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I was a chronic over-thinker and still am.

I would go think and think and think about the games just been and the ones coming up. But all of a sudden I felt different and got a move to Clyde which was great for me. When I look back on the road I had to take, I did all-right. His one experience down south, the supposed big break at Hartlepool under Neale Cooper, the former Aberdeen player, was a real low point.

But I made mistakes. Ross is cleverer that most. Articulate and decent, his trick, if you could call it that, is he remembers what it was like to be a player, to be dropped, to be out injured. The best managers tend to have these traits. He knows football can be tough. He does seem to know something about football and it will be interesting to see where Ross and Alloa go and if they go together.

I love my job, I want to work for the people who have been very good to me. That Wikipedia lad had better start writing some good stuff. Ross is one young manager worth watching. We may then apply our discretion under the user terms to amend or delete comments. Post moderation is undertaken full-time 9am-6pm on weekdays, and on a part-time basis outwith those hours. The big interview: Jack Ross on rejection, economics and Alloa being the story of the season so far. See photos images.

The big interview: Jack Ross on rejection, economics and Alloa being the story of the season so far

Read the new rules here. Get involved with the news in your community. Send your stories and photos now. Continue reading. Scottish transfer news: Gerrard 'on Newcastle United managerial shortlist' Jullien 'to complete Celtic medical' Griffiths scores on return 1. Neil Lennon warns Arsenal they will have to up offer for Kieran Tierney to give Celtic a decision to make.

Certainly he is; he was doing something wrong. He shouldn't have wanted to touch Sandman's dreamsand. He shouldn't have wanted that pie; he shouldn't have tried to break in. Jack is on the Naughty list; he is sure because never once has he gotten a present for Christmas not that he wants one. He doesn't, really. Something tickles Jack's memory.

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Something about coal. Are they going to stick him in embers? No, Jack doesn't want that, not at all. Still, a yeti is blocking the door and the others are between him and the windows, and everywhere noisy, little elves squirm about trying to see the newcomer, so Jack, despite not being tied up - not yet - is trapped. All he can do is stare at the big man's - who he now realizes is the Big Man himself - feet Jack refuses to look into eyes, refuses to be trapped by twin sunsets. Nick exclaims questioningly, loudly, with a strong accent.

Jack cringes away from the sound. This 's the bugger. Even wearin' the same clothes," comes the rabbit-man's scathing reply. From how you described him, Bunny, I expected cheeky little blue-skinned imp vith evil smile. Not - this," The way his feet shift indicate that he gestured toward Jack, but Jack still isn't willing to look up. This is 'im, an' I still don' think 'es Guardian material," They're talking about him; Jack isn't sure what they're referring to, but they're involving him, and he wishes they would stop - or explain, but mostly he just wants them to let him go.

Hello Jack, I am Nicholas St. You know Bunny, obviously," Jack's eyes dart toward a pair of rabbit feet before coming back to their default position, "This is Tooth," Jack's vision is suddenly filled with a face covered with brilliant, beautiful plumage, but that's not what he notices. Where is the wind? In front of him, three individuals stare, first at where he was, then at where he is, and back. Sandman, who was drinking a cup of eggnog, simply stares at Jack questioningly.

He doesn't like the hurt look in her eyes, and he wishes he could explain that it's not her he jumped away from; he simply doesn't like being seen, being touched. It hurts. So he does the next best thing he can think of, he - slowly because he really doesn't want to - sidles back to his previous position and raises his eyes to actually look at her. Not her feet or that beautiful spot of wall behind her, but at her lavender eyes. It's not much, he thinks, but he hopes it's enough to let her know it's not her fault, and he's sorry for hurting her, even if he's not sure how.

She stares back as if searching for something and Jack doesn't like that feeling of intrusiveness either, but he thinks he mustn't be selfish and look away, especially not now. The unnatural silence lasts a few seconds longer before St. North loudly clears his throat, "Vell, I bet you are wondering vhy you are here, yes? North's boots, "Well, I will tell you why you are here," he continues with more confidence, "Man in Moon said," Jack's head shoots up unintentionally at this. The Moon talks? To them? Then why has it never answered his pleas?

Cacophonous noise explodes throughout the room as little elves blow on obnoxious trumpets and yetis reluctantly grumble a little ditty, raising torches throughout the room. Jack panics. Or rather, Jack has a full-blown panic attack as the sound pounds at his head and does the only thing he can think of: slam the butt-end of his staff to the floor, causing a wave of hoarfrost to radiate out from him, and as everyone stares at the display - ah, there's the wind, outside beating at the windows demanding to be let in - Jack takes the chance to run as if his life depends on it, out the door and into the maze of Santa's Workshop.

As he sprints around randomly, avoiding the desperate grabs of some of the working yetis and ignoring the calls from behind, Jack can still hear the wind's furious howls how dare they steal it's frost child! How dare they! Jack lunges over a large pile of freshly-painted red robots, causing several to break and issuing an anguished cry from a yeti, but he doesn't really notice any of that.

Jack glances behind him to see St. North and Tooth pursuing, he brings his vision back around, and halts in his tracks, breathing hard as he stares at Bunny in shock. Jack turns around but St. North and Tooth are closing in quickly. Jack glances around, looking for some other route, but to his left is a wall and to his right is a drop that even Jack worries about falling down. Why are ya runnin'?

Jack only glances at him before making up his mind. He takes a deep breath and jumps onto the bars, launching himself off them just as Bunny makes a grab at him. Jack grabs a passing flying-turtle-toy, and for a terrifying second it dips under his weight, before picking itself back up and leading Jack away from the pursuers. As Jack pulls himself onto its back, he glances back to see Bunny gripping the rail, staring at him in shock.

Then he catches a glimpse of emerald blue in the corner of his vision and hops off the turtle, latching onto a glowing ring spinning by. Tooth darts right through the spot he had been not a moment earlier.

You Don't Look Dead To Me

Wasting no time, Jack flings himself to the next ring and then onto an airplane shooting by. The fairy turns around, relocating Jack and heading for him. He manages to dodge her next grab by gripping the plane's wing and flipping it - along with him - up-side-down. Unfortunately as it re-rights itself, Jack loses his grip and for a few terrifying moments Jack is free-falling until he gathers his wits and creates a block of ice under him, immediately kicking off it and creating another one to launch off of.

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Soon enough, for every stepping stone he creates, he hears one shatter far below him, but he doesn't stop to see any damage he might be causing because he still hears the flutter of wings behind him and she is steadily getting closer. One last desperate lunge later and Jack is on solid ground, running yet again. Deciding it's too exposed here, Jack turns and slams open a door into an adjacent hallway.

It's lined with doors, some open, most not, but he doesn't bother to go through them because Tooth is closing in.

We're not going to hurt you," She calls out, and Jack doesn't trust her, not one bit, but he is startled by just how close her voice is. The hallway is coming to an end and to Jack's horror, it is a dead end. Nowhere to turn except the way he came. Resolutely narrowing his eyes, Jack puts in one last burst of speed, "Jack?

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Jack, what are you doing? You'll hurt yourself! He can hear the hurried buzzing of Tooth's wings and knows she'll never be able to stop in time. When he reaches the wall, he runs three steps up it and launches himself into a backflip over his flying pursuer. For a breathless second he is frozen in time - in air - and as he lands, Jack catches a glimpse of her face, slack in shock. Tooth's momentum pushes her forward until she slams into the wall.

Then he is running again, back the way he came, the sound of fluttering wings distinctly absent behind him. But the chase isn't over yet, as Bunny has caught up and yet again blocks Jack's path, feet apart and arms up in preparation to catch him. No, Jack won't get caught now. Sending a small bolt of ice at the rabbit, Jack uses the momentary distraction to slide in between his legs.

He is back up and sprinting before Bunny even realizes what just happened. Now North is blocking his path, with two yetis behind him, so Jack detours to the left and shoves a door open. On the other side stretches another door-lined hallway, and Jack thinks it's no wonder he's never been able to get into the workshop before.

This place is a maze! Still, Jack isn't trying to break in this time; he's trying to break out, and the window at the end of the hall looks very promising.