time. Jordan Winery Gary and Kathy Jordan have been making world-class wines since on a farm with a history going back over years.

He's a geologist, she's an economist - together this husband and wife team is a phenomenon. Gary's parents, Ted and Sheelagh, bought the hectare Stellenbosch property in , and embarked on an extensive replanting programme, specializing in classic varieties suited to the different soils and slopes. Gary and Kathy worked internationally for two years, refining their high- energy instincts with practical experience. They returned home to build a cellar in The following year, the vines were judged ready for making wines that would carry the Jordan name.

From that first year it was obvious that a new star had been added to the winemaking firmament. Continuing success has enlarged the team, with the focus on producing fiercely individual wines that combine the fruity accessibility of the New World with the Classic Elegance.

This traditional house that has owned vineyards from is one of the oldest winegrowing families in the village and uses time honoured methods for making good wine. Reprint facsimile edition, with a new Introduction by Allen G. Videogames in the Beginning This is Ralph H. Baer's account of how the videogame industry began. A meticulous note keeper, Baer presents in his own words the real story of what led to the Odyssey, Pong, Simon, and other videogames and products he worked on. Inventors and Inventions of the Ancient World A history of the development of civilization and the invention and use of various tools and technologies such as the use of fire, the wheel, the number system, agriculture and the domestication of animals, glass, metals, pyramids, etc.

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Dark Mimesis : a cultural history of the scalping paradigm - UBC Library Open Collections

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Sarnoff: An American Success. Quadrangle: New York, Quadrangle New York History Television Biography PW Duarte, Marisa Elena Network Sovereignty: Building the Internet Across Indian Country Given the significance of information and communication technologies to social and political life; many US tribes and Native organizations have created their own projects, from streaming radio to building networks to telecommunications advocacy. Electronic Inventions and Discoveries: Electronics from its earliest beginnings to the present.

It briefly covers the history of electronics, radio, television, and computers and examines the development of applications. Over the next decade, several hundred of these stations took to the airwaves. New York: Harper and Bros. Short biographies including David E. Hughes; Harper Bros. Dunlap's Radio and Television Almanac Chronology of radio and television, and related scientific and technological events from B. Turing Machines. Computable functions. Random Access Memory. Von Neumann, John. Turing, Alan Mathison. Nuclear Weapons. The Division produced Avenger torpedo bombers and Wildcat fighter planes for the U.

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But in the twentieth century a rapid acceleration took place: a new machine music came into existence, electronic musical instruments appeared, and composers sometimes seemed more li Music Musical Instruments Technology Technological Innovations Synthesizer Speech Phonograph PW edited by I. Bernard Cohen and Gregory W. Welch Making Numbers: Howard Aiken and the Computer Collection of technical essays and recollections of Howard Aiken, Harvard Professor, computer pioneer, and pioneer developer of electromechanical digital computers.

Electromagnetics An introduction and reference guide into electromagnetics. PW Edward Lucie-Smith A History of Industrial Design The author traces the history of design from its precursors in the ancient and medieval world to the Werbund and Bauhaus, at which point industrial design can be said to have become aware of itself. Turin, Italy: Politecnico, Fuel Cells. Volume 2. Some volumes are extremely fragile and six have significant water damage. Johnston Co. J Johnston and Co. They range from the technical specialist with an active interest in the work of this institution to those among the more general public with an appreciati Government Standardization Standards Engineers Engineering PW Elliott, Derek W.

Joe Wilson and the Creation of Xerox. New York: Wiley, Alfred A. National and International Systems of Broadcasting: Their History, Operation, and Control A history of national and international system of broadcasting. What they heard was a new kind of sound that was the product of modern technology. They listen Sound Audio technologies in general sound reproduction Architecture PW Emmerson, Andrew Old Telephones This brief historical account traces the story of the telephone in Britain from its introduction in , when it was demonstrated for Queen Victoria, to modern times.

Shire Publications, Ltd. Lightweight Street and Interurban Cars. Washington D. Army, computing baillistic tables, and later on the development of Eniac. Schwiebert A history of the U. Air Force ballistic-missle arsenal. Air Defense Air Force, U. Video Games A wide range of opinions, theories, and ideas on the impact of video games on children, gender, etc.

World Perhistory: A Brief Introduction Textbook providing a brief introduction to world prehistory. Applications of Optimal Kalman Filter Theory Unknown Self-published collection of own papers of historical value, with contextual introductions Samuel L. A Solid State of Progress, An Entertainment for Angels: Electricity in the Enlightenment. The Correspondence of Michael Faraday, vol. Frank A J L James, ed. Frank A. James, ed. Tweney, Ryan D. Edited, with an introduction by the editors. Kip, Jr.

Railroading Around the World The author, a member of the New York Railroad Club, has written a book about railroaders in other parts of the world for the benefit of North Americans. Werner von Siemens, Inventor and International Entrepreneur. Engineering and the Mind's Eye The author attempts to clarify the nature and significance of nonverbal thought in engineering, the mind's eye, and engineering drawings.

Fierstein A Triumph of Genius: Edwin Land, Polaroid, and the Kodak Patent War Detailed history of patent and legal conflicts between Edwin Land's new company and camera technology and Kodak in the s, with analysis of the implications of the court's decision in favor of Land and Polaroid. Una Panoramica de las Telecomunicaciones A textbook in Spanish of the historical depth of the telecommunications field. Television Engineering Television Engineering: from the studio to the receiver.

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Harwood Academic Publishers, Washington, DC: Counterpoint, Counterpoint Washington D. Rahman, eds. E and David E. Historical Essays on Meteorology Historical essays on meteorology from High-Tech Society. Balck Inventors in the Age of Segregation. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, History of American Electronic Laboratories, Inc. The historians are, Patrice Carre, Harm G. James The Correspondence of Michael Faraday The letters in this volume, of which nearly three quarters are published for the first time, reflect both change and continuity in Faraday's life from to , that is between the ages of 49 and James The Correspondence of Michael Faraday The letters in this volume, of which nearly two thirds are published for the first time, deal with many of the far reaching changes that occurried in Faraday's life during the first half of the s, that is between ages of Philadelphia: Franklin Institute, Catalog of exhibit.

Collinson of London, F. Facsimile publisher: Ecco Print Edition. Oersted: A Man of Two Cultures. Orsted, a man of the two cultures: experimenta, circa effectum, conflictus electrici in acum, magneticam Biography of Danish physicist, Hans Christian Orsted. Stransbergs Forlag Birkerod, Denmark H. The scope of this second edition has chan Radio Communication Receivers PW Fred Osterman Shortwave receivers past and present:communications receivers This book is designed to provide the radio hobbyist or receiver collector with concise information on the value, features, specifications and performance of current and former shortwave communications receivers.

It provides an historical account of the rise of new technologies. Applications of Digital Computers Taken from a series of lectures at Brown University on the developments in high-speed information processing done by computers. Geshichte der Naturwissenschaften und der technik. Die Tonenden Funken: Feschichte eines fruhen drahtlosen Kommunikationssystems Emerging Infrastructure: The Growth of Railroads.

Alternating Currents. Nationalized Power in France, W and F. Taylor and Bertha W. Oskar von Miller, , Eine Biographie. Munich: C. Beck Verlag, American Telegrapher: A Social History, This book is not a mere translation into English.. Naperville, IL: Sourcebooks, Inc. Sourcebook, Inc. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, One Hundred Years of Submarine Cables 59 pages, index.

Trent, Italy: Casa Editrice Publilux, Originally funded in , the BPA has been crucial in driving down the price of electricity for the region. Industrial Research Biography of Willis Whitney, the founding director of the General Electrci Research Laboratory, one of the pioneers of industrial research in the United States. Many considered it the best research laboratory in the world. Why did so many transformative ideas come from Bell Labs? Ince The life and letters of Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti Biography of Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti , who was an electrical engineer and inventor.

He was most known for his work in AC current in England at the turn of the 20th century. New York: Vantage Press, Mechanization takes command is an examination of mechanization and its effects on everyday life. It identifies the main technological elements that entered significantly into medieval European history, their known or probably sources, and their principal impacts.

Stuttgart: Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften und der Technik, Anne Ginzton Cottrell and Leonard Cottrell, eds. New York: Cambridge Univeristy Press, Modjeski, a Polish-American civil engineer, had an office in New York CIty and during his career he built over miles of bridges. Philo T. Farnsworth — , who has been called the forgotten father of television. Farnsworth drew his first television schematic for his high school teacher in Rigby, Idaho.

His inventions included the film projector capable of showing a motion picture on a large screen, television, and broadcast television. History of Russian Underwater Acoustics. Van Dyck et. Radio Telephony Technical details of radio telephony wireless telephone, radio. Research, development and uses of radio telephony.

Future development of radio telephony. The Wireless Press, Inc. Facets: New Perspectives on the History of Semiconductors A series of essays on the history of semiconductors. Buchalter, Patrick M.

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Collection of news articles related to Space Shuttle. The Francis Press, Washington, D. The Francis Press Washington D. Schenectady, NY: Hall of History, New York: Theodore Audel and Co. Theodore Audel and Co. Audels New Electric Library Vol. The Ghost of the Executed Engineer: Technology and the Fall of the Soviet Union Brief biography of Peter Palchinsky, engineer trained in tsarist Russia, whose life, work, and fate reflect not only the nature of Soviet engineering and industry during his lifetime, but also its patterns of dysfunction to the end of the USSR in The Ghost of the Executed Engineer: Technology and the Fall of the Soviet Union In , Joseph Stalin ordered the executation of Peter Palchinsky, an engineer, for treason, because he spoke out about the technological problems, inefficiencies, corruption, and future collapse of the Soviet industry.

Historian, Loren R. The Thin Red Lines. London: Standard Art Book Co. New York, Prometheus Books, A biography of Charles Herrold and his work in radio broadcasting. The authors claim The world's first radio station still broadcasting today [] was invented by Charles Herrold in in San Jose, California. Focus on family life, recreation, technology, medicine, health, etc. Dear Doctor Franklin: E-mails to a Founding Father about Science, Medicine, and Technology A review of the history and progress in science, medicine, and technology written in the form of e-mails to Benjamin Franklin from the author.

American Science in the Age of Jefferson A history of the scientific achievements accomplished during the age of Jefferson. Downey Technology and Communication in American History This booklet is centered around four overlapping communication infrastrucutures: print communication and transportation, networked interpersonal communication, broadcast mass communication, and computer mediated communication.

Engineers of Distinction Biographical dictionary, roughly equivalent to a volume of Who's Who in Engineering, though perhaps a bit more selective. It is also a history of Biograph Studio, D. Griffith, the motion picture industry and business, and motion picture technology. It is a tale of American economic growth with information about natural resources, inventions, and culture.

American Heritage Publishing Co. Harry N. Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Devices The s was the decade in which semiconductor devices rose to prominence and attained greater industrial significance. Most of the research and engineering work was directed to germanium. The s can be considered as the decade in which silicon semic John Wiley and Sons, Inc. New York Intel A. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc. Milwaukee, Wis. Byrne, eds. The authors penned a biography of the machine and its place in history as well as the history of computing.

This is a commissioned corporate history. The complete three-volume history was published in Finnish in Interscience Publishers, Inc. Joseph Henry Washington D. Computers History Univac PW Halpern, Orit Beautiful Data: A History of Vision and Reason since Beautiful Data is both a history of big data and interactivity, and a sophisticated meditation on ideas about vision and cognition in the second half of the twentieth century.

These lessons have been taken from The Diagonal, a monthly magazine which Mr. Richard W. Lippincott Company, Bryan Taylor, Molly Prickett, J. II: Reinventing the Airplane. Bryan Taylor, Jeremy Kinney, and J. Foreward by Sergei Khrushchev. Francis and Dressel D. Washington, DC: Smithsonain Institution, Candid Science, vol. London: Imperial College Press, Candid Science: Conversation with Famous Chemists. Higgins, Vincent C. Rideout, and James J. Madison, Wisconsin: University Publications, This book profiles 70 of America's leading inventors, entrepreneurs and innovators, some better known than others.

Franklin Watts, Inc. Goldman et. Radio Phone Receiving D. This set went through many printings. This incomplete Theo. C and F. New York: William Morrow Company, Hawkins' Electrical Dictionary Hawkins, N. Hydroelectric Development in the United States, Volumes 1 and 2. New York: Ballantine Books, When Information Came of Age: Technologies of Knowledge in the Age of Reason and Revolution, Survey of developments in gathering, storing, transforming, displaying and communicating information between and , drawing connections to leading technologies of today.

Beam: The Race to Make the Laser. Laser Pioneer Interviews. Electronics in the Evolution of Flight. Van Nostrand Company Inc. Lawson, Fusion Research in the UK, London: HMSO, Guerlac Radar in World War II The main purpose of this volume is to record, as thoroughly as space permits, the program of research and development in the field of radar conducted between and under the National Defense Research Committee. The concept of error is central to the design process.

These avoid Innovation Innovators Engineering Engineers Mechanical engineering PW Henry Petroski An Engineer's Alphabet: Gleamings from the softer side of a profession This abecedarium is one engineer's Henry Petroski selection of thoughts, quotations, anecdotes, facts, trivia, and arcana relating to the practice, history, culture, and traditions of his profession.

The entries reflect decades of reading, writing, tal Innovation Innovators Engineers Engineering PW Henry Petroski Success through Failure: the Paradox of Design Success through Failure demonstrates that making something better--by carefully anticipating and thus averting failure--is what invention and design are all about. The author explores the nature of invention and the character of the inventor through an Innovation Innovators Engineering Engineers Theory PW Henry Petroski Engineers of Dreams: Great Bridge Builders and the Spanning of America The author reveals the science and engineering--not to mention the politics, egotism, and sheer magic--behind America's great bridges, particularly those constructed during the great bridge-building era starting in the s and continuing through the 19 Mechanical engineering Innovation Innovators Engineering Engineers Environment PW Heppenheimer, T.

E and W.


Stennis Space Center. T Dover Publications, Inc. Leipzig: AVG, ? Colossus: Hoover Dam and the making of the American century A history of the construction of the Hoover Dam, a gargantuan engineering feat. H and Stripp, Alan eds. The Wired Northwest: The History of Electric Power, ss History of development of hydroelectric power in Pacific Northwestern US, highlighting conflicts among federal, native American, and local governements and salmon and power industries over shape and nature of region's society U.

Quebec: un siecle d'electricite. James, eds. London: Mansell, History of Technology. Rapport nr. Hampshire UK: Variorum, Wireless: From Marconi's black-box to the Audion. Novato CA: historyofscience. Boys and Their Toys? Masculinity, Class, and Technology in America. From the American System to Mass Production, The Development of Manufacturing Technology in the United States Hounshell explores the American genius for mass production and traces its origins in the nineteenth-century American system of manufacture.

Segal Technology and Utopia The word utopia means the alleged perfect society. But the definition of what constitutes perfection obviously varies from one person to another and from one society to another. Office of Naval History Washington D. Titanic April Bodleian Library in ass'n with Bernard Quaritch Ltd.

Networks of Power: Electrification in Western Society, - American Genesis: A Century of Invention and Technological Enthusiams A book about the era of technological innovation in America from Global Communications Since Geopolitics and Technology. The essays address the cultural impace of new media. Canton, MA: Watson Publishing, Space, Science and me.

Noordwijk, Netherlands: European Space Agency, The Maxwellians Hunt, Bruce J.