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This "event" is active through the end of the year. We missed you last yearso glad to "see you"!! Palwasha 8 mos ago. Palwasha - Germany. And this year my daughter BettyUE wants to join, too. BettyUE 8 mos ago. BettyUE - Germany. I copy this from my profile: I prefer to read books about animals or crime books for teenagers in german language, but I can read english books, too.

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RubyLadyBug 8 mos ago. I got a ridiculous, hilarious, and near overwhelming amount of books at the last library sale. My first thought was to send them to BookCrossers! Yes — but with considerable difficulty. And as the cats might ask, why bother? Professional fitting service included. Free no obligation quote. They have the warmest, softest beds in the house, the widest variety of food, comfort and entertainment on demand — literally day and night in some cases — and give in return as much or as little as they see fit, depending on mood. What a wonderful existence. Sarah was referring to house soiling; the problem that appears irritating and annoying in theory but can wreck homes, relationships and social lives in the blink of an eye.

Why the dirty protest? He was spoilt beyond belief and surely had the perfect life? A thorough investigation All cases need to be assessed carefully and always after a thorough veterinary investigation. One of the most common problems seen in elderly cats is a breakdown of normal acceptable toilet habits. If the urination or. Also, diseases such as kidney failure, hyperthyroidism or diabetes mellitus, common in the elderly cat, are associated with increased urine production and this often results in any litter trays provided becoming heavily soiled.

This may deter cats from using them if they are not maintained more frequently. I visited Sarah and Oscar and, together with the pre-consultation questionnaire that all owners complete prior to my visits, I had the opportunity to see the home environment, inside and outside and spend some time discussing the problem. I am always looking for changes in routines and lifestyle as these often give clues to the underlying causes of problem behaviour. My suspicions were confirmed when Sarah said she had tried to carry him upstairs at night to encourage him.

Here lay the possible answer: was Oscar in pain? The underlying problem Osteoarthritis is a common disease in cats and, until fairly recently, greatly under-diagnosed in general practice. It can cause a significant amount of pain and discomfort in the elderly and affect mobility, preventing them from having the lifestyle that they previously enjoyed. The idea of using the outdoor soil patch exclusively for toileting was unthinkable. Old age comes with a lot of insecurities and being less than mobile means cats are less able to defend themselves outside. We then had to make sure that the environment was adapted to suit his needs and cater for his mobility problems.

Sarah placed a litter tray in a discreet corner — well away from windows, the cat flap, food and water — on the ground floor. It was a large, shallow tray to enable him to get into it with ease and turn around without too much bending and flexing. She used a fine, sand-like litter that Oscar had always favoured in the past but removed the polythene liner that she had previously used.

Older cats often get their claws caught in carpets and other materials and I was concerned that he may catch them in the litter liner and potentially lose his balance. Once Oscar found and used the new facilities, the area of carpet in the living room that he had used as a makeshift toilet was cut out and the floor treated with an enzymatic cleaner before replacing the soiled carpet and underlay with a new piece.

She is about eight years old and, in the last two years, she began to develop what looked like a flea allergy. Her eyelids swell up and she has a morass of small boils or scabs that cover her back and head. He treats her with steroid injections and this helps for a few weeks but the problem always returns and now more frequently. At first her skin condition seemed to be seasonal but that is no longer the case. She has regular flea treatments without effect and sometimes she is relatively well and suddenly within hours you can see that she is swollen around the eyes.

She is a sensitive soul and has also suffered with IBS in the past. Elise Joiner, via email We are sorry to hear that Twizzle is suffering with her skin. A definitive reason for the condition can sometimes not be obtained. It is generally recommended to ensure up-to-date flea control, even if the primary cause is not fleas or a flea allergy, as often the irritation from fleas can aggravate any other underlying skin issues.

However, do ensure that the treatments being used are recommended by your vet to ensure optimum effect and ensure that any other animals within the household are treated with an appropriate species specific product. Allergies can sometimes be detected using a trial and elimination method but this can be a difficult and lengthy process. Your vet may carry out an allergy test using a blood sample.

It is important to remember allergies can not be cured; they can only be controlled by pinpointing the problem allergens and then reducing exposure to them. If foods are identified as the cause of the allergy, then a diet can be recommended that avoids the problem food. If an environmental allergy is identified, such as pollen or dust mites, avoiding or controlling the offending allergens is more difficult but can be achieved. If the allergen cannot be avoided, medication may be necessary.

Your vet may recommend referral to a specialist veterinary dermatologist for further investigations. Sometimes skin conditions may have been initiated by one factor such as a. If stress is believed to be the cause it is worth investigating the cause of this stress and attempting to remove it. Your vet may recommend referral to a suitably qualified pet behaviour counsellor.

A product called Feliway, available from your vet, can also help to relieve stress in the household. Please speak with your vet to see if this would be a suitable product to use. I am so sorry we are unable to make any specific recommendations. MR My much-loved cat was in a road accident and bit through the tip of his tongue. He has had two operations to see if they could save the tip but, unfortunately, it did not prove possible. Do you have any advice especially on feeding and drinking?

I am with a very good vet practice but this is the first operation of this kind they have come across. Fiona Christie, via Facebook I am sorry to hear about your cat being involved in a road traffic accident. I do hope that the following advice is of some use. Some reports indicate that cats do not cope particularly well with tongue resection — compared with dogs which can cope reasonably with significant tongue loss — however some adult cats do sustain minor injuries to their tongue, following cat fights and other trauma, and have adapted well after the tongue has healed.

Following any oral surgery, important issues to address include feeding management, pain relief and grooming. Some sort of tube feeding in the early stages following surgery may be required to ensure his nutritional needs are met. Trial and error with different food types and textures — perhaps ranging from dried food to mashed up and watered-down wet food or a liquid food supplied by the vet — may also be needed to find the ones a cat copes best with. Making the food more appealing to a cat by heating it to body temperature may tempt him to eat the food, as opposed to offering it straight from the fridge.

Some cats may become averse to the food offered at a veterinary practice following a period of hospitalisation for example, so in some cases avoiding giving this food for a while may help encourage a cat to feed, but do consult with your vet over the most appropriate diet to offer. An affected cat may find. Have you got a question? The vet will be able to advise for your cat accordingly. The other aspect is grooming — cats like being fastidiously clean, so an affected cat may need gentle help with daily grooming to maintain good coat and skin condition and maintain quality of life while his mouth heals and possibly also over the long-term.

BS Last October one of my cats was being sick and sneezing. Ever since then he has been eating the cat litter — white granule type — in small quantities. Can you advise? When the vet is happy there is no underlying health issue, it can be worth trying a different type of litter — there are plenty on the market — to see if your cat is less inclined to eat it.

Cats learn to associate toileting with a feeling of a particular substrate under their feet so it is important to change the litter over gradually and very slowly to give him a chance to become familiar with the new feeling. Avoiding the ingestion of large amounts of cat litter is recommended, as while cat litters are generally non-toxic, eating large amounts may risk irritation or blockage of the gastro-intestinal tract. Some cats demonstrate a behaviour called pica, which is not fully understood although it is seen more commonly in Oriental breeds and may be more associated with cats which do not have outside access.

Pica means the voluntary ingestion of inedible items, most commonly fabric, but it can include other items such as cat litter. When there is no underlying medical cause, it is often thought to be associated with attention-seeking behaviour. Cats can learn to repeat a behaviour that is rewarded so if a cat is getting some sort of reaction every time it goes to eat the litter, it could have become an attention seeking pastime for him.

To try and alter the behaviour, cats can be distracted with a game using a fishing rod toy and rewarded by being playing with for a couple of minutes. This is good exercise and increases the time spent eating, filling their day for longer. If cats were not fed by humans they would feed little and often following short bursts of energy from hunting so this also allows them to replicate this natural behaviour.

Puzzle balls can be bought from pet shops, which drop food as they are rolled, or owners can become inventive and hide food in toilet roll tube pyramids, scrunched up paper, empty cardboard egg cartons, in plastic cups, up the stairs, on window sills, on top of tables or on a scratching post. Maggie first worked for Cats Protection as Veterinary Officer from ; her interest in feline medicine brought her back to the charity as Head of Veterinary Services in She has three cats, Trevor, Frankie and Ronnie. Beth moved into a new role as Clinical Veterinary Officer in November Beth has two CP cats, Starsky and Vincent.

She has two elderly cats called Ginger and Skinnie Minnie. Since then, she has interspersed locumming around the UK with volunteer veterinary work. She has one cat called Dexter. We decided to take our starting point from the success of a viral we made in Unusual, yes, but it succeeded in getting the message across. According to YouTube statistics, over 7, people have watched it. Not our primary objective, but a welcome success nonetheless. Anyone for tennis? With the cat costumes ready and waiting and a couple of willing volunteers itching to don them once more — and, as it turned out, itching after the filming wrapped too — it was time to choose another sport to have a go at and, with Wimbledon just around the corner, there was only going to be one winner.

Seizing the opportunity to get the attention of people who were well aware that the championships were imminent, we decided that tennis was the potential ace up our sleeve and got to work. After the general idea had been enthusiastically developed it was time to storyboard the video. Lights, camera, action! Time was of the essence. A basic ten-cell storyboard was drafted while tennis racquets and a net were borrowed and weather websites consulted. As soon. We filmed the viral right here on land belonging to the National Cat Centre — bit of movie trivia for you here: if you look carefully, you can actually see the National Cat Adoption Centre in the background of some shots.

We recorded several different takes of the same choreographed tennis rally from different angles as well as a couple of different endings.

CSPA » Book of the Year Award

With amazing speed and skill, this was done on the same day as the filming — quite an achievement. All that then remained after a little bit of fine tuning was to add the sound. The commentary and obligatory grunting synonymous with tennis were recorded by members of staff while the sound effects of crowds cheering were downloaded from a free website. It was added to our YouTube channel and promoted on our Facebook and Twitter pages. So have we served up an ace? You can judge for yourselves by watching the video via the web address below — see you on our virtual centre court!

An idiot I love with every atom of my heart and one who never fails to surprise me with his capacity to be stupid. So tonight, when we were playing in the back garden, it was not a small surprise when he played me. We were playing the game where I chase after him as fast and noisily as I can and he scampers off then springs around to face me, challenging me to charge him again.

But always worthwhile. After a few goes up and down the garden, Dexter having disappeared off around the corner, I was ready to retire. Walking back up the steps from the garden to the house I looked back to see him crouched down on the path, challenge on. As is traditional, I took exaggerated tip-toe steps toward him, back down the steps. He stared. I raised a leg. I sprinted toward him, arms out like the monster my part in this game is to pretend to be.

He stayed absolutely still. Clearly there are good reasons for Felis catus intelligence to be somewhat different to my own. But my cat is stupid. As a kitten, watching him lose a fight with a woodlouse was a particularly humiliating sight. Which is to say nothing of the time Dexter decided his only goal should be to eat a wasp. Watching YouTube, you can see very many videos of cats demonstrating extraordinary skill. From the commonplace leaping to operate door handles to the extraordinary wit and improvisation they can use to reach food, the potential of the pet cat is so very exciting.

Dexter meets that potential like the sea meets Birmingham: not without there being an extraordinary accident that neither side ever intended to happen. That he is alive at all is a sign of either some unknown cat god divinely protecting him — and for what reason I cannot imagine — or proof that the universe is fundamentally unbalanced. Dexter is the sort of cat who of an early morning will sit outside a closed bedroom door, wailing — miaowing until his voice is but a pathetic rasp — for food, for literally hours, when his food bowl is brimming with the same dried biscuits from the night before that would be added to were I to get up.

I need only stumble toward his bowl, mostly asleep and still haunted by dreams of distant crying, make pretend putting-food-in motions and walk back to my bed. If a door he sees being opened perhaps 78 times a day is ajar just a centimetre shy of his being able to squeeze through, then he can only sit dejected in front of it, staring uselessly at this unknowable puzzle.

SCAS registered charity no: Will I be up to the tasks in hand? Will I be faced with some gory surgery? He is friendly and shows me around the practice straight away — there are the wards, operating theatres, imaging room, laboratory, dispensary and consulting rooms. Matt talks me through the list of operations to be performed through the morning while an year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, Poppy, needing eyelid surgery and. While Brian is sleeping, Matt trims all his other nails and picks him up and puts him in a recovery pen and covers him with a blanket as when sedated he cannot regulate his own body temperature.

Matt tells me Brian will come around in minutes and he is monitored by nursing staff. Meanwhile I see Norman put under general anaesthetic by veterinary surgeon Toby with nurses Mena and Jay ready to have his stomach flushed. An abdominal drain is inserted, a section of his neck is shaved of seemingly endless curly hair and they put a central line catheter in the jugular vein of his neck — a first for the team here — as they have already used all the available areas on his legs during previous surgeries on his stomach.

His paws are covered in bubble wrap to help retain his body heat. Jay starts a surgical scrub on his neck. An eye for detail With no time to spare, our next patient is Poppy, the Staffie dog. A catheter is inserted and anaesthetic injected. A blanket is placed over her and a small section around her eye is shaved. The eye bleeds a lot, so Matt regularly swabs the blood away.

He then puts an orange dye in the eyeball which makes the ulcer turn bright green so it is easily seen — and wipes anaesthetic around it. This allows the under-run edges of the ulcer to be removed so it can heal. Unlike our canine and feline patients, Matt cannot inject anaesthetic into Hazelnut as her veins are too small. Instead she is placed in an airtight container that fills up with isoflurane and oxygen.

In theatre, Hazelnut is prepared and Matt cuts through the lump with a scalpel before stitching up and applying tissue adhesive to dissuade Hazelnut from chewing through the sutures. Next up is another guinea pig, Sparky, who is being investigated for bald patches on her coat — Matt suspects cystic ovaries. Firstly she has an ultrasound.

Sparky was. Lucky is first given a pre-med — a combination of a painkiller and a mild sedative — then, after around 20 minutes, an injectable anaesthetic is given to induce general anaesthetic. Nicky shaves around the paw to remove any hair that has bacteria in it, making sure to clip between every toe which is no mean feat! The top of the leg is wrapped in a bandage and surgical spirit is applied over the tumour. Matt scrubs up for surgery and they pop drapes over Lucky, carefully placing her foreleg through a window cut into the drapes.

Matt scalpels and cuts off sections of the toe with sterilised instruments then finishes off with aptly named bone cutters — and boy, does it make a crunching noise. The wound is sealed up with dissolvable stitches called sutures. As she starts to come around, the ET is removed and Nicky carries her back into the cat ward to be monitored and cared for by the ward nurses. Bill, a King Charles spaniel is brought into the practice for a dental examination.

Matt identifies a tooth which requires extraction and, using a drill, splits it in half to allow each root to be removed separately. You always have to be alert in this job! Consultations After our break, I join Matt for consultations from pm. Our next patient is Sammy, a cat with renal disease recently homed from Cats Protection. We are overrun with more cats for the next two hours — including Ariel who suffered from a possible seizure and so was given an antibiotic injection; overweight Scarlett whose owner was advised about feeding; Shortie who was checked over following a blocked bladder and Ash for a flea injection; as well as cocker spaniel, Bianca, in need of a booster and Merlin, a dog with ear infections.

Theatre is prepared for tomorrow and the day patients who have recovered from their operations are discharged to their owners. Hats off. MyMog is here! You can create, design and play with your very own virtual puss and even hear him miaow and purr! Can I kick it? Kong Kickeroo produces a range of interactive toys containing catnip. Kickeroo teasers are great for active play and quiet times alike — the shape and material promote realistic wrestling and hind paw kicking.

There are so many great things out there for cats and their owners. Here are just a few of our favourites…. This new puzzle feeder for cats promises to beat boredom and promote healthy digestion. The cat has to work out how to move the food around the maze until it falls to the bottom and he can claim his reward! These cat playing cards feature a cat hologram so are great fun for all the family. Each card has a unique cat picture and they are plastic which makes them very durable and waterproof. Buy your cat playing cards from www. Alternatively, get them for free by winning one of three packs in our giveaway competition!

Grinning like a Cheshire cat LunarraStar Jewellery is handcrafted with care and attention to produce unique, quality jewellery design. The collection is a treasure chest of trinkets inspired by whimsical fairytales like Alice in Wonderland and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. All the jewellery has customisable options to ensure a perfect fit and is presented beautifully gift wrapped. See the collection at www.

The necklaces have silver-plated pendants encased in glass and three charms — one image of Alice, one vintage-style key and the other featuring the infamous Cheshire cat quote. Not only can you protect your clothing while cooking, but you can now look stylish too! Ann Edwards illustrates cats and dogs which feature on stationery as well as tableware and kitchenware. Treasure the memories Over the lifetimes of our much-loved pets, most of us will have collected a huge number of photographs, videos and memories of happy times we have shared with them.

The service includes all writing, compilation and production. We have been offered a free memorial book or DVD to one winning reader — and a 10 per cent discount to all others. The Da Bird toy is of the line when it comes to wand toys and the biggest selling cat toy at The Purr Company.

The feather spins and moves randomly and the high quality string is suitably long, making the reach of the waver very long. Cats have a natural instinct to hunt and are mostly attracted by the movement of their prey. Interactive play can help cats to exhibit this behaviour which may actually reduce the desire to seek out such behaviour elsewhere.

Da Bird is available from www. You can also send your entries via email to competitions cats.

Heartbreaking images show animals injured in California wildfires

On occasion we may need to pass on the details of competition winners to the prize suppliers for products to be posted direct. Of all these battles, the largest and most costly was the Third Battle of Ypres — more commonly known as Passchendale. After months of fighting, the battle resulted in nearly half a million casualties, while only a few miles of ground were won. The town of Ypres was all but obliterated by artillery fire. By Armistice Day in November , there was barely one stone left still standing upon another in the historic medieval town.

After the First World War, the town was painstakingly rebuilt using money paid by Germany in war reparations. The main square, including the Cloth Hall, town hall and cathedral were restored as close to the original designs as possible. At the eastern exit to the town stands the famous Menin Gate, the war memorial containing the names of 54, Commonwealth soldiers who died with no known grave. An ancient past There has been a settlement on the site for at least 2, years — even before the Romans arrived in the area.

Donald Duck

By the Middle Ages, Ypres was an extremely prosperous town with some 40, inhabitants. In , a major fire destroyed much of the town, including its cathedral. Exactly when the festival began is shrouded in the mists of time. It may go back millennia — perhaps even before the Romans. More certainly, the festival was being observed in medieval times — though not in the form familiar to 21st century festival-goers.

Squeamish readers may wish to skip the next few paragraphs. Quite how that custom, so dreadful in modern eyes, began is the subject of some speculation; some think it began as a pagan ceremony, a live sacrifice practiced since time immemorial to welcome the spring. Many religious leaders had been casting aspersions on cats for some time before the Black Death hit Europe in the s. Many superstitious people, and some not so superstitious, began to associate them with evil.

Clockwise from left: Some of the many, varied cats who took part in the parade. Note the very impressive white cat, Minneke Poes, wife of Cleper, the cat King. The infamous Cloth Hall. In Cieper was joined by his wife: Minneke Poes. The pair have been formally recognised as full citizens of the city. King Cieper and his wife gained a son, Piepertje, in , though he is now said to be too ugly to be brought out in public. The parade also featured such modern moggies as characters from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Cats, as well as that far from medieval cartoon cat Garfield. Following each parade, a large crowd gathers in the main square beneath the belfry of the Cloth Tower.

Since velvet cats have been used to re-enact the most ancient tradition of the festival. The crowd, however, still shouts encouragement as a jester holds up one of the faux felines friends and tosses it down to outstretched arms many feet below. A lucky catch means one can go home with a toy kitten. Those whose catching skills are less well developed can at least console themselves buying an identical souvenir from one of the many nearby stalls. As with most witch trials, the outcome is a foregone conclusion: the bonfire and stake have been prepared before the case is heard. The townspeople of Ypres shout their accusations.

Noblemen nod their agreement. The judge laughs to hear the evidence of sorcery. The witch and her accusers are merely acting.

The next Kattenstoet festival in Ypres will be held over the weekend of 12 and 13 May , with the main parade taking place on the Sunday. During and after the Black Death, large numbers of cats and their owners were executed after being accused of spreading plague by witchcraft.

Today, the citizens of Ypres still burn an effigy of a witch during their cat festival. The Cloth Hall was used to store textiles during the winter months until the seas became safe for shipping. The Cloth Hall could easily become infested with rats and mice, which could damage the stored cloth.

Cats were therefore encouraged to occupy the Cloth Hall during the winter. Come the spring, however, as the bales of cloth were shipped to markets across Europe, the cats in the now-empty building were just a nuisance. Human life was cheap, the lives of cats were worth even less. As quickly as he caught them, the curator of the Cloth Hall simply threw the cats out of the nearest window. Happily in the 21st century, there is no cat throwing involved in the Ypres triennial Kattenstoet. The last live cat was thrown from the Cloth Hall in , almost years ago.

We hope you enjoy reading their entries as much as we did. Congratulations to Paul and Louise and a big thank you to Celia and, of course, to everybody who entered the competition. You can also read The Best of the Rest at www. Brief Encounter The little white cat was out in the garden again, almost imperceptible in the snow. It was seated next to the sculpture, staring at the house. It had done this almost daily since the first snow fell two weeks ago. The initial carpet of snow had quickly frozen and Sofie had slipped and sprained her ankle on her way to work and had been confided to the house to witness the more persistent snowfalls that followed.

Sofie, housebound, following the usual ritual, opened a window and called. But she was disappointed again as the cat rose up, turned, and vanished into the unresolved whiteness at the back of the garden. The stone sculpture had become the focal point for these failed assignations. Sofie had bought it soon after her cat Pushkin had died in the spring and had placed it on his grave in the garden.

It depicted a sitting cat, Medusa-blighted. It wore a serious expression as though afflicted with a loss of its own. Sofie hoped that the spirit of Pushkin inhabited the sculpture, borrowed flesh of stone and moss, to gaze at the house and seek out Sofie herself. She remembered her first meeting with the little white cat. She had placed her hand onto the head of the statue to steady herself, the stone warm in the sun as if she petted living flesh and fur.

Then she heard the tinkling of a tiny bell and through the hole in the fenced adjoining the park a tiny face appeared. It was a cat, white head, but around the eyes two irregular patches of grey, like cold shadows fixed upon a. Within the grey, the eyes, the pupils of which looked like fossilised black insects in blobs of amber. It was a mutual attraction in an instant. Pure white body, a purple collar from which hung a tiny bell. Then Sofie embarked on a new friendship as the cat made daily visits. The cat would play with Sofie or just sit by her as she gardened, even enter the house for a handful of biscuits and a snooze.

Best of all were the games with the white catnip mouse Sofie had bought. She would throw it, the cat would chase and retrieve, trotting quickly back with the toy in her mouth. So loved was this mouse that the little cat would, before returning home, hide it. Then cat and mouse would return the following day. And sometimes the mouse would not be returned, would lie hidden for days at a time. And now, besieged by snow, Sofie remembered that the toy was currently hidden and hoped it had not been spoilt by the winter wet.

The thaw brought with it an ephemeral melancholy. The once bright snow had been reduced to dirty tattered fragments by warm drizzle. The many snowmen that had once populated gardens and grass verges had been eroded overnight to grey stumps, their eyes now sightless stones scattered about the dull, damp grass. Sofie now felt confident about venturing out. First, into the garden as soon as the cat appeared, she made her way tentatively across the wet lawn. Now the cat did respond, but only to stand, tail raised. Sofie crouched but almost recoiled in horror. Its eyes were black, like the discarded eyes of the snowmen.

They lay in the wet, grey fur-like lifeless stones in a pulp of sodden ash. The collar was missing. Sofie put out her hand, concerned. The cat gave out one muted cry, almost a sigh, and pushed its head into her cupped palm and then turned and disappeared through the hole in the fence. Perplexed, Sofie went out later to post some letters. Out into the threat of early darkness, with nets of fine drizzle pitched into her face. Quite soon she saw the laminated. It was her, undoubtedly, poised on a scrap of threadbare lawn.

Sofie had her mobile with her. She rang immediately. A woman answered, speaking as if with a mouth full of sand, trying not to swallow. I saw her in my garden today. She had swallowed, choking a little. Sofie had to end the call. The sand was in her mouth now, congealing at the back of her throat. Suddenly she could not move as if a ghost, unseen, had surged into existence beside her in the poisonous yellow glow of the streetlamp, and clasped her in its arms. Not gone. She had to get back to the garden.

She broke the embrace and shambled the short distance home, half ghost herself. It was now dark. Sofie called. She could see the statue giving off a queasy sheen of pale light in the drizzle. Perhaps a scrap of snow yet to melt. Something tiny. A tiny, white catnip mouse. Who Killed King Rat?

It lies inert, rope tail tucked in, A rat so huge it must have been A king amongst the scuttling throng That haunts dark streets when day is done. King Rat himself! He lies quite still. Despatched — but who has made the kill? King Rat deposed! And left for me, Kind contribution to my tea! With bag in hand I lift the King, Prepare him for his tomb, the bin. King Rat the Fat! Imagine if we could only fund 4 pens instead of More than half of the cats we help at Cats Protection are cared for thanks to these gifts, as almost 60 per cent of our vital work is funded in this way.

To find out more about the difference you could make by remembering. Cats Protection in your will, please contact our advisor, Matt Vincent and ask for your free information pack today. T: E: legacy. I mean, creating a garden with your cat in mind. So what are the design elements you should bear in mind? Essentially your cat needs the following: cover on the ground, unrestricted freedom to roam and space to run around.

Oh yes, your cat appreciates a good garden just as much as Alan Titchmarsh does — but for quite different reasons! Whereas Alan T, and most other humans I know, desire neat lawns, ripening strawberries and space for a sun lounger, your cat much prefers dense scrub and undergrowth.

When moggy gets the urge to hunt, he will seek out places where he can lie in wait. Avoid bulbous plants here, as most are either completely or partly poisonous to cats. So drape some netting or scatter some light brushwood over it and keep it there until the seedlings have appeared and the ground has hardened. It will stop both your cat, and visiting birds, from scuffing the soil and spoiling the rows.

To be of real benefit, the grassy area needs to be around three metres square and sited next to an open area such as lawn or patio. Sunbathing beauties An old or overweight cat, or just a lazy one, will delight in finding a nice, warm spot in the garden to snuggle and snooze. But even younger and friskier cats will want to take time out on a sunny day to bask and take in the rays.

But be careful here. We all know the dangers of too much sun on our own skins and this applies to cats — especially white ones — as well. In , Donald co-hosted the 30th Academy Awards ceremony alongside a number of popular film personalities at the time. The final Donald Duck short in the theatrical run was 's The Litterbug. Walt Disney passed away five years later. He would continue to appear in a number of educational films including Donald in Mathmagic Land , How to Have an Accident at Work , and Donald's Fire Survival Plan and a commercial until entering retirement.

Donald wouldn't reappear again until the short Mickey's Christmas Carol , where he played the role of Nephew Fred. This was Clarence Nash's final theatrical portrayal of Donald, before passing away in The mantle would be passed down to animator Tony Anselmo , whom Nash had trained for the role for several years prior to his death. In , Donald reached his 50th anniversary, which was commemorated with several events— Donald Duck's 50th Birthday aired on television; the Academy Awards held a special tribute to Donald, which Clarence Nash attended in Donald's honor; in May, Donald's footprints were marked in cement in front of the Grauman's Chinese Theater.

In , Donald was the focus of Down and Out with Donald Duck , a television special in which he was fired from Disney due to his unstable temper. That same year, DuckTales premiered on television, of which Donald was an occasional guest star, despite the series starring his three nephews and uncle, Scrooge McDuck.

Donald's limited role in the series was a result of two factors; for one, the Disney company was very protective of their mainline characters and feared that featuring him on daily television would lead to overexposure. In a later interview, some of the crew members of DuckTales mentioned that they had wanted Donald to make more appearances, but that Disney was reluctant to let them do so, recalling the numerous meetings in which they asked whether they could bring Donald onto the show again, and how these request were only rarely accepted, with David Block jokingly referring to Donald as Disney's "sacred cow" [23].

Secondly, it is said that producers believed Donald's voice in thirty minute episodes would put too much strain on viewers. Believing he was to co-present, Donald joined Mickey on the stage but was furious to find the position was already taken by a human. Tony Anselmo notably had a hand in animating Donald in the featurette.

In , Donald was given his own sitcom series as part of the Disney Afternoon block with Quack Pack , in which he is the suburban guardian of a teenage Huey, Dewey and Louie. The show was poorly received, however, and only lasted for one season.

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The same year marked the debut of Mickey Mouse Works , which gave Donald a new series of made-for-television shorts. In , Donald and Goofy co-starred in Kingdom Hearts , an action role-playing game. During development, Disney campaigned to have Donald serve as the protagonist, while Squaresoft wanted to use Mickey. The opposing views were rectified with the creation of Sora.

Donald would nevertheless appear as a major character in the game, and a majority of its follow-up titles. In , Donald was given his own theme park attraction in Walt Disney World , though ironically named after Mickey: Mickey's Philharmagic. Most of Donald's dialogue is actually compiled from archival recordings by Clarence Nash. Tony Anselmo recorded only five new lines for the character in this attraction such as when Donald hums to the tune of the song " Be Our Guest ". The star is located at Hollywood Blvd. In , Donald appeared in the animated short starring Minnie Mouse, Electric Holiday , as a brief cameo.

In , a DuckTales reboot premiered on television. Though the show mainly centers on Scrooge McDuck and the nephews, Donald was given a much larger role as a main character. He is portrayed as an overprotective single parent to the triplets and former sidekick to Scrooge. The series is also significant for marking the first time Donald has shared the screen with a number of his comic co-stars; examples include Della Duck and Gladstone Gander. Donald's first film was Saludos Amigos. In the first part of the film, Donald visits the famous real-life lake of Lake Titicaca, located at the border of Peru and Bolivia.

He looks around, learns about the lake's traditions and makes a failed attempt at sailing a boat before setting off on a journey through the mountains atop a llama. He panics when the llama is busy walking across a wooden suspended bridge, eventually resulting in his fall. He lands in a pottery shop, shattering some pots and taking others with him. The film consists of several segments, connected by a common theme.

In the film, it is Donald Duck's birthday, and he receives three presents from friends in Latin America. The first present is a film projector, which shows him a documentary on birds. During the documentary, he learns about the Aracuan Bird. This book tells of Bahia, which is one of Brazil's 26 states. Donald ends up pining for one girl. Upon returning, Donald realizes that he is too small to open his third present. After opening the present, he meets Panchito Pistoles , a native of Mexico. The three take the name "The Three Caballeros" and have a short celebration. Throughout the film, the Aracuan Bird appears at random moments.

His most famous gag is when he re-routes the train by drawing new tracks. He returns three years later in Disney's Melody Time. In the segment Mickey and the Beanstalk , Mickey, Donald, and Goofy portray three commoners living in the wasteland formerly known as the prosperous and beautiful Happy Valley. Living in deep poverty and bordering death by starvation, Donald begins losing his sanity, though Mickey decides to sell their cow in exchange for food.

However, he returns with only three beans, said to be magic, much to Donald's complete and utter frustration. After discarding them, the beans grow into a beanstalk, accidentally taking the trio to the castle of Willie the Giant , the villain responsible for the despair their kingdom is facing due to kidnapping their ruler, the Golden Harp.

After discovering her, the heroes decide to rescue their queen but are soon discovered. After escaping the chest Willie has imprisoned them in, they retrieve the harp and make way down the beanstalk to the kingdom, though Willie is in hot pursuit. Donald and Goofy cut the beanstalk once they reach its end, sending Willie toppling down to his defeat.

With the harp rescued and returned home, peace is restored to the land. Donald appears in the traditional animated Christmas film as a supporting character. Little did they know, Christmas every day would become mundane and beyond annoying, and although they were aware of the course, Donald and the rest of the family were oblivious. Eventually, in an attempt to break the cycle, the boys decide to "livin' things up", causing mayhem, playing nasty pranks and destruction throughout one of the repeated Christmas days, unintentionally causing despair to fall upon their well-meaning family.

Donald even uncharacteristically blames himself for everything that happened. In the end, the boys finally learn the true meaning of Christmas and do their best to make it the grandest they've ever experienced, going as far as to using their snowboard gifts from Donald to create a new sled-boat, much to their uncle's surprise and happiness, and with their lesson learned, the spell is finally broken.

After the last segment, Donald makes a cameo with the other characters, singing a melody of Christmas carols as a grand finale. Donald stars in his own segment set to the March " Pomp and Circumstance ". In this chapter of the feature, he is the assistant to Noah and husband of Daisy Duck. A powerful storm is near and Donald must round up all the animals including two non-anthropomorphic ducks and humans onto the Ark.

During checking, Donald realizes Daisy isn't aboard the ark. He rushes back to the hut to get her and doesn't notice her walk right passed him into the ark. When a giant wave arrives, Daisy witnesses from the ark's window, Donald trying to escape it. She covers her eyes in fear and fails to see Donald jumping aboard at the last minute. When Donald is aboard he sees his and Daisy's house being swept away with, he thinks, Daisy in it.

Both Donald and Daisy believe each other to be dead. A few days later, Donald sends out a male dove to check for land, while in the process angrily pulling him away from his mate when he tries to sneak back without leaving. Donald realizes that he is missing Daisy more and more. Daisy feels the same.

Donald Duck

When the ark lands, Donald looks out as the animals climb off. Noah ruffles Donald's head feathers affectionately as he walks by him. Donald pulls out a picture of him and Daisy and looks at it sadly. Daisy is walking down the plank when she realizes that her locket with a picture of her and Donald inside has fallen off its chain. Donald is sweeping just inside the ark and sees the locket on the floor.

He and Daisy reach for it at the same time and see each other. They are both overjoyed to see the other is alive. Daisy kisses Donald and they walk out together and admire their new home. Donald is a janitor in Paris, France. Like Mickey and Goofy, he dreams of becoming a musketeer after being rescued by Aramis, Athos, Porthos, and D'artangian as a child. The only thing standing in Donald's way is the fact that he's a complete coward in the face of real danger.

Pete, the leader of the musketeers, plots to take over France and after Princess Minnie demands bodyguards he uses Donald, Mickey, and Goofy believing they'll do a terrible job. Donald meets the princess and develops a crush on her assistant Daisy,so he initially strikes a pose to her by saluting her, but she wasn't interested until the end. After proving themselves worthy by defeating the Beagle Boys, Donald is kidnapped in the middle of the night by the Beagle Boys while Goofy is kidnapped by Pete's lieutenant Clarabelle.

The Beagle Boys take Donald to Pete's lair, where the duck is nearly decapitated. Fortunately, he escapes his death and rushes back to the palace to warn Mickey. Mickey, however, wants to stay on his job but the fear of Pete prompts Donald to quit. Later on, Goofy, who was freed by his newfound love Clarabelle, convinces Donald to change his mind and the duo rushes to help Mickey. After the princess is saved, Donald and Daisy proclaim their mutual love and along with Mickey and Goofy, Donald becomes a royal musketeer. In the computer-animated sequel to Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas , Donald appears in the first, second, fourth and fifth stories.

In the first story Belles on Ice , Donald attends the skating competition with Daisy and tries to no avail to calm down his girlfriend when she is angry at Minnie for being in the spotlight and could do nothing but watch with shock and dissaproval as Daisy does everything to out-perform Minnie and when this escalates to Minnie tripping on a christmas bell, Donald is left saddened by how his girlfriend's actions had accidentally hurt Minnie.

However, his mood quickly becomes happy when Daisy makes up with Minnie and works together to make the festival better. In the second story called Christmas: Impossible , Donald is pranked by his nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, repeatedly. At first, he is able to tolerate their antics but things get worse and Donald instantly snaps when they stole all the cookies, angrily sending them off to their bedroom without giving them a chance to prove they did not do it and immediately about to rage at his nephews when they shamelessly revealed their act by stating the cookies were delicious, even furiously struggling against his girlfriend and uncle to punish them when Daisy and Scrooge restrained him.

His nephews realize they need to put their names on Santa's Good List themselves, as they are on the Naughty List this year. In the end of the segment, Donald's mood gets progressively worse, starting from being annoyed when a piece of the wrapper of Scrooge's christmas present gets on his head and being desperate to find his present, only to find out his only gift was The Big Book of Manners , leaving him utterly annoyed and not at all being amused by Daisy's laugh, and when Scrooge plays his bagpipes, Donald does not hesitate to unceremoniously rip apart the pages and using them to block his ear.

Donald later appears in his own segment, Donald's Gift , where he is exhausted, wanting nothing more than to relax in peace and quiet with a cup of hot cocoa; however, he is annoyed by We Wish You a Merry Christmas playing continuously. Donald tries relaxing with a cup of cocoa, until Daisy forces him to come with the boys to Mousey's holiday display. Donald, tired and becoming increasing angered, starts hearing the song from everywhere around him multiple times; this leads to him vandalizing the Mousey's display in a panic to end it.

This causes Daisy and his nephews to turn their backs on him out of absolute disgust for what he did despite his frantic attempts to apologize. Quickly thrown out of the mall by a police officer who berate his lack of Christmas spirit, Donald is left alone to sadly contemplate what he did and how his actions had not only cost his family and girlfriend to lose respect of him but also ruined Christmas celebration in the mall. Feeling deeply sorry and ashamed of what he did, Donald walks home broken-spirited and couldn't even muster the spirit to join Daisy, Huey, Louie, and Dewey in a restaurant that selled his favorite hot cocoa, still feeling shame for his unceremonious destruction of the mall's christmas display.

However, he redeeems himself when he finds an off-key chorus attempting to sing the song and although annoyed by their singing, teaches them to sing in harmony, earning him Daisy and his nephews respect again. Donald also appears alongside the others in the fifth and final segment of the film, Mickey's Dog-Gone Christmas , in which he joins the search party for Pluto. After Pluto is found on Mickey's roof by Huey, Dewey, and Louie, everyone including himself head into Mickey's house for Mickey's Christmas gathering to sing Christmas carols. Donald, funnily enough, begins to sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas , which he initially showed no appreciation for in the earlier segment.

The Aracuan Bird sees them both and introduces them to the Samba, which manages to cheer them up. He also appears at the end of the movie when the toon characters look at the melted remains of Judge Doom. In The Little Mermaid , Donald made a cameo with Mickey and Goofy at the beginning of the film, in the crowd of merpeople who were waiting for the concert of Ariel and her sisters. They can be briefly spotted before King Triton illuminates the coral chandelier. In James and the Giant Peach , a skeletal duck resembling Donald appears.

Donald was also briefly seen on Weebo the Robot 's monitor via archive footage in the live-action film, Flubber. Throughout the year run of the Walt Disney anthology television series, Donald played a central role in many of the specials that originally aired as episodes of the series. These particular specials were all compilation films consisting of various classic shorts featuring Donald, bridged together by new linking animation.

In On Vacation with Mickey Mouse and Friends , Jiminy Cricket has to call the armed forces to search for Donald and bring him to the studio, and in Mickey's 60th Birthday , Donald demands to be featured in Mickey's birthday special; this leads to Donald being falsely accused of kidnapping Mickey when the mouse seemingly goes missing. Donald made recurring appearances in the live-action wrap-around skits alongside the other costumed characters and celebrity guests. Donald had a rather small part in the television series DuckTales. There, Donald joins the Navy and leaves his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie with their Uncle Scrooge, who then has to take care of them.

Aside from making physical appearances, Donald is often mentioned by the other characters in the series, often by the nephews and Scrooge. Donald makes a non-physical appearance in DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp , where a picture frame of him can be seen briefly in Scrooge 's home when Webby wishes that everything was back to normal. This series featured a modernized Duck family. Donald was no longer wearing his sailor suit and hat, but instead wore a Hawaiian shirt which he would wear again as Maui Mallard in the video game Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow.

Following the conclusion of his naval tour of duty disregarding a single day he was later forced to shore up in the episode "All Hands on Duck" , Donald has taken up residence in Duckburg, serves as the primary caretaker of the now-teenage Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and continues to date Daisy.

No other Duck family members besides Ludwig Von Drake appear in Quack Pack , and most of the other Duckburg citizens are now humans and only a small amount of anthropomorphic animals. In the series' storyline, Donald works under the narcissistic Kent Powers as a cameraman for the latter's television series entitled What in the World? Donald's job is often complicated by his fun-loving tendencies, his perpetual bad luck, and the strong contempt directed at him from Kent, who uses every possible opportunity to fire Donald to no avail.

Ironically, the one time Kent finally managed to rid himself of Donald, every last replacement turned out to be far worse than him. Though the show mainly focused on Huey, Dewey, and Louie, several of the episodes revolved around Donald. These included " Leader of the Quack ", where Donald was revealed to be the ruler of the country of Quaintinia after accidentally saving the land from a dragon during a vacation. In " Snow Place to Hide ", Donald's terrible jealousy is put into the front when he suspects Daisy is having a romantic rendezvous with Kent Powers.

Donald next played an important role in Mickey Mouse Works. In the Mouse Works shorts, his role was more or less the same as in the classic shorts. In these shorts, though, he garnered a new adversary in the form of a baby turtle named Shelby , whom he would often have to look after and have a hard time doing so. The series also featured Donald in a series of mini-shorts titled Donald's Dynamite , in which his activities are interrupted by the appearance of a bomb that he then has to try and rid himself of. At the end of the show's intro in each episode, Donald would attempt to display a large sign reading "Starring Donald Duck" or "Duck Works" covering the show's logo, but an accident would occur, harming Donald and ridding the sign.

Donald appears once again in the series House of Mouse as a greeter and co-owner of the club. In the series, Donald secretly despises Mickey's role as the leader and wishes to someday be in charge. A recurring gag in the series is other characters referring to Donald as "Dooald", sometimes by mistake and other times to annoy him. Several episodes revolved around Donald.

To get back, Donald was to use Pumbaa to stink up the club. However, after Donald learned he was to be given an award that night, he called off the prank and apologized to Mickey for his actions. In " Dennis the Duck ", Donald was shown to have a disliking for some black-and-white characters. In " Donald Wants to Fly ", he attempted to gain the ability to fly. The entire evening proved unsuccessful until Peter Pan arrived.